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ABC Poker -
A basic and predictable poker game.
Accumulator -
A bet that includes four and more selections in one wager. All parts must win.
Aces -
A bet on that the next roll will be the total sum of 2.
Across the Board -
Horse betting on win, place, and show in a single ticket.
Automated Cashless System that allows gamblers to use debit cards.
Action -
1. A single play in the casino. 2. The total amount of money put into the play. 3. Dealer expression - means it's a player's turn.
Active Player -
A player that is still in hand.
Add-On -
The possibility to buy more chips during the game.
Admission Packet -
A minimum number of cards a player needs to purchase to join the game.
Advantage gambling -
Legal methods of gaining an advantage in gambling.
Advantage Player -
A player that practices advantage gambling.
Aggregate Limit -
The total payout liability of the casino for all the games.
Aggregate Winnings -
The total amount of a player's winnings.
Aggressive -
A poker term for a player who raises frequently.
All In -
An action when a player wagers all the leftover chips into the game.
American Roulette -
A variation of roulette with a wheel of 38 pockets. One of the pockets is a double zero.
American Wheel -
An American-style roulette with 38 pockets, one of which is a double zero.
Anchor -
A strong key bet that is included in most combos in a single multiple bet.
Annuity -
A payment plan which implies that you receive your winnings in parts within a long period.
Ante -
A forced bet that is required for the game to proceed.
Ante Post -
A bet placed on the prediction of the outcome of the event.
Any Craps -
A bet that the next roll will be 2, 3, or 12 in sum.
Any Double -
A bet on that 2 or 3 of the dice will have the same number on them.
Any Triple -
A bet on that all 3 of the dice will have the same number on them.
Arbitrage -
A series of bets that guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome of the event.
Arbitrage betting -
Taking advantage of the difference in odds for the guaranteed profit.
Arcade Casino -
A digital simulator of casino game machines.
Arm -
A player that is skilled enough in throwing the dice to alter the odds of the game.
Against The Spread. A bet on the spread of the game instead of the money line.
Automat Club -
A gambling venue that provides automatic casino games.
Automatic Card Shuffler -
A device that randomly shuffles the packs of cards to ensure the fairness of the game.
Baccarat -
A card game where the player should bet on whether the player or the dealer has a winning hand.
Back Door -
A hand in a poker game made with two last cards dealt.
Back Hand -
The first hand of 5 cards that must be the strongest out of other 3 player's hands.
Back Line -
A bet on that the shooter will lose.
Back Raise -
A re-raise from the player who just has called.
Backer -
A person that finances the player but is not participating in a game.
Bad Beat -
To lose a hand that had to win.
Banca Francesa -
A dice game where the dealer is responsible for throwing the dice.
Banco -
Roulette term that means that a player places all the money in one bet.
Banker -
A player that bets against all the other players at the table.
Bankroll -
The amount of money available for betting.
Barred -
To be barred is to receive a red card from the casino.
Barrel -
A poker player who makes successful bets on post-flop streets.
Bean -
An ante or a chip that is used for placing the ante.
Beard -
Someone who places bets instead of a player to hide the player's identity.
Beginner's luck -
A belief that new players are always lucky.
Behind -
A poker hand that is unlikely to win over the rival's hand.
Bet -
A wager placed in a game.
Betting Layout -
The field with numbers on which players can place bets.
Betting Limits -
The minimum and maximum amounts of money players can bet.
Betting Right -
Betting on the shooter.
Betting Table -
A table where bets are placed.
Betting Wrong -
Betting against the shooter.
Big 6 -
A bet on that the 6 will be rolled before the 7.
Big 8 -
A bet on that the 8 will be rolled before the 7.
Big Bet -
A double of the betting limit in the initial round in fixed-limit games.
Big Blind -
A forced bet by the player sitting two to the left of the dealer before any cards are dealt.
Big Blind Special -
A Big Blind that wins the hand because no one else entered the pot.
Big Red -
A bet on the 7.
Binary betting -
A form of betting where the odds are rated on a scale of 0 to 100.
Bingo -
When the numbers of the player's cards match the numbers, a host randomly draws.
Bingo Board -
A display that shows the numbers that are called.
Bingo Book -
A set of bingo cards that are used for a bingo session.
Bingo Card -
A sheet with a form that is used to play a bingo game.
A decentralized digital currency aka cryptocurrency.
Black Book -
A book where all the names of punished or banned people are listed.
Blackjack -
When in a Blackjack game the original 2-card hand totals 21 points.
Blackout -
A bingo game when all the numbers must match for a player to win.
Blank -
A card in poker that doesn't impact the value of hands.
Blind -
A forced bet that has to be made before the players see the cards.
Blind Bet -
A bet placed before the player knows which card comes next.
Blinds -
Forced bets in poker made by players to the left of the dealer.
Blocker -
A card in the hand of the player needed by another player to win.
Bluff -
To pretend to have a strong or a weak hand to fool everyone and win.
Bluff Catcher -
A hand that is good enough to beat someone who is bluffing.
Board -
Poker cards that are dealt face-up.
Boat -
The same as a full house. Three cards of the same value plus two cards of the same value.
Bones -
Another term for dice.
Bonus -
Appealing offers online casinos have to lure in players.
Bonus Ball -
A lottery term for an additional number that can win prizes combined with a regular winning set.
Bonus Round -
Slots term for an additional round triggered by the specific combination of symbols.
Book -
An establishment where the sports bets are accepted.
Bookmaker -
A person that accepts sports bets.
Bookmaker/Bookie -
A person that accepts sports bets.
Bottom Pair -
A poker term for a pair made with the lowest cards in the flop.
Box Numbers -
Also known as point numbers - 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10
Boxcars -
To roll two 6 on the dice.
Boxing -
A combat sport where two people are throwing punches at each other for a certain amount of time.
Boxman -
A person that examines the dice before letting them return into the game.
Break -
A hand in Blackjack that is worth more than 21 and is automatically considered to be a loss.
Break-Even Point -
The percentage of bets needed to win to break-even.
