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iPad is a fantastic device. And among its vast capabilities, it is simply meant to play online casino games on it. Big high quality screen, responsive controls, fast connection – it seems to got it all. No wonder there are so many online casino games for iPad available on the Web. However not all of them are safe to gamble.

As long as you don’t want to deal with missing funds, non-responding support phones or e-mails and low quality lagging software of an iPad casino, you should rely on proven reviews and unbiased casino ratings only. Casinority provide exactly this kind of casino reviews and ranks. Our pro-team guts online casinos for iPad with extreme dedication to details to deliver one of the most reliable top casino lists on the Web.

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According to the affiliate disclosure, we need to inform you that this page contains affiliate links. We can receive a commission on casino deposits made by users via these links. However, we honestly rank online casinos and provide the Casinority Score based rating. Play responsibly and only in legal allowed countries!

List Of Online Casinos For iPad


Our Quality Criteria For Real Money iPad Casinos

Playing for fun doesn’t require much. If a free game lags or has glitches, you just shrug and switch to another one. But when it comes to real money iPad casinos, things get different. You are risking your money, the money you honestly and hardly earned. Losing them because of a software bug is absolutely unacceptable. But even more unbearable is playing in online casinos for iPad that fall beyond quality standards and simply do not have required certificates and licenses. Such casinos only exist to take your money and vanish, yet their websites may still look quite reputable.

That is why you need an independent reviewer you can trust. A specialist who can look deeper than mere façade of the casino and uncover all the hidden pitfalls an iPad casino may have. This is what Casinority was invented for. We associated the best gambling specialists from different countries and gave them power to create accounts, deposit real funds, gamble and accurately write down everything they fill appropriate.

The result? Absolutely meticulous and accurate reports on each reviewed casino app for iPad plus the personal opinion of the expert whether or not the online casino worth playing for real money. iPad casinos, after all, are not so different from any others in terms of quality users would like to see. We all want to play in a safe, legitimate, friendly and rewarding casino, iPad or not.

Sum Up

If you are serious about playing casino games on iPad, you are more than lucky. Casinos do their best to port slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, keno and craps to the iOS platform, and many of the casino games are already available in AppStore. So it is as simple as downloading the casino and start playing. However, if you are to play iPad slot games for real money, we encourage you to read the below FAQ first.


There are numerous iPad casino games that allow you to bet some dollars and win some more. With plenty of depositing options, iPad casinos are extremely friendly to new users who are willing to test their luck and experience some thrilling gambling sensation. However, the best part of online casinos is that you can play free casino games on iPad too. That’s more than important, because this way you can evaluate the casino and test all the features before actually deposit anything.
Pretty much the same as desktop casinos, browser casinos or Android casinos. They are all built on the same casino gambling sites, so the options are similar. Usually, you can use your credit cards, e-wallets or wire transfer. Some country-specific banking options are also available.
When you play for real money, you are limited with the amount of your deposit. That’s fair, but somewhat distressing. Understanding this, casinos offer to players many cool opportunities to bet more than they currently can afford. This is called bonuses. Welcome bonuses are the most popular among them. The idea is you make a deposit and the casino immediately adds 100-200% of your deposit for free. Now you can play much longer! Note, that welcome bonuses are usually provided to new players only, but not always.
As always, free bonuses are not exactly free. The virtual money you get as a bonus is virtual, not real. You can’t withdraw these funds instantly. That’s’ pretty clear. However, to be able to materially benefit from your welcome bonus at all, you must wager it a given amount of times. The playthrough rates vary from casino to casino with the average of 30-50 times of your deposit bonus. So, if you deposit bonus is $100, you must wager it from as low as $3000 to $5000 before you can claim the money.
Every casino is a business. They try to do their best to keep you playing as long as possible, because that brings them money. However, a legitimate casino on iPad will never cross the line, no sir. The casino may have certain limitations, rules and regulations regarding how and when you can cashout, but as long as you clearly understand their terms withdrawing isn’t a big problem. At Casinority we test cashout as well as depositing, so if you see a casino is in our top list, this means we have not faced any difficulties with claiming our winnings from there.
There are multiple free online slots for iPad available across the web an in the AppStore. Just pick one and enjoy.
iOS is an extremely secure operating system. Plus, legitimate casinos also care about your financial information. In fact, many of them offer electronic payment methods like PayPal and Skrill that don’t disclose your personal data and are very secure too.
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