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Play Online Blackjack For Free

Anyone, even children, can learn to play this extremely entertaining game. The rules are pretty simple and easy to remember. The key thing to know is that Blackjack is a game against the dealer. We’ll talk about the rules and game strategies more in detail in this article.

Blackjack is one of the least difficult casino games of chance. All you have is a fixed set of rules that can be applied in almost any situation. Unfortunately, many beginners are afraid to play, because they believe that blackjack requires exceptional memory or mathematical abilities. In fact, this is not so.

The key problem for many users, however, is to find where to enjoy all the best blackjack games gathered in one place. If you are one of them, check out the best blackjack casinos that we’ve tested and rated for you! We at Casinority discovered at least best blackjack casino games that can meet your expectations in full.

How to choose a site for playing blackjack?

Does it matter much what website to choose for playing blackjack? More than you might think. First off, playing for real money vs playing just for fun makes the difference.

Playing for fun does not involve risking with real money, which is why you may be less assertive as to what site to pick. However, you cannot NOT make a profound research preparing to risk with real cash. Of course, you’ll need a site or two where you can find the best online blackjack for money and where you can play without fearing about security.

Our expert team singles out the following criteria that we think play a crucial role in picking the best site to play blackjack online.


These two are basically synonymous terms because the reliability of soft provider largely defines how secure you will fill feel playing with real cash on the chosen website.


Blackjack, as any other notorious casino game does not exist in one single variation. There are Blackjack Classic and Blackjack Switch, Caribbean and Superfun 21, Pontoon and European. Only the best online blackjack sites can equip you with a solid diversity of games among which you can find your most favorite one and play with pleasure.


Not all casinos that offer black jack online have the authority to do so. As a knowledgeable user, you have got to be looking for license from one of the leading licensing bodies. The examples are Curacao Gaming Control Board, Alderney Gambling Control Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, etc.


By all means, the best place to play blackjack online is the one where you can get an A to Z assistance and support with whatever problems you might have. You can talk with CS representatives just like you talk with friends, without fearing to ask a stupid question or double-ask if you did not get something.


If you’ve come here to play blackjack for money, we bet you want to know when exactly or rather how soon your casino money will turn real. For the fastest withdrawals, pick a casino with fast cash outs only.


If you want to deposit with BTC, you may not care about the existence of other methods. However, the availability of options is never an odd one out.


A great way to make money with online blackjack is by harvesting all the bonuses that you are entitled to as a beginning player. Check out no deposit bonuses for live blackjack and try to play without deposit.


With the majority of gamblers turning to mobile view these days, the best online casinos for blackjack have no other option but to offer fans a mobile game. You should be able to have fun with no loss in quality when switching from a computer to mobile version.

The most popular blackjack games

Classic Blackjack

There are probably not too many people who don’t know about this eternal game. The player competes with the dealer, and the one that has a hand of 21 wins. Blackjack is a game that requires a mixture of luck and strategy. In fact, it has been subjected to critique after the so-called card-counters emerged since the beginning of 1960s. It is indeed possible to count and memorize the already dealt cards and base one’s bets accordingly. However, one does need a good memory and concentration for doing this properly.

Therefore, the main goal of the game is to collect a combination of cards that exceeds the dealer's hand, but without busting. The best hand has 21 points. Any combination with a score greater than 21 is automatically eliminated from the game.

Note that it is not necessary to score 21 in order to beat the dealer. It is enough to have a hand, the amount of points of which exceeds the total amount of points of the dealer.

Double Exposure

Judged by the name, this is a type of blackjack where the dealer opens up both cards to the gambler. Just like this, you get a virtually exhaustive info on the score of the opponent and your chances to gather a stronger hand. Yet, the cuts are being made in payouts instead.

For example, in the case of winning, you get paid 3:2 instead of 1:2. In money language it will be like this: having bet on $400, your win is $600, while it could have been $800 have you played a different game type. Another disappointment is that your hand loses against the dealer’s when there is a tie (except for when you have a blackjack). Such options as surrender or insurance are not available in Double Exposure.

Super Fun 21

The Super Fun 21 variation of Blackjack meets the expectations of those who are tired of ordinary BJ and want to try something more fun. The key to success lies in the extended set of bonuses that players can get. This modification of blackjack was established by a famous casino consultant in Las Vegas, Howard F. Grossman, in 1999.

The basic rules of Super Fun are identical to those of Classic game. The goal is still to obtain a hand of cards with the score greater than the dealer’s. What is special is that you can receive a bonus for particular combinations that is only possible with Super Fun. For example, a player wins automatically if his 6-card hand totals to the score of 20 or less. Also, a blackjack of a player always beats a dealer’s blackjack.

