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Types of online gambling slots

Fruit Pokies/Classic/ 3-Reel
  • the most authentic slot type
  • lowest denomination slots
  • very easy to play
  • standard symbols
  • 1-3 paylines only
  • quickly bored
  • JackpotCity
  • 888
  • Spin Palace
Video Pokies
  • great animation and visual effects
  • multiple paylines
  • autoplay
  • more complicated than classic/fruit pokies
  • JackpotCity
  • 888
  • Spin Palace
3D Pokies
  • 3D quality of image
  • impeccable graphics
  • interactive features
  • special glasses needed
  • JackpotCity
  • 888
  • Spin Palace
Progressive Jackpot Pokies
  • possibility to hit the jackpot
  • jackpot amount grows progressively with a number of players in the game
  • require to make bet by max
  • lower game payout
  • JackpotCity
  • 888
  • Spin Palace
5-Reel Pokies
  • more reels and pay lines
  • more symbols
  • Mega Moolah, the game that paid highest jackpot in history, is 5-reel slot game
  • not the newest type
  • JackpotCity
  • 888
  • Spin Palace
Auto-Spin Pokies
  • no need to click on the button each time
  • lack of player involvement
  • lack of player involvement
  • JackpotCity
  • 888
  • Spin Palace
Demo/Free Pokies
  • allow playing with no deposit
  • practice and fun time spending
  • all winnings are not real
  • JackpotCity
  • 888
  • Spin Palace
Themed Pokies
  • feature themes and characters of popular TV shows and movies
  • get popular quickly
  • suit better for entertainment rather than for wins
  • JackpotCity
  • 888
  • Spin Palace

Each type of slot games is amazingly entertaining in its own way. It is up to you whether you want to see only 7s and cherries on the screen or you’d rather merge into the world of pirates, dinosaurs, or that of your beloved TV shows. NetEnt and Microgaming have been among the first to figure out the way to transmit movie world into the slot games they create. A proof to these is the well-known Jurassic Park and Mega Moolah slots by Microgaming, Guns N' Roses Slot by NetEnt, Gladiator slot by Playtech, and many many more.

The winning opportunities have increased as well. Compare the winnings one can get playing a 3-reel slot machine with 3 paylines and modern progressive jackpot slots with multiple paylines, bonus features, and jackpot on top of that! The comparison is needless here.

Slot features

Maximum bet amountLicensing authorities require slot manufacturers and casinos to set betting limits. It means you cannot have a larger bet than slot game is programmed to place. Max bet amounts are different for different types of pokies and can range from $0.1 to $200 per bet, depending on the country. To those who love playing big, high denomination slots will be more suitable.
Number of paylinesThe simplest slots have from one to three paylines, while more exquisite versions may have 10, 15, 25, 50 or even 2014 paylines. Normally, slot machine doesn’t count all the paylines; it is possible only with max bet.
WildsWilds are symbols that help to create winning combinations.  They are identical to any other symbol you can find in a slot game except for Scatter and a bonus symbol, which is why Wilds can be compared to a joker in a card game.
ScattersScatters are symbols that pay by themselves or by triggering a bonus.
Bonus gamesSlots bonuses in the form of bonus rounds are frequent. Bonus round appears after a payline with bonus symbols is formed. This round is an in-game play, where one gets extra wins before coming back to the base round. In the bonus round, you are also allowed to line up the separate reels to form a winning combination.
Slot VolatilityA frequency of slot payout. You may play high volatility slots that pay out frequently, or choose low volatility slots that payout more, yet not so often.
MultipliersMultipliers are symbols that appear for a certain number of rounds and multiply the sum won during these rounds by a certain number, i.e. x2, x3, x5, etc.
RNGRandom number generator is a one little crucial item for slots. It must be verified by eCOGRA or another testing agency. This way, a player can know that a slot game produces completely random outcomes each time he or she spins the reel.
Progressive jackpotA feature of many slots. Progressive jackpots, as opposed to nominal ones, are not fixed; their value grows progressively with the growth in number of players in the game.
Nominal jackpotA jackpot of fixed amount.

The most valuable tips about online slots. From free slots to real money

The overwhelming majority of gamblers all over the glove loves slots; if you check out the list of online casinos in Australia, for example, those sites will offer tons of slots in the first place. If you’ve been playing slots for a while now but only for fun, there’s a possibility you seek the confirmation of sufficiency of your skills to move on to real money slots. We hurry to reassure you that 1-3 games is enough to find out everything there is to know about online slots. If you’ve been in far more times than that, it’s time to take a step forward and take on some serious gaming.

