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Online Craps

Playing online casino craps games is a fascinating activity that is even more inspiring when you know you can win some real money. That makes adrenaline flow, and you spend your time with excitement and pleasure. Yet, the variety of games available may seem totally overwhelming, especially for a newbie gamesman, so your task is to look for some simpler games in the first place. And online craps for fun is exactly what you need.

Craps mean you just roll the dice and depending on the numbers you have, you win, roll again, lose, or get a point. Playing craps is extremely easy, because all you have to do is know the rules and follow them. The rest totally depends on fortune, and you cannot influence the outcome of the game at all. This could theoretically be possible in a land based casino where people may be skilled enough to throw the dice in a particular manner, or when the dice are actually made with a flaw to fall on particular side and give out particular number.

However, this is not the case in online gambling sites, where dice are digital, and the number they give is defined by the random number generator. If the best casino to play craps provides fair play (meaning all their software generated random results), your wins will be pure luck, and in this meaning, online craps are perfect for a newbie, and it is easy to find the best place to play Craps. Pro players also love craps, because they can relax and just have fun betting.

How To Choose a Site For Playing Craps?

It is crucial to find the best online casino for Craps, for a bunch of reasons. First of all, you want a pleasant user experience, meaning a website without glitches and nice design that would support fast and seamless functioning of the software. Secondly, you definitely want the best casinos for Craps that are responsive, give you plenty of deposit and withdrawal options, and react quickly to your needs. Find out what else to pay attention to when choosing best Craps sites.


As we have already explained, you want a fair play certified casino that has checked by a neutral third party or a relevant authority, and the authority confirmed that the software on the platform gives out random results. So when you enter a new website, check if it has a certification of any kind. The next aspect of software is the developer. The platforms that have items by several developers are better than those where only items by one developer are presented. The more developers you have, and the more titles are represented on the website, the higher the chance to find a fair play game.


Game variety is important, because it is not that easy to find a reputable and reliable resource to gamble at. As soon as you find one and make sure it is safe and pays your winnings, you won’t want to change it quickly. But if it has few online craps games, you will have to look for another site, because you will be bored to death by going through the same game again and again. So it is always better to check the library of the website immediately. Moreover, a big library of games shows that the casino actually invests into itself, and cares of its customers’ entertainment.


Ideally, the casino should have a license granted by Malta Gambling Authority, or UK Gambling Authority. The point is that these two authorities grant licenses to the most reputable platforms that really take effort to meet all the standards and requirements of a fair online casino. These casinos are focused on long-term play on the market and do not have an objective of robbing their customers and then destroy the website in several months. If the casino has license by another authority, this is also good - better some license than no license at all.


You definitely want to give a test to the Customer support. Find their phone, email, and online chat. Contact them via the chat before you even make an account on the site, or at least before you deposit, and see if they have live support, or a stupid bot. This is important, because when something happens, you want a comprehensive Help or FAQ section, and a live responsive support.


Withdrawal speed does not influence particularly on your experience of playing best online craps for money, but it does influence on your user experience, so it makes no sense playing perfect craps to find out you will get your winnings in a month. Withdrawal speed depends on the withdrawal methods offered by the website. Be careful, because channels for deposit and withdrawal often differ for the same site, as they allow the fastest depositing yet the slowest possible withdrawal. If you don’t want to wait for 48 business days to get Check by Courier, find a different website.


Again, the number of payment methods can differ from the number of depositing methods, and the types can also be different, so take care of that aspect. if the casino allows to pay - both deposit and withdraw - with the same method like debit card or online payment system, this is fine already. The next thing to keep in mind is that, the more payment options the website offers, the more reliable it is, because all those reputable payment system companies do not partner with each and every website out there.


Bonuses are most often given to players registering an account and/or making their first (second, third) deposit, and these are usually gaming cash bonuses plus free spins in slots games. You can also expect weekly and monthly bonuses, birthday promotions, and loyal customers promotions. There are rarely any particular bonuses granted for the game of craps; there are only casino bonuses provided by the rules of each particular game. So check the rules before you play. Also, pay attention to the wagering requirements for each bonus. Sometimes, taking a bonus makes no sense because the wagering requirements are huge.


Mobile friendly website is currently a must for every self-respecting online casino, but there are still some dinosaur sites that are not compatible with mobile devices. This may happen because the casino is specifically designed for PC gaming, of course, but more often than not it is just the owners’ fail. So if you like to gamble on the go or while commuting, having access to your favourite casino via a mobile device is a huge advantage.

The Most Popular Craps Games

Crapless Craps

This type of craps games variation was invented specifically to enable the players to lose less money on their bets, especially automatically. The variation is also called Craps No More. The main rules of it include as follows: those betting at Pass Line do not lose by default if the numbers 2,3 and 12 roll. If the roll results in these numbers, they become points and the players can additionally bet. The only chance you lose is if the roll results in 11, and yet some craps online casinos allow to make it the point as well. You won’t find this variation in many ventures, because it has a reduced house edge and therefore is not profitable enough for the venture to offer it.