Pontoon (Spanish 21)

A bit modified and improved for home gaming, Pontoon is the British version of BJ. It is a good game for a company of 5-8 people. The rules are basically the same: one needs to collect 21 points without exceeding this number.

In Pontoon, there are two hands that are better than just getting 21: a combo of an ace and ten (or a picture card) and the Five Card Trick hand that a player holds without busting. These two hands pay 2 to 1. The game takes its name after the first combination, which is called Pontoon. It ranks as the highest value hand, followed by a Five Card Trick hand.

Match Play 21

Match Play started gaining extreme popularity both in online and traditional casinos. The peculiarity of this type is in the absence of all 10-point cards. This makes it more difficult to obtain the 21 score and, thus, much more exciting. Also, there is a whole list of combinations that presuppose greater payouts.

5-card hand of 21 is paid 3:2

6-card hand of 21 is paid 2:1

a hand of 7 or more cards of 21 is paid 3:1.

There are also other combinations that serve as incentives for traditional BJ lovers to turn to Match Play. Unlike classic version, Match Play offers all the prerequisites for genuinely huge wins.

Blackjack Surrender

As you might have guessed, the difference of this type of Blackjack from others is in the “surrender rule.” It allows to surrender while losing a half of the initial bet. Why? Because it is much better to lose a half than the whole amount. You are allowed to take this option only after the first and the second cards have been dealt.

While some may think that this type of blackjack is “for losers,” experienced gamblers never neglect to surrender for the sake of saving money. The Surrender black jack game has various rules that are not included into classic and other types. These are the late surrender rule, the insurance rule, the peek rule, and others, which a player should carefully go over before sitting down to the table.

Having tried playing each of the different types of blackjack, you’ll definitely decide on which of them to make your darling. As an expert team, Casinority recommends Classic option to all beginners or gaming amateurs. Game of blackjack requires good knowledge of rules and a developed playing strategy, which is why we don’t suggest to play blackjack online for real money without sufficient preparation.

To those who’ve decided to dive into the subtleties of this fabulous card game, you are welcome to keep reading! The guide below will take you through all the nitty-gritties like rules, strategy options, and tips for a beginning gambler.

Reasons for playing online blackjack

There is a common misconception that blackjack is only fun to play sitting at the luxurious casino tables in Las Vegas. What is so cool about playing such a dynamic game with a virtual dealer sitting in front of a PC? Lots of things, in fact.

The very first one to account for is that playing real money blackjack is possible no matter whether you are in a land-based or in mobile casino.

Another reason is that very often, blackjack online casino frequently offers a greater choice of online blackjack than offline casinos that may run just one or two types.

When making your choice in favor of Internet gambling, you are not bound to risk with your money. You can decide for yourself whether you play online blackjack for cash or with token money. Many beginners start with blackjack online for fun for learning to better understand the specifics of the game and preparing to switch to money gambling in some time.

How to play online blackjack like a PRO? Things to know for a successful game

The basic rules of online blackjack

There is nothing less complicated than playing blackjack online. In order to get started, you need to know the basic rules, which include knowing the values of cards and actions.

Card values in blackjack

All cards with faces (‘face cards’ - ’King, Queen and Jack) are equal to 10 points. An ACE can be either 1 or 11 points, depending which value is more beneficial at the moment. The values of the remaining cards are equal to their numeric values. For example, the 4 of spades will bring you 4 points, and the 6 of hearts - 6 points.

It is also important to make a distinction between hard and soft hands.

A hard hand is a combination of any two cards except the ace. It is called like this because such a hand is in the risk of a bust (unlike the hand with an ace that can be either 1 or 11.)

A soft hand is the combination of two cards, one of which is the ace. The highest soft hand is an ace + 9.

Basic actions in blackjack

Hit (more) - to add another card to your hand. You can ask for as many cards as you want, until their amount is greater than (busting) or equal to 21.

Stand (enough) - this tells the dealer that you are refraining from taking a card and ending your turn.

Double Down (double) - you double your initial bet, but you get only one card in the next hand.

Split - if you are dealt cards of the same value, you can split them into two hands. To split the cards, you need to double your initial bet. After that, you will receive a card from the dealer for each hand. Sometimes there are restrictions on the division of cards in blackjack. For example, some variations prohibit splitting fives or splitting hands more than four times.

Surrender - having checked the initial hand, you can choose to continue the game or give up and take half of the original bet. Unfortunately, not all blackjack variations give the player an opportunity to give up.