There are some true facts about slots that, unfortunately, don’t work in their favor. For example, that the majority of gambling slot machines have a rather high house edge. Or, that some pokies machines have lower payouts than others. The list can go on.

However, concentrating on online free slot machines only, you miss out on lots of things. The first one is, of course, the jackpot. Whether nominal or progressive, jackpots in online casinos have long proven to be real. Later in this article, you’ll find out the exact sums and names of slot games that gave away the greatest jackpots in history and keep updating the Guinness record still.

For now, we’ve prepared certain tips for you to be ahead of the game no matter what:

  1. Look for new casinos with the latest slot machines available - new casinos offer the greater number of free spins and no deposit bonus cash.
  2. Play only legal online slots - it eliminates the chances of coming across slots that have unverified RNG (random number generator).
  3. If you want to play online free slots, do play free slots online for prizes and receive small rewards from casinos just for the effort!
  4. Read reviews on all online slots to learn the ins and outs and pick the most suitable one for yourself.
  5. Download a mobile version for Android or iOS for extra offers and device-specific bonuses!

One does not need super knowledge to play online slots. It is enough to choose a reliable casino and a game by one of renown software providers. All the rest depends on your luck and game’s payout percentage so be sure to check it beforehand.

Gambler’s mistakes when playing online slots

Slot gambling requires one to have a strategy. It is not that important with free online slots machines, the money isn’t real, why bother? However, it is better you start coming up with your personal gaming strategy when just starting with free slots games. This way, you can figure out whether to bet on max each time or go by with the lowest denominations possible; whether to bet on the same amount each time or to change it each time. Some say, pure luck any way, but we don’t think that.

Players who only start moving away from free slots for fun to gambling online slots for real, tend to make many mistakes. The majority of these false decisions derive from their forgetting they are not playing for free anymore. When taking on gambling for money, you take on the risk of losing this money as well.

Basic understanding of gambling facts is crucial; such as that different slot machine games may have different gaming features that matter, even though the essence of game stays the same. And, there goes the top 5 list that opens with a mistake that 98% of slot players make.

#1. Skipping the reading. Each slot has game-specific rules explained during the intro or in a separate text box. And this very text that you skip each time tells you the most important things: what symbols to collect, how it is better to collect them, what to expect for the bonus round, etc. Not knowing about these peculiarities mean that you play in blind, while you could also enjoy the game more if its unknown features made sense to you.

#2. Not depositing enough. Many users deprive themselves from a possibility to receive the most desired bonus of all - the deposit bonus. How? Simply by depositing a little less than the required amount. It is a great mistake since deposit bonus can double your money and also double your chances to win. Besides, it is given to players only once, so you miss it and you lose it.

#3 Not accounting for loss/winning proportion. There can be no successful gaming unless you preserve a clear state of mind. Sometimes slots can get one too excited about wins but it important to know when to quit and when to come back and start afresh. Setting a limit is the best way to prevent oneself from undesirable losses, especially when it feels like ‘the next one is winning for sure.’

#4 Playing participation slots. Users that begin to play participation slots do not always know they do. This type of slots is with particularly low payouts, meaning that a user may unknowingly deposit money to a machine that puts him or her in a disadvantaged position by default. For example, wheel of fortune is a popular representative of this slot type.

#5 Not placing max bet. It is not about how much money you have to put on stake, it is about how many paylines you gonna play with. Max bet opens all paylines available in the game in accordance with which to count your wins. More paylines - more winning opportunities for you.

Of course, there are many other mistakes that slot players make and don’t know about it. Just remember that, even though pokies would never bother you with rules and complicated schemes, it crucial to get acquainted with T&Cs, always.

Free slot games for your phone

It poses no difficulty at all to find free slots games on virtually any casino or gambling review website. Slots are one of not many games that don’t become less attractive once moved from the big screen to a pocket-sized format; conversely, they become even easier and more comfortable to play. Below, we introduce you the top 3 software developers that take credit for creation of the majority of mobile casinos out there.

  • Microgaming

Was the first one to start developing software for casinos and pioneered with its product in 1994. Today, Microgaming slots and other games are a criteria of quality and reliability for casinos that pay great money to use software from this provider. There most popular slots in top Microgaming casinos: Avalon II, Break da Bank, Mega Moolah, and Thunderstruck.