Breaking the bank -
When the player wins a critical amount of money from a casino.
Brick -
A poker card that doesn't help any hands.
Bring In -
In poker to make the first bet in the initial round of a hand.
Broadway -
A poker hand of ace-high straight.
The original dealer button with a buckhorn handle.
Buffalo -
A $5 bet plus a $1 on the big red or any seven.
Bug -
The Joker card.
Bump -
To raise.
Buried Pair -
A poker pair of two down cards dealt in stud.
Burn Cards -
Discarded cards in poker.
Bust -
A hand in Blackjack that is worth more than 21 and is automatically considered to be a loss.
Button -
The small disc that moves clockwise to indicate the dealer of each hand.
Buy -
A large bet that is supposed to discourage other players.
Buy-In -
An amount of money needed to join the game.
Cage -
An old-school device traditionally used to shake the dice before rolling.
Call -
When the player matches the current bet.
Calling Station -
A poker player who calls all the time.
Camouflage -
An action that is meant to hide that the player is counting cards.
Canadian Line -
A combination point spread and moneyline bet in hockey.
Cap -
The maximum number of raises in a single round.
Capping a Bet -
A way of cheating when a player adds extra chips to the bet after the deal has started.
Card counting -
A Blackjack game strategy used to determine if the next hand can give a player an advantage.
Card Shark -
A player who uses skill to win in poker or other card games.
Card Sharp -
A player who uses skill to win in poker or other card games.
Card Washing -
A way of shuffling the cards when they're placed faces down on the table and "sloshed around".
Caribbean Stud Poker -
A poker game similar to five-stud played with one deck of cards against the casino.
Carousel -
Slot machines placed in a circle.
Carpet Joint -
A luxury casino with carpets.
Carte -
A French term for a card to be dealt with.
Case money -
Last money spent on chips to play.
Cash Bonus -
Bonus money offered players in online casinos as a reward for the first deposit.
Cash Out -
To withdraw the winnings from the online casino account.
Cashback -
A refund credited to the player's balance. Equals a certain percentage from the money lost in gambling.
Cashcheck -
A check issued by an online casino for a player to receive the win.
Cashier's Desk -
The desk in the casino where a cashier exchanges money for chips.
Cashier’s Cage -
The booth in the casino where a cashier exchanges money for chips.
Casino -
An establishment where gamblers can play slots, table, and card games for money.
Casino Advantage -
The likelihood for the casino to raise money thanks to the players losing.
Casino Hold'em Poker -
The most popular poker style played in casinos.
Casino Rate -
The discounted cost of the hotel room that belongs to the casino.
Casino Rewards -
Loyalty programs in the gambling industry.
Casino token -
Another name for chips used as an equivalent for money to play.
Catch -
When a drawn number matches the number on a keno card of a player.
Chalk -
The favored horse, team, or athlete in sports betting.
Chase -
When after losing several bets in a row a player continues to bet hoping to recoup the loss.
Chasing -
To continue betting to recoupe the loss after several losses in a row.
Chat Room -
A space in online casinos where players can talk to each other.
Check -
An action in poker to stay in hand without betting but with the chance to call or raise in this round.
Check in the Dark -
An action in poker when the player checks before seeing the hole cards.
Check Raise -
To check and raise in poker after the bet of another player.
Checked Around -
When all poker players check on a given street.
Chemin De Fer -
A French card game similar to Baccarat.
Chinese auction -
A combination of a raffle and an auction that is considered to originate from China.
Chinese Poker -
A game of poker played with one deck and from two to four players.
Chip and a Chair -
A gambling expression that means the player with one chip still can win a tournament.
Chip Tray -
A tray on the playing table in the dealer area where chips are stacked.
Chips -
Plastic discs used as an equivalent to money to play in casinos.
Chop -
To share everything that is in the pot among all active players.
Chop the Blinds -
When poker players agree to take their blinds back and end the hand.
Choppy Game -
A game of poker when players and the house lose and win in turns.
Chuck-a-Luck -
A Sic Bo variation introduced in England.
The number of times a player turns the bankroll over at any gambling game.
A sports term for the game with a limited maximum bet due to certain predicaments.
Clear -
An action in poker that cancels all the bets and returns chips to players.
Closed -
The moment in keno when bets can't be placed anymore.
Closing Line -
The final betting line before the event begins.
Coat Tail -
To use the exact same strategy as the player who previously won.
Coin board -
A variation on pull-tab games.
Cold -
A slot machine with low payout rates.
Cold Call -
A poker term for a call after a bet or a raise.
Cold Streak -
A streak of losses.
Cold Table -
An expression for players who lose while making the right bets.
Color Up -
To request smaller value chips to be exchanged for larger value ones.
Column Bet -
A roulette term for a bet on one of the three 12-number columns on the layout
Combination Bet -
To bet on several teams or horses to finish first and second.
Combination Ticket -
A keno card that allows a player to select two or more groups with any number of spots and the combination of groups.
Combination Way Ticket -
A keno ticket in which two or more groups of numbers are bet differently.
Come Bet -
To bet for the shooter to win.
Come Out Roll -
The first roll of the game.
Come-Out -
The first roll of the game.
Commission -
A casino fee that applies to all the winnings paid by the bank.
Community Cards -
Poker cards dealt face up and available to all players.
Comp -
Short for complimentary - any bonus a casino offers.
Comp Points -
Reward points added to the player's account as a part of the online casino's bonus program.
Complete -
A poker bet equal to the amount of the lowest betting limit made after the bring in.
Comps -
Short for complimentary - any bonus a casino offers.
Connectors -
Poker cards of consecutive rank.
Continuation Bet -
An action in poker when the raiser pre-flop bets out on the flop.
Continuous Shuffling Machine -
A machine that shuffles card continuously.
Cooler -
An unlucky player whose presence is believed to bring bad luck to others.
Coordinated -
The board with connected or suited cards.
Copy -
When a poker player and a banker have the same hand.