The basic strategies of online blackjack

Getting familiar with such an interesting game as Blackjack, a player must be aware that his final success depends not only on luck, but also on the pre-selected strategy that he sets to follow. There are many different strategies, but we would like to concentrate on the most uncomplicated and effective ones. As you will notice, we don’t include the so-called “Basic Strategy” since it decreases our chances to win by 4% because it is based on avoiding losses and not on multiplying wins. That is why, we prefer to outline some alternative tactics for you as they tend to be much more efficient.

1. Doubling Strategy

The strategy is very similar to Martingale strategy used in Roulette. In fact, this tactics is widely applied in all kinds of betting ventures, Blackjack not an exclusion. The essence of it is that you get to double your bet after the loss and return to initial amount after the win.

2. Raise your bet after a win

This strategy is quite the opposite to the previous one. Instead of going back to the initial bet amount or simply decreasing the bet after a win, this strategy suggests you should do vice versa. In fact, it is highly advocated by the probability theory proponents who suggest that wins are more likely to come in streaks (several in a row). Your task is to decide which sum of money to take as a base amount and when to come back to it.

3. A 1-3-2-6 system

One, three, two, and six refer to the proportion of increasing / decreasing your bet after the win. This system is zoned for 4 wins in a row. Even though it may not happen that often, you have a solid chance to get rich is it does. For instance, starting with the initial amount of $20, you make it $60 after the win. If you win this time around, lower the bet to $40 and, having obtained one last win increase it to $120. If a loss happens after either one, go back to the initial bet.

4. Split the pair of aces and 8s

This has been an unwritten rule of all successful players for decades, until it became a strategy. Notably, you should do it regardless of what card the dealer has open. In any case, statistically, you will be much better off with two hands both starting with 8 or ace, than one starting with 16 or two and hitting.

5. Double down on 11 (for hard hand)

The strategy is to double your bet when scoring eleven in a hard hand no matter what the dealer’s open card is. The only exception is game in which a dealer must stand on soft 17.

Valuable tips for a successful blackjack game online

Playing any game on the Internet is a fun and super entertaining experience. Playing blackjack online can become the best thing you’ve done in life, if you do it properly. We’ve decided to introduce the key 6 tips that can help you to always stay on top of blackjack online games.

Tip #1. Play only legal online blackjack that can be found on legal blackjack online websites. Avoid dubious sites, sites without license, and security badges.

Tip #2. Start with online blackjack for fun and switch to playing for real cash once you grasp all the game subtleties.

Tip #3. Take advantage of the time-tested strategies. Of course, you cannot use all of them at once but picking one that fits you best is a way to go.

Tip #4. Stand when having a hard hand of 17. This is a widespread advice because the chance of going bust is high.

Tip #5. Never take insurance. Insurance can be taken in case the dealer’s upcard is an ace. However, as statistics show, this move does not particularly benefits a player, which is why we recommend to refrain from it.

Real Money Online Blackjack vs Free Online Blackjack


  • ability to win money playing blackjack online
  • possibility to play from any device
  • easy deposit and withdrawal
  • fast payouts
  • abundance of online blackjack websites


  • safe online blackjack (no financial risks)
  • possibility to practice playing blackjack
  • cannot play with a live dealer
  • impossible to win money
  • no real-money bonus offers available

Bonus Offers for Blackjack Players

Having voted in favor of online blackjack for real money, you now have to pick a website that offers the most luxurious bonuses for blackjack players. You can find the detailed info on bonuses of the most popular casinos in various online blackjack reviews.

For simplicity, we’ve made a consolidated table of bonuses that online blackjack sites offer. Each casino on the list below has been tested and rated by us, which is what permits us to recommend it to you.


At the top of this page, find online blackjack casino ratings with the top-notch websites to start online blackjack gambling right away. Each of these sites have a distinctive advantage over others since they allow to withdraw winnings in the shortest time possible.
Every casino reserves the right for a house edge. It means that, financially, a casino is in a better position in the long run. The house edge varies across online blackjack games, with an average being 0.5%.
An important part of playing online blackjack is the necessity to beat the dealer. A legal and fair way to do it is to get a sum of 21 without busting. Advantage playing (like card-counting) is strictly prohibited and is considered illegal by some providers. However, various kinds of advantage playing are more spread in land-based casinos.

Online casinos rock in %year%. More and more offline gamblers move online to try the variety of games, luxurious bonuses and promotions, and secure gambling. We’ve selected the best websites where you can play blackjack online staying in the comfort of your home.

The amount you can win is unlimited. However, do take into consideration the withdrawal limits of your chosen casino.
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