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If you are interested in Mpumalanga gambling, check out the land based Mpumalanga casinos in the area. While the region is not particularly rich in betting facilities, the fans of gambling can actually find their favourite entertainment there. if you are more into online gambling, finding an online Mpumalanga casino is a bit harder.

On the one hand, spotting a fun, safe, and fair online casino in general is a hard task regardless of the location of the player. When talking about South African web casinos, it is even more complicated because of the current government policy on gambling. However, it is not impossible – but extended and thorough research is needed.

If you do not waste your time and effort on the research of the gambling site reviews, no worries – we have explored the niche for you, and have gathered a list of the most reliable platforms that accept players from RSA. Check the list below and play for real money at the best online casinos for South Africa!

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History of Gambling in Mpumalanga

Gambling in RSA was banned altogether for long decades - from the middle of the 19th century to the very end of the 20th century. Only in 1990s, the newly chosen democratic government decided to transform an illegal and potentially criminal market of unregulated gambling venues into a regulated, legal, and tax-paying niche.

Mpumalanga province shared all the turmoils of these processes. It borders to the Gauteng province, which was literally a center of illegal gambling during the decades of prohibition. While Gauteng was more popular because it was more vibrant due to gold mining and the Gold Rush, Mpumalanga was less impacted due to the agricultural focus of the region. However, some bits and pieces of illegal gambling were seen in this province, as well.

After illegal gambling was managed, and the whole country started to follow the new legal gambling laws, Mpumalanga saw more stability in this sphere.

Current Situation

Today, the situation with gambling in Mpumalanga province is the same as everywhere else in RSA - all offline betting is allowed, including brick and mortar casinos, horse racing facilities, lotteries, and bets on sports. These are regulated and legally managed by the local agencies responsible for the niche.

Online betting, on the other hand, is possible only for bets in sports at local legally licensed bookmaker. Which means, local licensed online casino South Africa are impossible to find. Punters from Mpumalanga can reach out only to offshore web casinos operated by international companies from abroad - for example, to Microgaming casino list or casinos by other operators. However, this is illegal and the majority of international platforms simply get blocked by the Internet services in RSA.

As a result, local punter wanting to play all free slots or other classic casino games have to either access offshore sites at their own risk, or to play offline in brick and mortar venues.

Land-Based Casinos in Mpumalanga

Those who loves the festive atmosphere of real land based casinos may be disappointed with the variety - or rather lack of it - of casinos in Mpumalanga province. Those looking for choice and variety may want to travel to the neighboring Gauteng region, which is certainly the gambling center. However, the three facilities on the territory of Mpumalanga are also worthy of attention:

  • Emnotweni Casino, Mbombela - 14 table games, 420+ gaming machines
  • The Ridge Casino & Entertainment World, Witbank - 18 table games, 450 slots machines
  • Graceland Hotel Casino Country Club, Secunda - 13 table games, 350 gaming machines