Best Online Casinos to Win Real Money

When it comes to online gambling for real money, you simply cannot afford to evaluate all the slots yourself to see whether it is worth and safe to play there. Real money is that – real. So whenever you mistake a scam casino for a trustworthy one you are risking your funds beyond the game of chance itself.

So, to make you feel confident about where and how you gamble, we picked a number of real money casinos and tested them. Our experts rush through casinos and scrupulously investigate them for the tiniest drawbacks or discrepancies they may have. You can read more about our evaluation method on this page. But for now, know this: below is the list of online casinos to play for real money that received the highest rank from our experts. Simply put, these casinos are safe to play, and you will not be risking your money or facing troubles while withdrawing your winnings if you choose one of the below slots. Non-risk real money casinos are sorted by our rank.

Are you not tired of picking real casinos through trial and error?

If you are, it is time to delegate the selection to Casinority, your number one source of the most unbiased and proven online real money casino reviews and thorough online gambling guides. We don’t just write reviews, we actually review most popular casinos and slots on the Web, if you know what we mean. There are way too many websites out there delivering online gambling information without any shadow of proof.

That’s inacceptable. At Casinority, we stand for fair and honest real money casino reviews, even if it results in us losing some money while filtering out the bad ones. After all, that’s what we are for in the first hand.

Still not sure?

Ok, if you continue reading, this means you need more than our word to finally make your choice. That’s only fair and indeed is reasonable. Actually, we never recommend that kind of haste when someone mindlessly rushes to the nearest slots to play for real money and shortly ends up with a hole in the pocket. Before you settle on some specific online casino, we urge you to read our terms and evaluation methods first. Also, we have included a thorough FAQ below that covers the most vital questions of gambling online for real money.

How do we know which casinos are the best?

Despite what many gambling sites do, we don’t claim we know which casinos are the best. Instead, we conduct a well-setup survey and measure each and every feature of the given online casino. The cumulative rating the casino receives for each parameter finally determines its quality.

We start with technical stuff, go through the software and support service. Then we put in some real money by creating a real account in the casino, and start gambling for that real money to see how it works when some true bucks have been thrown in.

Indeed, many users reported that casino win rates and payout tend to drop drastically as soon as a player deposits real money to a casino. It looks like unfair online casinos lure players with winning slots and then suddenly adjust the payout rates to force the user quickly blow off his or her deposit.

In Casinority, we always know if some shit like this is gonna happen, because we really play games in real casinos for real money. If our experts detect some kind of a fraud, we immediately put such a casino to our black list and exclude it from the rank. The very same is true for deposit and withdrawal processes. It goes without saying, money transfer process are risky too. Not only due to possible scams, but also because of security issues. And we test those too.

Finally, we pay attention to other factors a casino offers to seduce players to gamble there for real money. These are the number of games, quality of games, real slots variations, welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, loyalty bonuses and such.

So, how do we know, which online slot machines are safe to play for real money? Simple: the ones we tested and marked as good.

Real money casinos FAQ

Is it safe to play online slots for real money?

Ah, the most compelling question and certainly the most important one. Well, yes. You are safe to play some real casino games. Not only slots, but blackjack, roulette, baccarat, keno, poker as well as all sorts of live online casino games too. The safety of legitimate casinos is guaranteed by third-party certificates and licenses issued by gambling commissions of various countries that host gambling websites. To tell the long story short, a legit casino is not interested in messing with your money. This would damage its reputation and immediately resulted in its gambling license rendered invalid. This is something a casino cannot afford to happen.

Is real online gambling better than brick and mortar casinos?

Both ways you play slots for real money. But in case of the online option, you don’t have to buy air tickets, book a hotel room and travel to a casino. You can play relaxingly in your chair, while making your way home, or on a train station, or anywhere else. At the same time you aren’t limited neither with gambling options, nor the sums you can possibly win.

What’s a payout rate?