  • NetEnt

Another famous name with a strong brand image. NetEnt has spoilt their players with very thought-out and eye-catching slots designs in games like: Gonzo’s Quest, Starburst, Reel Rush, Dead or Alive.

  • Playtech

It is easy to find slot machines created by this giant. Playtech’s highest rated games are the following: Age of the Gods series, Nostradamus, Buffalo Blitz, and Everybody’s Jackpot.

You can play free casino slots from any location and at any time, having all free casino slots from best developers in your phone. So did the people who won one of the greatest slot jackpots in history of casinos online and so should you.

The most famous online slot winnings

These cases with real human beings hitting a jackpot when playing slots of fun online should motivate you and prove that everything you wish for is real.

Let’s start with the record-worth win of 17.9 million euro by a Brit from Cardiff in 2015. The jackpot paid by Microgaming slot Mega Moolah became the largest ever jackpot won in online slot game. This jackpot is now holding the spot in Guinness World Records.

Another great winning occurred earlier in 2013 at Paf Casino. This time it was a $0.25 denomination NetEnt’s Mega Fortune slot game, which brought the lucky winner to a jackpot of more than 17 million euro.

The third great win occured to a Norwegian man who, according to his own words, couldn’t sleep and decided to try his hand in Mega Fortune. This random decision led him with almost 12 million euro in his pocket the next morning, and also brought him into the Guinness record from 2011 till 2013.

These three results are the greatest jackpot hits in online slot games a for now. Having quickly eyeballed the best online pokies, we’ve come to a conclusion these are all the same games that brought so much cash to lucky gamblers: Mega Moolah by Microgaming, NetEnt’s Hall of Gods and Mega Fortune.

What’s common in strategies of these people? No one knows for sure, except the obvious facts:

  • they played at high-rated online casinos
  • they had their gaming strategies
  • they were consistent and have been in gambling for a while before the win.

Despite the disbelieves that surround slots and online casinos in general, there are cases that prove it pays out. We do not encourage you or recommend you to play slots for money; the writing of this section has been motivated by comments and questions from our readers, which, we hope, were answered in full.

List of the best online casino providers

If you’ve been in search of casino slot machine all over the Internet and still haven’t made a decision yet, it is a good sign. The question that many gamblers ask themselves is: what’s the possibility of a slot game that already paid out an enormous jackpot once to pay out again any time soon? And is not it better to give a chance to games that haven’t ‘shot’ yet? That’s a tough question indeed but the decision is after you. We can only recommend you trusted pokies sites that have the best slots to play for entertainment or with money.

What playing live slots online on these sites can give to you?

  • Best RTPs (payout ratio);
  • Greatest game choice
  • Most desirable bonuses

What is RTP. Standing for ‘return-to-player,’ this ratio defines the amount of money wagered in the game that will return to a gambler in some time. Good RTP rate is everything above 95%. However, there are slots that have pretty low payout rates, 85% or 80%. As mentioned earlier, such slots are referred to as ‘participation slots.’ The great % of money wagered by players go to slot owner in the form of a profit.

Casinority expert team has been unanimous about including these and not other casinos into the list you can see above. We have tested and highly rated each one of them based on our judgement and user responses. Licenses from regulatory authorities, approvals from testing agencies, and stonewall security are on the guard of your gaming.

The list of online slots is constantly updated

We don’t want our users left wondering whether the info they see is still relevant. For this reason, we monitor all updates in the casino world, test new games and casinos to share the most up-to-date knowledge with our readers.

We are especially demanding to new casinos as well as new free casino slots, which haven’t been sufficiently tested by users. We try to be the earliest explorers of such sites and slots to publish reviews and give feedback on them as soon as they appear.

To all those constantly looking for new free casino slots, the list of the most popular free slots and online slots gambling sites get updated as soon as the news reaches our ear. So, we always make sure that you, our reader, is one of the first one to find out about them.

Casinos compete to be the #1 slots providers, and we make sure that only the worthy one gets to hold this status. And you can start taking advantage of this competition by picking the best bonuses and playing free slots online for huge wins!

Resort to Casinority guide each time you need fresh info on slots or other games. Find answers to your questions in our casino and game reviews and play free slot games available on our site for fun or practice.