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Welcome bonuses

Welcome bonuses is what 99% of gamblers look for in the first place when they start exploring new casino sites and new opportunities. This only makes perfect sense, because Welcome bonuses are usually the most juicy and the most attractive promotions one can get.

So, when you assess whether you’d like to bet some money at this or that online casino, watch out for real nice big fat welcome packages. If you don’t want to waste your time researching on your own, well, we’ve got your back covered. The list below has some of the most jaw-dropping casino welcome bonuses you can find in the web. All you need to do is check out the list, opt for the biggest gifts you want, grab them, and play!

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According to the affiliate disclosure, we need to inform you that this page contains affiliate links. We can receive a commission on casino deposits made by users via these links. However, we honestly rank online casinos and provide the Casinority Score based rating. Play responsibly and only in legal allowed countries!

Welcome bonus offers

What is welcome bonus?

Welcome prize is a promotion created by online parlour to lure in new customers. They literally “welcome” new players registering an account with their sites, with a cash gift, Free spins, or both, or with something exclusive.

The visitors looking for a site to gamble at, see that for their deposit, they can be given some free cash by the parlour, which means they will have more money on their balance to bet in casino games, which means they have more chances of hitting a big win on one of the bets. So, the visitors are attracted by big Welcome prizes, register accounts with the platform, claim the gift, and start playing.

The online casinos, however, are not that stupid to just give away cash for free to each and every new person making an acc with them. The parlours make sure that these money they seemingly give away, return to them. Therefore, there are some conditions one has to meet before they are eligible for the online casinos welcome bonus, and other conditions that have to be met before the new punter will be able to withdraw their winnings (if any!) they got by betting the prize money.

All these nuances make welcome bonus casino a bit more tricky than it seems, and in some extreme cases, denying even the best casino Welcome bonus turns out more profitable than claiming it. This is the reason why more experienced gamblers start looking for exact rules and conditions that apply to each promotion on the site.

To avoid all hidden pitfalls, learn what types of the best new player casino bonus exist, what promos to accept, and what to avoid. After reading this post, you will upgrade your gambling skills a lot, and will be able to tell a shitty offer from a good one at a glance.

Types of welcome bonuses

In the majority of cases, casino welcome offers are given upon depositing. The new customer has to register a real money account (that is, not Demo account to play for fun; you can still play for fun without depositing from Real Money account though). Then, the customer makes their first deposit, and if this deposit meets the minimum deposit requirements, the customer becomes eligible for the best online casino welcome bonus.

Sometimes, and today this happens more often because casinos look for ways to attract more gamblers, the casino offers gifts for the three, five, or even as much as seven first deposits by the new customer. That is, you can claim a gift or free spins for several deposits you make, in a row.

Most deposit bonuses are match bonuses. This means that the parlour matches the sum you send them with 100%, 200%, or more.

For example, King Billy parlour offers a big sum of prize, probably a match one, for the first 4 deposits, plus 200 Free Spins.

Mr.Green parlour has a range of Welcome offers - either a $1,200 cash gift, Free Spins, or $20 for Sports bets, or 100% match for depositing to play Live Dealer games.

Those are pretty much standard Welcome offers - a match for your deposit plus Free spins for slots.

Welcome bonus in percentage

Percentage of the match is generally what matters in most Welcome offers. Usually, punters look for bigger amounts, and today, meeting a 250-350% match gift is not a surprise anymore.

  • 100% match promotion is one of the most frequent ones on the market. To learn more about this promotion, check what the 100% match is all about.
  • 200% - this gift can be frequently met today, as venues look for more impressive numbers to attract visitors. Check examples of 200% match bonus to learn more.
  • 300% - such gift is considered rather rich, but here, bonus rules are important. Learn more on 300% bonus rules.
  • 400% - this lucrative offer will attract attention of many potential customers, but online venues are often sneaky and tend to summarize the match gifts for several first deposits. Find out more about 400% match bonus before claiming it.
  • 500% - that’s an impressive match gift to get, however, it can be afforded wither by very rich, or very suspicious platforms. Research 500% bonus more carefully.
  • 1000% - this is a very rare promotion that can be met once in a blue moon, and for a good reason. If you want a 1000% match, learn more.

Welcome bonus with extra free spins

Free spins often go as part of deposit prize, given in addition to cash gift. Sometimes, they are offered as the only Welcome promotion, but this is ridiculous. However, you will for sure find tons of free spins available for loyal players for different slots games, or as part of daily/weekly or other offers.

Free Spins are for sure given for slots games, and sometimes for Roulette or Wheel of Fortune. You are not likely to be allowed to spin on jackpots, though, and to spin Roulette in Live Dealer games.

Free spins usually also come with wagering requirements, can be applicable only to a limited games, or for a limited amount of days after the promotion was claimed. Plus, the customer is usually restricted in the sum of maximum bet allowed. So, while Free Spins are very attractive, it makes sense to find out all conditions applied.

