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In Western Cape gambling business prospers, because, despite the fact this province is one of the youngest in the whole country, it is the fourth biggest, and one of the most populated provinces. Moreover, it is a popular touristic area, so little surprise Western Cape casinos are in no deficit. If you are looking for a land based Western Cape casino, check out those in Cape Town in the first place.

On the other hand, online gambling is available from any place in Western Cape. Web casinos are always opened for regular and new customers; moreover, gambling online is actually more beneficial, because the player does not have to go anywhere, waste money on clothes, transportation, drinks, and tipping. In addition, according to statistics, online casinos offer a higher payout for players, because they too spend less on their operation than land based facilities.

Which means, one can play for real money at the best online casinos for South Africa, take cash bonuses, and win real cash! If you are into gambling, check out the list of best online casinos that accept players from Western Cape below!

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Western Cape online casinos


History of Gambling in Western Cape

In South Africa, all gambling entertainments were banned since the middle of the 18th century and up to 1990s. Western Cape lands, which were not Western Cape back then, were not an exception. However, when something is prohibited, people find ways to use it in illegal ways. All the time when gambling was officially banned, illegal gambling venues opened all over the country, especially in regions where trade and industry were well-developed. The lands that now belong to the Western Cape province have always been at crossroads of trade, due to access to the sea, and numerous ports. So, illegal gambling thrived there.

Later, in 1990s, the newly chosen democratic government decided to reorganize the market of gambling, and instead of solving problems with illegal betting and other related criminal activities, make it a legal niche that pays taxes to the state. The Western Cape province as we know it today was created at the same period of time, and being very populated and economically developed, it borrowed the principles of legal gambling from the very beginning of its existence.

Current Situation

Nowadays, WesternCape is one of the most gambling regions in South Africa, and it hosts eight big land based gambling facilities. Most of them are situated in and around Cape Town, which makes perfect sense, but there are several venues in other cities, as well. Offline betting is totally allowed - both locals and tourists can play games of chance and games of skill in brick and mortar parlours, make bets on horse racing on the tracks, take part in lottery, and make bets on sports. All these entertainments are regulated by the government, and are absolutely legal.

On the other hand, making bets online is allowed only at the local bookmaker’s site, and only bets on sports are allowed. All other gambling activities in the web are prohibited. Online parlours by local companies do not exist, while web platforms operated by international companies from abroad are mostly blocked. Finding safe and reliable online casino South Africa that accepts players from Western Cape and pays real money is a bit complicated.

Gambling online in South Africa is not impossible, however, all players have to access web parlours at their own risk. In this case, brick and mortar facilities may be a better option.

Popular Cities in Western Cape for Gambling

Western Cape is highly populated, compared to other, even bigger provinces of the country, and it is also a major tourist destination. So, besides gambling, there are many interesting locations and cities to visit. This province, among other, is famous for its good wine and cheese. Wine industry is especially developed due to unique climate and soils in each of the regions of the Western Cape.

Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the most famous South-African cities globally, not only within the country. It is the biggest city of the province, and its capital. It also serves as a legislative capital of South Africa. After Johannesburg, Cape Town is the second most populated city of the state. Besides, it is the oldest urban area in South Africa; it was developed by the United East India Company back in the middle of the 17th century. Before the gold rush stimulated the development of Johannesburg, Cape Town was the biggest city in South Africa. To find the list of casinos in Cape Town, check the next section.


George is the second biggest city in Western Cape province after its capital, Cape Town. It is a popular holiday destination; initially the town was developed back in the end of the 18th century. It is famous for its timber industry, unique lake system, Montagu Pass National Monument; today, numerous festivals and events are held in George. Besides, spots are extremely popular in the city, so betting on sports is the most popular gambling entertainment, as there are no land based parlours nearby.


Worcester is the largest Western Cape city in the interior part of the province. It is a business and commercial center. It has a rich pre-colonial and colonial history; moreover, it is a religious center. Sports are also popular in Worcester - there are tennis, cricket, golf, and rugby teams. There is also one big casino facility in the city.

Land Based Casinos in Western Cape

Cape Town is the leader of land based gambling, and it boasts the following venues:

  • GrandWest Casino & Entertainment World - 75+ table games, 2500+ gaming machines, 10 poker tables
  • Silversea Cloud Casino - 3 tables games, 10 gaming machines
  • Oceania Cruises Nautica - 50 table games, 1000+ slots machines
  • Durbanville Racecourse - minimum bet is $1
  • Kenilworth Racecourse - minimum bet is $1

Outside Cape Town, there are three more betting venues:

  • Golden Valley Casino, Worcester - 6 table games, 200+ gaming machines
  • Mykonos Casino, Langebaan - 6 table games, 300+ slots machines
  • Caledon Hotel, Spa, Casino & Entertainment, Caledon - 8 table games, 350+ gaming machines
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