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Slot Machine Rules: How to Play Your Favorite Themed Slots

Slot Machine Rules: How to Play Your Favorite Themed Slots

On the eve of Christmas, each gambling fan is expecting a miracle. Slot fans are excited and are anticipating big winnings at their favorite game of luck — online slots. There are so many themed slots to play and win!

So, this article's gonna remind them of the basic slot machine rules for any slot game which in combination with the right strategy is always a big win. So, here we go.

Slots are one of the most popular form of gambling in the world: from the first game machine called "Liberty Bell", created in 1881 by Charles Fey, to the modern online Christmas carol themed slots which are probably your favorite ones this week. Now, slot machines are modern machines for fun, and use the latest technological advances, so do not get bored.

Until now, the games have come a long way, indeed, but still need a clear understanding of the rules and basic strategies necessary for winning.

As we definitely know, the first casino slots machines were only mechanical, instead of the advanced devices created on the basis of the computer and the RNG. Every machine now has a window or the screen, it shows pictures or image revolution, which is driven by the spinning drums.

There may be three or five pictures on the drums. The symbols on the game's reels display themes dedicated to the slot machine. Notwithstanding conventional characters specifically included in the game, it is possible to use extra characters, the supposed "wild symbols" to make a triumphant match. They draw wildly and substitute whatever other image, which ultimately creates a winning combination.

Slot Machine

Variations of Slots

You can find thousands of different slots online! A lot of themed and featured games. The aim of the game is quite simple and is to gather a combination of symbols on the playing field. Certain payments are calculated according to the result of the match of symbols. It is foolish to try them all and to describe everything, but all of them are based on more than a thousand slots, popular in casinos.

They all operate on the same principle. Therefore, to learn slot machine rules, you'd better overview the gaming machines, divided into four main groups, or the so-called historical groups:

  • Classic slots: They usually have three reels, one to five lines - these are the last of the old fashioned mechanical slots. Slot machines that have three reels, where the game is played on a single line, are called a classic.
  • Video slots: The vast majority of today's slot machines fall into the category of video slots. This is purely computer games, usually five reeled of nine to a hundred lines with tremendous bonus features.
  • Online AWP-slots: They came from pubs in the UK. They are based on the classic slots, but features such as hold and pushing the lines, as well as specific bonus games are added.
  • AWP-Multi-Spin Slots: They are something like the AWP. The classic single line slot also lies at the heart of it, which can hold any number of characters that are carried over several rows in multiline video poker.

Specialties: Finally, it is quite rare and exotic novelties, often they do not really look like slots, that's why assigned to a special group. Some non-standard casino games are included in this group.

Jackpot slots: Almost every casino has jackpot slots. The casinos of the major manufacturers such as Microgaming, PlayTech, Cryptologic, RTG, offer slots that value the individual jackpots up to a million dollars! Typically, jackpots are awarded for the most rare combinations, sometimes even on the strictly defined lines.

There are also slot machines that are classified according to the type of the jackpot, the number of paylines, various bonuses in the game, and so on. Modern varieties of casino slot machines offer you the huge set, where each player can choose the most interesting game.

To win a special jackpot game becomes more and more popular, and random jackpots that are simply issued are much sought after. The more you play, the higher the chances to get a bigger win. Jackpots, of course, much increase the interest in the game, although the chances to disrupt the large sum are indeed extremely small.

In addition, the game with a jackpot usually has a lower expectation. In theory, when a large jackpot game can be profitable for the player, in practice it is extremely rare to win, and this is not easy to understand.

Unfortunately, to find out the expectation of the gaming machine is not easy. For this, we need to know the layout of all the characters which are never published by the casinos. So, often we can only make assumptions, but still look for the slot machines with the best results.

Nowadays, machines with five or even nine reel games, which are conducted on a plurality of lines, horizontal, vertical and diagonal, are rather popular. Furthermore, slot games are united by the fact that there is no optimal strategy. You can develop your own or use someone else's till it works and brings you result. However, they have quite common rules that rarely differ in various slot machine variations.

Basic Slot Machine Rules

How to choose a winning slot machine? Again, rely on your intuition and the gambling feeling. You should pick a fun game play (graphics, sound), the machine must be sufficiently generous. But different players are looking for different in slots: someone likes free spins with winnings multiplied, rarely fallen, but generously rewarded, the other - a beautiful (and preferably also generous) bonus game. Others may prefer a small but frequent gains and so on.

