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EcoPayz Online Casinos

EcoPayz is beneficial not only for its customers, but is also a convenient method for many companies. Therefore. no wonder numerous online casinos are looking forward to cooperation with this company. So, if this payment option is available in your country, perhaps an online casino including ecoPayz into its banking options would be the best choice for you.

However, we know that finding an ecoPayz online casino that would be reliable and fun enough to play at the same time may be a bit complicated, like legal Canadian online casinos, since you have to assess many features of the platform at once. Moreover, some sites have their banking methods provided somewhere in the middle of Terms and Conditions, and finding them becomes a headache. This is why we have created a list of verified, reliable, and safe casinos that have tons of cool games and also offer ecoPayz for banking.

No need to search on your own, though we have already done this work for you. Simply jump on the list, choose the most juicy bonus offered by an ecoPayz casino, and enjoy the games.

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According to the affiliate disclosure, we need to inform you that this page contains affiliate links. We can receive a commission on casino deposits made by users via these links. However, we honestly rank online casinos and provide the Casinority Score based rating. Play responsibly and only in legal allowed countries!

List Of EcoPayz Online Casinos


Introduction to EcoPayz

EcoPayz is a payment processing system combining innovations, safety, and convenience. Founded in UK, it became popular in Europe, Canada, and New Zealand overall, this system is available in 45 countries. Currently, it is one of the top payment processing companies that includes different products, and can offer considerable variety in manner of payment. At the same time, the level of safety provided is among the highest ones in the niche; recently, ecoPayz became the member of Mastercard, which is the indicator of safety and quality.

If you already use ecoPayz for your payments, and want to know more about its application in online gambling, check out the perks and possible pitfalls in our review. You can also take advantage of the list of online casinos accepting ecoPayz.

Why use ecoPayz?

EcoPayz has all the features of a modern safe and convenient web wallet. You can use a virtual card or a prepaid plastic card. The account can be topped via several methods, and you can pay online and in terminals. The account interface is real-time, and the management is easy and user-friendly.

The transactions and user data are protected by SSL and TLS encryption protocols. Even in the unlikely case of your account being hacked, or your login and password stolen, the intruder will only be able to use funds that have been deposited by you onto the account, and will never be able to get to your bank account, since there is no direct connection between the bank account and the web wallet.

In addition, the system supports instant transactions, and has low maintenance fees. These are the main reasons why one may choose to use ecoPayz.

Is ecoPayz Safe?

EcoPayz encrypts all incoming and outcoming data with the help of SSL and TLS protocols. In case the system is hacked, the hacker will need time to decipher the data, meanwhile the system will signal about the security breach and the situation will immediately be handled by the experts.

The safety of ecoPayz has been confirmed by Mastercard, that accepted the payment processing operator as a member of their vast “family”.

EcoPayz advantages

The obvious advantages of this payment processing operator are as follows:

  • the latest SSL encryption technology for data protection
  • payment can be made with the help of a plastic Debit card
  • the sighup is fast and simple
  • you can use official mobile application
  • opening an account is free of charge
  • you can use several cards and levels of accounts for more perks
  • the transactions are completely instant
  • the transactions follow sophisticated bank procedures, but lack the typical bank delaying
  • all payments are anonymous, meaning that third parties do not get direct info about the owner of the account
  • the company is online casino-friendly one
  • the company allows withdrawals from online casinos to their customers’ accounts/cards
  • the service has a number of additional features like spendings management (besides simply sending and receiving money

EcoPayz disadvantages

The disadvantages of this payment method include:

  • certain services and upgrade of account will cost fees
  • upgrade of account requires time and additional paperwork
  • the more protected is the account, the more time it takes to withdraw money from it; for example, the process may take two days instead of instantly
  • the service is not available in many countries
  • one has to subscribe to the service besides opening an account
  • not many online services actually accept ecoPayz payments; many users use this channel only for online gambling, and do not apply for everyday payments

As you can see, there are more benefits than drawbacks in using ecoPayz, especially if we talk about online gambling. If you are interested, check out more about opening an account with this payment processing operator.