Counterfeit -
A term for when a hand loses its value when the community cards form a better one.
Coup -
The round in poker.
To beat the point spread and win the bet.
Crack -
To win over a big hand.
Cracking The Nut -
A term for a net profit after a play session.
Craps -
The 2, 3, or 12 on the dice and also the name of the casino game.
Credit -
One betting unit in some online casinos.
Crossroader -
A player that cheats to win.
Croupier -
A dealer in French.
A Continuous Shuffling Machine.
Cut -
In Blackjack to divide a shuffled deck into two parts and place the bottom one on top.
Cut Card -
A card that indicates where the deck must be cut.
Cut Off -
The first player to the right of the button.
Cycle -
Video poker term for the average number of hands between top payout wins.
d'Alembert -
A roulette strategy when the player doubles the bet after a loss.
D’Alembert Betting System -
The principle of equilibrium - you are more likely to win after a loss.
Dead Heat -
A horse betting term for two and more horses to finish in a tie.
Degenerate Gambler -
An insult. An active addict who bets money and things they can't afford to lose.
Deposit -
A certain amount of money transferred to the player's account in the online casino.
Deposit Bonus -
A bonus a player gets as a reward for deposited money.
Deposit Method -
The way of money transfer a user needs to chose to deposit funds to the online casino account.
Deuce -
A two in poker.
Deuces Wild Poker -
A popular video poker variation played in online casinos.
Dice -
Small cubes with certain numbers of dots on each side used to gamble.
Dice Control -
A theory that suggests that the player can toss the dice in a certain way to win.
Dime -
A bet of $1000.
Dime Bet -
A bet of $1000.
Dime Line -
A line with a juice of 10%.
Dirty Money -
Money that was obtained in an illegal or immoral way.
Discard Tray -
A tray where discarded poker cards rest.
Dog -
In sports gambling a short term for the underdog.
Dog Player -
In sports gambling a term for a player who mostly plays the underdog.
Dollar -
A bet of $100.
Dollar Bet -
A bet of $100.
Dolly -
In roulette a doll-shaped figure that marks the winning number.
Dominate -
A poker hand that is stronger than the hand of the opponent.
Don't Come -
To bet for the shooter to lose.
Don't Pass Line -
To bet for the shooter to lose.
Don’t Come Bet -
To bet for the shooter to lose.
Don’t Pass Bet -
To bet for the shooter to lose.
Door Card -
The first poker card revealed by the dealer when they spread out the flop.
Double -
In craps a bet on a number from 1 to 6.
Double Bonus Poker -
A video poker game, a high payouts variation of Bonus Poker.
Double Double Bonus Poker -
A video poker game, an extra-high payouts variation of Double Bonus Poker.
Double Down -
In Blackjack to double the bet and get one more card.
Double for Less -
In Blackjack to double down with a bet that is twice smaller than the original one.
Double or Nothing -
In Blackjack a bet that must pay out the original one.
Doubling Down -
In Blackjack to double the bet and get one more card.
Down to the Felt -
A player who has no more money.
Download Casino -
A virtual casino that offers an app to allow users to gamble from the mobile device.
Dozen Bet -
In roulette a bet on 1 of the 3 consecutive dozens on the table.
Dozens Bet -
In roulette a bet on 1 of the 3 consecutive dozens on the table.
Dragon Hand -
When in poker, a hand is dealt with the empty seat.
Draw -
To request one more card.
Draw Poker -
A variation of poker game where players can discard cards and get a new hand from a deck.
Drawing Dead -
When no cards can offer a player a winning hand.
Drawing Thin -
When a poker player draws to very few outs.
Drop -
To give up and leave the round.
Drop Box -
A case in the casino where chips are stored.
Dry -
A poker board with no connected or suited cards.
Duo -
A bet in craps on that two certain numbers will appear on the dice.
Early Surrender -
A Blackjack rule that allows a player to surrender and half their bet before the dealer checks for blackjack.
Easy Way -
In craps a dice roll of 4, 6, 8, or 10.
E-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance - an agency that audits online casinos.
Edge -
To have an advantage over the opponent.
Edge sorting -
To try to determine what card is it by exploring insignificant differences on the backs of cards.
En Plein -
A French term for a Straight Up Bet.
En Prison Rule -
In roulette a chance to recover the stakes of the player after a spin of zero.
Encryption -
The technology that protects the online account, data, and money transfer ways of the user.
End-of-the-day betting effect -
The tendency for gamblers to have high-risk but high-reward bets at the end of their betting session.
Equity -
The amount of money a player is expected to win based on the odds.
European Roulette -
A roulette variation with a wheel of 27 pockets and no double zero.
EV -
A short term for the expected value returned on any wager.
Even -
A bet on that the total of all 3 dice will equal an even number.
Even money -
A wagering proposition with even odds which means the bettor will lose or win the same amount of money.
Even Money Bet -
A bet that will pay back the same amount of money that was wagered.
Exotic -
In horse betting a bet other than a straight bet or parlay.
Expectation -
The amount of money expected to win based on probability.
Expected value -
The predicted average gain or loss.
Expected Win Rate -
The percentage of the money the player is expected to win.
Exposure -
The maximum limit of money a sportsbook can lose on a game.
Eye-in-the-Sky -
Surveillance cameras in the land-based casinos.
Face Cards -
Cards with a face - Jack, Queen, King.
Face Down Card -
A card placed face down on the table so that no one can see it.
Face Up Card -
A card placed face-up on the table so that everyone can see it.
Fade -
To bet against someone.
Favorite -
A team or a horse expected to win the game or the race.
Ficheur -
A device in American Roulette used to manage the chips and dispense them.
Fifth Street -
In poker a third round of bets when players have the whole 5-card hand.
Fifty Cents -
A bet of $50.
Figure -
An amount of money owed to a bookmaker or by them.
Fill -
The money a sportsbook operator takes on a wager.
Fill Up -
To receive a card that creates a full house.
Finale Schnaps -
In roulette on numbers 11, 22, and 33.
