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While big Internet payment processing companies like PayPal, Skrill, and others, are more widespread and more people know about them, some other companies offering siminal service can seem terra incognita for users. This is the case with GiroPay, a Germany-based service for Internet payments. Today, more and more online casinos offer system in the list of the banking options, but even if this option is available, many customers are simply not sure what is GiroPay. Luckily, we have researched this Internet payment system, and will reveal all nuances, pros, and cons, in this GiroPay review.

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List of GiroPay online casinos


Introduction to GiroPay

GiroPay was introduced in 2006 in Germany by Giropay GmbH company. It is an internet banking system, where balance is funded directly from the bank account, and money can be used for online payments without the risk of exposing the banking details to potential frauds or hackers.

Today, GiroPay provides services for both users and merchants; it supports the system of payment from main bank account, but serves as an additional layer of defence against online risks when money source is exposed. The system is user-friendly, fast, and secure. Currently, around 20 million use it for shopping, and around 5 million merchants offer it for payment at their stores. More than 1,500 German banks collaborate with this system.

GiroPay is most popular for residents of Germany, but locals in some other European countries also get access to it under certain conditions. Online casinos that accept players from Germany, and from Europe in general, often have GiroPay in their banking options.

GiroPay casino list

Finding a GiroPay online casino that offers this specific banking option may be a bit complicated, because this system is not very widespread. The main conditions are the casino should accept players from Europe in general, and from Germany in particular, and support local banking options (because, for now, GiroPay is definitely a local banking solution).

To save your time and efforts, we have researched the niche and have collected a list of online casinos that accept GiroPay. If you are looking for the best online casino Germany that would allow you to deposit with this payment, this list of GiroPay online casino offers will be of much use to you.

Why use GiroPay

As the majority of similar payment systems, this one is simple, fast and secure, because these are the basic requirements in modern world. However, the best thing about it is that it is client-oriented and focuses mostly on a certain market of clients - in Germany and some neighboring countries. This is a local system, and local systems tend to do a very good job managing specifically local problems. So, customers from Germany, or those looking for casinos Austria online, may find out that a web GiroPay casino is the best choice for them, because such site provides the best payment conditions in their area.

Is GiroPay actually safe?

This system is safe for two reasons. Firstly, you do not have to fund the account, because the money is taken via the system from your main bank account. This means less hussle and less risks of exposure. Secondly, while taking money from the bank account, the system serves as an additional firewall for protection of your funds.

GiroPay has the following practices and technologies for your security:

  • usage of PIN and TAN (transaction authentication number) codes
  • no contact via email or phone
  • no downloading and installing additional software
  • SSL encryption
  • personal information is invisible for everyone but you - even for GiroPay

We believe the fact that over 1,500 banks in Germany already partner with this system is a nice indication of its security.

Software Providers That Collaborate With GiroPay

Sometimes, bigger casino software developers collaborate with payment processing companies directly. However, this is currently not the case with GiroPay, because it has a limited scope of users.

GiroPay advantages

GiroPay has several advantages that can be very beneficial for those who can use this system:

  • high security
  • instant transactions
  • anonymous transactions
  • no need to look for special means for cash out from GiroPay
  • small fees
  • GiroPay can be connected to international e-wallets

GiroPay disadvantages

There are also drawbacks, of course:

  • the system is available only for customers from Germany and Austria
  • the system is available only for those who has a real bank account in one of the German or Austrian banks
  • it is impossible to withdraw money from casino to GiroPay
  • fees for transactions apply

How to create GiroPay account

Generally speaking, you do not need to make an additional account for GiroPay to use the system. All shops and services that have system in their options show you the option and you choose it when you want to pay. After that, you have to indicate the preferred bank (the system can remember the bank and use it automatically next time). Next, you get a fully filled purchase form by GiroPay, and you have to indicate the TAN number. The merchant immediately gets a payment guarantee, and can send you goods or provide services. Meanwhile, the bank processes the transaction, and it is done in minutes!

To use payment, all you need is to have the German or Austrian bank account, be of legal age, and verify your identity for the system. That’s all.

How to deposit GiroPay

Online casino with GiroPay will show this banking option in the list of available options on their Banking page, and you will also have it in your options when you enter your casino account. Go to balance, indicate the sum you would like to send, choose GiroPay, indicate the bank, type in the TAN code, and voila. Your money will appear on your casino balance in minutes. This is a really hassle-free depositing method.

