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Canadian No Deposit Bonuses

Online gambling would have been much less attractive and lucrative without an array of rich bonuses and promotions. Canadian online casinos compete for every customer and offer some mouth watering bonuses to lure each visitor. You are only left with the task of choosing the platform you like best. Online casino Canada no deposit bonuses are among the most promising ones out there, so make sure you know how they work, and check the list of gaming houses offering no-fee no deposit bonus casino Canada to local players. Don’t lose your chance of getting a fat sum for free!

No Deposit Bonuses For Canadian players

What is a no deposit bonus for Canadians?

There is a healthy bunch of virtual gambling sites that are located and operate in Canada, and offer players some no depositation casino bonuses Canada. Foreign gaming houses that are located elsewhere, but accept Canadian gamers, also happen to provide free promotions to new customers. Therefore, if you are a Canadian, you totally have high chances of getting a nice sum of Canadian casino no deposit bonus funds for playing, without depositing real money.

Online casino free bonus no depositation Canada is funds (usually funds but can also be no-fee spins on slots) that you get on your prize account when you register with this website. However, always make sure you play at a reputable and reliable platform.

Secure Casino Bonus

While you do not need to give website your banking details, and do not deposit genuine money onto the site, some of you may think that any venue offering no-fee no depositation bonus Canada is fine to gamble at. However, you should always seek a reliable and secure one. The point is, while site cannot steal your money directly, it can still harm you. They can send you spam, track your activity, sell your email and name data to companies that work with ads, or load a virus onto your device. This is a short list of harmful things a fraudulent and unreliable casino site can do. So, whatever no deposit casino Canada bonus you choose, avoid sharing your data and spending time on suspicious websites.

Now, when a word of warning has been said, let’s talk more about online casino for real money with no deposit bonus for Canadians, what they are, and how they work.

Sign up bonus explained

Sign Up free no deposit casino bonus Canada is a sum you receive on a separate account after you make one with a particular venue. Some websites state they provide this sum automatically to every new player, however, you should read Terms and Conditions first, because in the majority of cases, you need to claim casino no depositation bonus Canada. So, you register, provide all data, get your account confirmed, and then you can find that there are two banking accounts on your User’s profile - one for genuine money (which you deposit), and one for prize cash.

As a rule, no deposit online casino Canada bonus funds becomes available for betting only when you have already spent your genuine money deposited earlier. But in case with no dedepositation posit gifts, you can use sum from the prize account for betting immediately. Yet, before you get it you need to claim it. In the process of account registration, on some stage, you will see a button “Claim my bonus” or something like that. You claim it, you get it. If you won’t claim it during a certain period of time after registration, it will most probably disappear.

After claiming the gift, you will wait for some time (depends on website), because the system checks whether you have registered with them just recently, whether your acc is fine, and whether this is the only acc you have with their website. Some smart-ass users try to fool gambling sites and create multiple accs to get more free cash. Yet, keep in mind that those platforms processing any kinds of payments have powerful mechanisms of check and protection from fraud. They will most probably recognize your smart ass and ban you forever.

After your acc has been checked, you will receive your cash, or free spins, to play for no-fee where other people have to deposit. funds is always preferred because, as a rule, you can use it to met in almost any game you like. But Free Spins are also fine.

Free spins

In contrast to funds gifts, Free Spins can only be used for slots. For passionate slots lovers, this is one of the best promotions possible, because Free Spins usually allow to win genuine money without depositing your own. Plus, Free Spins are more convenient since you do not have to decide on size of the bet, just spin the wheel and hope for luck.

Keep in mind that Free Spins cannot be used for Jackpot slots.

No deposit bonus codes

Sometimes, promotions without depositing can be received if you use special promotion codes. These can be scattered around the website itself, can be provided on some reviewer sites, or can be received as VIP points for already playing at venue. No depositation bonus codes Canada is a fun and advantageous thing to use, so make sure you watch out for them.

Cashable bonus

The cashability of prize is one of the most important aspects of any prize, yet, most people just do not bother to find out about that. But you are here on our website, which means we will educate you objectively about real stuff at any online venue, and you will gamble like a pro.

So, cashable prize is the one which allows you to eventually withdraw real money. You have to keep in mind that funds you get within the promotion - body of the prize, so to say - can never be withdrawn, because this would mean website just gives away their money to you, which never happens.

The most probable scenario is that they give you funds online, you use it to make bets, win some money, and eventually can withdraw this money you have won by using promotion cash. This type is called cashable, or non-sticky, bonus, and this is what you should hunt for.

