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VISA Online Casinos

Successful gambling consists of many parts and aspects. A rich choice of games alone, or a player’s skill alone, are important for suse. However, more often than not, factors and circumstances other than these can make or break the whole experience. Banking options available in the online casino are among those make-or-break factors, because the majority of gamblers actually bets for real money, and wants to win real money. Yet, winning real cash makes no sense if one cannot withdraw it!

Withdrawal is the most painful topic of discussion for the majority of gamblers – even experienced ones. Cash out is also the most slippery slope when it comes to reliability of an online casino. This is why gamblers should always pay attention to banking options offered, assess their possibilities, and choose only those sites that offer the biggest number of options. Opting for the most reliable and safe payment system immediately increases the bettor’s chances of playing with success, and Visa as payment system is one of the safest and most reliable out there.

To learn more about casinos that accept prepaid VISA cards, and about VISA internet gambling, read our detailed VISA casino review below.

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According to the affiliate disclosure, we need to inform you that this page contains affiliate links. We can receive a commission on casino deposits made by users via these links. However, we honestly rank online casinos and provide the Casinority Score based rating. Play responsibly and only in legal allowed countries!

Online casinos with VISA


Introduction To VISA

Visa Inc. is a US financial corporation opened back in 1958 by Bank of America. Therefore, it has been on the market for ages and the company has enough resources to provide security and also high quality of service. To understand exactly how Visa works, you have to understand that Visa is more business to business company, rather than business to client. This company offers its own branded instruments to other financial institutions and businesses that actually work with clients. For example, VISA does not issue cards itself, but it backs cards branded by VISA with security, high quality, proper client support, etc.

Becoming a partner with this company is not easy; the potential partner has to meet a bunch of requirements before collaboration is possible. So, when a company does finance and is backed by VISA, one can rest assured this very company can be trusted with one’s money.

Today, this business works on all continents, and there are really few countries out there that do not support some products by Visa. It is the world’s second card payment organization, that in 2015 has processed 100 billion transactions. Powerful VisaNet data centers can process up to 30 000 transactions at the same time, every second. According to statistics, there are over 300 million Visa cards in US, and over 800 million outside the US.

VISA Casino List

Talking about prepaid VISA for online gambling, this is a very popular and widespread banking method offered by the majority of online casinos out there. Online gambling VISA is available in literally every second case, at least for depositing. So, one may believe that finding a prepaid VISA card online casino is an easy task. Yet, nothing is further from truth.

The point is, firstly, many online casinos do allow online Visa card to send money to the casino, but there’s a catch - they won’t allow to cash out to the same card. This may depend on the site itself, or, this may depend on the financial institution that offers Visa products in your country. Before you find out, you risk to send money to the casino site and be forced to look for a different way to withdraw your winnings.

Secondly, whatever banking method you choose - be it online casino VISA card or something else - you always want to make bets at a reliable and secure website. However, if finding a reliable and secure online casino was such an easy task, everybody would have been gambling online and there would have been no platforms that provide reviews of online casinos. If you’d like to find really secure and well-paying casinos that accept VISA payments, you should stick to the review and check the list of casinos we have collected for you. This list contains only the best casino offers for gamblers paying with Visa.

Why Use VISA

Why use them, among such an abundance of various payment processing companies? Well, besides being insanely popular, and very secure, Visa offers a range of different products and tools for managing your money. Check out the following, for example:

  • numerous merchants, retailers, restaurants, and other businesses accept Visa gladly
  • there are basically three financial institutions that manage the finance - Visa company itself, the payment gateway institution, and the issuer of the Visa card - which means triple quality and security
  • you can click to pay
  • you can tap to pay
  • you can use the card online and offline
  • there are credit, debit, and prepaid cards
  • there are numerous online tools for users’ convenience
  • the company applies the newest technologies to make products user-friendly
  • the business promotes cashless payments that are safer and faster
  • the company makes global impact by creating employment, and financing research around the world
  • it pushes development and improvements in financial sphere in numerous countries
  • many globally known brands and retailers collaborate with this company and provide impressive discounts on their products to those who pays with Visa

These are the most important perks offered by this corporation to its affiliates and clients, not talking about online gambling niche.
Talking about online gambling, paying and receiving money via Visa is:

  • fast
  • safe
  • convenient
  • adequate fees

Learn more about advantages of using Visa for online gambling below.

