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There are hundreds of gambling online casinos out there available for Canadian gamesmen. But how to choose the best online casinos in Canada? How to find a safe and well-paying platform? Luckily, we have an answer! If one is in Canada and wants to gamble at online casino Canada, check out the tested, secure and reliable Canada online casino list that will give one the best gambling experience possible.

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Canadian casino reviews

As anywhere else in the world, gamesmen from Canada is able to stumble upon a good or bad virtual gambling platform, and most people won’t know whether it is good or bad until they actually win real cash there and will try to withdraw it. Playing for fun is easier in these terms, of course, but eventually the casino passes its real “employment test” if the customer goes through the whole cycle with real cash play.

However, it is risky to trust a website with your cash, as well as with your banking information and other sensitive data, without being sure the platform is safe and decent. Yet, unless one is an experienced gambler, it is hard to tell which site is okay. This is where online casino reviews come handy. One is able to read real experts’ opinion, check specific nuances, and assess the pros and cons of each website.

If one is choosing best online casinos for Canuck gamesmen to entertain, play for fun or for real cash alike, take advantage of the casino reviews. They are created exclusively for your benefit, and will throw light onto aspects you yourself might fail to consider.

Games most loved by Canadian gamesmen

There are good two dozens of types of gambles that are usually offered on any Internet gambling in Canada platform. These usually include slots, video poker, jackpots, live dealer, card games, roulettes, specialties of various kinds. Canucks, however, prefer three types most of all: Roulette, Baccarat, and Video poker.

Roulette is a very old table game that was enjoyed by the Gold Rush pioneers, so maybe this is the memory of generations thing. Today, there is a dozen of variations for the Roulette, and some of them are pretty lucrative.

Baccarat is a French card game that also exists since 19th century, and by now, there are several versions of it, too. James Bond, a fictional character of numerous novels and movies, also prefers Baccarat, so maybe this could explain such interest of Canuck gamblers to this game.

Video poker is an automated variation of five-card draw poker made as a slot machine. It functions roughly as a usual table poker, but with lower bets.

Why Canadians Should Play For Real cash

The majority of reputable online gambling houses offer their titles in Demo mode, meaning any visitor is able to play the game for fun without registering an account with the site. This is done to show the visitors how the site functions, what is the design, the mechanics, and the rules of the gambles, and maybe this will help to attract people to eventually sign up. Demo mode is a huge advantage, because the potential customer does not buy a pig in a poke. However, one will never win real cash while playing for fun, and will never be eligible for all the other perks that customers enjoy.

So, why would one want to play for real cash in Canadian online casino real cash? Firstly, when one signs up and deposits, they become eligible for welcome bonuses which can include up to $1,000 or even more (depending on the website, of course). Secondly, one gets access to titles that are not allowed for Demo mode - for example, Jackpots, Live Dealer, or Poker Rooms - for obvious reasons. Thirdly, registered users get better Customer Support. Fourthly, they are now able to accumulate VIP points which can be later exchanged for free spins or other perks. And fifthly, they bet real cash and win real cash which one are able to withdraw!

History of gambling In Canada

Despite the fact that today gambling is considered a thing brought to Canada by the British, in reality, this is not true. Long before the British landed on Canadian costs in the middle of the 15th century, the native Indigenous people of the land played their own games with bones and sticks. These ritual games were a form of gambling, but they also had certain social and spiritual functions.

While British were fully aware and skilful in playing cards, the very first Canadian Criminal Code upheld the law of Britain that banned the majority of dice and card gambles. This was done mostly because of conservative attitude overal, plus because of religious considerations. Weirdly, but the first official amendment since that time was made only in 1999.

Before 1999, the majority of gambles were allowed in Canada, but were seen as a major vice and an addictive harmful habit. There were small half-legal casinos that were turned a blind eye to, but they were never treated as proper business. The first proper legal commercial casino was opened in 1989, and since then, the industry started its rapid development. As soon as Internet became available for this market, Canada online casinos gained immense popularity, and due to the fact that Canadian online gambling sites were claimed legal, many Canucks join groups and communities interested in gambling.

The current situation on the online gambling market In Canada

Currently, both offline and online gambling houses thrive and develop. Obviously, the number of virtual ones is bigger, because it is generally easier and cheaper to establish a website (even with a complicated gaming software and solid licenses) than run a physical facility. Another peculiarity is that many successful casinos are owned by North American Indigenous people and even whole communities; obviously they are very good at gambling and hold the dominance in this niche in several regions.

