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History of Online Casinos

History of Online Casinos

In today's world, technology is developing with an astonishing speed and what seemed something fantastic and unreal yesterday, is actively used by each person today.

A little more than twenty years have passed since the emergence of the Internet, and the global network today stretches the virtual thread from almost every home, tying all the inhabitants of the planet in a single space.

People communicate, work and, of course, have fun via the world wide web. In this article we'll discuss the gambling and online casino history, as this industry is developing at a fast pace, and the annual turnover of even small companies are nearly hundreds of million dollars. So, how did it all start?

History of Online Casinos Starts Here

Gambling received a strong push to the development on the Internet because the software was developing rapidly. Technically, the analogues of the Internet based casinos has existed since 1960, but they were so primitive, few people had access to it, for most people, they seemed not to exist.

Everything changed with the beginning of the 90s when personal computers became cheap and affordable to everyone and the Internet captured the market and attracted even more customers. With such an extensive customer base the Internet gambling became flourishing widely.

The first exciting online casinos has appeared recently, but they have managed to win the love of the audience and popularity among many fans of casino games in an extremely short life span.

  • Criptologic Company was established in 1994.
  • The first online casino games become available in 1995, mainly as a result of the Free Trade Act, which was adopted on the Caribbean.
  • After this, the company that made it a competition appeared under the name of Microgaming and Starnet Communications. It's these progressive companies that sets the direction and development of online slots in the early nineties. Criptologic and Microgaming remain the leaders up till now.
  • In 1996, the experts developed software that soon allowed to take into account actual earnings of each player, which contributed much to the further demand and promotion of online casinos.
  • A pioneer in the field of online gambling is known to be the Playtech company, which in 1996 opened an online casino called Europa.
  • The first company to start providing the fullest services of online gambling, was an American game developer Playtech. Playtech nowadays is one of the leaders of the gambling industry.
  • The first online casino appeared in 1996, and it was called Europa Casino owned by Playtech.
  • 1996-1997 years: the time of appearance of the first online casinos and bookmakers.
  • 1998 was marked for the history of online gambling by the growing popularity of sites relevant to the public. This was partly motivated by the fact that many online casinos had implemented such a thing in their game as "progressive jackpot".
  • A little part of the players spent cash collected in one record shaped into a solitary noteworthy prize. Such a remunerates framework won achievement and a tremendous measure of potential gains and had turned into an awesome promotion of betting on the Internet.
  • In 1999, Microgaming, Cryptologic and Starnet Communications - effectively fruitful and incredibly famous manufacturers has joined the recently shaped Playtech and very quickly rose to the level of the most grounded business sector players.
  • Trying to win the largest share of the latest market makers they next took a serious struggle for the championship, constantly developing and improving the aspiration segment.
  • Next, the leaders increased the maximum prizes and were continuously improving the rules of the games for casual users.
  • In the following couple of years, makers of the products for gambling began to adjust existing items and make completely new. The portion has turned out to be to a great degree rapidly gaining quite new popularity up till now.
  • So, in 2001, the maximum gain of 414,119 dollars was won, and a year later one of the lucky players got $ 1.5 million from gambling online.

In fact, these changes had a gradual increase in potential gains. New approaches quickly attracted the interest of even those who had no interest in gambling at all.

In addition, the interest in such entertainment is dictated nowadays by the fact that the winnings in online casinos are often higher than in conventional gambling establishments.

For example, the largest gain in online casinos up to 8 000 000 dollars was an unprecedented amount (in traditional casinos as a rule, the figures reach 3-4 million dollars). This is logical, because when you open an online casino, you invest considerably smaller sums and therefore, the payback period is longer and the amounts are smaller. Accordingly, the gain may be more significant in long time perspective.

Among other things, in a real casino you cannot play despite the ban if the administration suspect fraud. On the web sites of the trustworthy casinos such opportunity is not just technically allowed, but practically possible to do. Even if in your country there is a legislative ban on gambling, if the server with the casino is located in another country and the casino is registered overseas, the user can always enjoy it and play completely legally.

Classic Roulette

Modern Online Casino History

Now the network has more than 15,000 Internet resources that have chosen their specialty as gambling. There are both world-famous casinos, and minor services. One thing is certain, the interest in online casinos, though is a little down from time to time, but is still stable, which means that this area will develop further no matter what.

Today the Internet is used by about 2,405,510,175 people, and this figure is growing daily. There are a lot of gambling web sites or online casinos, and some of the larger number of popular sites have already crossed over a hundred. The standard casino games such as:

  • craps,
  • video poker,
  • roulette,
  • slots,
  • baccarat,
  • blackjack, etc., are contained virtually anywhere, on any resource, any exciting games of all forms and variations.

Anyway, what causes such a vast popularity? Online slot machines are certainly one of the best forms of gambling, while they lack any strict rules and strategies that will not bother with the useless information, they are completely easy and sometimes beneficial to enjoy. No wonder, modern slot machines offer the players a high payout percentage, reaching up to 98%!