Is VISA Safe?

If all facts discussed above have not persuaded you that Visa is rather secure, then you may want to learn the following facts about its security protocols:

  • the company takes action to devalue sensitive information - it means that all sensitive data like client’s personal information are encrypted (more than once) to make them unreadable for hackers and fraudsters
  • the company invests into technology protection, and believes into preventing the breach instead of managing it when it happens
  • powerful analytical systems of the company analyze activity on platforms and predict potentially fraudulent patterns
  • all partners and affiliates are required to follow strict protocols for cyber safety
  • consumers are given numerous tools to be able to protect their data and finance on their side
  • all Visa data centers - meaning physical facilities - are protected from natural disasters, crime, and terrorism
  • the company introduced the system of tokenization that makes stolen data useless
  • biometrics is heavily used for identification

Besides applying innovative solutions for its own data centers, Visa corporation actually develops security software and systems for other financial businesses.

Software Providers That Collaborate With PayPal

It is a financial corporation, and it works with segments of market other than online games. Software providers or actually online casinos can collaborate with payment gateway companies that, in their own turn, collaborate with Visa. But currently, there is no information that any development studio that makes casino games partners directly with Visa. In fact, there are no reasons for studios to want to do that, because, as we have already mentioned, Visa itself does not process payments.

Yet, you can find online casino with VISA debit, online casino with VISA electron banking options, and even online casinos that accept VISA gift cards. So, there is no shortage in VISA card online gambling. This banking method is advantageous for both the site and the user.


Payments with Visa-branded products include the following pros:

  • used and accepted almost all over the world - the list of restricted countries is relatively short
  • safety and security of funds and sensitive data alike
  • flexible transaction limits - you can deposit big
  • cashback and other reward programs
  • convenient and user-friendly procedures
  • deposits and withdrawals are free of charge on casinos’ side


Not everything is so simple with Visa payments, though. Before you decide to use your card for betting, please check out the drawbacks:

  • withdrawals back to Visa card are often prohibited by the casino sites, in order to avoid additional hussle with banking institutions and with fees
  • possibility of rejection - in many jurisdictions, banks are not allowed to process transactions to and from online casinos, so your withdrawal can be rejected by your bank
  • long withdrawals - most transactions by Visa are instant or take up to 1 business day, however, cashing out from a casino may take longer

If those drawbacks do not scare you away, you may want to get a card now.

How to create VISA account

As we have already explained, the corporation itself does not issue cards; it collaborates with facilities that do that and provide financial services to clients. To get a Visa-branded card, whether it is a credit one. a debit one, a prepaid one, a gift card, or an Electron card, you can go to the Visa-corporation official site and find a product you want. You then will be redirected to the site of the card issuer where you can find out everything about the service, and order it - under conditions that Visa operates in your country.

Or, you can check out your local financial institutions and see if they offer Visa-branded products suitable to use them for online gambling. If yes, follow instructions on their site, and get yourself a card.

If yes, maybe you would like to choose a MasterCard casino, or maybe an American Express casino, instead, and get a card by one of these companies.

How To Deposit

In case you are able to use Visa-branded cards, and you already have one with funds on it, you are ready to deposit to a web gambling platform to play! Depositing with Visa is super-easy - you should go to your casino account, choose Balance page, click Deposit and indicate the sum you’d like to send, and banking method you’d like to use.

After choosing Visa among the options available, confirm the action and wait to verify the transaction. This is usually done by phone. After transaction is verified, the deposit will be made within several minutes in the majority of cases, sometimes - in the matter of several hours.

How To Withdraw

Before you even deposit with your Visa, check out the exact banking rules applied by the casino, and by banks in your jurisdiction as well. In case banks are not allowed to process transactions to and from casinos, yours will be rejected. Sometimes, banks can process transactions to, but not from an online casino, which is a tricky thing, so you have to be aware.

Next, if banking rules in your jurisdiction do not prevent you from having funds moved back and forth between you and an online casino, check the casino banking rules. More often than not, withdrawal to Visa is not allowed.

Another unpleasant situation you may encounter is the fact that the casino supports the rule of automatically sending withdrawals to the same channel that has been previously used to deposit. If your bank does not allow transactions from casinos, you will have to contact the casino Customer support, explain the situation, ask them to send you money to another channel, add it in your account, and control that the Support does send you the money manually - and you are likely to be forced to do that every time you withdraw! So, to avoid all those issues, just check the banking Terms and Conditions beforehand.