Finales -
Numbers on the roulette wheel that end in the same digit.
Fire -
In craps to place a very large bet.
To be firing is to make a lot if large bets.
First Base -
The first player in Blackjack to be dealt cards.
First Half Bet -
A wager placed on the first half of the game.
Fish -
A card player who bets on each hand regardless of its strength and loses frequently.
Five Card Charlie -
A variation of Blackjack where the five-card hand that doesn't bust wins.
Five Card Stud -
Poker variation with multiple rounds. The game uses one deck and is played against opponents.
Five-Number Bet -
A bet in American Wheel that 0, 00, 1, 2, or 3 will hit next.
Fixed Odds -
When the odds in sports betting are predetermined.
Flash Casino -
A virtual casino based on Flash software.
Flashboard -
The display that shows numbers that create a keno draw.
Flat Betting -
To bet the same amount of money for each hand.
Flat Call -
When a poker player calls a bet instead of raising.
Flat Top -
A slot with a fixed jackpot amount.
An annoying player that doesn't meet the casino's criteria and has unreasonably high expectations.
Flop -
In poker the first 3 community cards dealt faces up.
Flush -
A poker hand of all cards from the same suit.
Fold -
To give up and leave the round due to the losing hand.
Forecast -
A bet that forecasts the 1st and the 2nd places of the event.
Foul -
A hand that can't be played due to a certain reason.
Fouling a Hand -
To set a poker hand incorrectly.
Four Corners -
A bingo pattern when the corner numbers must match to win.
Fourth Street -
The second round of bets in the Seven Card Stud poker.
Free Card -
A poker card that is dealt without any players putting money in the pot because everyone checked.
Free Space -
A free center square of the bingo card.
Free Spin -
A spin in a slot game that doesn't require a player to wager money.
Freeroll -
A poker tournament without an enter fee.
Freeze-Out -
A poker tournament where a re-buy is not allowed.
Front Hand -
The last poker hand of 3 cards that need to be the weakest one.
Front Line -
To bet for a shooter to win.
Front Money -
The money deposited to the casino before the player joins the game.
ftw -
For The Win.
Full House -
A poker hands of two cards of one rank and three cards of another rank.
Full Ring -
A poker game in which 9 or 10 players take part.
Future -
The bet placed on the predicted outcome of the event.
Futures -
Bets placed on the predicted outcome of the event.
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Gambler's fallacy -
The false belief that if something happens frequently enough, it must stop soon.
Gambler's ruin -
A losing strategy that will "ruin' the player.
Gambler’s Fallacy -
The false belief that if something happens frequently enough, it must stop soon.
Gambler’s Ruin -
A losing strategy that will "ruin' the player.
George -
The gambler who tips the dealer.
To make a bet.
Getting Down -
Making a bet.
Getting out stakes -
The final horse race of the day.
Goose -
The device for mixing and drawing keno balls.
Game of the Year
Grand Salami -
The combined score of all hockey games of the day.
Grease -
A bribe offered to a dealer or any illegal activity.
Grid -
A matrix of different bets or in online casinos players click on the grid to make, withdraw, or confirm the bet.
Grind -
To play a lot of small poker games over a long time to make money.
Groom Porter -
The owner or the operator of the casino or the gaming hall.
The amount of money the casino has won.
Gross Winnings -
The total payout - a bet plus winnings.
Gutshot -
In poker, a drawing hand.
Half Time Bet -
A bet only on the second part of the event.
Half-a-Dollar -
A bet of $50.
Hand -
The cards a player holds in hand.
Hand in Front -
A 2- card hand in poker that is usually placed in front of the 5-card hand.
Handicap -
When a bookmaker tries to even out the odds assigning virtual advantage to a certain competitor.
Handicapper -
The bookmaker who spreads the points.
Handicapping -
Predicting the result of the game by studying statistics and other details.
Handle -
The total amount of money wagered during the event.
Hard -
A combination of numbers created by same numbers on dice.
Hard Count -
The process of counting the coins in the casino.
Hard Hand -
A poker hand that can have only a single value.
Hard Way -
A dice roll of numbers 4, 6, 8, or 10 that is rolled hard before an easy way or a 7.
Hardway -
In bingo, a straight line without free space used.
Heads Up -
A Blackjack game with only one player.
Heads-Up -
A poker game played between two players.
Heater -
A series of events that happen during the game within a short time and benefit the player.
Bets placed on different outcomes of the original bet.
Hedging -
To place bets on different outcomes to secure the win.
Hi-Lo -
A bet in craps that the next roll is either 2 or 12.
High Bet -
A roulette bet placed on all numbers from 19 to 36.
High Card -
The highest card in a hand when this hand is worth less than a pair.
High Hand -
A poker hand of five cards.
High Roller -
A player who places large bets.
High-Low -
A simple card game for beginners.
Hijack -
A player two seats right to the button.
Hit -
In slots, to spin a winning combination of items.
The buy-in money that a table game keeps.
Hole Card -
In blackjack a dealt from the deck card placed face down.
Hole carding -
To find out the value of the card that is supposed to be unknown.
Hole Cards -
In blackjack dealt from the deck cards placed face down.
Home Field Advantage -
In sports betting, the edge the home team is supposed to have.
Honeymoon Period -
A winning streak new players have.
Hook -
A half-point in sports betting.
Slang for basketball.
Hop Bet -
A bet on the certain combination of the dice.
Horn Bet -
A bet on that the number will be 2, 3, 11, or 12, made in multiples of four.
Hot Game -
A game that involves a lot of bets and money wagered.
Hot Streak -
A streak of wins.
Hot Table -
In poker, when players who bet right win often.
Some inside information a bookmaker knows.
House -
The casino.
House Edge -
The expected percentage of players' losses the casino will profit from.
House Rules -
The rules of the casino.
House Way -
The set of rules for dealers.
Implied Odds -
In poker, predicted odds that are calculated based on expected earnings.
Inside Bet -
In roulette, a bet placed on a certain number.
Inside Straight Draw -
Almost a straight that can be completed with one middle card.
