7 Gambling Myths that Are Busted

7 gambling myths that are busted

Myths and superstitions about gambling are always born in the excited imagination of the players who want to improve their chances of winning and despite the fact that cannot do that in the games of luck, still try to somehow explain their luck or misfortune and help themselves to improve the odds. The facts can easily bust these myths and prejudices, but it's not the human intellect, but the human emotions often run the players making the myths alive very much.

Gambling and religion have a long history of relations. Many people believe that gambling is contrary to their religious beliefs, while others believe that gambling festivals attract good luck. Cards and dice are often used to predict the future. In reality, there is no connection between the game and beliefs, and most likely, they will always oppose each other. Some myths about gambling emerge from prejudice, some of the rumors. Either way, the myths will always be a part of gambling. Here are the most popular gambling myths and superstitions that are busted.

Casino Myths

1. The Odds

Good luck is an important but not the only factor that affects the success of gambling. There is another important element: the mathematical odds and probability. These factors clearly reflect the initial house advantage. This allows the advantage of a small percentage of gambling establishments to get huge stable profits in the long term.

The truth is luck is not the only element of gaming; skill also affects the games of chance like poker, for example. There is also an element of chance via the mathematical calculation of probabilities. The casino has an advantage according to the odds. The statistical advantage is summed up in the percentage of the casino, which is traditionally unchanged. A small percentage makes a huge difference over time, so the casino finds profit at the end of each day, for example.

2. Absolute Power of  "Winning Systems"

Many players think that the betting systems will help them to win anyway. They convince themselves that this method clearly will lead to success. In fact, all of these systems are no more than an element of fun in most cases. Since the mathematical advantage of the casino is almost absolute, in the long run the systems often fail.

Players think that they will be able to come up with a winning system in blackjack. They are able to convince themselves that their method is pure gold. However, the card counting technique can give the player an advantage, but it is very difficult and is punishable by personnel with the utmost rigor. It is best to find a table with the best chances and play fair, anyway.

In fact, it turns out that all these systems are not more than the air for inexperienced gamblers. Given the benefit to the casino, the success of any method is completely dependable. In blackjack card counting and location of the cards are virtually inaccessible techniques. Though counting cards is not a crime, in general, the optimal strategy is to find the best opportunities and start the game without letting people know that you are actually counting.

3. Slots Myths

The player cannot control slots. However, this type of gambling is surrounded by a lot of myths. One of the common myths is that casinos monitor slots and decides which of the players to give the payout. In fact, the slots are controlled by a computer program and it's RNG that makes the winning combinations. No hidden cameras and people deciding the fate of the jackpot does ever existed!

Slots Myths

The program of slots is based on random numbers. Since the 90s, the production of slots has undergone many innovations. There are new drums, paylines, progressive jackpots and bonus games, etc. but in general, the basic principle of the slots remain unchanged.

Since the introduction of slot machines, people have invented a lot of strategies for playing them. Some of them are truly reasonable. One common strategy is compensation for losses. Player sets the maximum amount of money that can be lost individually. Once this amount is reached, the player moves away from the slots, and selects another or goes home. Another strategy is to stay away from the slots, play cards instead. Another strategy is to access a smart guy who supposedly knows how to beat the slots, but that will be quite a different story, and entitled 'a cheat' definitely.

4. Blackjack Voodoo

Skill is a very important element in blackjack. Some players have developed their skills at the highest level and become a pro. Yet the mathematical probabilities and odds do not leave even the most skillful players a chance to create a complete strategy for beating casino. All of them work now and then but in short gambling sessions. There is always an advantage of the casino, and it increases if the game involves more cards. Playing with just one deck increases the chances of a player money making.

Blackjack Voodoo

Mastery is an essential element of blackjack. Card counting strategy requires the great skill from the player. It should be a very short time intervals to calculate what cards are in the hands of rivals. Some players have developed their own systems so that claim that they know a sound strategy. But the mathematical probability of making this statement is wrong.

