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Netherlands are famous all over the world due to the country’s liberal approach to things that the majority of other countries ban or tightly control – particularly to prostitution and drugs. Netherlands is one of unique cases when the government takes steps to legalize things in order to control them better, instead of banning them altogether. So little surprise Netherlands are often associated with freedom of choice and freedom of entertainment.

However, the situation is somewhat different with gambling, especially online gambling. Holland casino online is something you have to look good for to find. The point is, gambling is allowed, but with considerable restrictions and nuances, and to enjoy some betting, one has to know where to go. Online casino Netherlands means either run by a governmentally owned monopolist operator and not very entertaining, or run by a private operator located abroad, but not really legal Netherlands online casino.

However, if you are here, there is nothing to worry about. We have already conducted a research for you, and have found some top online casino Netherlands sites for your advantageous betting. These best online casino Netherlands are safe, user-friendly, and offer some juicy bonuses!

The best part is that such sites operate carefully, and are reliable, because legitimate online gambling sites situated in Europe get fined if they support scam or fraud. Therefore, your back is covered in this aspect. So, check out the list below, opt for the most attractive option, and win real money!

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Top Netherlands Online Casinos


History of Gambling in Netherlands

Gambling as such is not something new for Dutch. This is partially the case because Netherlands has always been a country of ports, and huge flows of people from all the neighboring countries passed through the port cities, bringing in their cultural phenomena and traditional entertainments.

The very first documented cases of gambling in Netherlands consider locals participating in one of the first lotteries - Staatslotterij - back in the year 1726. Since then, gambling became an essential part of culture in this country, and has never been looked down upon much. In 1976, the very first official land based parlour was opened, owned by the Holland Casino company. Many years have passed, and by now, there are over 180 brick and mortar venues all over the state. Not surprising that the biggest concentration of land based gaming houses is in Amsterdam, the capital of the country.

Now, while offline gambling has gone through a row of regulations, online gambling saw no regulation whatsoever until 2005. In 2005, the court decided that online gambling is illegal and no parlour platform, either Dutch or operated from abroad, can provide services to local citizens. International online parlour operators objected, claiming that such a decision violates the EU laws, but the situation did not change for many years.

Then suddenly in 2013, the government changed its approach and allowed Dutch online casinos to apply for licenses. However, it all went not as it was planned. Firstly, the act came into power only in 2016, and by that date, the majority of passionate gamblers simply violated the law. Secondly, the government granted monopoly to local operator, who, considering lack of competition, fails to develop a decent level of user experience. And thirdly, private operators of NL online casinos are required to acquire local licenses, but are not allowed to offer their service to local residents.

The bad news is that it all takes more time than everybody expected, and the corresponding laws prepared in the previous years (in other words, years ago) were only accepted not earlier than 2018. However, it looks like the legislation will be changed one more time, due to certain European Union rules that casinos online NL still fail to meet.

Current Situation on Gambling in the Netherlands

Considering all the turmoil with the laws about online gambling Netherlands, and the fact that many platforms and players simply ignored the existing laws, it comes with little surprise that the government decided to take the situation under control. However, besides actually Dutch government, there is European Union with its market rules, and according to these rules, the country has to provide freedom in the niche for other operators to compete.

All the previous years, legal monopoly was in the hands of state owned Holland Casino, and in the recent years, online Holland casino was the only operator legitimate for offering Holland casino online roulette, Holland casino online slots, and Holland casino online poker to local gamblers. Private operators were legally banned from accepting local players, and the government even asked the banks to stop processing transactions to and from local online parlour operators, but the banks simply refused. But casino Holland online was the most massive power in the niche.

At the time, the market is changing, the the basis for new legislation is prepared. Instead of banning access to private platforms and platforms operated from abroad, the state decided to allow both private and foreign operators in the niche - like best online casino in Austria - therefore limiting the monopolists.

Besides Holland Casino, the sports sector was held by two other companies - De Lotto that managed all sports bookings except horse racing, and Scientific Games Racing B.V. specifically for horse racing. Yet, as the market changes, the Dutch citizens can expect seeing new operators that would probably offer more advantageous conditions. We all know that those state-owned monopolist companies always fail to provide competitive user experience, exactly because there is no competition for them. And this is one of the reasons why almost in any country where gambling is held by a state owned monopolist, the bettors still seek for privately owned sites or foreign operators like Belgium online gambling platforms.