Instant Casino -
An online casino that allows users to play right away.
Instant Win -
The lottery ticket that instantly shows if there is a win.
Insurance -
A bet in Blackjack that a dealer will have a natural.
Inverse gambler's fallacy -
The misconception that a random process becomes less random.
Irregular Playing Patterns -
A player that wagers drastically irregular amounts of money or switches between games.
Isolate -
A raise that is meant to force everyone fold.
Jackpot -
A huge win.
Jacks or Better -
A variation of video poker where hands only with Jack or higher win.
Joker Poker -
A poker game played with Jockers.
Juice -
The commission the bookmaker gets.
Junket -
A group of players who travel to the casino to play.
Keno -
A lottery game where players place bets on numbers from 1 to 80.
Kicker -
The card that is used to determine the winner when there are two hands of a same rank.
King Ticket -
A keno ticket with one spot selected.
Kitty -
A pool of money to which all players have contributed to cover the drinks, buying cards, chips, etc.
La Grande -
A 2-card poker hand that is worth 9 points.
La Petite -
A 2-card poker hand that is worth 8 points.
Ladderman -
A casino employee that watches the game.
Lady -
A Queen.
Late betting -
To place a bet in roulette when the ball has landed in the pocket.
Lay Down -
To fold a hand in poker.
Lay Odds -
To bet something will not happen.
Lay the Odds -
To bet something will not happen.
Laying the Points -
To bet the favorite by giving up points.
Laying the Price -
To bet the favorite by laying money odds.
Layoff -
A wager made by a bookmaker with another one to reduce the risks or balance out the action.
Layout -
The pattern of the gaming table that indicates where to place a bet.
Let it Ride -
In poker, to add the win to the current bet.
Limit -
The maximum amount of money a gambler can bet.
Limp -
In poker, to flat call the big blind.
Line Bet -
Betting odds or the point spread.
Linemaker -
The one who creates betting lines.
Lines -
Betting odds or the point spread.
Little Joe -
A hard 4 in craps.
Live Dealer Games -
Live games in the online casino with a real dealer.
LN -
Last Night.
Lo -
Low poker - a game where the lowest hand is the winning one.
Load Up -
To bet the maximum amount in the slots game.
Lobby -
To leave the poker table but reserve the seat by leaving the chips.
Locals casino -
A casino where mostly local people play.
Lock -
A player that wins easily.
Long Odds -
Odds which are bigger than 10:1.
Long Term -
Something that will bring profit not instantly, but over a long time.
Longshot -
The player that's unlikely to win.
Loose -
A poker player who plays many hands.
Loot box -
In online casinos, a virtual box with prizes or other valuable items.
Low Bet -
In roulette, to bet on all of the first 8 numbers.
Low Hand -
A 2-card hand in poker.
Low Roller -
The player that wagers small amounts of money.
Low Triple -
In craps, a roll of triples with 1, 2, or 3.
Loyalty Program -
In online casinos, all the bonuses and rewards the casino offers the gamblers.
Lump Sum -
A lottery payout issued in a single payment.
LY -
Last Year
Main Menu -
A menu on the online casino website with a list of all the types of games and other pages.
Maniac -
A poker player who plays aggressively and loosely.
Mark -
In keno, some kind of symbol that indicates which numbers the player chose.
Marker -
Special credits that give gamblers access to the large amounts of money.
Matchplay -
A coupon used for table games in casinos.
Max Bet -
The maximum amount of money a gambler can bet.
Mechanic -
A player who cheats by arranging the cards using the sleight of hands.
Middle -
To win both sides on one event by wagering on underdog and favorite.
Middle Hand -
A second poker hand of five cards.
Middle Pair -
A poker hand that consists of a pair with a middle valued card on the flop.
Minimum Bet -
The minimum amount of money a player can wager.
Miss -
In poker, to not make a hand.
Money Line -
A bet on a winner without point spread odds.
Moneyline -
A bet on a winner without point spread odds.
Monkey -
In poker, a 10 or a face card.
Monster -
A very strong poker hand.
Moose -
A poker bet that goes terribly wrong even though things are progressing as planned.
Move the Line -
To pay an additional price to get a half of a point or more in favor of a player.
Muck -
In poker, to fold a hand faces down.
Multi-Hand Game -
A game where players can play more than one hand.
Multi-Hand Games -
Games where players can play more than one hand.
Multi-line Game -
A slot game where players can wager on more than one line.
Multi-Player Game -
A game that requires several players.
Multi-Race Ticket -
A keno ticket that is wagered in several games.
Multi-Tabling -
To play at several poker tables at the same time.
Multiplayer Games -
Games that involve many players.
Multiplier -
A unit by which odds, bonuses, etc. are multiplied.
Mush -
To create bad luck for other gamblers.
Most Valued Guest
n1 -
Nice one.
Natural -
In poker, a 2-card hand worth 8 or 9 points.
Natural (gambling) -
A roll of 7 or 11.
Net Winnings -
The total amount of winnings in the casino.
A field where none of the teams have an advantage.
No Action -
A bet in which no money was lost or won.
No Limit -
A game where the size of the bet is not limited.
No-Limit Poker -
Poker game with no limits on bets.
Non-Negotiable Chips -
Chips that can't be exchanged for cash or prize.
Non-Sticky Bonus -
Bonus money granted as a reward for the first deposit.
Nosebleed -
Extremely high strakes.
Odds -
The chances that the competitor wins set by the sportsbook.
Odds compiler -
A person who sets the odds.
Off the Board -
A game with no action at the current moment.
Off-Suit -
In poker, cards of different suits.
Omaha -
A variation of Hold'em poker with multiple rounds and one deck.
On Tilt -
A player who reacts vividly to losses and begins playing recklessly and angrily.
One-Roll Bet -
The bet on the results of the next roll.
Online Casino -
A virtual casino that can be accessed through the Internet.
Open -
In poker, to make a first bet of the round.
Optimal Strategy -
The strategy that is the best for the current game.
