Best Mobile Casino Reviews

Mobile gambling is a relatively new way to play risk games over the Internet. Technology allowed us to be online virtually everywhere and at any time, and the gambling industry responded with mobile casinos running on almost any modern smartphone.

If you are serious about playing for real money in mobile casinos, don’t miss our definitive unbiased mobile casino guide to the best gambling houses over the Web providing mobile play capabilities. Casinority’s experts scoured the Internet for the highest end casinos with the best payouts, friendliest user interface and the most enjoyable games. Our top list of mobile casino sites won’t let you miss yourself among low-quality, fraudulent or scam casinos. Enjoy!

Top online casinos
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Few words on how we rank mobile casinos

There is a school of thought that mobile casinos are all untrustworthy and should be avoided at all costs. That’s far from reality, and if you think so you are missing a lot of fun. As gambling experts, we know that in fact the majority of casinos are absolutely legal. The thing is, not all of them are actually high quality mobile casinos, and that’s why you need to rely on Casinority in your choice of a place to gamble tonight. The best mobile casinos share the same intrinsic features, and therefore one can easily determine if a casino is worth visiting by comparing these factors. These factors include safety of the casino, legitimacy, quality and bug-free software, numerous games, responsive support. The casino must have convenient banking options as well as support local currencies and payment methods.

To convince us it’s good, the casino should outperform the majority of other casinos in how it looks, feels, installs and plays. It is not enough for us if the casino just loudly proclaims a 97% payout. The casino must actually have it. Believe it or not, over two thirds of all mobile phone casinos we test cannot comply with our requirements. Not that all these casinos are scam. They are simply not good enough to be rated by Casinority.

So the top online casinos listed above are the survivors of our harsh selection process. Survival of the fittest means only the best species will manage to do it. And the above casinos are certainly fit your gambling needs best of all.

Specifics of mobile gambling

When you want to play casino games on your phone you expect things to go just like on your desktop, but mobile gambling is different. First of all, mobile phones are dependent on wireless Internet connection. Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G networks are required for you to play in an online casino. Moreover, sudden connection issues can ruin your otherwise lucky strike, so you probably shouldn’t play if you’re unsure about connection quality. Also, connection speed limits the number of games you can play at once. Usually you can only play one game at a time, and casino software downloads each game individually when you switch between them.

Second is the platform you play. Mobile casino games are available for Android, iPhone and iPad. Some games might not be available on one or another platform. Windows and Blackberry being least popular platforms lack many games easily found on more commercially successful mobile operating systems. You should also check for the supported version of the mobile OS, as casino software may support only specific versions (usually the latest ones) of iOS and Android.

The positive side of mobile gambling is that you can enjoy the best games for your cell phone. Play anywhere! That’s where mobile casino apps really shine! Play at home or on your way home, sitting on a couch or while riding the subway. Imagine you in a subway car yelling when a huge jackpot falls upon you. Unarguably exciting feeling!

Mobile Gambling FAQ

Are phone casino games secure?

Mobile casinos use secure 128-bit encryption to prevent any traffic interception. Moreover, each casino is reviewed by independent organization such as eCOGRA who measure casino’s security, ensures it doesn’t mess with the random number generator, confirms the validity of the proclaimed payout rates and verifies the legal status of the casino. Overall, this means playing in a mobile casino from your phone is pretty much safe.

Do I have to create an account to play mobile casino games?

Not necessarily. First of all, you can play without any registration at all using the free “no deposit” gambling opportunity. This way you simply click the “Play” button and jump in. No signing up, no deposit – just you and the game. The other way is to simply use your main casino account you log in on your desktop computer. The same account can be used on multiple devices and will share statistics, bank, bonuses and so on.

Am I eligible for bonuses if I play mobile?

Yes, you are. You can claim your welcome bonus regardless of whether you play casino mobile games from your phone or not. Actually, many casinos offer even higher bonuses for mobile users in a successful attempt to attract owners of portable devices to their websites.

Will mobile casino apps slow down my phone?

Thanks to God, today’s mobile phones are powerful enough to run most of casino software. However, some games (mostly slots) may not be available on mobile platforms due to graphical limitations of mobile device screens.

What mobile casino sites should I start with?

It goes without saying, you should avoid bad reputation casinos and fraudulent websites at all costs. Also, we do not recommend to gamble on websites you didn’t hear much about. An ideal place to start for a novice player is a proven and well-known website with many positive reviews (and may be some negative too). Chances are such a website will bring you fascinating gambling experience and zero of hassles and troubles you obviously want to avoid. The rule of thumb here is to just pick the top online casino from Casinority’s top list.