When you play in online casinos for real money you should pay great attention to this value. Basically, it shows the percentage of your deposit you will eventually return if you keep playing. For example, a payout of 95% means that on average you will manage to get back roughly 95 dollars of 100 you deposited in. This isn’t a guarantee of course. The key word here is “on average”. However, the general rule of thumb here is: higher payout is better.

What’s a welcome or deposit bonus?

This is some additional funds credited to your account when your register in a casino or deposit some money. Don’t be misled though, these are NOT free money. You can’t withdraw it off the bat. But you can and should use this bonus to cover your bets in online slots playing for real money. This greatly raises your chances to win so neglecting this option is generally not advised.

How do you know the casino is not cheating?

In the dawn of the internet gambling unfair casinos cheated with players by using broken or inconsistent random numbers generators (RNG). Today, this is illegal. An RNG a casino uses is based on secure algorithms and is checked by unaffiliated organizations (eCOGRA and such) for accuracy. Simply put, there is no way a casino would cheat with numbers or slots resulting in you losing your money.

How long it takes to deposit real money?

Casinos are vitally concerned about taking your funds and letting you play for real money then. Therefore, it is no surprise they usually offer plenty of ways to replenish your account. Credit cards, e-wallets, wire transfers and even cheques are among typical payment options. Depending on the chosen method, the time it takes to actually deposit your money varies from instant to few days.

How long it takes to cashout?

Again, the time is different for different ways to withdraw. The fastest are electronic money like PayPal or Skrill with 2-3 days for cashout. The slowest are credit card transfers and wire transfers which may take up anything from a week to a month depending on banking processing. Generally, the cashout process is as simple as depositing with the only caveat of playthrough rates.

What are playthrough rates?

Playthrough rates require you to play any bonus deposited to you for a certain multiplier before you are allowed to withdraw it. Many real money casinos introduce this way to protect themselves. A typical wagering multiplier is 30-50, which means if you get a bonus of $100 you have to playthrough it to $3000-5000. Luckily, all won money count, even those you lose later, so you don’t have to actually collect $3k in your stack to withdraw that $100.

Should I prefer an online or a downloadable version?

If you want to play for real cash you generally have two options: go for the browser-only version or prefer the full-featured downloadable version of casino games. In terms of safety, both variants are on par. Slots, poker or blackjack for real money plays equally nice. There could be some minor differences in gameplay, graphics and the number of real money online slots, but in general both no download and software casino are fun.

Are there any mobile online casinos with real money games?

Sure thing. Mobile segment grows rapidly, and more and more major casinos tend to provide mobile versions of their gambling software. This means with little or no effort you can bet some real money from any smartphone or tablet and make yourself a little relief from everyday hassles. With mobile gambling you can win real money online while in subway or in a restaurant!

Is online gambling for real money legal?

That’s interesting question. While gambling (both online and offline) is illegal in most countries or is limited to certain enclaves like Las Vegas, online gambling in particular is perfectly legal. How is that? The trick is the majority of online casinos offering real money slots and games are registered, held and managed from outside, in countries where gambling is legal. Such countries are, for instance, Malta, Gibraltar or Antigua.

Therefore, from the law’s point of view, the entire gambling happens outside of the restricted geography and thus isn’t the subject to any prosecution. Smart, eh? That being said, you are not violating any laws when you play online games for real money. Therefore, you can relax and have all the fun you can squeeze from those real slots websites!

What currencies are accepted by casinos?

Real money online gambling definitely holds a candle to brick and mortar casinos in the number of payment options and accepted currencies. In fact, online casinos easily outperform their local cousins in that matter. You can gamble online for real money and deposit and withdraw funds in literally any currency you want. Most casinos support as standard US dollars, Canadian dollars, UK pounds, Australian dollars and many European currencies as well. This means you should not bother about currency conversions, just take your time enjoying the best online casinos and the most fun games ever available online!