Non-cashable bonus

A non-cashable bonus, or a sticky one, follows the next scenario. You get some funds on your bonus account without depositing your real money, You use this funds for betting, and win some money as a result. But because prize is sticky, these winnings never go to your “real money” account, they go back to your bonus account again. So whatever huge sums you win by betting the prize money, you will never be able to withdraw it.

When you eventually deposit to win genuine money and withdraw it, you will still not be able to take advantage of the prize, because such sticky bonus accounts are available for betting only when the main account with genuine money is already empty. See now why it is so important to understand the mechanism behind promotions you are offered?

With cashable bonuses, cases can differ a bit as well; for example, you are allowed to withdraw, but the limit is low. Or you can withdraw a certain amount per week, but the rest automatically disappears after withdrawal, etc. But you can at least get some real cash.

Wagering requirements

When you receive a no depositation prize and are allowed to withdraw the winnings you got as a result of using it, there will also be wagering requirements. Wagering requirements indicate the number of times you have to bet the sum received as prize , to actually become able to withdraw any winnings received. If the wagering requirements are too high, say, higher than x45, you risk to spend all your no deposit prize simply trying to wager enough times.

No deposit bonus and free play

While Free play is a bit similar to playing with No Deposit Bonus, there are differences. Firstly, as a rule, you do not have to register for Free play. Secondly, when betting with prize , you learn the rules more thoroughly, and educate yourself on how the bets really work. And thirdly, if the prize is cashable, you withdraw real funds as a result, which never happens with Demo mode play for no-fee.

What games you can play in Canadian casinos using no deposit bonuses?

You are free to play the majority of games, like slots, table games, video poker, specialties, etc. However, you cannot play Jackpots (because Jackpot rules depend on the software developer company and are equal to all gaming platforms having this Jackpot available, while only some gaming houses give their users No Deposit Bonuses), and you are not eligible for playing Live Dealer Games (for the same reasons).

Why would casino give me free games?

This is simply a move of promotion. Every venue wants them as your loyal customer, so instead of telling you how awesome they are to play with, they show you. They give you an ability to try on your own, to get a real feel of playing, and decide on your own. Offering to play for no-fee is a smart and respectable move, because you see what you get, as a potential customer.

Pros and cons of no deposit bonus for Canadians

Free Sign Up promotions are very attractive, but what are their real advantages and disadvantages?

Do not need to deposit real moneyStill reveal your sensitive data
Do not reveal your banking detailsDo not have access to all games
Can win real funds if the prize is cashable Cannot win genuine money if the prize is sticky
Can learn gambling skills faster 

How to get a no deposit bonus at Canadian casino

If you have found out that a venue accepts Canadian gamblers and offers no depositation bonuses to them, register an account with them to become eligible for this promotion:

  • find a Sign Up button on the site
  • fill in the form (provide only real data)
  • double-check whether the offer is sticky or not
  • double-check the wagering requirements
  • click the “Claim my bonus” button or link
  • wait till the data is checked by the system and the prize is assigned to you
  • go to the games library and bet on the games
  • win genuine money onto your account
  • meet the wagering requirements
  • claim withdrawal
  • get real cash!

Bonuses for mobile casinos

Mobile compatible online gambling venues want you to access them via mobile devices, so they can offer especially lucrative promotions for mobile gadgets users. So check if the Canadian online casinos with no deposit bonus has a special offer if you gamble on a mobile device.

What other things to consider?

If you gamble at a foreign website accepting Canadian gamers, and you get the sign up prize, check whether you will actually be able to withdraw the winnings later. Otherwise, this will be just waste of time to play at this platform.


No, far from every casino offer free bonuses. But if Сanadian online gaming houses with no depositation bonus do, you will see this promotion right away. You can still double-check this is Terms and Conditions document, or ask the Customer Support.
In most cases no, unless you get a No Deposit Bonus code. Sometimes you can get Free Spins, or exchange VIP points on additional cash.
This is a simple and effective way to attract visitors, and allow them to play at the no deposit bonus gaming houses Сanada for free, to get the feel of gambling and the rush of adrenaline. There is usually no catch behind it, just a method of online casino real money no deposit Canada to lure the gamblers.
You may not be eligible for a Canadian casino online no deposit prize because of your location; or you may be eligible for receiving the prize, but not withdrawing the winnings. Make sure to read the Terms and Conditions first.