Oscar's grind -
The betting strategy when the outcome is 50/50.
Out -
An undealt card that potentially can create a hand.
Outdraw -
To create a better poker card than the opponent by drawing cards.
Outlaw Line -
The earliest line in betting where only certain gamblers are allowed to wager.
Outside -
In roulette, a bet that isn't placed on any number.
Outside Bet -
In roulette, an even-money bet (for example, on red/black)
Over Card -
In poker, a hole card higher than any other card on the board.
Over Pair -
A poker pair with a higher rank than other cards on the board.
Over Under -
A bet on whether the score will be higher or lower than a certain number.
Over/Under -
A bet on whether the score will be higher or lower than a certain number.
Overbet -
In poker, a bet that is larger than the pot.
Overdrawn -
A bingo number that seems to be drawn too frequently.
Overdue -
A bingo number that seems to be drawn not too frequently.
Overlay -
Money added to the prize pool by the poker room.
Paint -
In poker, a face card.
Pair -
A combination of two cards of the same rank.
Pallet -
A long wooden tool a dealer uses to move cards on the table.
Parlay -
To add the previous win to the current bet.
Paroli -
To add the previous win to the current bet.
Pass -
To not bet or fold in poker.
Pass Line -
To bet for the shooter to win.
Passive -
A poker player that tends to just passively call.
Pat Hand -
To keep a hand and not take any more cards.
Pay Line -
A line in slots that brings a player a win.
Pay Table -
A list of the payout structure for the winning combinations of cards.
Payline -
A line in slots with a winning combination of symbols.
Payoff -
The won money a player receives.
Payout -
The payment in which a casino issues the player's winnings.
Payout Odds -
The amount of money the player wins placing the right bet.
Payout Percentage -
The statistical percentage of the won wagers.
Payout Table -
The list of payout odds.
Penetration -
A ratio of the cards the dealer cuts off to the dealt cards.
Phantom Bonus -
A bonus that disappears upon the withdrawal in the online casino.
A term for the even point spread.
Picks -
Bets in sports betting.
Pigeon -
A player who is considered to be bad by other players.
Pineapple -
A poker variation that is similar to the Hold'em version.
Pit -
Gambling action unrelated to poker or sports betting that takes place in the casino.
Pit Boss -
The one who manages the employees that work in the pit.
Pit manager -
Another term for a pit boss.
PK -
Abbreviation for Pick'em
Place -
To finish at least in the top five in a poker competition.
Place Bet -
To place a bet on a specific number in dice.
Play Bonus -
A bonus in the online casino that can be used to gamble.
Play For Fun -
A mode in the online casino that allows users to play without wagering the money.
The person who gambles.
Playthrough Requirement -
In online casinos, the number of times the bonus needs to be wagered to withdraw it.
Plug -
A card dealing technique.
Pocket Cards -
Cards that are dealt faces down in poker.
Pocket Pair -
A pair of hole cards in poker.
Point -
The number in a come-out roll other than a natural or craps.
Point Spread -
Points that given to a losing team to even out the odds.
Poker -
A generic term for card games that involve rounds and certain winning combinations.
Pokies -
A term for slots games used in Australia and New Zealand.
Pony -
A British slang term for £25.
Position -
The order in which players take actions during a round.
Post -
In poker, to put chips in the pot.
Postage Stamp -
In bingo, a pattern with a 2x2 grid formed in one of the corners.
Pot -
The accumulated during the round amount of money used to pay out the win.
Pot Limit -
A fixed bet size per round that is equivalent to a size of the pot.
Pot Odds -
The ratio of the amount of money in the pot and the required amount for the bet.
Powerball -
A variation of lottery where five numbers and the bonus ball must be matched for a win.
Press -
To bet a larger amount of money than usually.
Press a Bet -
To add the win from a previous bet to a current one.
Price -
In sports betting, the odds of a point spread.
Progression Betting -
To bet a bit larger amounts when you win and a bit smaller when you lose.
Progressive Jackpot -
A jackpot that continues to grow until it is won by someone.
Progressive Slot -
A slot game with a progressive jackpot in the online casino.
Provably fair -
A game is provably fair - means that its fairness can be proven somehow.
Puckline -
A point spread where the odds are around 1.5.
Pull Tab -
A lottery ticket with a number or symbol hidden under a cover that must be pulled away.
Punter -
A bettor, a gambler.
Punto -
A player in Baccarat or the bet placed on the winning player.
Punto Banco -
Another name for Baccarat game.
Puppy -
Another name for the underdog.
Push -
When neither the house nor the gambler wins. The gambler gets the bet back.
Quads -
A poker hand of four cards of the same rank.
Qualifier -
The minimum hand value required to place the first bet in the first round.
Quarter Bet -
In roulette, to bet on four numbers in one wager.
Queer -
Fake money.
Quick Pick -
A lottery ticked where numbers are preselected by the computer.
Rabbit Hunt -
To run out the rest of the hand in poker even though the actual hand is made.
Racino -
A racetrack with slot machines.
Rack -
A player who has a very hot run in poker.
Rag -
A poker card of a little value that doesn't make a hand better.
Rail -
To watch the casino game not joining it.
Rainbow -
3 or 4 cards of different suits.
Raise -
To place a bet higher than the previous one in poker.
Rake -
A flat fee the casino has collected for each hand played in poker.
Rank -
The value of the poker card.
Rapid Roulette -
A roulette wheel with several betting terminals.
Rating -
When the casino tracks the activity of players.
Re-Buy -
An additional amount of chips a player can buy during the poker round.
Redraw -
A chance that the hand will improve with drawn cards.
Reels -
The rotating element of a slots machine with symbols on it.
Reload Bonus -
A reward for the deposits in the online casino.
Represent -
To act in a way that tells everyone what hand one has.
Return -
A total sum won by the gambler.
Reverse Tells -
To act in a certain way to give everyone a false impression about the hand.
Rewards Scheme -
A loyalty program of the online casino.
Room, Food, Beverage - a service land-based casinos offer.