Another strategy is to follow the shuffling and track the cards. This concept assumes that the cards are shuffled at random but sometimes preserve their previous order. It is proved that this strategy is ineffective. This is nothing but a myth about blackjack, the same as the right choice of seats at the table or something else.

5. Bonuses

There is a fact that successful casinos offer players free meals and hotel rooms. There is a misconception that the casino encourages players winning free food, accommodation and other benefits. This fact leads to the erroneous conclusion that only the best players get bonuses both in online casino sites and land based casinos.

Casino Bonuses

In reality, the casino encourages players based on their financial capabilities.That's the casinos offer bonuses depending on how much money the customer is willing to spend on the game. Casino directly feeds the rich players and provide them with comfortable conditions so that they are pleased to spend even more money, happy and think only about the game. It is the same for the players who prefer roulette, craps, blackjack and other games.

6. Lotteries

Lotteries offer the lowest chances of winning in gambling. So, the worst odds in gambling can be found in the sweepstakes. However, national citizens continue to firmly believe that they can win millions if they continue buying tickets dramatically. There is a myth about the lucky number, for example, they can be birthdays or other important dates. So, they believe that the lucky numbers such as birthdays, or anniversaries, bring them good luck. Some players go to extremes in the lottery, using numerology in their calculations or other doubtless methods.

7. Horse Racing

Betting on horse racing is prestige, expensive and popular gambling entertainment. The fans of this kind of leisure use a strategy called the run down. It is a thorough study of each horse that takes part in racing, its last result, medical condition, the analysis includes a history of the horse, medical history, the family tree and other factors.

Horse Racing

One of the myths about the races is wearing beautiful hats to bring good luck. The myth is that a beautiful hat can affect the outcome of the race. That is why the women wear colorful hats as a mascot on the Kentucky Derby. This is a funny and extensive myth. A variety of multicolored hats in the stands of Kentucky Derby, of course, mesmerize the eyes, but have no relation to the chances of horses and luck.

Though, the horse racing is rather expensive leisure, nothing can keep the gamblers from it in the hot seasons. The most exciting is the process of thorough examination of each horse.

Strategies to Avoid

Cheating is a panic strategy of a man who does not control himself, unless he is a cold blooded professional. This should be avoided like the plague. One form of fraud is the use of the dice with a displaced center of gravity. Other forms include labels on the cards and other marks. Some players use invisible ink for this purpose; others use the juice, etc. The cunning shuffling or fake shuffling is another kind of cheating.

To Sum Up

Casino myths were invented by men who needed a victory over the chance. People were trying to get some guidance by superstition. Facts can bust the myths; however, one does not bust the skill and intelligence you need to handle the emotions that fuel the superstition in any way. Some casinos myths originate from real events and grow over time. Certain speculation plays a role in the myths. When the myths are in doubt, they become the property of the game and nothing more.

Slots is truly the most superstitious gambling. Alongside other games, they are the leading among the myths and bias. Since the introduction of slot machines, the players have come up with a lot of winning strategies. The most popular of these strategies include control of losses. If a player has lost a predetermined amount, then he should move to another game or leave the casino. Another strategy is to avoid the slot machines and to play cards, etc.

So many casino myths are so far from reality. One of the most widely accepted myth is that the casino slots monitors and determines the winning or losing players. Slots are not under the control of the player. In fact, the software determines the slots job. Hidden cameras are not there on the slots and cannot be affected.The software is based on a random number generator. In the late 19th century, the first slot machine was presented to the public. They had little change with time and mostly focused on the design of slots elements abut not the algorithms taken.

Fraud is not an option. Fraud is actually a reaction to the financial despair. Popular forms of fraud - weighted dice, marked cards. Some players leave a mark on cards with special ink or juice. Another form of cheating is stunts while shuffling. All players in the casino should be wary of scams.

In addition, as we see from the above mentioned information, all the myths about the casino are easy to bust with the help of the healthy logic and unbiased statistics. In order to win at the casino, people must be guided primarily by their own minds, not to go beyond the established limit and not to bet more at risk and so on. Then the luck will always smile and winnings will not be long in coming.

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Good luck you there!

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