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Video slots

Video slots introduction

Gambling is fun and, if you’re lucky, a profitable activity that people love for centuries. Even before creating casinos and slot machines, people would bet on sports and other things to feel the excitement and joy the win brings. Today, gamblers don’t even have to leave their homes to experience all these feelings. They can play video slots online using their computer or mobile device. Now, you can gamble with both fiat currencies like Euro or Dollar, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Thus, players have much more freedom when it comes to betting money and cashing out the win.

History of video slots

Let’s go back to the time where everything has started because it’s an interesting journey. Just think of it - slot machines were created in 1891, just a bit more than a hundred years ago. And now we have video slot machines games literally in our hand - most modern virtual casinos are accessible from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

The first machine held 50 cards and had five drums that were randomly picking out a card. A player had to hope for one of the combinations usually used in poker to win. The price for the game was one nickel for a spin, and there were no cash payouts. A bar where the machine was placed could reward the player with a free drink or a cigar. The price depended on the value of the combination the gambler got, and, of course, the generosity of the bar owner.

To make the odds of this slot machine better for the establishment, the head of the house would remove a couple of cards from the deck - the ten of spades and the jack of hearts. Thus, they decreased the chance that the gambler gets a royal flush. Also, bars would rearrange the drums to reduce the chances for the victory even more. We can understand such cheating because poker has quite many win combinations, and the establishment that owned the machine was risking to lose more than it gains.

That’s why later, around 1895s, a much simpler machine was created. It looked quite like modern video slot machine game we’re used to seeing. There were five symbols: a heart, a Liberty Bell, a spade, a diamond, and a horseshoe. Now the machine had only three reels, and it was much harder to get a winning combination. The creator of the machine, Charles Fey, determined that the row of Liberty Bells gives the gambler the biggest win. Such slot devices gained huge popularity and were widely used. In 1907 Herbert Mills manufactured the machine that he called “the Operator Bell”. Within one year these machines flooded all the bars, brothels, barbershops, and other establishments.

Electromechanical machines saw this world half of a century later - in 1963. They could pay out up to 500 coins without the assistance of the dealer. But a real electronic type of video card slots machines was created in 1976. They were based on logic boards that generated random combinations. The model went through tests and modifications that made it impossible for the establishment to alter the winning chances. And then it was approved by Nevada State Gaming Commission and allowed to be used by establishments.

Eventually, the technology evolved well enough to allow manufacturers creating differently themed machines. And now, we have slots video games with various beautiful layouts on our computers and mobile devices. It is hard to believe that gambling went such an intense journey only within a century.

How to trust a casino with video slots?

Physical casinos with video slot games exist today, too. And they’re still quite popular. However, because gambling is so addictive, many countries ban casinos leaving citizens without a chance to experience all the excitement of this activity. But every issue finds its solution. And for gamblers from these countries, video slots in top casino site became such a way out of this situation.

Players realize that gambling, even in the physical casino, can be quite risky. When you play a video slot, all you have is your luck. Or the absence of it. And some unscrupulous owners of casinos find ways to decrease your chances to win. So if you can’t fully trust the physical casino, how can you trust a virtual one and feel comfortable playing video slots games there? Especially considering that the payment is processed online as well, and you can’t really control this situation.

Well, in most cases, you have nothing to worry about. Most online casinos with video slots are licensed by the authorities. And they’re forced to undergo regular checkups and tweaks to prove and ensure the fairness of slots video games. Also, the licensed casino must pay out wins. Otherwise, it will face sanctions. Even if the casino cheat, the player is protected by the authority that has issued a license.

However, the license brings some difficulties both to the virtual casino and players. The licensed operator can’t allow gamblers from countries where casinos are forbidden. Thus, it loses customers, and players are left with fewer options to choose from. That’s why some virtual casinos with video slots online operate without any license.

But the lack of it doesn’t mean that you can’t trust the operator. Many of unlicensed casinos are fair and pay out wins without any issues. To find out if you can rely on the operator that has no license, you have to go through user reviews. The greatest thing about online video slot machines is that unlike physical machines they’re located on the Internet, which makes it possible for players to spread the information about the scammers. If the gambler didn’t receive the payout or the video slots casino games are based on the unfair algorithm, you can be sure they will take their time and write about it online to warn others.

Therefore, it is quite hard for unfair casinos to hide the fact that they fool players or refuse to proceed withdrawals of the winnings. In fact, we think that even in the case with licensed casinos, it is better to go to the reviews and see all the truth about the operator. Because the license doesn’t give you an ironclad guarantee that the online casino will not come up with some absurd reason to refuse to pay out your money. That’s why writing a video slots review for each operator we always refer to the user testimonials about it to find out if there are any pitfalls.

How to choose a realm to play the best video slots?

Of course, the reliability of the operator is highly important, but it’s not the only thing you need to consider picking the place to play video slots. If you’re a fan of certain titles, you should definitely check if the casino offers those. Most operators work with pretty much the same providers of games, but it doesn’t mean that each realm offers exactly the same list of titles.

Do you want to play free video bonus slots?