Other types of welcome bonuses

Besides match gifts to your first or several deposits, there are other types of Welcome promotions you may stumble across at different online parlours. Whatever is the promo, access it carefully, to see what exactly is offered.

Match bonus depends on deposit

Sometimes, you are offered a gift on several deposits, and sometimes, the sum of the gift, or the percentage of the match, depends on the sum of deposit. The bigger the deposit, the bigger is the match gift. For example, you get 150% match for depositing $30-$70, 250% match for depositing $75-$125, etc.

Simply cash

In other cases, and this offer is usually not attractive at all, you get a fixed amount of cash after you deposit. For example, minimum deposit that makes the player eligible for prize is $20, and the Welcome cash gift is $50. So, whether you deposit $20, or $50, you will get only $50 as a gift.

Welcome VS Sign Up Bonuses (No Deposit)

The best welcome bonus online casino is usually the deposit prize, that is, the customer has to send money to their balance at casino account, to be able to claim a gift. But many gamblers are looking for No Deposit casino bonuses, that are given to users only for registering an account with the parlour. These are casino sign up bonuses, meaning you are given cash gift, or free spins, or both, only for signing up. Best casino sign up offers are possible only in few venues, but even the best casino signup bonus is tricky.

While this offer seems very attractive, just think about it for a moment. No parlour is stupid enough to give away cash for free, even without the player sending them at least some money. So, No Deposit prizes are very tricky, and in reality, they include tons of conditions and limitations. Only very rich casinos can afford No Deposit gifts that are at least somehow profitable for the player. So, be careful when claiming a No Deposit offer, and read online casino reviews to know the reputation of the platform.

Welcome bonus for High Roller

Most online casinos prefer to set limits on bets, and like to keep the bets low to avoid really huge payments to the players. However, some venues welcome higher rollers and offer special prizes for those who wants to bet big.

Welcome bonus for cryptocurrency deposit

More and more online casinos start to accept cryptocurrency, and some even motivate customers to deposit and make bets with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, etc. As a result, you may find special exclusive Welcome gifts if you deposit with crypto money. Just make sure you will be able to withdraw digital currency afterwards, as well.

Welcome bonus for mobile casino

Sometimes, you can find special online casino welcome bonuses for those who reaches out and registers an acc with the parlour from mobile devices. This happens because the use of mobile devices increases with every year, so venues want to keep abreast with the newest trends in the niche and in technologies. Moreover, reaching out to play from mobile device means the customer can gamble anytime, from anywhere, and not only from their home PC, which, in turn, means more profit to the parlour.

Welcome bonus rules

Rarely will you find all the rules that apply to the gift immediately on the page where the promotions are described. Few venues really do that, and only the top online casino sites actually do. This is because, to be honest, it makes no sense for an online parlour to give its money away, and those cash gifts are bound to return to the site’s balance.

So, there are usually some nuances and details that the parlour wants to keep the user unaware of, as long as possible. This is why, if you cannot find all rules, you have to go and read Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

More often than not, there is a separate Bonus Terms and Conditions page to help the gambler find all necessary info fast, and in one place. But, there are some sites that have their promos info right in the middle of the giant general Terms and Conditions, hoping you won’t bother reading the whole stuff (and most people don’t).

But you are not “most people”, and want to know what you are getting into. So, if you see that parlour plays tricks with you, use Ctrl+F to search for keywords like “bonus”, “promotion”, “minimum deposit”, “wagering”. You will be surprised how many detailed and very strict rules you will find in this document considering bonuses.

Now, below are the most important aspects that one has to pay attention to before claiming the welcome offer, or any other prize. Indicating comprehensive info on these aspects is a must for a parlour. If you cannot find them on the bonus page, go to Terms and Conditions. If those are not there, don’t shy away from becoming picky and contact the Customer Support, to find out what they are offering, exactly.

Remember that you cannot be too picky here, since your money is involved. If you are not happy with conditions offered, feel free to leave. There are many decent and reliable venues out there.

Cashable VS Non-Cashable

Check if the gift you get is cashable or not. While the body of the bonus is 99,9% never cashable, you have to be able to withdraw the money you won by betting the bonus money. If you find out that all the money you win by betting the bonus stay on your bonus balance and can only be used for playing (which, in normal person’s world, means they can never be withdrawn), just leave and never look back. Such promotion makes lots of sense for the site, but no sense for you.

Wagering Requirements

Every gift you get from the parlour cannot be used just like that. Before you are allowed to request a withdrawal, and cash out the money you won by betting the prize sum, you need to meet the wagering requirements - that is, the sum of the prize has to be wagered a certain amount of times.

To put it very roughly, the parlour hopes that you will grab the prize, wager it all plus your actual deposit, but the wagering requirements will not be met still. So, to be able to actually play and return at least some of your investments, you will have to deposit again, and this happens until you wager the sum of the prize the necessary amount of times. Only after that, you will be able to request a withdrawal - if there is anything left to withdraw.

