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Playtech casino sites

Playtech is one of the top software providers in the niche of online casino games. Playtech has been around for two decades, and obviously these guys know a thing or two about making jaw dropping games. If you would like to catch the best bonuses and play the highest paying games by Playtech, check out some PlayTech casinos out there!

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According to the affiliate disclosure, we need to inform you that this page contains affiliate links. We can receive a commission on casino deposits made by users via these links. However, we honestly rank online casinos and provide the Casinority Score based rating. Play responsibly and only in legal allowed countries!

List of PlayTech casinos


Introduction to Playtech

Online casino games library is one of the first things every gambler checks on the site. And this is only natural, because no one wants to waste their time creating an account with a web venue that offers only 150 games. The bigger the library, the more variety the user can enjoy. Yet, casinos do not make these programs on their own.

Every web venue purchases game products from software development companies. While there are many companies that make web venue software, only around two dozens really enjoy respect as well as trust in the niche. PlayTech is one of such companies.

While you can find products by Playtech at many casino sites, you have to keep in mind that not each and every website is able to purchase software by this company. Even if the site’s owners have money and can afford the programs, this condition is not enough for collaboration. The site itself, and the Terms and Conditions that apply to the venue, have to meet high standards of fairness as well as quality. This is done because the soft ware developing company takes care of their reputation. They do not want their products to attract visitors to some scammy casinos that will eventually rip the customers off.

So, if you see some PlayTech products available on the virtual gambling platform, you can pay it a bit more trust.

PlayTech info

This corporation was founded back in 1999, and since then, it has been a very stable and constantly developing player on the market of digital products. Back then, the founders realized that online casino games as well as other betting software are very promising, and already in 2001, the company released its first virtual casino game.

Despite the fact that the company was initially launched in Estonia, they later moved to the Isle of Man. The company’s long history includes both rises and falls; for example, when in 2006 US issued law on illegal gambling, the company experienced one-day fall of over 40% on stock market. Yet, they continued to collaborate with other companies as well as countries, and enter new markets.

It has to be noted that the company has been over a healthy number of competitors, but it is here and thriving purely because of exceptional quality of their products and services. Today, they acquire smaller companies in the same niche on a regular basis.

Short facts about PlayTech

  • As for today, Playtech gaming company has around 3600 employees, overall
  • the company’s offices are located on the Isle of Man, Latvia, Cyprus, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Bulgaria, and Gibraltar
  • Playtech develops both downloadable as well as instant play programs
  • Currently, there are more than 700 games developed by the corporation
  • The payout of PlayTech jackpots can reach six figures
  • Playtech offers its players a feature of autoplay, which allows to spin the slots or jackpots while the user is multitasking. The autoplay stops when the bet is successful, or jackpot is won (or when the money limit is hit)
  • PlayTech is among ten best software developing companies of 2018

PlayTech products

This corporation can boast a list of high quality products. The main varieties include:

  • Playtech casino games - the company takes effort to provide the best user experience for passionate gamblers. In addition to variety of games (since there are more than seven hundreds of game titles!), they take seamless operation very seriously. The company pioneers in technologies that allow to gamble on the go, from anywhere, via same account and wallet. As for the games, the company develops unique signature pieces, for example, ones inspired by DC Universe, Matrix, or Gladiator.
  • Virtual sports - virtual sports is the new black in the world of online betting. While usual sports bets are possible (and exciting!) only when your favourite team or athlete perform, with virtual sports, you can enjoy any game, at any time. Playtech is the leading provider of virtual sports experience; they apply the most recent innovations to offer the most realistic user experience possible
  • Sports betting - fans of real sports betting will love the experience provided by Playtech, as this developer offers the most innovative techniques of delivering the best videos, and creates the most convenient space for seamless betting. Due to its spotless reputation, and long history, PlayTech collaborates with a bunch of partners, enabling it to give its customers access to any sports event imagined.
  • Poker - since poker is the most popular card game of skill worldwide, Playtech covers the back of its customers with their most innovative licences as well as technologies. The company supports all types of experience, from automated poker machines to private poker rooms, to remote tournaments. It works with all kinds of channels and platforms, supports several languages, and also promises the utmost security as well as protection of data.
  • Live Dealer - Live Dealer games is the next generation of web gambling entertainment. However, to provide such experience, the company has to manage a large facility with professional dealers plus a seamlessly operating platform, and PlayTech does exactly this. They own one of the biggest Liver Dealer Games facilities in the world, as well as one of the most convenient digital platforms that provide remote connection from any country in the world (which allows Internet gambling).
  • Bingo - bingo is a special type of entertainment many users love; Playtech offers them a huge library of products to enjoy on a convenient platform. Moreover, the company manages a huge bingo community.
  • Lottery - while Playtech does not have their own lotteries, they sell soft ware for lottery organization to authorities that are eligible for launching lotteries (for example, official national lotteries). Considering PlayTech’s huge experience in this niche, we can suggest that the lottery software is also of the highest quality.

Playtech also offers Business to Business products, including finance management systems, CRMs, and all-including suites.