However, there are issues with withdrawal by payment, so before you deposit, decide how you will cash out the winnings.

How To withdraw GiroPay

Withdrawing to system is, unfortunately, impossible. This system allows paying securely and quickly from bank account, but it does not suggest the backward operation. If you would like to receive the winnings on your bank account, you will have to choose Bank Wire Transfer, or direct Bank Transfer among the casino banking options.

If you do not want to, or cannot receive winnings on your bank account, you have to decide what other methods to use. The most widespread options are usually Visa/Mastercard, or e-wallets. If you do not have either, you need to solve this problem before making real money bets and winning any real cash.

Another issue you may face with withdrawal is that many casinos follow the rule of sending the withdrawal to the same channel that was previously used for deposit. Since you cannot get withdrawals to GiroPay, you will have to contact the Customer Support every time, or from time to time, to manage this issue manually.

Online casinos best can be really sloppy when sending the money manually, so you risk to have real headaches when trying to get the money you won. Besides, there are always withdrawal requirements.

Withdrawal requirements

If you have decided what banking channel to use for withdrawal, make sure you meet the withdrawal requirements. These are basically as follows:

  • sum ordered for withdrawal is within minimum and maximum allowed withdrawal
  • the deposit has been wagered 1-3 times if bonuses were not claimed on this deposit
  • there are no active bonuses in casino
  • if a no deposit bonus was claimed, the wagering requirements are met and the sum ordered does not exceed the allowed limit
  • if a deposit bonus was taken, wagering requirements are met

GiroPay Limits

GiroPay supports very flexible limits - from 1 Euro as minimum and up to 10.000 Euros as maximum. However, the maximum sum depends much on the particular bank, and on the peculiarities of the bank account of every particular player.

If you decide to withdraw winnings to the same bank account that was used for depositing, please keep in mind that online casinos usually set rather high minimum limits for bank transfers when cashing out. If general minimum sum can be from $20, for bank transfer, ir can start from $50 in the best case.

GiroPay Time

GiroPay supports instant transactions, but, as any service connected to a bank, it can take up to 1 business day. So, it's very fast, but you must not forget that the gambling platform itself will also take time to process the withdrawal request. They will double-check the order and make sure you are eligible for withdrawal, that all requirements were met, and no rules were violated.

Normally, a casino takes from several hours to 24-72 hours for withdrawal request confirmation. However, in the worst case, you will have to wait up to 5 business days.

GiroPay casino fees

This fees depend on your banking fees per every transaction. if you find out that the online casino adds its own fees for every transaction, avoid such platforms. This is definitely a rip-off.

GiroPay bonuses

Sometimes, bigger payment processing companies and Internet payment systems collaborate with casino game developers, or with particular online casinos, and in this case, online casinos can offer special bonuses for those users that manage their funds within casino account with this or that banking option. In some cases, online casinos are interested in receiving funds via specific channels, so they stimulate the customers to use these banking channels by offering promotions.

However, unfortunately, it's not among those systems that would provide additional benefits or bonuses to online gamblers. So, you are unlikely to find bonuses connected to usage of GiroPay.

GiroPay alternatives

Talking about using bank account for depositing, there are not many alternatives - you can simply use Wire Transfer or Direct Transfer. However, if you would like to use other online banking systems, check out those:

Mobile casinos GiroPay

Most online casinos that are mobile-compatible also offer this online payment system as an option. GiroPay is freely available on mobile or tablet, because it can be accessed only via browser.

New GiroPay casinos

GiroPay has a limited scope of customers, so new online casinos are usually not in a hurry to add it as a banking option. On the other hand, if this is a new European online casino that accepts players from Germany and Austria, it is highly likely to have GiroPay as one of its main methods.

Top GiroPay games

GiroPay is not connected to well-known casino software development studios, so there are no known casino games or top GiroPay slots available.

Restricted regions for GiroPay In gambling

GiroPay is available only for Germany and Austria. Currently, no other customers can use it. With time, GiroPay UK can be expected, but for now, we’ve got what we’ve got.


GiroPay is a convenient online payment service for making payments from bank account without exposing the money source details. The system is safe and secure, but it has two major disadvantage. Firstly, it works only for two countries, and secondly, one cannot withdraw money from online casino back to GiroPay. In other aspects, this system is worth trying.


No, you have to access it via browser.
You do not need to register and manage an account. All you need is a bank account in a German bank.
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