Right Bettor -
The person who bets with a shooter.
Ring Game -
A regular poker game played outside of any tournaments.
Risk premium -
The minimum win on a risky bet.
River -
The community card in poker dealt last.
Random Number Generator in slot games.
Roll -
A short term for a bankroll.
Rolled Up -
A three of a kind as a starting hand in seven-card stud.
Roulette Wheel -
The rotating mechanism of roulette with numbers and pockets on it.
To wager several parlays in one bet.
Rounder -
A good player who makes a living from poker.
Royal Flush -
A top-ranked hand that consists of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and ten all of one suit.
Royalties -
Poker bonuses for pre-determined strong hands.
Run down -
The list of all the lines for a certain time, date, sport, and so on.
Run-line -
A point spread in Baseball.
The list of all the lines for a certain time, date, sport, and so on.
Runline -
A point spread in Baseball.
Runner -
A person who places bets for someone else.
Sawbuck -
A bet of $10.
Sawdust Joint -
Slang for low-class casinos and gambling centers.
Scalper -
A gambler who tries to get an advantage from the difference in odds.
Scared Money -
A bankroll that a player can't afford to lose.
Scatter Symbol -
Special slots symbol that payout if two or more of them appear anywhere on the screen.
Scoop -
To win the whole poker pot.
The total of points scored by teams.
Scouts -
The gambler who waits for an unusually strong in their opinion bet.
Scratch Card -
The lottery card that needs to be scratched to reveal symbols or numbers.
Second Pair -
A poker pair that is made with the middle valued card on the flop.
See -
To call a bet in poker.
Semi-Bluf -
When the player acts as if they have a strong hand while their hand can become strong.
Session -
A series of games played by the gambler over a short period.
Set -
Three cards of the same rank in poker.
Seven Card Stud -
A variation of a poker game with no community cards.
Seven Out -
To roll a 7 before making a point and lose the pass line bet.
Seventh Street -
The final poker round when all players have hands of 7 cards.
sh -
Short Handed.
Shark -
An expert card player.
A professional and smart bettor.
Shill -
A player hired by the casino to make up numbers in unpopular games and events.
Shiner -
A reflective object that can reveal the hand the opponent has.
Shoe -
The dealer's device that holds decks of cards.
Shooter -
The one who rolls the dice.
Short Stack -
A smaller amount of chips compared to other players or a maximum buy-in.
Short-Handed -
Poker games with very few players.
The gambler that places small bets.
Showdown -
The process of showing all the hands the players have to determine a winner.
Shuffle -
To mix the cards in a random order.
Shuffle Tracking -
To track certain cards or sequences through the shuffle.
Shut Out -
To get the betting window closed in front of you because no more bets are accepted.
Shutter -
The window with Bingo numbers displayed.
Sic Bo -
A 3-dice game where the bettor has to predict the outcome numbers.
Refers to the particular team. Sides - teams that play against each other.
Side Bet -
A separate bet that doesn't refer to the outcome of the game.
Side Pot -
A secondary poker pot formed by two or more all-ins.
Sides -
Teams that play against each other.
Sign Up Bonus -
A bonus a user receives for creating an account in the virtual casino.
Sign-Up Bonus -
A bonus a user receives for creating an account in the virtual casino.
Simple Bet -
A bet on a single number in craps.
Single -
A bet on a single selection in sports betting.
Sixth Street -
A fourth-round of poker when players have hands of six cards.
Skimming -
Illegal money transfers casinos make to third-parties.
Skimming (casinos) -
Illegal money transfers casinos make to third-parties.
Skin -
Virtual avatars in online casinos that create a virtual image of a player but have no impact on the game.
Skin gambling -
To play in online casinos using avatars or other virtual goods.
Slot Machine -
A gambling machine with reels that spin creating combinations of items.
Slow Play -
To play a strong poker hand as if it is weak.
Small Bet -
A wager on that the sum of the dice will be from 4 to 10.
Small Blind -
The forced bet from a player sitting on the left from the dealer.
Smooth Call -
To call a bet instead of raising.
Snake Eyes -
Two ones on the dice.
Soft Hand -
A blackjack hand of one or more aces worth 1 or 11.
Special -
Poker games played with a different deck of cards.
Speed Bingo -
A bingo games where numbers are called quickly and bingo can be made with 3 numbers.
Spinner -
A win streak.
Split Hand -
In blackjack, to split two cards into two hands.
Split Pair -
When the down card matches the up card creating a pair.
Split Pot -
Pot shared by players.
Split Ticket -
A keno ticket with the equivalent of two or more tickets written on it.
Spooking -
A cheating technique in Blackjack.
Sporting man culture -
To live a hedonistic lifestyle that involves gambling and other kinds of pleasure.
Sports Lottery -
A variation of lottery where winners are determined based on the outcome of the sport event.
Sportsbook -
A person or a place that accepts bets on sports.
Spot -
Marked numbers on a keno ticket.
Spread -
The short term for point spread.
Spread betting -
The wager on the outcome of the event.
Square -
A new gambler in sports betting.
Square Pair -
The best game of a player.
ss -
Short Stacked
Stack -
The amount of chips a player has.
Staggered Payout -
A slots term for the table that pays out more to the gamblers who wagered more.
Stake -
Another term for a wager, a bet.
Stakes -
The limit a poker table sets for bets and raises.
Standing Hand -
A Blackjack hand with the value of 17 and above.
Standoff -
Two hands of equal value in poker.
Steam -
When slots line moves rapidly.
Steaming -
To be visibly disappointed about the loss and begin playing recklessly and aggressively.
Stickman -
The person who calls out the dice rolls and returns the dice to the shooter.
Sticky Bonus -
A cash bonus in online casinos that can be wagered but not cashed out.
Stiff -
The player that doesn't pay out their debt created by lost wages.
Stiff Hand -
In blackjack, a hard hand with a 12–16 total.
Store -
Another term for a sportsbook.
Straddle -
An optional extra blind bet in a poker game.
Straight -
A poker hand of 5 cards of the consecutive rank.
