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Alex is an entrepreneur working with online businesses, so he knows a thing, two, three, and a hundred more about how online businesses are founded, build, and should function. This makes him really overzealous and curious about every new business group and website working in the Internet. And since Alex is also a passionate gambler, analyzing online casinos feels like a perfect job for him.

What makes Alex really objective when assessing any online casino website is the fact that he is a practical man and not a theorist, so he understands (and explains us) all the mechanisms of planning the business, targeting the audience, collaborating with software providers and banking systems, etc., etc. This deep understanding of online business in general and online gambling in particular enables Alex to estimate the casinos we review as honestly as possible - both as a business person and also as their potential client who knows his stuff.

Alex makes our work hard because he is extremely careful and attentive to details and nuances; however, when it comes to your safety, security, banking, and entertainment, we do our best to provide the most objective and recent info possible.

Alex specializes in the following markets:

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