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Limpopo Casinos

South Africans are fond of gambling, and all around the country, both locals and tourists visit gaming houses and other facilities on a regular basis. In Limpopo gambling is not so widespread, and not so popular as in many other areas, for example, in Gauteng. However, Limpopo casinos are open to all visitors, moreover, there are official horse racing tracks, and lottery to take part in.

Those Limpopo gamblers who prefers playing casino gambles in the web should look for an Internet Limpopo casino that has enough entertaining games, and provides safe playing environment. To opt for the best online parlour that accepts players from Limpopo, check out the list of recommended online casinos. We have researched the web and collected only the most reliable sites. Check them out, choose the biggest bonus, play for real money, and win cash!

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According to the affiliate disclosure, we need to inform you that this page contains affiliate links. We can receive a commission on casino deposits made by users via these links. However, we honestly rank online casinos and provide the Casinority Score based rating. Play responsibly and only in legal allowed countries!

Limpopo online casinos


History of Gambling in Limpopo

Limpopo region is called after the mighty Limpopo river. This province has always been a place of expanded farming, agriculture, and mining. The area has always been full of young employees, but partially due to mentality of the local peoples, partially due to bigger distances between the cities, partially due to a less feverish type of labour (there were almost no gold in Limpopo), gambling was not very popular in this province. At least the number of illegal gambling facilities in the time of illegal gambling was smaller than in other areas.

Another reason why such a huge province has only four big land based parlours, is because in 1910, the Zion Christian Church was founded in Limpopo. It is the largest African operating church in South Africa. By modern times, the number of followers of ZCC is approximately from 8 to 10 million. And obviously gambling entertainment is not very popular among this population. Another reason is that, despite all its riches, Limpopo is the poorest South African province.

As a result, the majority of gamblers in Limpopo are tourists, mainly. It is a highly touristic place, partially due to the famous Limpopo River and Kruger National Park. Other attractions include baobab forests and exotic wildlife. Foreign tourists flow to the province and many of them want to make a bet or two at local parlours, as part of their journey.

Current Situation

All Limpopo casinos and other betting venues follow strict South African laws imposed on that market. Offline betting is allowed in parlours, on horse racing, on sports, and lotteries. Online betting is allowed only on sports via local bookmaker. All online platforms are prohibited and mostly blocked. Therefore, reaching out to licensed online casino South Africa is a hard task.

Yet, South Africans feel they also have the right to play all free slots and other classic casino games available to the rest of the world. It is close to impossible due to strict laws, but still not impossible. What is needed is safe, reputable, reliable, and secure online parlour that offers enough games, has lucrative bonuses, and accepts players from South Africa and Limpopo. To find one, it makes sense to check out Microgaming casino list. However, one has to keep in mind that accessing international offshore platforms is possible only at their own risk.

If you prefer to avoid risk, it makes sense to opt for a land based facility for entertainment in Limpopo.

Popular Cities in Limpopo for Gambling

Limpopo is a bit short for big cities, and generally, only the capital of the province can be compared to those big vibrant cities of other provinces. This area is poor in industry but rich in wildlife, so it is a touristic destination mostly to those who is fond of nature rather than urban entertainments and views. The main attractions for tourists are not cities, and as a result, cities are not stimulated so much for development and growth.

However, some cities are really worthy of attention, regardless of whether you have some gambling in mind or not.


Polokwane is the capital of the province. In the past, its name was Pietersburg, and it is still more known by this name. Polokwane is also the biggest urban center in the country to the north of the Gauteng province. This city was founded on the place of an old tribe settlement, and many historic events took place here. Today, it is a transportation center, administrative center, and there are numerous museums, memorials, places of worship, and sports facilities there. Polokwane is also the gambling center of the province; it has one parlour in the city itself, and two more in the neighboring towns.

Louis Trichardt

This city close to the northern border of the country is situated at the foot of the mountain range. The region around the city is known for its fertile soils, so many products are grown here. The settlement was known since the end of the 19th century, and today, Louis Trichardt is the farming center of Limpopo. There are no casinos within the borders of the city, but there is a big parlour resort nearby in Thohoyandou.


Phalaborwa city is located near the Kruger National Park and serves as a touristic entrance and service center of the park. The location was famous for its rich copper and iron ores as far back as in 400 AD. It is still a mining town. Besides mining, tourist and wildlife play important parts in the life of the town.

Land-Based Casinos in Limpopo

Not every big city in Limpopo that is truly worthy of visiting has its own parlour, but there are usually casino resorts in the nearest towns. In any case, there are only four land based gambling venues in the whole province, so let’s look at each of them:

  • Meropa Casino and Entertainment World, Polokwane - 16 table games, 400+ slots machines, 1 poker table 
  • Thaba Moshate Casino Resort, Burgersfort - 8 table games, 150 slots machines 
  • Galaxy Bingo, Tzaneen - 200 slots machines 
  • Khoroni Casino Resort, Thohoyandou - 6 table games, 120+ slots machines
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