Pros and Cons

While Playtech is among some of the more reliable and respectable soft ware providers, you have to be aware of all the real pros and cons of this corporation.
The Pros include:

  • this is one of the largest publicly traded online casino software companies (which is good, because this means fairness as well as transparency of the management and, consequently, products)
  • the players can gamble at PlayTech casino network using single account, without registering one with every separate site
  • the company has special agreements with corporations like Marvel, DC, and Paramount Pictures, allowing it to make custom games inspired by movies
  • one of the few companies that offer their users such a wide range of gaming experience customization

The Cons are:

  • most Playtech casinos do not accept gamesmen from US; even if a particular web venue itself accepts US gamesmen, they have no access to items by PlayTech
  • several casinos featuring Playtech products have lost their licenses because they were claimed rogue casinos

To make sure you gamble only at proper PlayTech casinos, double-check their safety at all times!

PlayTech casinos

Playtech holds its own net of web venue sites that feature only programs by this provider, which is not that hard since there are more than 700 games available. If you gamble at PlayTech casino, you are protected from fraud and are guaranteed seamless operation. Plus, they offer nice well-designed games and high payouts.

Moreover, you can check out items by this developer on independent gaming platforms. However, please make sure that you are allowed to register a real money account with the site, and you will actually have access to Playtech products (because access can be limited because of your location, and VPN won’t help). Also, it is better to read the Terms and Conditions of the website you are going to play at, to make sure their bonuses are cashable, and the banking options are convenient for you. While the site may be totally safe as well as proper for collaboration with PlayTech, this does not automatically mean it will suit your own needs best.

Top PlayTech casino sites

To enjoy your gambling, you can visit the following casino sites:

  • Everum Casino
  • Sportingbet Casino
  • Paddy Power Games Casino
  • Paddy Power Casino
  • Mobilebet
  • William Hill Vegas
  • 10Bet Casino
  • Bet365 Casino

These are not purely sites powered by the Playtech; most of them offer items by more than 20 different software developers. Is its good sign? You bet! The more reputable companies partner with the site, the more eligible it is for serious cooperation, and the more secure it is for you as a customer. While PlayTech itself is a cool corporation that takes effort to provide the best experience, it is always more fun to try out games by different developers. Yet, some of these may not be available for Aussies; to spot online casinos for Australians, check out some reviews. 

PlayTech new Casinos

As a rule, we always recommend to stay away from brand new casino sites, even if they promise the biggest sign up bonuses in the history of the Internet. You should stay away from them at least before they are reviewed by several independent reviewers as well as experts in the niche. This is done to protect the players from fraud, because it is impossible to understand how the Internet casino acts for real until the player goes through the full customer cycle and eventually gets their winnings as cash. if the casino does not have enough positive reviews, it is better to keep cautious about it.

However, this is not the case with Playtech online casinos operated by the corporation directly. You can trust them with your money even if they are literally newborn.

PlayTech mobile casinos

The majority of virtual gambling venues featuring Playtech are mobile compatible or even have an official mobile application to download from the store. The point is, an Internet casino cannot be successful if it is unavailable from mobile devices. Obviously, a big software developer cannot allow its casinos to lag behind the market in such an important aspect. So, you can expect all PlayTech sites to be fully adequate and fast-loading on mobile gadgets.

PlayTech live casinos

As it has already been said, Playtech owns one of the biggest Live Dealer facilities in the world. It means that it can collaborate with a healthy number of sites and connect the sites’ players to its facility from any location where it is legit to gamble online. Actually, the Live Dealer technology is a pretty costly one, so not many software developing companies support this trend (because they have to rent the facility and also pay the Dealers who work in shirts 24/7). So chances are high that in almost any most trusted casino online that offers Live Dealer, half of the programs are by PlayTech.

PlayTech bonuses

There is a list of different bonuses you can stumble across when visiting another Playtech casino:

  • PlayTech casino No Deposit Bonus
  • Free Spins
  • Match Bonus
  • Cash Back
  • High Roller Bonus

Generally, it depends on the casino, of course, but in the majority of cases these bonuses have the following benefits:

  • the bonuses are cashable, meaning the player can actually receive the money they won by betting the bonus, as real cash
  • the wagering requirements are fair and not rip-off
  • all real money account holders can claim bonuses

If you are allowed to the casino site from your location, you have an opportunity to grab a really juicy prize.

Game portfolio

The game portfolio of Playtech is huge indeed. More than 700 titles as for now, and the list is growing each year. You can find the following types of casino PlayTech games:

If you would like to know what game to choose for the beginning, you should pay attention to progressive jackpots and also slots. Playtech is one of the leading providers in the niche of Internet casino slots, which are loved by avid gamesmen all around the world.

Best Playtech slots

In case you are wondering what slots by PlayTech are the best, well, they all are equally awesome in terms of mechanics and design. What you can consider is the percentage of payout. In terms of payout, you can check the following titles:

If you want super unique games, these are for you:

  • Aquaman
  • Ace Ventura
  • Batman Begins
  • Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Gladiator
  • Gladiator: Road to Rome
  • Man of Steel
  • Pink Panther
  • Rocky

As you see, there are plenty of excellent items to choose from. There are also PlayTech free slots available even without registering an account. You will never get bored trying out exclusive PlayTech slots.

Sum Up

Playtech is a soft ware provider to trust your money with. This company takes care of beautiful design, seamless operation, innovative technologies, and best user experience possible. If you gamble at an Internet casino featuring products by Playtech, you are in a good company.

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