The gambling industry of Canada today generates billions of Canadian Dollars that are used to the advantage of the citizens, eventually. Of course, the relevant agencies are concerned about proper regulations and control over the niche, and are also aware about the necessity of responsible gambling. However, the niche is so productive in generating profits that it does not seen to be limited any time soon.

Predictions Of future gambling

Canada is currently one of the most innovative and regulated countries in terms of gambling, both offline and virtual. This market is very rich, and taxes paid are used for the benefit of the country. The regulations and restrictions seem to be working properly, therefore, it is hard to expect that something crucial will be changed in the nearest future. Most probably, the casinos will continue to improve their services and expand opportunities for the customers, while the government will make decent amendments and make the regulations even more clear and comprehensive. Well done Canada!

How we rate online casinos in Canada

To enable the user to choose the best online casino in Canada, we provide reviews where we analyze and rate best online casino sites in Canada (or opened for Canuck gamesmen). There is a number of important criteria that we consider, and our main focus is to give one an unbiased and true information on each aspect. We do not like bad websites and will tell one right away when we stumble upon some. We understand that a gambler does not have time to research and dig into things, because gamesmen want to play! Therefore, we do the work for you and rate available online casinos so you could see who is who.

What To consider when choosing a casino

If you are not a gambling expert yet, it is easy to become one in no time, as soon as you learn to pay attention to the most important things in any new virtual gaming platform. Most people check how many items are there in the library, and how big are the welcome bonuses. However, these are not the most important aspects.


The first thing to look for is a license. We always check whether the website has a decent and active license, and whether it actually displays this information clearly to the customers. The majority of Canuck virtual casinos get official certifications and licenses in the corresponding province’s agencies, because a website cannot officially operate without province agency Canada online gambling license. However, one may also want to gamble at platforms that are hosted elsewhere but accept Canuck gamesmen. These can hold license by the following authorities:

Any of these are good enough if the license is active. If the casino hides info on its licensing in the internal pages of the site, or there is no info whatsoever, one is able to ask the Customer Support, of course, but generally this is a suspicious situation. Never neglect the aspect of license when one explores another casino website.

Banking Options

Banking options are super crucial when looking for a decent casino. There are several solid reasons for this. Firstly, you as a customer want the most convenient and the fastest depositing and withdrawing method possible. This means the website has to offer a healthy bunch of options to enable numerous visitors to choose what suits them best.

Secondly, some smart-ass Canadian casino sites provide the fastest options for depositing, but the slowest ones for withdrawing. This is a bad practice and the visitors have to pay attention what options exactly are available for each action. In perfection, methods for depositing and withdrawing should be the same (with few reasonable exceptions like Bank Transfer or Cheque).

Thirdly, the more banking option the site offers, the more reliable and secure it is. Moreover, the more globally known payment systems it includes (for example, online casinos in Canada that accept Paypal) in addition to local option, the more secure it is. The point is, big and reliable payment processing companies value their reputation, and to collaborate with them, the business has to meet certain strict requirements. Some websites are simply not eligible for collaboration, because they do not match high standards of operation. So, again - the more is the number of banking options, and the more well-known payment systems are included, the better.

Canucks can search for the following payment systems (in addition to plastic cards and bank transfers):

  • PayPal
  • InstaDebit
  • EcoPayz
  • PaysafeCard
  • Interac Online
  • Openbucks
  • Neosurf
  • Mint


Bonuses is what customers love most of all, because they allow the gambler to get a good chunk of cash on their account. There are several types of bonuses:

  • Sign Up bonus means one become eligible for cash on your bonus account as soon as they register
  • No Deposit bonus - the same as Sign Up one, the user do not need to deposit cash, just make an account with the casino. Canadian online casinos with no deposit bonus are pretty frequent.
  • Welcome Bonus - becomes available after your first deposit (some websites go as far as offering a bonus for several consequent deposits)
  • Free Spins - instead of (or in addition to) cash on bonus account, one get Free spins for playing slots. In many cases, Free spins are offered as an additional type of bonus one is able to also get in the middle of the week, on weekend, or when playing a specific game on the site. Online casinos in Canada with free spins are easy to find.

The bonuses are not added automatically, even if one meet all the requirements. The player that is eligible has to claim the bonus and confirm it after receiving. This is necessary, because the bonus is not given away like that, it has its own wagering requirements.

Wagering requirements is another issue we always check, and you have to check them as well. This is the number of times the bonus sum has to be wagered before you will be able to withdraw the winnings you got by using the bonus, as cash. Normal wagering requirements today are from x35 to x45.