How to create EcoPayz account

Account registration in ecoPayz is completely free of charge. It will take you several minutes to register; as most web wallets, the system will require your name, birth date, phone number, email address, and place of residence.

When you register, pay attention that there are different products you can choose: ecoAccount, ecoCard, and ecoVirtualCard. EcoAccount is your virtual account which you deposit to, withdraw from, and manage your payments. EcoCard is a prepaid plastic card (now issued by Mastercard) that you can use for payments online and offline. The best part is that you do not need your bank account for this, and there is no connection between your plastic card issued by the bank, and this card.

EcoVirtualCard is a one-time payment card. You apply for it online and get it immediately for one-use payment, for example, in services that you do not need often (or maybe you are still a bit suspicious about the safety of this service and want to avoid the risks). The card expires after you used it.

There are also different account levels - classic, silver, gold, platinum, and VIP. While signup is free, the maintenance fees will differ, as well as upgrading your current acc to the next level. Yet, the range of perks and services available to you will differ as well, so maybe you should explore this aspect beforehand.

How to deposit with ecoPayz

Depositing with ecoPayz is easy, but there are few nuances you have to keep in mind. Firstly, you can deposit using any of the products you have - that is, you can deposit directly from your ecoAccount, with prepaid card, or one-use card. However, if you want to deposit with any of the cards, you need to choose Mastercard in the banking options in your online casino account.

So, here how it goes - you go to the deposit section in online casino account, choose the sum and banking channel. If you want to send funds from account directly, choose ecoPayz; if you want to use one of the cards, choose Mastercard. Confirm the transaction, and funds will appear in your casino real money account in a minute!

How to withdraw with ecoPayz

Withdrawing money to your ecoPayz acc or cards is easy-peasy - all you need to do is request withdrawal, indicate the sum, and choose the banking channel. Please pay attention that withdrawing directly to ecoPayz acc is faster, while withdrawal to any of the cards will take a bit more time. In any case, it is faster than many other methods often offered by online casinos. Moreover, the payout time depends more on the gambling site.

Before you make a withdrawal request, double-check to be sure that you have met all the casino’s withdrawal requirements; otherwise, the request will not be confirmed, and you will waste a lot of time and perhaps energy finding out what’s wrong and what to do next. If you have questions about withdrawal, better ask the Customer Support before making a request.

Withdrawal requirements

There are no specific withdrawal requirements on the part of ecoPayz. You may only face such on the part of the online casino. As a rule, the customer becomes eligible to withdraw if:

  • they have taken the bonus and met wagering requirements
  • they have deposited real money and have made bets
  • their winnings are cashable (for example, winnings from the bonus)
  • their withdrawal sum meets the minimum and does not exceed the maximum
  • all data provided in the request is correct

EcoPayz limits

A single transaction within ecoPayz has a limit of around $10,000 (depends on your location) for all levels of account. At the same time, there are different daily limits that are defined by your acc level, ranging from $16,000 to $32,000 per day.

Depositing to your account will cost you 0-7% fee depending on the sum, depositing on the credit card will take 1.6 - 2.9% fee, while withdrawing to your bank account will cost between $6 and $10.

EcoPayz payout time

As it has already been said, all transactions are instant, therefore, when the casino ecoPayz sends you money, you will get it in minutes. However, please pay attention that the first step to receiving your winnings as cash is withdrawal request at the ecoPayz casino online. After you make a request, the casino software has to check your account, your gambling activity, and whether you have met all the withdrawal requirements. This is done to prevent frauds by players who uses numerous accounts, applies software for gambling, or has several people gambling under one username.

Usually this process of verification takes from 24 to 72 hours, but sometimes longer. Therefore, the payout time depends mostly on the casino. As soon as the casino with ecoPayz verifies and confirms your withdrawal request, you will immediately get your money in ecoPayz account.

EcoPayz casino fees

EcoPayz as a payment processing operator does not take fees for deposits and withdrawals to and from online casinos, because this is one of those rare companies that is totally online casino friendly. However, you may find out that the online casino with ecoPayz itself takes fees for withdrawals; while this is bad news, and most reputable casinos don’t do that to their customers, this is usually not a big deal. If it is, maybe it makes sense to find a less greedy online casino.