Then you have to read the terms of bonuses and the rules of the loyalty program if the online casino offers one. Operators use rewards to attract more players, but they want to do it losing as little money as possible. So gifting gamblers spins as a chance to play free video online slots and win money at the same time, casinos won’t tell you right away all the pitfalls hidden in the terms. In most cases, you will receive the funds you win using free spins to the bonus account. Then you will need to wager this money numerous times to transfer it to the main balance and withdraw later. Obviously, you will lose some of the funds you initially won. Thus, the casino protects itself from lucky spinners.

Sure, you can look at the bonus spins as at the opportunity to enjoy free video slot machines. But you still should read the terms and conditions to know what to expect from the virtual casino you’re going to choose. The same rule applies to deposit-related bonuses. The operator would set the minimum amount you have to deposit to be eligible for getting the bonus. Moreover, you will need to wager it for a certain number of times. So naturally, you can lose your whole bonus before you even get a chance to withdraw it.

Besides standard bonuses, casinos can offer smaller prizes. For example, some operators provide players with a chat where they can interact with others. Usually, such chats have a RainBot that will randomly assign some bonus money to the most active members. Thus, you can get to play free video slots by just talking to other players. Additionally, casinos might handle tournaments and gift bonuses to the most successful gamblers. Take your time to read the terms of the casino to find out all the details about such loyalty systems.

What about playing free casino video slots for fun?

There is quite a difference between losing bonus funds trying to wager them for a required number of times and having an opportunity to enjoy free video slots games. Many online casinos offer two modes for their games - playing for money and playing for fun. As you have already understood, the second option allows players to have their pleasure playing free video slots online. You should prefer casinos that offer such a feature even if you think that you want to play only for money. Sometimes we all need to relax and just meditate on video online slots without worrying about winning. Also, playing free video slots for fun, you can test the fairness of the algorithm. And that’s vital for every gambler.

Consider that operators will grant you virtual tokens you can wager in free video slots to play. In some casinos, you will get nothing of it, which is quite fair since you don’t use any of your real money. But on some realms, you get the opportunity to win some funds playing video slots for fun. Of course, the provider will make you wager the winnings multiple times. But still, it is a real chance to raise some money without investing any. In our reviews, we always mention if the casino offers such a possibility.

One last thing to mention about video free slots online is that some casinos will require you to create an account to get access to playing for fun. And some will allow you to enjoy the free online video slots without logging in. If you don’t plan to gamble at all, the second option will be more appealing for you.

What are the payment methods?

Since you will use virtual wallets to gamble, you need to find out all the options the operator can offer. First of all, you have to determine if you want to use fiat or cryptocurrencies. Not each casino accepts fiat currencies now since everyone move to crypto ones. Also, some operators may not work with cryptocurrencies. That’s why you need to decide which option will you use and then move to check the payment methods the casino offers.

It’s not a big deal when it comes to crypto money. The blockchain technology is safe and straightforward to use. Also, it allows transferring cryptocurrencies at the lowest fees possible. But things get much trickier if we’re talking about fiat currencies like Euro or Dollar, and especially any local currency that is not widely used. Then your options will be limited to the payment services the casino supports. And every service sets its own fees. Also, the speed of the transaction depends on the service.

Usually, a credit card will be the worst option. Physical banks often have high fees and tend to process the transactions slowly. The withdrawal can take up to five working days if not more. That’s why you should opt for other payment methods. To see what options you can have, and which one will come at the best terms for you, check the dedicated page on the website of the casino, or read our reviews of the best video slots to play.

Also, virtual casinos would set the minimum and maximum limits for both deposits and withdrawals. These limits can be different for each payment method. So please, read this information carefully, especially when it comes to deposits. If you try to deposit too little, the money will not reach the destination point, and you will lose the funds.

The best video slot machines to play on mobile

Modern online casinos offer mobile versions of their websites and even dedicated apps to allow gamblers to play video slots using their smartphones and tablets. Applications are great because they are more flexible and less resource-demanding than mobile sites. But you will need to download and install an app, and it might be a deal-breaker.

Most casinos will have their sites optimized for portable gadgets to let users play video slots with no download. However, you should consider that if you have a somewhat outdated device, the games might run not so smoothly on it. Then you might want to opt for casinos that offer apps.

Thanks to mobile websites and applications you can gamble even on the go. Although you need to check the list of restricted countries if you’re planning to continue playing online slots when you travel to another location. A lot of virtual casinos will ban your account if they detect access from the country that is on the list of restricted locations. So make sure you don’t break the law of your operator.

Also, check if the mobile version of the casino has the games you want to play. Developers are responsible for the optimization of slots for portable gadgets. And if the title was not optimized, it will not appear on the list when you access the casino from the smartphone or the tablet.

The last but not the least thing you want to check is if the mobile version of the casino offers the same features as the desktop one. Players with portable devices should not feel limited. Still, some operators fail to make certain functions work on mobile gadgets. So if you’re looking for a place where you can play on the portable device as your primary instrument, search for casinos that do not limit mobile gamblers in any way.

Read video slot reviews

Online slot machines are just as fun as physical ones. They can offer the same excitement, fun, and large wins. But you need to consider certain details if you want to get a fair and pleasant game. We realize how much effort one should invest in choosing a suitable casino. That’s why we did the research and picked out the best online casinos with video slots.

We have studied each operator meticulously and went through hundreds of user testimonials to understand if players can trust it. In our reviews, you will find all the information you need to decide whether the casino suits you or not.

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