Real Money Online Slots

Are you ready to experience the best online slots for real money? It’s hard to name another online casino game that attracts so many players, has so low entry barriers and is so much rewarding at the same time. Real money online casino slots offer eye-popping jackpots and that’s the cornerstone of their popularity.

However, picking real money slots to play online is a tricky business. No only do you need to filter out multiple scam and fraudulent casinos. You should also settle with the best online slot machines among ones provided by the casino. Luckily, now you don’t have to. Our experts already did all the work for you. They have reviewed real money online slots in the majority of available casinos across the Web and picked those gambling sites and those slot games that are worth your time and money the most. Enjoy Casinority’s list of slot sites to win real money!

Tips to pick the best online casino slots

If you are serious about playing for real money online, you should know how to scope out the best casinos. Online slots are widely presented in almost all of them, but trustworthy gambling websites are much more willing to pay out. That’s why our experts put great effort into selecting best slots online. Here are some general tips to pick the wheat from the chaff, that is, good online casinos from mediocre and even bad ones.

Tip #1: Best casinos offer multiple ways to play slots online

Historically, slots only had 3 reels mechanically connected together in a special way to provide desired randomness of the game. To put the slot machine into action, a player pulled the lever on the side of the machine. That’s where the name ‘one-armed bandit’ comes from.

As soon as slots conquered computers, many more variations emerged. 5-reel slots, multiline slots, progressive jackpot slots and other slots often encapsulating all of these features. Online slots embody various ways to bet, calculate wins, and hit lines not to mention all kinds of themes and graphics. It goes without saying, you want the best gambling experience, so look for a casino that provides as much online slots as you can handle. Spinning the same slots over and over quickly gets old. On the opposite, when you have hundreds of them, you can enjoy the process for much longer.

Tip #2: Best casino slots online have high and reliable payout

Many casinos promise super-high payouts. Sticking to 95% or higher values is generally advisable. But there’s a caveat here: you must be sure the provided numbers are real. The controlling mechanism for payout values is third-party certification. Organizations such as eCOGRA rigorously audit if the real payout corresponds to that declared on the slots site. Surely, you wouldn’t want to confirm payout percentage manually for each online casino slot, so Casinority does this for you. We pick online casinos with the best payout ratio and recommend the best slot machines to play.

Tip #3: Best online slots are often available in a number of ways

You don’t have to download casino software to play the best casino slots. In fact, many gamblers prefer to play online in a browser. The reason is clear: without having to install any apps you are free to play anywhere and any time – on your way home, on a tablet or on a smartphone. Needless to say, spinning reels this way is a lot more entertaining. Not too many of us can actually sit and play slots for a few hours. It’s more like you play 15 minutes here and 20 minutes there. A no download slot games are much better suited for this. So, head for casinos that do offer such capability.

Tip #4: Pay attention to high-ranked online slots sites

It always pays to look around for reviews, testimonials and opinions before making the final choice. Especially this is true for online casinos when you want to play for real money on an online slots site. The number of casino reviews posted online compares to the number of casinos. Some rank high one slots sites, others praise others. Nevertheless, there’s significant difference between those reviews. Casinority rates high only those online casinos that our experts tested and found good. The conclusion here is as follows: look for non-affiliated slots reviews based on expert’s opinion rather than on nude panegyrics.

Real money online slots sites – FAQ

Surely, you’ve got more questions on the best online slots and tips and tricks of playing there for real money safe. Our team tried to cover some of the frequently asked questions regarding real money slot sites on the Web.
Are online slots games fair?

Among people who don’t know the online gambling industry as deep as we do there’s a school of thought that playing online slots for real money is simply a reckless venture. They say slots casino websites are cheating, and therefore it is hard for a player to win anything in the long run. Well, the truth is the opposite. Online slots have sometimes even higher chances to win than you would expect playing in a brick and mortar casino in Las Vegas. Indeed, while many Las Vegas slots feature like 75% of payout, most of slots sites provide a lot better payouts.

What about randomness?

This one connects with the previous question. Random number generator is a heart of every casino game. The problem is that technically computers are 100% deterministic machines and therefore cannot produce real random numbers – only a long sequence of pre-calculated seemingly chaotic values. The trick is to make a pseudo-RNG complex enough to look really random. This is a sophisticated task, so fair RNGs involve very complex math. To prevent a casino from messing up with the RNG or replacing it to a simpler (and less random) one, independent gambling regulation authorities (eCOGRA) periodically evaluate the RNG to see if it meets the randomness criteria of online slots.

Are online slot sites are safe to play for real bucks?

Sites listed in our recommended list above are definitely such. There are two things worrying players most: is connection with the casino secure and are payment data safe in a casino? Reliable and trustworthy casinos pay a lot of attention to making the gambling process as safe as possible. When you play online slots on a site, your connection is protected by the SSL technology. And your payment details are usually processed not by the casino directly, but by its payment processor or merchant instead, which is pretty much secure to entrust your payment info to.

Can I play slots on mobile devices?

Some online slots casinos offer special iOS and Android versions of the casino software. Others allow you to play on a mobile device via a browser. In any case you can enjoy the majority of real money slot machines on the site with just a minor limitation of some resource-hungry games being unavailable on low-end devices.

Can I play online slot machines for free?

There’s a way to play slots online for free. In fact, many slot machine sites offer instant gamble options with some small bonus already available to you. This way you can make a test spin for almost all slots available on the site and find the most compelling one for you.