Open Craps

Open Craps generally differ only by the beginning of the game. The first shooter has to place the bet in the middle of the area, and all other players can either cover the chip or place their bets around it. This approach is called Fading. After that, the game continues as it usually does, and if the first shooter throws a Natural, he wins and takes all the money placed in the center of the table. If this shooter loses, all the players take back their wagers, and this first shooter’s wager is divided between them equally.

High Point Craps

This variation of game follows all the other rules and regulations as normal craps do. The only main difference is the rule on numbers. Numbers 2 and 3 do not lose automatically; instead, the players ignore the initial roll of 2 and 3 until another roll is made. if the numbers are 11 or 12, the shooter takes all money out there, and other numbers become the points. When the points are set, the player has to roll numbers higher than these points, otherwise this is a loss.

New York Craps

This is a specific variation played only in certain areas (including New York as you can guess from the name). The differences include, firstly, the different position of fields on the table. The second difference is that the gamblers are not allowed to place bets on Come and Don’t Come. This variation is a little less lucrative, because the house edge is usually higher than average

Simplified Craps

This is one of the best online Craps game, and it is especially good for beginners, because the rules are, obviously, simplified. Instead of having a complicated system of side bets, Pass and Don’t Pass Line, and all that jazz, the gamblers just have to roll the dice. Depending on the numbers, they lose money or win money, and this is basically all.

Reasons for playing online Craps

First of all, playing online craps has all the same benefits as generally online gambling versus gambling in a land based casino. The player does not have to leave their home, pay for service and socialize, they can play anytime anywhere, from any device. Moreover, the majority of experts state that online gambling craps facilities usually offer the users more advantageous conditions than land based ventures, so players prefer to play in the web.

Playing particularly online craps may be a good option for a list of reasons. First of all, online craps have reduced minimums on bets, meaning you can risk less money and yet have equal chances to win a considerable sum. Secondly, it is easier to learn online than offline, since all those posh casino houses can be pretty intimidating, especially for a newbie. passionate gamblers are not the most tactful type of people, and beginners can feel uncomfortable because of jokes and comments. Online craps allow to relax and learn without interruption. Thirdly, the user can choose whether they want to play with a machine, or reach out to the Live Dealer, play Craps online with others, and socialize a bit.

Other benefits of playing craps at the casino in the web include the fact that you do not need to wait until all other players bet and shoot, and the game becomes even faster and more dynamic. Moreover, you can be sure that no player’s skills in shooting surpass your own, since the dice are just a digital image. No one can influence the roll, and if the player chooses to gamble against the machine (and not Live Dealer), he has no doubt that the results depend purely on his luck and not anything else.

As you see, online craps have a bunch of advantages to offer, regardless of whether you are a seasoned player or a passionate newbie eager to learn.

How To Play Online Craps Like a Pro?

Generally playing Craps is super easy. the rules may seem a bit complex for a total newbie, but as soon as you learn those several rules, you will totally grasp the concept of the game in theory, and will be able to apply your knowledge in practice.

Another major recommendation after learning the rules first is to bet the sum you can afford. Craps is the type of game where you cannot depend on any other factor than just fortune, and sometimes, there will be those unlucky days. So do not risk more money than you are ready to lose.


If to make it all simple, the rules are as follows: you make a bet, choose an area of the table to wager, and roll the dice. If you roll the numbers 2,3, or 12, you lose this game.

In a more complicated approach, the rules are more detailed:

  • after the players make their bets, they choose areas of the table to wager on
  • newbies are recommended to wager on Pass and Don’t Pass
  • if the number is 7 or 11, those who has chosen Pass win the bets, while others lose
  • 2,3, and 12 lead to victory for Don’t Pass players
  • any other number on the dice is declared point, and the game goes on
  • point number becomes an area on the table and the players can make additional bets depending on the point
  • every time the dice fail to show number seven, the players can risk for extra bets
  • after number seven is rolled, the game is over


Since online craps depend on fortune, and you cannot influence the outcome of the roll, especially in an online casino, there is no possible strategy for increasing the chance of winning. However, there are strategies that will allow you to lose less money, meaning you will save money for more future betting and will be able to eventually make bank.

The first strategy is to have a decent sum of money for betting, and make your bets small. Think what you can afford to lose without impacting your actual real life. Take this sum and divide it into a bunch of smaller sums. It is always a good idea to stop before all money are used for betting. If you have this unlucky day, just stop and let it go.

Next, make bets small but numerous. You may want to cover the table with your bets if you can afford that, to increase your chances of making jack. Also, remember that you will lose a lot of bets before you will be able to win anything, and this does not happen because a casino does not want to give you money; it happens due to the way the software works, and the random numbers generator is not programmed in any way. If you are very lucky, you will win money fast, if not, you won’t. Just be aware of this.

You may want to avoid buying bets, because despite the fact they give you an additional chance of winning, the facility takes commissions on every of your wins, since you bet not in the facility’s favour. Instead, you may want to use Odds, because they are the most lucrative types of bets, allowing you to make a return on your investments.


