Ready for Online Casinos Safari in South Africa?

So, you want to gamble in a safe casino? Indeed, gambling is one of the most popular ways to relax and have some fun on your favorite risk taking game. And that is more than true for online gambling as well. What is more, the adrenaline of the games involved is so unpredictable that you find yourself entertained and enjoying it.

However, in order for all that pleasures to occur, you first need to be playing in the right online casino. You need to find the one that is most suitable for you and your needs.

And what if you are from South Africa? Well, you are lucky then. In this part of the world you can find some of the best online casino bonuses and many new online casinos. To make it easier for you, Casinority has gathered below the top ten online casinos in SA which will secure you great emotions, tremendous winnings and privacy.

How does the evaluation process go?

It goes without saying that in order for us to find only the most prosperous casinos for South African players we have developed a system of evaluation features which will secure only the ones that offer most quality. To be honest, we don’t like to gamble in bad casinos.

That’s why we pick casinos in South Africa just like as if we’d pick them for ourselves. We consider many factors in total. Here are merely some of the key features we look for when evaluating the casino sites. only lists casino that have:


If a casino is offering huge bonuses, various jackpots and chances to win, it will have a considerable reputation in the gambling field. What is more, online casino reviews is one of the things that is able to throw a casino site much further ahead of the competition.

If risk takers like it and continue to play there, it is the place where you can be calm and relaxed as it has proven itself. On the other hand, if a SA online gambling sites are being trashed in the reviews, stay as far as possible. Overall, it’s not that simple, but you’ve got the idea.

Customer support

One of the features that are of an utter importance when considering gambling life is definitely the client support. In case you have any wonderings or something went wrong with your account, what would you do? Of course, you contact the customer support. However, in many casinos, this service is limited or even incompetent which is simply annoying.

Just imagine you have to deal with a problem that has been playing with your nerves for over an hour so you decide to contact the site for some help but all you receive is long hours of waiting. Hence, in order for such situations not to occur, we have gathered only best online casinos which are considered for their customers. How do we test that? Simple. We write/phone them and see how long it takes for them to answer.

Bonuses and rewards

In case you are up for the big wins, you will have to look for casino places which offer impressive jackpots and bonuses. It is quite clear that there is nothing more exciting than aiming at the big bucks. Thus, try to find a casino which offers considerable number of special offers and rewards. This way you will be able to play more and feel the adrenaline rising in your body.

Fortunately, all of the South Africa online gambling sites we have pointed out above are proven to provide tremendous winnings from jackpots and other competitions.


What is a no deposit online casino?

Many people wonder how you can play in a safe online casino without having to invest from your personal finances. Well, the answer is very simple. You merely have to create an account and then you will be granted with some virtual money to pay with. They are given to you with one main aim – to give you a chance to try every game you like without losing money. That’s called a no deposit bonus, and there’re a number of such casinos in South Africa in fact.

No deposit bonus is a great deal if you are trying to learn a new game or few. Thanks to no deposit bonuses provided by the online casino you can simply gamble more irresponsibly which in turn gives you more adrenaline and excitement. The best part is that you are not worried if you are going to win or lose as the money you are using is not yours.

Are the games really run by a random generator?

Undeniably, one of the most answered questions regarding gambling life. Well, we can all see why. Many of you may think that online casino sites are trying to scam you by simply arranging the signs on the slots for example, in a way that you lose most of the times. Such statements are made by a considerable number of people who play risk games. Well, the truth is that the casino places which are legal and according to the law agreements, are never going to try and fraud you.

There are two reasons for that: financial and legal. From the financial point of view it is more advantageous to let you play in a fair manner and let you come to the casino over and over, rather than cheat you few times and lose you (and your money that is) forever. The legal reason is based on third-party certificates a casino must have to operate legally that take into account the whole RNG thing and that are seriously hard for a casino to confirm. They simply won’t risk that, as this would ruin their entire business.

Do I have to download a certain platform, or can I play from the browser?

Overall, it is up to you, whatever option is more convenient for you. However, keep in mind that if you play on the downloaded version, you usually will get much greater number of games to enjoy. Moreover, the themes and sounds are more advanced as the resources from your computer are much stronger than the browser’s. Some say that if you download the software you will be safer as you only play on your computer. Well, this is not exactly the truth as you are still connected to the internet, which gives almost the same options to a decent hacker to fraud you. The differences are not that much between both versions, so pick one and enjoy the gaming experience. And let Casinority pick the safest online casinos in South Africa for you.