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Canadian online casinos that accept PayPal

PayPal rings the bell so much in those countries where it is available, and for a good reason. This company is very convenient, super secure, as well as with brilliant reputation. Yet, there are not many virtual platforms that accept Canadian players while having PayPal as a banking option. However, it is still possible to find the top best online casino that accepts Paypal Canada. Check out the list to find the one you would like to visit.

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List of Canadian online casinos with PayPal


Why so many gamblers in Canada choose PayPal

PayPal is one of the most user-friendly as well as the one of the most popular payment systems in Canada. Its popularity is explained by the fact that this company has spotless reputation, operates pretty much seamlessly, plus is functional with many businesses as well as shops. However, there are two issues.

Firstly, PayPal tries not to partner with niches or companies that are not regulated enough. In Canada, web gambling houses are legal, but the regulations are vague because every province establishes its own rules on virtual gaming. To avoid any problems, PayPal mostly does not collaborate with new local gaming sites. So almost every new website that appears literally has no opportunity to include PayPal to their deposit or withdrawal methods anymore.

Secondly, even those online casinos Canada that had PayPal as a banking option before, risk to lose it with time, because PayPal tightens the screws in terms of cooperation standards. Many platforms simply seize meeting those very high standards of security, or legality, or compliance with all formal rules, so PayPal terminates collaboration.

These are the reasons why it is hard to find an casino online Canada that would accept PayPal. On the other hand, this payment system is very secure, so little surprise those gamers who uses it often would like to use it for gaming online as well.

Advantages Of PayPal for Canadians

Millions of users pay for goods as well as services with PayPal literally on a daily basis. This payment system is very cool since it has a bunch of benefits:

  • Bulletproof security - you are free to trust it with your money plus your sensitive data
  • Flexible as well as easy to use
  • Has an official mobile phone app
  • Supports fast transactions
  • Very low fees - the system does not charge you for every move, while you pay mostly only when receive a payment of some kind. The fees are still very low comparing to other payment systems
  • In contrast to low fees, the system allows higher limits, meaning you are able to transfer, pay, or receive bigger sums. How cool is that?

Therefore, PayPal online casino Canada is seemingly a perfect option to use for deposits as well as withdrawals. But it is so picky about collaboration, that the chances are low.

How to deposit with PayPal?

If you still manage to find an online casino Paypal Canada, congrats, you are very lucky! Do not wonder whether it is hard to deposit or withdraw via PayPal, because it’s not. Hopefully, you already have an account with the payment company, otherwise, you will have to sign up plus get verification done.

After that, register with the online casino Canada real money Paypal, go to your customer account and click “Deposit”. Choose PayPal as a payment option and follow instructions on the page. Your transaction will be really fast, therefore you will be able to play casino for real money in no time.

The same story with claiming withdrawal, but make sure the platform actually allows withdrawals to PayPal (there are cases when you are able deposit with one method but withdraw with another and there’s no alternative). Click Withdraw funds, choose the sum, choose the option, then confirm.The process will be a bit slower, because firstly the casino itself will double-check your account, your gaming activity, and whether your withdrawal meets limits as well as requirements. if yes, after 24 or 48 hours the casino confirms the withdrawal, and the transaction will be passed to PayPal. So overall, you will be able to get your winnings in 1-3 business days.

Alternative payment systems for Canadian players

In case you cannot find a virtual gaming house you like that would accept PayPal, there are other banking options players from Canada are able to actually use. These are also fast, secure, and reputable enough to trust them with money. You may stumble across several local ones, but those in the list are among the most widespread and therefore reliable:

  • InstaDebit
  • EcoPayz
  • PaysafeCard
  • Interac Online
  • Openbucks
  • Neosurf
  • Mint

Unfortunately, in the majority of cases you cannot use plastic cards to deposit to Canadian online casinos, because many banks in Canada (again, it all depends on the province and local rules) limit transactions to virtual gaming venues. So while gaming is totally legal for Canuck gamers, you should really double-check all the rules.

Another, but very cool alternative, is cryptocurrencies. In Canada, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and other, are legal. You cannot pay with digital coins for goods and services directly, though, and have to exchange them for Canadian Dollars. But this rule does not apply to virtual gaming houses. If a web gaming venue accepts crypto, it means you are able to deposit and withdraw digital currency directly, without exchange, very quickly, and very safely. So consider this option as well.


While PayPal seems to be one of the best banking options out there, do not fall into despair if you cannot use it for gaming. The niche develops so fast today, that you are free to use other reliable methods, play for real money, and get your winnings as cash in no time.

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