Rule # 1

Before the game, you need to input money in a slot machine. The player makes a bet, and nothing depends from him or her farther away. And even in the bonus games, where you have to choose something, there is no optimal strategy, this is a purely random process. If we try to estimate the expectation, the classic slots generally range in 90-98%, video slot can reach 99% (although often 95-98%), AWP - 70-90%. Multi-Spin and special slots are also likely to give 90-98%. Payments are provided by means of a coin receiver, or a note receiver in real casinos.

Rule #2

The player then selects the desired amount of bets and if he plays multi-line machine - the number of lines which he is going to play. In general, look at slots, watch them played, try them, the choice is huge and you will certainly find a suitable one personally for you. If you do not want to spend money on experiences, there is always a free game mode online, which will allow evaluating the game with no loss.

Rule #3

Press the Spin button to move the reels of slot machine. Then the drums gradually stop and determine the resulting combination of the separated characters in the selected line number.

Rule #4

If the combinations of symbols match, the player gets the payments from the table. You all are probably familiar with the conventional slot machines, so it's suggested to learn more about modern video slots, basic control buttons and their functions.

Basic control buttons

Each slot machine has a control button, which displays some information about the state of your game account. The payout table shows possible combinations and can be located either directly on the machine, or available by pressing the special button.

Spin / Play. Pressing this button starts the game and leads the drums in action.

Bet Per Line / Coins. Using this button will set the bet per payline. Choosing the right number of coins for the bet is achieved by repeatedly pressing the button, which increases its size, it is displayed on the corresponding display called Bet.

Max Bet. With the touch of the button, you can set the maximum size of the rate for this slot machine for every game.

Select Lines / Line Bet. This button allows you to select the number of paylines, which will participate in the game. Each press increases the number of active game lines. Upon reaching the maximum possible number, counting starts from the beginning, from the initial line.

Paytable / Help. The very button that displays a payout table and a description of the possible combinations in the game or the rules of the game.

Double / Gamble. After receiving a prize for one of the combinations, the button becomes active and pressing it triggers the bonus round. This is an additional game round unrelated to the main game, in which you can try your luck, and increase the amount already received as a prize in several times.

Autoplay. If none of combinations matched, you can bet and continue the game. There are slot machines with the function of auto play. In this case, you need to only set the number of lines and bet, and the start button pressed launches the reels automatically.

Denomination, (+ / -). Buttons that set the nominal value of a single coin, its value.

Hold. Button that is used in games where you can voluntarily stall one of the drums, in front of which it is located, to achieve the best possible winning combination.

Slot Machine basic control buttons

The number of buttons and their effectiveness may be individual on each slot, but these are the basic controls, which are often used in themed slot games.

Jackpots, bonuses and other slots benefits

Each slot machine has its own table of winning pay outs.

  • Payment per line is made when characters are matched in the same payline according to the rules of the machine.
  • Bonus characters trigger the bonus game, it may be the free spins, the emergence of jokers, various prizes, etc.
  • Accumulative bonus. The player gets it with the accumulation of a certain amount, he is given a bonus in the form of a money sum added to his account, or a bonus game.
  • There are themed and featured slot machines where the jackpot payouts are the greatest. Jackpots can be fixed and progressive. The fixed jackpots are paid in the form of a strictly fixed amount for certain combinations. The progressive jackpot increases with every bet that players do in this or that slot, or some other machines of the network.

Slot machine strategies

The winning strategy or a precise strategy for playing slot machines does not exist, because in each of them a certain percentage of the payment amounts is programmed, and the cash out after the match of winning symbols is regulated by RNG only.

However, to change the payout percentage and the amount of money which is already in the machine legally is possible with a special key. Even if you have it, you may have problems with the owner of the casino before you use it.

Therefore, the tips on playing the machines are reduced to the choice of the slot with the highest payout percentage and amounts that are already in it. Carefully study the table payments, pick the right bet size, and good luck ! The higher the rates, the more profitable the payments.


If you are a real fan of slot machines and want to win bigger at your favorite themed slots online, you are to remind the basic rules of the game, learn the major facts from its history, study the devices and controllers, develop a strategy if possible, etc. No matter your favorite game: Christmas Carol slots or Thor Marvel branded online, keep in mind simple slot machine rules of the games where you need to choose the winning combination of symbols that fall along the lines.

There are different machines, where the number of lines may differ. Combinations and reward factors can be found on the table of the gaming machine. All that will help you to organize the game better and to certainly win big. Good luck!

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