Straight Bet -
A bet placed on one number in roulette or one player in sports betting.
Straight Flush -
In poker, the second-ranked hand made of 5 consecutive cards of the same suit.
Straight Ticket -
A keno ticket where the gambler can select spots without grouping.
Streaming -
To hold a live online translation of the game.
Street Bet -
In roulette, a bet placed on three numbers.
Stud Poker -
A variation of poker played with up and down cards.
SU -
Straight Up
The bet with an unexpectedly low outcome.
Suit -
A colored category of cards: red hearts, blue diamonds, black spades, green clubs.
Suited -
In poker, to be dealt two cards of the same suit.
Suited Connectors -
Cards of the same suit and consecutive ranks.
Super Stud -
A variation of poker with a progressive jackpot similar to the Carribean Stud.
Surrender -
In blackjack, to pay the penalty and fold a hand, to give up.
Sweepstakes parlor -
An establishment that offers a chance to win a prize upon buying some products.
Symbols -
Various items in slots that can create a winning combination.
System -
A structured approach to gambling.
Table -
In poker, to turn cards faces up to reveal them.
Table Hold -
The amount of money taken by a casino.
Table limit -
A betting limit at the table.
Table Stakes -
The rule in poker that the player can't bet more than they had at the table at that moment.
Tai Sai -
Another name for Sic Bo.
Taking the Price -
To bet on the underdog and accept the odds.
Tank -
To think for a while before making a decision to bet.
Tap Out -
To run out of money.
Tapped Out -
The gambler who ran out of money.
Teaser -
The type of bet that allows the gambler to combine the bets on two different games.
Third Base -
In blackjack, a person who is in the position to play last before the dealer.
Third Street -
The first round of 7-card stud poker.
Three of a Kind -
In poker, a hand of three cards of the same rank.
Ticket -
In keno, a gridded form with numbers from 1 to 80 that allows players to place bets.
Tie -
A bet that resulted in no loss or win because teams had equal scores. The bet returns to the bettor.
Tight -
A poker player that doesn't play many hands and sticks to playing higher quality hands.
Tilt -
To get visibly upset because of losses and begin playing recklessly.
Time Cut -
The money charged from poker players. The amount depends on the time they've spent playing.
Toke -
The tip to the dealer.
Top Pair -
In poker, a pair made of two cards of the highest rank on the flop.
Total -
The bet on the total value of the dice.
Totals Bet -
A bet on the total score of both teams to be bigger or smaller than the line in the sportsbook.
Tote betting -
The kind of betting where bets are pooled and, after deductions, the pool is split between winning bets
Tournament -
A consecutive series of games. The winner of the tournament gets the jackpot.
Trey -
A three.
Triple -
A bet that all three dice will have the same number.
Trips -
A poker hand made of three cards of the same rank.
Tronc -
The commission the sportsbook takes on a bet.
True Odds -
The real odds of the event.
Turkey -
The player who shows disrespect to the dealer.
Turn -
In poker, the fourth of the five dealt community cards.
Under -
A bet on that the total points scored by both teams will be below a certain figure.
Under the Gun -
In poker, the position to the left of the blinds. This player must act first after the blinds.
Underdog -
The horse, player, team, etc. that is likely to lose.
Underlay -
To lay less than the amount the player would lay if they wanted equal profit.
Underplay -
To make small bets having a strong hand to lure more opponents into the pot.
Unit -
A measurement of the size of a bet.
Up Card -
A card dealt face up.
Upcard -
A card dealt face up.
Under The Gun
Va banque -
To place a bet equal to a current amount in the "bank" of the game.
Value -
To get the best odds on a bet and the highest edge possible.
Value Bet -
A poker bet made to force a worse hand to call.
Variance -
In poker, the ratio between losing an winning.
Venus Throw -
The highest roll in knucklebones.
Video Poker -
The poker game played in the virtual casino.
Vigorish -
The commission the sportsbook takes on a losing bet.
Viking Power -
Another name for Caribbean Stud Poker.
Very Important Person.
VIP Player -
The player who is considered to be a very important person.
VIP Program -
The loyalty program online casinos offer their veteran players.
Virgin -
In bingo, a combination of numbers that were never drawn before.
Virtual Casino Games -
Casino games that can be played from the computer or mobile device using the Internet.
Volatility -
The amount of risk involved in playing a certain casino game.
Wad -
Another term for a bankroll.
Wager -
Another term for a bet.
Wagering Requirement -
In an online casino, the number of times the player needs to wager a bonus to withdraw.
Wagering Requirements -
In an online casino, the number of times the player needs to wager a bonus to withdraw.
Washing -
To ensure the fairness of the game.
Way Ticket -
A keno ticket with two groups of an equal number of spots that must be combined.
Weak Bet -
A bet on one number that will appear on one dice.
Web Walet -
The virtual wallet that exists on the Internet and allows playing in online casinos.
Welcome Bonus -
The bonus new members receive joining the online casino.
Wet -
In poker, suited or connected community cards that give a chance to make a flush or a straight.
Whale -
A bad poker player with an enormous bankroll.
Whales -
Rich poker players that can bet big and can afford to lose.
Wheel -
In poker, a five-card straight from the ace to five.
Whiff -
In poker, to miss a draw.
Wild Card -
In poker, a Joker or another card that can represent any other card to make a hand.
Wild Number -
The first number called in a Wild Number bingo game. All numbers that end in the wild number are matched.
Wild Royal -
A royal flush made with a wild card.
Wild Symbol -
A slots symbol that can represent any other symbol.
Wired Cards -
In poker, a pair, trips, or four of a kind dealt consecutively or back-to-back in hand.
A thoughtful and experienced gambler.
Wiseguy -
A thoughtful and experienced gambler.
Withdrawal -
The action of transferring the winnings from the online casino account to any virtual wallet or credit card.
Writer -
The person who conducts the keno action.
Wrong Bettor -
The person who bets against the shooter.
Yankee -
To make two selections to get more chances to win.