Laws for Gambling in Netherlands

According to the legal sources, the Dutch legislation takes to all gambling a “prohibited unless licensed” approach. Gambling is regulated by the main act, which is Betting and Gaming Act 1964. This act talks mostly about games of chance.

Besides banning unlicensed games of chance, the Act prohibits promotion and also participation in the games of chance when knowing they are unlicensed. Those games that do not fall under the definition of game of chance under this act are not subject to the law.

Another set of laws is provided by a recent act, the Remote Gambling Act 2019 (which is still not in force yet). It takes a modern approach to gambling, amends the previous Acts (of years 1964 and also an older one, of 1961). The new Act takes into account the possibilities of the Internet, online banking, risks, and other aspects. It includes secondary legislation on:

  • Games of Chance Decree
  • Slot Machine Decree
  • Slot Machine Regulation
  • Decree on Games of Chance: Recruitment, Advertising and Addiction
  • Regulation on Games of Chance: Recruitment, Advertising and Addiction

Interestingly, the majority of games that are usually qualified as games of skill are not such according to the Dutch legislation.

Regulatory Authorities in the Netherlands

There are generally only two agencies that work with licensing in the Netherlands currently - Holland Casino and Staatsloterij BV. However, keeping in mind that comprehensive changes to the niche are expected, perhaps more / more differentiated regulatory agencies will come into play.

Taxation Laws on Gambling in the Netherlands

All land based gaming houses are currently obliged to pay 29% on total revenue. Following this scheme, all online casinos NL, both local and by foreign owners, will be expected to pay 20% on their total revenue. This suggestion actually causes a stir in the market, because brick and mortar facilities feel they are discriminated by bigger tax.

Now, players are not expected to pay tax on winnings if their winning is less than 454 EUR. Another condition that allows the bettor to avoid tax is spending on game more than they eventually win. If one or both of these conditions are not met, the winner has to pay 29% on their win, and the money are taken at the source.

The local lotteries pay winnings net, and taxes on all winnings are withheld before paying out prize to the bettors.

Punters reaching out to foreign platforms based abroad - for example, UK online casino sites, or Swiss online casinos - are expected to show their winnings and pay the same percent of tax on the same conditions - at least following the 454 EUR condition.

It is not yet clear whether these rules will still be in force when new legislation is accepted and foreign operators will transform the Dutch gambling market.

Land Based Casinos in Netherlands

As for today, there are more than 180 brick and mortar venues in the Netherlands, plus more than 60 licensed Bingo halls, among other facilities. Overall, there is no limitation in offline gaming, and every person of proper age can take part in betting on games of chance, game of skill, sports, or lottery. Just to make a bigger picture, around 110 restaurants have poker rooms or similar facilities.

However, some places are still better than others. If you are into offline gambling, instead of casino NL online, maybe you would want to visit one of those to enjoy the festive atmosphere and the services.

Holland Casino Rotterdam
Phone number:
+31 (0) 10-206 82 06
624 Weena, Rotterdam

This is a truly luxurious place that has more than 140 table games, over 600 gaming machines, and eight poker tables. There is a restaurant, a hotel, a poker room, and a bar. Different events are held there on a regular basis, but please mind the official dress code rules accepted by the facility. In case your clothes does not match the dress code, you may be asked to leave.

Holland Casino Amsterdam West
Phone number:
61 La Guardiaweg, Amsterdam

This facility was opened in 2018, and currently they offer only gaming machines, but we can expect a wider assortment of casino entertainments in the nearest future. In addition to games, there are two hotels and a restaurant. This venue is more of a multi-entertainment rather than casino-focused only, but overall, it promises comfortable conditions and loads of fun. Dress code applies (this is probably the case with all Holland brand parlours).

Holland Casino Scheveningen
Phone number:
+31 (0)70-306 77 77
1 Kurhausweg, Den Haag

This beautiful and impressive facility offers over 144 tables games, more than 500 gaming machines, and 12 poker tables in the separate poker room. There is a hotel and a restaurant. Besides, you can enjoy several bars, or take part in entertainment at special areas for events.