In technical terms, requesting a withdrawal for Visa is simple - you indicate the sum and the banking option, confirm the transaction, and get your money in several days.

Withdrawal Requirements

When you order withdrawal, please mind requirements by the Visa-branded product and the web casino alike. On the part of Visa-branded card, you have to order an allowed sum for transaction - usually from $1 and up to $2.000 daily. Also, you will have to pay the transaction fee, that is usually a percent from the sum you order.

Next, mind the casino requirements. Your ordered sum should be not smaller than minimum, and not bigger than maximum allowed for withdrawal.
If you have active bonuses, your request may be rejected.
If you have not met the wagering requirements for the bonus, the request will also be rejected. Please keep in mind that even if you have not claimed any bonuses, most sites do not allow cashing out the deposited money until it is wagered at least once.

If you have claimed a No deposit bonus, your withdrawal will most likely be limited to a fixed sum, or a fixed number, for example $100, or not more than x5 times of the bonus received. Even if you have won more, and have requested more for withdrawal, you will not receive more than limited by the casino. In the majority of cases, your withdrawal will even be rejected automatically.


Visa-branded cards support fast transactions, and you will receive your money in one business day, most likely. Yet, separate banking facilities that provide Visa-branded service may have a different opinion on this matter.

Moreover, the gambling site will also take several days to verify and confirm your withdrawal request. This process should not take more than 3 business days, though, so if you face long waiting time, contact the Customer support of the gambling site.

VISA Casino Fees

It depends, of course, but most Visa-branded cards take around 1,5% as transaction fee. The casinos usually do not charge fees for deposits or cashouts via Visa.

Bonuses in VISA casinos

As far as we know, there are no special casino bonuses associated with Visa-branded cards. This is the case mostly because Visa-cards are backed by banks, and online casinos generally try to stay away from banks as much as possible. So, they are not interested in stimulating the customers to pay via Visa, therefore, casinos do not offer bonuses associated with Visa.

VISA alternatives

For a variety of reasons, Visa-branded products may turn out not to be your perfect choice. In this case, you can try other cards, including but not limited to:

  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • American Express
  • Paysafecard

In case you would like an option not backed by picky local banks, the following online payment systems may be a better choice:

  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • POLi
  • Ukash
  • Interac
  • Bitcoin
  • Ecopayz
  • Entropay
  • InstaDebit
  • Citadel
  • Trustly
  • Apple Pay
  • Skrill

Mobile VISA Casinos

The majority of Internet gaming platforms that are mobile-compatible and allow Visa-branded cards will operate flawlessly on your mobile devices. So, paying with Visa at mobile casino is not a problem at all.

New VISA Casinos

Most new online casinos will readily provide you with this banking option, because they will collaborate with merchant payment gateways first, and these usually have Visa included.

Top VISA games

Since there are no software developers specifically associated with Visa corporation, there are also no featured games you can make bets at to get additional perks in financial terms. Unfortunately, no Visa slots are there, as well.

Restricted Regions For VISA In Gambling

If online gambling is prohibited in your jurisdiction, payments via Visa are prohibited as well, automatically. For example, in USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, betting with Visa at web casinos is impossible, despite the fact that Visa-branded services do operate in these countries.

However, some countries are actually not allowed for transactions by Visa corporation itself. The list is as follows:

  • Albania
  • Belarus
  • Bosnia Herzegovina
  • Cuba
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Eritrea
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Kosovo
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Macedonia
  • Montenegro
  • North Korea aka Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • Somalia
  • South Sudan
  • Sudan
  • Syria aka Syrian Arab Republic
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • Venezuela
  • Yemen
  • Zimbabwe


Visa is incredibly safe and secure method of payment, especially in such a high risk entertainment as online casino gambling. This banking method has its benefits and drawbacks, and now you know about all of them. Which means, you can play for real money more successfully!


Usually it is free of charge by the financial institution that issues it, because they are supposed to make money on transaction fees.
Of course you can. The type of card does not matter; you have to have funds on it, and the casino has to allow it, that’s it.
You can use it for payments anywhere but online gambling platforms.
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