EcoPayz bonuses

There are many perks you can get with ecoPayz. Firstly, by becoming the account holder, you also become the member of Club ecoPayz and can get promotions and prizes from this company. Secondly, they are the partners of Mastercard, which means you can also sign up for promos, points, and perks offered by Mastercard.

Talking exclusively about online gambling at virtual casinos and other betting platforms, you may become eligible for additional bonuses and promos if you choose ecoPayz your preferred banking method. This method is pretty beneficial for the online businesses due to low fees, safety, and convenience; therefore, they stimulate their customers to choose ecoPayz by offering rewards. Check Terms and Conditions of the casino, or the Promotions section, to find out whether there are any bonuses connected to depositing to online casino using ecoPayz.

EcoPayz alternatives

While ecoPayz is nice and convenient, in some countries it is simply unavailable. If you would like to use payment processing operator similar to ecoPayz, perhaps it makes sense to consider the following alternatives:

The choice is pretty wide, so just conduct a research and check what channels are available in your locations, which are safe and decent, and which of them are online casino-friendly. The allowance to accept payments from online casinos (not only to send them money) is a great benefit.

Mobile ecoPayz casinos

The majority of modern online casinos that want more customers offer mobile-compatible platforms, in order to enable the visitors to play on the go, or simply play in bathroom instead of being tied to their PC. Overall, any virtual casino that wants success has to be mobile-compatible and provide nice user experience, because the use of mobile devices grows literally every year.

It is not hard to find a ecoPayz mobile casino - most sites also have an official application. EcoPayz makes it all even more convenient, because they have an official app as well. So, you can deposit quickly and immediately gamble right in the apps.

New EcoPayz casinos

Since ecoPayz is an extremely beneficial payment method for gambler and operator alike, more and more new casinos add it to their list of banking options. As a result, you can often meet a new ecoPayz casino that already collaborates with ecoPayz for the convenience of their customers. This is an advantageous situation for you if you prefer ecoPayz; another reason is that at new venues, you may grab some jaw dropping promotions. The point is, the competition is huge in the virtual gambling market, and all newly created sites take effort to lure gamblers to their platforms, and the best attraction is juicy bonus. Therefore, you can both gamble at a site with ecoPayz for banking, and take big bonus.

Top ecoPayz Games

EcoPayz currently does not have special agreements with software developers; as a result, looking for specific ecoPayz games makes no sense. So, do not choose games with the goal of having additional perks from this payment processing operator. Better choose an ecoPayz casino that offers exclusive promos for having ecoPayz as your preferred banking method.

Top ecoPayz slots

If you love playing slots, and you want to use ecoPayz for depositing and withdrawing, perhaps an online casino powered by Microgaming will be your perfect choice. Microgaming is the top leader among the slots games developers, their slots and especially progressive jackpot slots are famous all over the world. If such casino accepts ecoPayz, you get a perfect combination for your gambling entertainments.

Restricted regions for ecoPayz in gambling

EcoPayz is most popular in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Estonia, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Denmark. Cards by this service are currently available only in SEPA region. The whole list of restricted countries includes 73 countries and regions; the full list is available here.

If you are located on a territory where ecoPayz does not operate yet, do not fall into despair. There are plenty of other local services that will enable you to manage funds within online casinos.

EcoPayz Verdict

EcoPayz is one of the modern safe and convenient web wallets that provide instant payment processing, spending management, and other services for adequate fee. The best thing about ecoPayz specifically is that company is totally online casino friendly, and they never mind the customers to send money to virtual gambling sites or receive winnings. This makes ecoPayz extremely advantageous for regular gamblers, and for ecoPayz online casinos as well.

If ecoPayz is available in your region, consider registering an account with them to check the quality of their service. In fact, using this online gambling friendly payment platform exclusively for depositing and withdrawing may be your best idea, since you have no headache with double banking channels, and provide no bank account data to third parties.


Australia is one of the countries that use ecoPayz, but the problem is that Australian online gambling site operators are not allowed to provide gambling entertainment to locals. Therefore, you can use ecoPayz gambling from Australia, but your casino site will still be an overseas one, so choose carefully.

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