Banking Options for Gambling in Netherlands

Netherlands is lucky to be a European Union country, which generally means that residents have access to a ton of different payment methods, and the most secure ones as well. As it has already been said, the government of Netherlands offered local banks to limit or ban payment processing to and from online parlours, but this was not a legal restriction, so the majority of banks simply refused.

Other online payment methods can only be limited by other country’s laws, or by the laws of the operator themselves. Overall, the Dutch citizens can take advantage of the following payment options:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • American Express
  • iDEAL
  • AcceptGiro
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Sofort
  • SEPA
  • Optimal Payments
  • Skrill
  • YourPay
  • HiPay
  • Mollie
  • BlueSnap
  • Heidelpay
  • QHWR/BillriantPay
  • Klarna
  • G2A Pay
  • Prepay

Before making any payments, especially to a new parlour site, check out what deposit and withdrawal options do they offer, and whether the conditions offered are advantageous for the user. If the parlour accepts deposits via the fastest method possible, leaving cashout to slow methods, this is not a good scenario.

Another potentially advantageous option is paying with cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Dogecoin - but few Europe-oriented parlours take them due to lack of proper regulation. Yet, if you can take this option, crypto money systems support instant transactions and transparent payment processing.

Popular Cities in Netherlands for Gambling

Overall, there are 102 cities in Netherlands having at least one brick and mortar gambling house. To get a better picture of the situation, check out the most popular cities that host the biggest number of offline facilities:

  • Amsterdam - 14
  • Alkmaar - 3
  • Almere - 3
  • Apeldoorn - 3
  • Den Bosch - 3
  • Den Haag - 6
  • Eindhoven - 5
  • Groningen - 5
  • Haarlem - 3
  • Heerlen - 3
  • Ijmujden - 3
  • Nijmegen - 3
  • Roermond - 4
  • Rotterdam - 9
  • Utrecht - 5
  • Valkenburg - 5
  • Zaandam - 3
  • Zandvoort - 3

As it becomes obvious, citizens and tourists will have no problem finding a gambling house to have fun at a gaming table. The situation is easier and more comprehensive that this with Internet parlours, and offline punting is 100% legal in licensed facilities. So drop in if you are near, and give it a try!

Facts About the Netherlands

Netherlands is an intriguing country already mainly due to its loose approach to drugs and prostitution. However, there is a bunch of other cool facts to know:

  • 50% of the country land is below the sea level
  • the port of Rotterdam is the largest in Europe
  • Dutch were the first in the world to legalize same-sex marriage
  • the country is famous for its cheese
  • every month is a rainy one
  • the Dutch are the tallest men in the world
  • the country is the leading Tulip exporter, globally
  • it is the world’s second biggest exporter of beer
  • cycling while drunk is totally illegal
  • around 20% of babies are born at home
  • orange is the national color of Dutch
  • DVDs originated from Netherlands
  • the Dutch are the most active consumers of Licorice in the world
  • over a thousand of traditional windmills still operate all around the country
  • there is the only clinic in Europe, located in Amsterdam, that provides focused treatment of gambling and video games addiction
  • almost half of the country works part-time
  • the country has no stray dogs in their city streets
  • the Dutch were the first to develop an artificial heart
  • the Dutch were among the first in the world to adopt wildlife crossings for thw animals to cross the roads safely
  • there is a fake village in the country created and designed for people with Dementia diagnosis

Netherlands is a country full of technically and environmentally advanced approaches, and besides online and offline parlours, there is a lot to see and to learn from the Dutch.


Offline gambling is definitely yes. As for Internet gambling, legal changes are on their way to make the market freer and more available to the customers.
Currently, only Internet platforms operated by Holland Casino monopolist are legal for locals.
It is, but please make sure you are betting at a governmentally-licensed platform.
Yes, they do, and plenty of bonuses! Check out the best sites we have listed above, to see what promotions you can claim.
As for today, local sites are not allowed to provide content and support in Dutch, and the majority of foreign platforms - like best online casino Denmark - are mostly English-speaking.

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