Sometimes, there are promotions without withdrawal requirements applied, but this is a rare case, offered only to loyal customers, and usually only for Free Spins.

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

For the majority of match gifts, there is a maximum deposit limit, that keeps the gambler within the financial borders the parlour can afford. For example, if the match is 100%, and the maximum allowed deposit is $100, you deposit $80 and get $80 from the site as a gift.

If the limit is, say, $100 and you deposit more than that, the match bonus you get will still only match the maximum allowed deposit. That is, if the maximum deposit allowed is $100, and the match is 100%, but you deposit $150, you will still get only $100 more as a gift.

Next, there are withdrawal limits. When you grab a prize and start wagering it, maybe you are lucky and win a lot. However, in most cases, there is a withdrawal limit that won’t allow you to withdraw more than, say, x10 the amount of the bonus - regardless of what sum you have deposited in the first place. After you withdraw the maximum amount allowed, if there is money left on your bonus balance, it will most probably just disappear.

All this is done to keep very rich, or very lucky players within suggested borders, and prevent the parlour from going bankrupt.

Limited Access to Games

Most Welcome promotions apply only to slots, or apply to all games but Jackpots and Live Dealer games. In the worst case, the promotion can be wagered only in certain games, or one game. The allowed games are usually those supporting the minimum bets.

Pros and Cons of welcome bonus

If you are now wondering if taking any Welcome promotion makes any sense at all, considering all the nuances, well, that’s a legitimate question to ask. Overall, casino welcome bonus is a great offer, usually the most profitable of all at the casino’s platform (as a rule). However, to make your own decision, check out the table of Pros and Cons.

  • Maximizes the value of account at a particular casino
  • Shows whether the casino means well, depending on the bonus rules applied
  • Allows to test the casino and give it a try at minimal costs for the player
  • You acquire casino’s trust and access to more careful Customer Support
  • You can get Free Spins
  • You can get gift in cryptocurrency
  • Deposit and withdrawal limits can make the bonus worthless
  • Wagering requirements can make the bonus worthless
  • The bonus may turn out non-cashable
  • Jackpots and Live Dealer games are not allowed

TOP 10 Welcome bonuses by Casinority Experts

CasinoWelcome bonus
King Billy $1500 + 200 Free Spins
 Roaring21 $10 000
 SlotoCash $777 + 300 Free Spins
 Red Stag  $3500
 Red Dog $1 250
 Slots of Vegas $5 000
 Raging Bull $3 500
 Uptown pokies $8 888 + 350 Free Spins
 Planet 7  $4 000
Desert Nights$2 600

To get an idea what is a really juicy Welcome bonus, check out promotions offered by some of the best online casinos, chosen by our expert. If you are impressed by any of the best online casino bonuses, don’t be shy to grab it, and bet in favourite games.

How to find the best welcome offers

Those bettors wondering how to spot online casinos that have the best offers, can follow a certain strategy when searching for gambling platforms out there. Of course, it depends, but as a rule, three types of venues always offer more profitable promotions than others:

  • new parlours - sites that are recently in the niche and are not yet very popular, look for ways to get attention of the gamblers out there, and ways to lure them to their new platform. This is the reason why new casinos always rush to impress the visitors with huge and lucrative Welcome packages.
  • mobile - as we have already mentioned, a gambler playing from mobile device is a gambler playing from anywhere and anytime. So, venues tend to offer exclusive mobile casino welcome bonus to mobile users.
  • bitcoin venues - despite the fact that the value of cryptocurrencies is still under question for many people, some technologically advanced online venues allow the users to bet with Bitcoins or other crypto coins, and even motivate them to do so. Therefore, you have high chances of finding some attractive offers if you deposit with digital currency.

Welcome bonus tips

  • First of all, please keep in mind that the bonus has to be claimed. While to become eligible for the promotion, some conditions have to be met, and after the conditions are met, the gambler automatically becomes able to get the promotion, few pormos are granted automatically. One has to claim them, and often, to use a promo code that proves that the gambler wants the bonus and they are aware what kind of bonus they want.
  • Secondly, if you want to know how experienced gamblers act, well, often they avoid claiming any bonuses at all. This happens because experienced gamblers who bets with the purpose of winning real cash, understand that, if the wagering requirements are too high, or the withdrawal limits are too low, they will just waste their time by bothering with the bonus. Eventually, it is easy to get along without it. Betting without bonus means risking own cash, but at the same time, it means less limits when you eventually win and withdraw.


As a rule, no. Welcome promos are usually deposit ones, while casino sign up offers are usually no deposit ones. Yet, sometimes, online venues call their standard deposit bonuses “online casino sign up bonuses” to attract more potential customers, so be attentive and read conditions applied to every promotion.
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