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Live Dealer Online Casinos

Live Dealer games is the new black in the world of online gambling. Today, every reputable casino wants to offer this feature to the customers, because live games online take the market by storm. There are emerging platforms that offer only Live Dealer casinos, without automatic games of any kind. Software providers, especially the most advanced ones, start paying more attention to this trend, and several leaders already pioneer in the niche, trying to attract customers particularly to their platforms.

Live Dealer games have a bunch of cool and unique features, combining the atmosphere and perks of a land based facility with convenience and possibilities of a usual online casino. If you are intrigued, make sure to check our list of the best Live Dealer online casinos available to you.

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Best Live Dealer casinos


Live Dealer guide

To help you take absolute advantage of your online gambling, explore the new trend in the world of gambling, and maybe grab some additional bonuses and VIP points playing at online casino with live dealer, we have created this full Live Dealer guide. Please feel free to learn everything you need to know about this type of casinos, in order to be able to choose the best platforms for online live casino gambling, and to win real money while entertaining yourself!

What is online live casino and how they work

Live casino online is generally a studio, like TV studio. This can be a separate facility owned by the software provider (like Evolution Gaming), or a place in a land based casino that also provides services for Live casino games.

Online casinos live dealers work behind their desks, and the users connect via high-quality streaming channels to play with one of the dealers. Everything you see in live internet casino is happening in real time, as these facilities do not use records at all. The dealers are usually professional and attractive, and as a rule they are women, yet some male dealers are very popular as well.

The dealers work in front of the cameras. They speak to the players, while the players may also speak to them or text them (mostly they text). Many Live casinos offer cameras at several angles, so that the user could actually see the table from different sides. In some games, the user can actually chat with other players and socialize.

Why do online casinos use live dealers?

The popularity of trustworthy online casinos grows with each day. The point is, there are more people loving to just gamble than the number of people who can afford gambling on a regular basis at land based facilities. The bets are usually lower in virtual venues than offline ones, plus one does not have to spend money on outfit, food and drink, and tips to dealers and waiters.

Moreover, in some countries land based gambling venues are banned or just unavailable, or maybe they are absent in the location where the gambler lives. On the other hand, online casinos are easy to access from almost any location if you have high speed internet connection. Only players from China, UAE, or places like these are not allowed to play at online casinos.

Yet, it turned out that there is a way to combine the benefits of land based gambling house with a virtual gambling platform. And this is exactly what Live Dealer online casinos offer. You use the benefits of a virtual platform - you can play any time of the day and week, not leaving your house or actually on the go, without travelling to the facility, and without the need to put on the corresponding clothes and stuff.

On the other hand, you get benefits of a land based facility - you play with a live dealer, can share the atmosphere of a real casino to some degree, and can even chat with other gamblers. Moreover, you can play several tables at once, which is impossible in offline facility.

Another important aspect is that some gamblers like to play online, but at the same time they may feel a bit lonely, and lack communication. Live Dealer game is a perfect choice for them, because they can find a person ready to entertain them at any time of the day and night.

Pros and Cons of live dealer games

Real live casino games are cool to play, but as anything else in the world, they have their advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are as follows:

  • you get an experience of playing at a real casino, which is truly exciting if you have never been to a real one before
  • you can socialize and therefore improve your user experience
  • some dealers are really friendly and entertaining
  • you can enjoy new software providers you have not played with before
  • you are eligible for special bonuses
  • the types of online live games are somewhat limited
  • you can play from home or on the go
  • you spend less money on additional aspects like tipping
  • you can play live games online using your strategy in the games of skill, which increases your chances of getting bigger wins
  • if something goes wrong, you can contact the pit boss immediately, or contact Customer support in real time, instead of waiting for a couple of hours until your request is accepted
  • you can play in virtual reality

The disadvantages include:

  • slower games
  • the risk to lose your bet in case of Internet disconnection
  • some dealers speak too fast, or too quietly, and are difficult to understand
  • newbies may find it hard to make it in time with the experienced dealer
  • live dealer casinos are more time-consuming than regular casino games, because the dealer takes time to manage the game
  • sometimes the casino is overloaded, while the tables capacity is limited, which means you will have to wait for a while till a sit is free, or go to another Live dealer casino
  • you have little chances playing with your favourite dealer on a regular basis

Even if you do not like the number of drawbacks, Live dealer games are fun to play, and you should definitely try them out at least for once.