Also, check if you are actually able to withdraw the cash you win by using the bonus. You are never able to withdraw the bonus itself. The main idea is that you use the cash received as a bonus, win some cash, and withdraw this cash. However, some casinos are very smart-ass and do not allow to withdraw the winnings you received by using bonus cash - instead, this cash simply stays on your bonus account. This is called sticky bonus and generally it sucks. So when you see huge bonuses offered, check the conditions in th first place.


While the gaming library is important, and having less than 200 titles makes no sense for a virtual gaming platform in 2020, software providers represented on the website are also crucial. The more providers there are, the better. Firstly, this ensures that one has a decent variety of titles. Secondly, the situation is similar to the one with payment systems. Reputable software developers will not collaborate with poorly made websites to keep their reputation clean.

Some of the most well-known software developers are:

  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • NYX
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Playtech
  • Realtime Gaming
  • Yggdrasil Gaming

Some providers are focused more on slots, other on Live Dealer Games, so just check what the company is about.

Customer Support

Customer Support is a crucial aspect, because sometimes, even while playing at a decent casino, different situations may happen. You have to be sure that you will be able to contact the Customer Support quickly and easily, that they will respond, and you will chat with a real person and not with a bot. Having a Customer Support phone number, a live chat and an email is a must today.

Gambling Laws, Regulations, And Taxes in Canada

The general age at which gambling is officially allowed is 19 years old, but in some provinces, or for some types of gambling (say, lottery) it can be 18.

The main authority that regulates the market and issues certifications to the venues is the Commission on alcohol and gambling. However, the main power in all other aspects, issues, and problems connected to this niche is laid on provinces’ governments. Every province has its own branch of the gaming agency, and laws in regions actually differ a bit. Overall, if the venue has no allowance from the corresponding authority, it is illegal.

As for online gaming, Canucks still prefer to reach out to foreign platforms, because they offer more flexibility in terms of payment options.


There are no special laws about taxes for companies in the gambling business; they pay the same taxes as other companies and/or entrepreneurs. For individuals, gambling winnings are not subject to taxes. Tax is applied only to official state lotteries.

Land based casinos in Canada

There are numerous land based gaming houses in Canada, so those people who loves the festive mood of a casino facility can find something to their taste among some of the best casinos in Canada, as well. The most popular areas are Ontario, Quebec (Official website of the Government Québec), and Alberta. They are followed by Manitoba and British Columbia.

There are over 50 facilities in Alberta, over 10 in Quebec, over 60 in Ontario, over 30 in British Columbia. Wherever you are located, you are able to find a beautiful entertaining facility hosting a casino. Just google list of offline casinos in Canada.

Interesting Facts About All Canadian Online Casinos

Check out these fun facts you probably did not know:

  • more than 18 million Canadians play online casino games
  • Canada takes 8th place in the world in terms of online gambling
  • some provinces have their own gambling sites
  • most typical gamesmen are single males who are students
  • 80% of online gamesmen are men
  • the average age of gamblers is 35 years old, but the % of senior gamesmen is higher than in other countries
  • yet, female gamblers play more on mobile devices than male
  • more than 70% of gamers prefer slots
  • poker is the most popular table game
  • online gamblers face problem gambling four times more often than those that visit land based venues
  • Mega Moolah is the biggest and most popular jackpot in Canada
  • There are more than 2000 online gaming platforms in Canada
  • gamesmen make most cash between 4pm and 6 pm

Problem Gambling for Canadians

Because gambling is so available, a lot of people really become addicted to it. Those who play online face this problem four times more often than those who visits brick and mortar facilities. On the other hand, the government and provinces are aware of this, and the amount of support is huge. The organizations that handle problem gambling include, but are not limited to:


You can surely deposit and withdraw funds in Canadian Dollars, especially at platforms that are based in Canada. Foreign casino sites that accept Canuck gamesmen can also have the option of accepting CAD, so you do not have to convert for counting.
In our opinion, it is kinda weird to download anything in 2019, when one is able to have instant access to things online. We could have said that downloading software is safe if the website is reputable and reliable, but the point is such websites offer instant online access to gambles without downloading, or have a specialized mobile app available in official Internet stores. So unless one has no other option, it is better to avoid downloading.
You are not obligatory expected to play for real cash. The most reputable websites that take care of user experience offer the so-called Demo mode where you are able to play games for fun without even making an account. So if you are not yet sure whether you want to gamble, just find a platform that has the Demo mode option, and enjoy free play.