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One of the key aspects that influence the user experience at an online casino is speed of deposit and withdrawal, plus general safety of banking methods offered. Banking is a make or break nuance for every gambler wanting to make bets for real money at an Internet casino. You can find the most nicely designed, the most entertaining platform with the most intuitive navigation, tons of game products, 20+ software providers represented, and loads of various bonuses suited to all tastes. But it does not matter anymore if you can’t deposit quickly, and your withdrawals get suspended or lost.

In other words, banking is the most crucial part of online parlour after actual security and reliability of the platform itself. This is why Mastercard may turn out to be your preferred banking method out there.

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Online Casinos That Accept MasterCard


Introduction to MasterCard

Mastercard Incorporated was created way back in 1966 in US. It was founded by several regional bank associations that wanted to make a healthy competition to Visa company.

Neither Mastercard, nor Visa do not actually issue any bank cards. They also do not back cards issued with any funds. The main principle behind the brand is to provide high quality security and also support to banks all over the world that issue their plastic. Instead of the banks issuing their own plastic backed by their own independently developed security systems and technologies that may or may not work, these banks issue cards backed and protected by one brand.

Issuing cards backed and protected by highly recognizable Mastercard brand increases authority of the banks and trust from the users. Mastercard-Incorporated does not allow to issue plastic by their brand just to any bank out there; firstly, the bank has to go through numerous checks. Mastercard brand and company are old enough to have considerable resources, including financial ones, so they can reject banks that are not safe enough. A big and reliable company is not interested in trading their reputation, and wasting their funds, for collaboration with a potentially failing or unreliable bank.

The users, in their turn, can check what’s Mastercard, and see if the company enjoys global popularity and trust (it does). It is one of several biggest issuers of credit and debit plastics, and by now, it works with over 25.000 banks globally.

By year 2017, the brand serves more than 95 million of cards in US alone. Mastercard is accepted in over 200 countries, so it is hard to find a place where it is not accepted.

All this makes Mastercard a really attractive option to pay online, including Internet parlours.

Online casino MasterCard list

To take advantage of using Mastercard for best casino online sites, you should find an online casino that takes MasterCard. While it is generally an easy task, because the majority of web gaming sites has Mastercard in its list of banking options, there are nuances.

Remember in the beginning of the post, we mentioned that banking is the second most important aspect after security and reliability of the casino itself? Well, finding a preferred banking option is easy, but to check if the parlour is safe and reliable, you have to conduct a real research.

However, no worries here. We at Casinority have already explored the niche, and have collected a list of both safe and entertaining Internet casinos that accept Mastercard-Incorporated. Check the list, choose the best bonuses, and start winning real money!

Why use MasterCard

Okay, but why use Mastercard for Internet gambling? Why this method is so good?

First of all, you can check advantages and disadvantages of Mastercard payment method below, to get your own informed opinion on whether it makes sense to deposit via Mastercard.

Secondly, to put it shortly, it is always more convenient to send and get money onto your bank plastic, because bank cards are usually funded (in contrast to e-wallets that are used only for gambling and therefore you have to go and fund them every time the balance is empty). Using plastic connected to your primary bank account is beneficial, because you always have all your funds at hand.

Thirdly, an overwhelming majority of banks in the majority of countries offer both wide range of tools for managing your funds online, and also a reliable protection scheme to protect your funds and your sensitive data. Mastercard-Incorporated as a brand sets its own additional security layers, so you can feel protected when sending and receiving money online.

Is MasterCard safe?

Considering that so many banks out there apply to collaborate with Mastercard, it can be deemed safe. To support the trust and service quality, the company invests into state-of-the-art security technologies, and puts strict requirements to partnering banks. The security measures implied not only protect from theft, but also work in the way to recognize and prevent potentially fraudulent practices and action patterns that scammers use in the web.

Physically, the cards are protected with chip technology, plus PIN required when using the cards offline at the ATM. Used on mobile phone, the company adds bio data in the form of identity confirmation. When used online, the payment should be confirmed by indicating the 16 digits number, data of terms of use, and a code on the back of the plastic.

Software Providers That Collaborate With MasterCard

The interest on gamblers to the fact whether any software providers partner directly with banking companies is caused by their desire to get certain benefits from such collaboration. Some software developers do collaborate directly with payment processing companies, in order to be able to offer additional bonuses to customers at Internet casinos. For example, Microgaming partners with Skrill, and those customers depositing with Skrill can get additional bonuses on featured Microgaming game products at certain web parlours.

However, the nature of MasterCard company makes such collaboration impossible, because, when the customer deposits, it is the local bank that has issued the card pays, not Mastercard-Incorporated. So, neither Mastercard nor casino games developers are interested in such collab - at least at the time being. Which in turn means that we as bettors may not expect any bonuses connected to making deposits with MasterCard.

MasterCard advantages

Mastercard-Incorporated is an old company widely accepted around the world. To decide whether you want to use your Mastercard plastic for transactions to and from an Internet parlour, check out the benefits of Mastercard:

  • widely accepted by online merchants, including Internet casinos
  • accepted almost all over the world - in over 200 countries, to be accurate
  • supports big transactions - the maximum sum limits are high
  • deposits are usually instant - maximum 1 business day per transaction
  • the system is safe and secure - the bank and brand provide numerous layers of protection
  • mobile-friendly due to convenient app - Mastercard has official mobile application that facilitates your payments from mobile
  • Mastercard deposits are eligible for bonuses - in contrast to Skrill or Neteller, you are always eligible to the Welcome bonus when paying with Mastercard
  • there is a loyalty program for users - regardless of where you pay, the company has its own loyalty program for customers around the world

MasterCard disadvantages

But, of course, there are also drawbacks that may prevent you from using Mastercard-Incorporated:

  • withdrawal from parlour may be impossible - some parlours allow deposit by Mastercard, but not withdrawal.
  • potentially high fees on withdrawals - this also depends on card issuing bank
  • cash out can take up to 5 business days - some withdrawals will take up to 5 business days to be completed, mostly due to procedures of the local bank

Now you know all real pros and cons of Mastercard and can make an informed choice. If you believe it is secure and convenient enough, you may want to get a card by this company.