The first tip is to make sure only a small percent of your bankroll is on the table. Experts recommend to pace not more than 10% of your total bankroll on the table at a time.

The second tip is to avoid increasing the sum of the bets rapidly. Even if you believe this is your lucky hour, and you can hit a real jackpot, remember that the next moment the fortune may turn around and you will simply lose all the money that is on the table. Keeping it high is possible only if you are an experienced player, plus if you treat your financial loses with cold mind.

Real Money Online Craps VS Free Online Craps


  • you win real cash
  • you get real non-sticky bonuses
  • you earn loyal customer points (VIP points)
  • you get faster Customer support
  • you can participate in tournaments
  • you can play Live Dealer Craps
  • you risk real money
  • you have to wait for the cash to be withdrawn
  • you have to provide banking details to the third party (casino website)
  • it may turn out online craps for real money players from your country are not accepted
  • some payment methods may not be available to you


  • you can learn the rules before risking your money
  • you can play without registering an account
  • you are limited virtual bankroll or limited number of shoots
  • you are not eligible for any promotions and bonuses
  • you get slower Customer support since you are not really a customer yet
  • you have no access to Live Dealer Craps
  • the casino you like may limit you access to its website if you are from a restricted country, even if you do not plan to gamble for real money there

Bonus Offers For Craps Players

The majority of newbie players would like to get some kind of bonus for their first online craps gambling. However, in the majority of cases, the players are not eligible for any type of bonus particularly for playing casino craps. The point is, the more money the player gets as a bonus, the more areas on the table they will be able to cover, or, what is even worse, they will be able to wager both on Pass and Don’t Pass which is a direct violation of the rules and the mechanics of the game. Therefore, little surprise that virtual platforms avoid providing any special promotions to just all players who would like to try out craps.

You are very likely to get a standard promotion in most internet craps casinos, for example No Deposit Bonus, Welcome Bonus, or First Deposit Bonus. Other promotions you can expect to find are weekly and monthly bonuses, Birthday gifts, Refer a Friend bonuses, etc. many facilities give away free spins for Slots games.

If you are looking for promotions particularly for craps, better contact the Customer Support in the first place. Also, check out the rules for every Craps game online available to you in the venture. Perhaps there are inner bonuses that are applicable only when playing craps.


it is totally possible to play craps online to practice, or depositing and winning real money. checking the game out in demo mode is always fun, because you can play casino craps online for fun, entertain yourself and also understand the mechanics of the game. However, play Craps online for money always brings a special sort of pleasure, and the majority of platforms allow real money craps out there. Just make sure they accept players from your country or region.
You can win at craps even if you are a complete noob and only know the rules in theory. You do not need any experience of playing craps offline or whatever, or even gaming at a virtual casino, to win at craps. The point is that victories and losses in craps depend only on luck, that is, random numbers generator behind the software. If you are lucky, you win, if you are not lucky now - you lose. As a result, anybody can win.
The best bet in craps is the one you can afford yourself to lose. Experts recommend not to have more than 10% of your total bankroll on the table to be safe. It is better to have more smaller bets than fewer bigger bets.In terms of table areas, best bets are pass line, don’t pass area, places 6 and 8 bets. These will bring the highest payouts and the highest chances of winning.
C&E bet means you wager that the next shooter will roll the dice and get numbers 2,3 and 12 and 11. if any of these numbers is hit, you win this bet. The odds of this bet are 5:1.
Field is one of the most popular and common bets in craps, because it can bring nice wins. Field bet means you expect the player to shoot and roll 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12. Any of these numbers mean those betting win the bet. The odds for each number are different, so it will be harder to count the payut, but overall, field is a good option.
It all depends on the numbers and bets. Generally, the craps payouts vary from 1/1 to 30/1.
Craps No More is a lucrative variation of online craps available on some platforms. It is not offered in each and every resource because it offers higher chances of winning, but as soon as the gamblers find it out, they love it because of all the benefits it brings. Craps No More has the following differences from traditional craps:Don’t Come and Don’t Pass betting areas are absent on the tablethe players cannot bet against a numberduring the come out roll, the numbers 2,3, and 12 do not lose by default. Instead, these numbers become pointsnumber 11 is not a winner automatically; if rolled, it also becomes the pointAs you see, Craps No More gives less chances for unlucky bet, therefore the players have more options for winning bets.
Craps in online casino work generally the same way as in land based gambling house. You make a bet and roll the dice, the random numbers generator gives out numbers and you lose or win. Playing online is even easier than offline, because you don’t need any additional skills, and don’t need to socialize.
Bets in craps differ not only by sum and payout, but also by areas on the table. Bets can be Pass Line, Field Bet, Come Bet, Place Bets, Proposition Bets, and Free Odds. To find out more about each type of bet for a particular game of craps, read the rules for the game provided by the casino.
Craps for dummies is not a different sort of game, this is just the game played by beginners. The main rules of craps for dummies is to know the sequence of rolls, and win numbers, and the lose numbers.
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