How to play Live Casino

It is very easy to play live dealer games. Check out step by step instruction:

  • find a reliable casino that offers Live games and accepts players from your location (use our site for convenience)
  • create an account with the casino you liked best
  • claim your bonus
  • make your first deposit to be able to play for real money
  • go to the Live dealer section and choose the game you want to play
  • check out the rules of the game and spend some time getting used to the layout on your screen before you contact the dealer and start the game
  • contact the dealer, follow their instruction, and enjoy the game!
  • chat with the dealer and other players (if the rules of the game allow this)

You do not need anything special for playing. High speed Internet connection is a must, plus you may need headphones with the speaker in case there is an audio chat, but most often people use text chat for dealer’s convenience and their own.

Only if you would like to play in virtual reality casino, you will need VR glasses or helmet.

In case you are a bit shy to communicate with the dealer, but still would want to try and play, simply use text chat, follow the instructions carefully, and make sure you focus more on the game. Most of the time the dealers are super busy doing their job, and answering to new players, so the dealer won’t try to get you talking if you don’t want to.

Also, keep in mind that unless you play games of chance, like roulette, only knowing the rules of the game is not enough. You have to know the terminology well, and apply a clear strategy for successful playing.

Types of Live Dealer casinos

In terms of variety, even the best online casinos with live dealer are comparatively limited, compared to regular online casinos. You can find variety in dealers, in the first place, and this is actually important, because a professional and fun to play with dealer makes the game much better. Secondly, you will find variety in facilities and type of connection, since different facilities provide different locations and you will see nuances in how the streaming is handled.

In other aspects, Live casinos are very much alike - they offer the same games and you get what you see. However, there are two special types of live online casinos that you may want to pay more attention to.

Live Casino Mobile

One of the general benefits of mobile online gambling is that you can play from anywhere, any location, having high-speed Internet connection. You can even play on the go while commuting. And the best thing is that today, you have the ability to play with a live dealer on the go, as well! Live casinos are available via browsers in your mobile devices, or you can even download special mobile apps to make the experience more user-friendly.

Now you do not need to be bored with your regular trips to and from the office, because you can reach out to a live dealer ready to chat with you and entertain you. Moreover, there is no embarrassment talking to them, because you can always switch to text chat, while hearing the dealer in the headphones. Just make sure your mobile device supports the web connection and the casino’s software well, otherwise you risk to lose connection or have your device glitching.

Virtual Reality Casinos

This is the newest trend in the niche of live gambling, and while these casinos are yet hard to find, but there are some Malaysia trusted live casinos that already available for owners of VR devices.

Virtual reality live casino is a facility you can explore as if you were physically present there. You can even walk around, to some extent, and play different games in the facility.

To enjoy VR live casino, you need a VR device first, be it glasses or helmet. Also, keep in mind that the software for such entertainment is incredibly “heavy”, and if your PC is too old, it just won’t be able to support the technology. Low quality Internet connection also won’t provide you a nice experience.

In all other terms, with VR being an exciting thing on its own, Live VR casinos gain incredible popularity due to the experience they give you. If you have a chance to try this out, you definitely should. VR takes the best Live Dealer casinos to the new level.

Live Dealer Games

The majority of Live casino games are table games, and mostly games of skill. Depending on the facility, you may find different rare games there, like Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger, Dream Catcher, etc., but the most popular games include Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and Baccarat.