How to create account with MasterCard

Mastercard does not make its own plastic - they provide technological and security support to local banks worldwide. So, if your country’s banks collaborate with Mastercard-Incorporated, all you have to do is order MasterCard plastic from your local bank. If you address your actual bank where you already have an account, there is a possibility that you will be able to order the card online, and simply get it delivered to you.

If you want to open a new bank account, you will need to go to the local bank that issues MasterCard plastic, and order a card from them. They will require tons of documents in order to open a bank account, but you already know that, don’t you? This is always the case when going to any bank.

When you order a card in your bank, you will get it immediately, or in a day or two. After that, you will be able to use it according to Terms and Conditions applied to the type of card you’ve got.

To get a card that would actually meet your needs, find out what list of MasterCards products by Mastercard-Incorporated are available at your local bank. Or, you can contact the Customer Support and ask them. Checking MasterCard official website makes little sense, because they are more Bis to Bis company, and not all types of products they offer will be available at your local bank.

How to deposit MasterCard

Depositing with Mastercard is easy. As soon as you’ve got your plastic and got funds on it, go to your casino account and click Real Balance. On Balance page, click Deposit, choose the sum, and the banking option. After that, the page will require to indicate 16 digit number and CVC code of your card. Next step is getting an SMS with one time code to verify the payment.

As soon as you verify the transaction, your casino balance will be funded within minutes (in the worst case, during one business day).

Before you deposit with Mastercard, make sure the bank that issued your plastic supports transactions to and from online parlours. To find that out, check actual legislation on Internet gambling in your country, or google info on particular banks.

Also, check beforehand how much you should deposit. Most casinos accept minimum payment starting from $10; if you want to be eligible for any type of bonus, the deposit size necessary may start from $15 and more. If you send less than minimum accepted, the payment will most likely be rejected.

How to withdraw MasterCard

Withdrawal to Mastercard is simple - if it is allowed by the Internet parlour. Go to your Real Balance page at casino account, indicate the sum you want to cash out, choose Mastercard, confirm, and request withdrawal.

To make your withdrawal successful, make sure you meet all withdrawal requirements.

Withdrawal requirements

If withdrawal to Mastercard is allowed, you still may fail it if you fail to meet withdrawal requirements, including:

  • wagering requirements for whatever bonus taken
  • failing to wager your deposit at least once even if no bonus was taken
  • requesting more than allowed by parlour for withdrawal (per day or per week)

Some online casinos do not allow withdrawals by Mastercard, which means you will have to connect another payment option, like an e-wallet, to the account in order to cash out.

MasterCard casino fees

As far as we know, Mastercard-Incorporated does not charge any additional fees for transactions to and from web casinos. The company takes 1% fee from every transaction; however, your local bank may charge a bit more on top of that 1%.

MasterCard Payout Time

More often than not, money arrive on your balance immediately, but some banks will take up to 5 business days, especially if this is an Internet payment from such potentially fraudulent entity as an Internet parlour.

You may ask why bother, since it is you / bank getting paid, not the parlour. But the point is, some hackers can get bank account data from transaction to that bank account. So, the banks want to take time and check whether this funding can be potentially risky to accept. It is like allowing a stranger to deliver you money physically directly to your home - they will know where you live, and where you keep your money.

When counting your waiting time, please keep in mind that Internet casinos also take from 24 to 72 hours (or even more!) to check and verify your request. So, in the longest case, you will have to wait up to 10 business days to get your winnings.

Bonuses in MasterCard casinos

There are no known casino bonuses offered that are specifically connected to payment by Mastercard. The good news is that all deposits by MasterCard are usually eligible for the Welcome Bonus.

MasterCard alternatives

Mastercard is not unique, but due to the nature of service, there are not many alternatives.

  • Visa
  • Maestro
  • American Express

If you would like to have more variety, maybe one of the popular e-wallets will be more preferable.

Mobile MasterCard casinos

Mobile online casinos that have Mastercard as their payment option work seamlessly. You can use either Mastercard application, or pay via browser.

New MasterCard casinos

Since Mastercard backs bank plastic in different countries, this is widely accepted method. If banks in your country are allowed to process transactions to and from Internet parlours, even the most recent casinos will have MasterCard listed.

Top MasterCard games

Due to lack of direct collaboration between this company and casino software providers, there are no known featured Mastercard games.

Restricted regions for MasterCard in gambling

There are several countries where banks do not issue plastic supported by Mastercard:

  • Albania
  • Belarus
  • Bosnia Herzegovina
  • Cuba
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Eritrea
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Kosovo
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Macedonia
  • Montenegro
  • North Korea aka Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • Somalia
  • South Sudan
  • Sudan
  • Syria aka Syrian Arab Republic
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • Venezuela
  • Yemen
  • Zimbabwe

If your country is not served, you may want to order a plastic for VISA online casino, or use e-wallets. In some cases, the country can be served, but not allowing payments to casinos - like the case with online gambling in US. There is basically no online casino USA with MasterCard. As for Aussie online casinos and Canadian online casinos MasterCard is allowed.


Mastercard is a safe and convenient payment method accepted almost in every country in the world. It is online casino friendly and supports the latest security technologies, which makes it cool to use for gambling.


In most cases, credit plastic are more protected than debit plastic, because debit plastic uses the payer’s funds, while credit plastic uses bank’s funds.
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