  • Roulette - you can find a bunch of variations, like American, European, French, VIP, etc. The dealer follows exactly the same rules as in land based casino, and the camera allows you to see the wheel, so there is no cheating whatsoever. Make sure you double-check the rules, because different variations of Roulette have nuances in rules.
  • Blackjack - Blackjack is the most popular card game in Live casinos. Please keep in mind that in Live version, the minimum bets will be higher. Double-check the rules carefully, because in many casinos, when playing blackjack, the Dealer wins even if both dealer and player exceed 21. So you need to know exactly what happens in this or that case.
  • Baccarat - this game allows you to share pleasure with other gamblers at the same table online. This is the main attraction of Baccarat in Live casino, since all other rules and perks are as in land based facility.
    Poker - in live casino, you can enjoy almost the same atmosphere as in brick and mortar facility. In any case, playing poker one has to follow the strategy and have advanced skills, so make sure you are experienced enough in order to win more.

You will find other titles and can choose any game you like. The main rule is to read the rules carefully, and actually be able to play if this is a game of skill.

Also, it is better if you like the dealer. In this case, the game will bring you more pleasure and positive emotions.

Live Dealer Games vs Regular Games

Live dealer games are somewhat different from automated casino games, so you should keep this difference in mind to gamble with success.

Live Dealer GamesRegular Casino Games
you can socialize, chat with the dealer, make jokes with other players, and enjoy the social atmosphere of a real casinoyou play individually and cannot share the game game with your friend remotely
you have to share the table and the dealer’s time with other players, and spend more time on playingyou play faster, because all games are automated and you don’t need to wait for anybody
you can be entertained and cheered up by the dealer, if you are boredplaying games to manage boredom can also become boring pretty quickly if you feel that you actually need company
the dealer can actually be too fast, or speak too quietly, or piss you off, so you would want to play, but get annoyed by the dealerthe games choice is sometimes jaw dropping
the choice of games is impressive, but comparatively limitedthe games can be designed absolutely beautifully and be a version of a high quality computer game, with plot and stuff
the design of the games is less beautiful than in automated gamesregular casino games do not require that speedy Internet connection
live games need really fast Internetjackpots are available
minimum bets are comparatively higher, while payouts are lowerbets are smaller, and payouts are higher
bonuses are rarebonuses and promotions are way more diverse
you cannot deposit and withdraw with digital currenciesyou can gamble with Bitcoins and other digital currencies
Live dealer games are not available in play for fun modeyou are able to play in demo mode without depositing and even without registering an account

Software Providers

Just in case you would want to know what software providers specialize on live casino games, check out the following list:

  • Evolution Gaming - all other things equal, offer VIP tables and Multi-Game play
  • NetEnt - compatible with both Android and iOS
  • Playtech - supports many different languages, not just English
  • Ezugi - nice games library, private tables are available for customization, supports many languages
  • Extreme Live Gaming - innovative design that feels more intuitive than others
  • Authentic Gaming - provides streaming from land based houses
  • Microgaming - nice selection of games and innovative approach to dealers, but only English-speaking tables
  • Realtime Gaming - nice choice of games, but nothing really special

Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, and Playtech are the acknowledged giants in the niche of Live casino gaming, so if you stumble across tables by these companies, at any virtual casino, you will not be disappointed.

Please be careful when choosing to gamble at live casino from unknown provider. Not that this was especially risky, but the quality of streaming may be really poor, and you can simply lose bets due to lost connections. This is why it is recommended to always gamble at reliable and reputable platforms that are licensed and have live casino reviews.

Live Dealers Bonuses

In most cases, Live Dealer casinos are offered as an option on the platform of a usual online casino, so, when you sign up, you are eligible to bonuses and promotions offered by the whole platform to all its new and regular players. Some sites offer special promotions to those choosing Live casino, but that depends.

If you find a specifically Live Dealer online casino, they will also offer you bonuses and promos for depositing, and probably for loyalty to their venue. Just keep in mind that many promotions you may be used to - for example, free spins - are not available, because Live casinos have no live casino slot online games. Plus, you will most probably meet higher wagering requirements, smaller bonus sums, and higher withdrawal requirements. All these things are caused by the fact that the facility has to also pay wages to their dealers, not just operate the platform (as it is the case with regular online casinos).

One of the most widespread bonuses you will most likely see is Cashback bonus. You will get a cashback on your first or several deposits, or you can get a cashback after a certain number of bets, etc. Read Terms and Conditions carefully to see what rules apply.

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