It should be mentioned that the most of the profits are not brought to the casino by means of roulette, card games or dice, but by the slot machines. And no wonder: the slots is a massive game that is played by people of all ages. Although the stakes there are not really great, in total amount they make up a notable sums. When you first hear about the slots, slot machines will be a real discovery for you and will help to get acquainted with the game, which comes form the origins and the earliest appearance of casinos.

Best Better Good

 Top notch modern online casinos

The majority of the online resources, which are presented as online gambling real money, offer quite large jackpots, welcome casino bonuses, lists of rules that should be followed, terms of use and recommendations.

The honest online casino results quickly are formed with a random number generator, and only depends on the result of the fortune for winning of any player if we mean the games of luck.

The advantages of online casinos include:

  • newcomers are offer a registration bonus and free access to the online casino,
  • the ability to play anytime, anywhere,
  • keeping your winnings in a special account of the casino, which is very safe.
  • Note that the games in offline casinos are always paid.

With the popularity of gambling, the network has a considerable number of scams eager to cheat on the players. However, due to the up to date information on multiple revelations of fraud and unscrupulous online casinos, players can now avoid fraud in gambling on the Internet. It's enough to simply Google the web address of the casino where you are going to play and see the rates, public opinion and all the detailed information about it immediately.

In fact, all top notch online casinos are web sites that provide their users with the opportunity to play for money with the same rights that classic casinos. In today's world of gambling online large multi-million dollar casinos are undecided favorites.

The huge role for the development and maintaining the high standards of gambling online was given to eCOGRA - profit organization dedicated to the verification and certification of the gambling establishments.

Obviously, a totally new segment of gambling was missing a legitimate premise and, accordingly, the first players could only rely upon the honesty and integrity of the online casino manufacturers. The circumstance changed in 2003 when the organization showed up as eCOGRA - benefit association committed to confirmation and accreditation of betting foundations, and also the security of clients of online casinos.

The rise of the customer advocates has included and adequately intense impetus for all makers on the planet. In addition to eCOGRA, the auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers serves a guarantor of honesty of some casinos, which is one of the four greatest audit companies in the world.

Since this industry is developing at a fast pace, only best of the best from the given gambling establishments get the inscription «ecogra fair and safe». If that happens the users can be assured the integrity and security of the virtual club they want to play at are preserved.

eCOGRA and Casino Games

The rapid development and a sharp drop of online casinos

The growth of online gambling was huge, and had revenues grown from $ 300 million (other estimates even more) in 1997 to almost $ 11 billion in 2006. That's why:

  • In 2003, the annual cash turnover of all the online casinos worldwide has exceeded $ 8.5 billion, most of which was played, won or lost by the United States citizens.
  • 2003 an online casino examiner turns into the worldwide gambling quality control and guarantor of the highest quality casino gambling company under the name eCORGA.
  • This fact has already caused disputes, and in 2006 the occasion of the legislative prohibition of gambling in the global network, made by the country's president, George Bush took place.
  • Concerns about the consumer protection on the Internet led to the adoption of a special act of Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement in 2006 by the US Congress.
  • This act was intended to regulate the payment systems in the field of gambling, but in fact only slowed down the development of the whole industry. But in the end, this "cleansing" would bring the business to a different level of quality and the industry would continue its development.
  • In the next three years, the Democratic Party of America worked hard for the ban removal, but failed to do that.
  • In 2007 the similar situation took place in Eastern world with the range of bans on the online casino activities, organization and conduct of gambling which made all the online gambling companies there outlawed.
  • Merchants could do nothing except to move their offshore and offer the residents from various states entertain from the territory of other countries already.
  • 2007: lawmakers banned the organization of gambling, but citizens could be and are still free to use the foreign resources. The law does not limit them nowadays.

Despite the fact that the prohibition of gambling on the territories of some states hit hard by the largest players gambling world, almost all companies were able to quickly shift to other markets and to give all their attention to the gamblers with the new enthusiasm. So, in 2007, the maximum size jackpot grew to $8 million and 4-6 million prizes online became a regular and commonplace phenomenon.

How to Play Online?

The history of gambling is a fascinating story, a mixture of myth and legend, the findings of the facts and hoax, etc. It covers the whole cultures and civilizations throughout the world, stretching from ancient Egypt and the Middle Age Italy to the online casinos of present times.

Modern games have the widest range of benefits and provide the guests with the best services, with focus on the online gambling entertainment. If you are eager to play at online casinos, you will need to know that they use the gambling software from the leading developers to run your favorite games. Here are some basic tips for juniors for playing online:


To play in online casinos you will only need a stable connection to the Internet, some amount for the first deposit and most suitable payment system or a credit card, etc. So today everyone can plunge into the world of gaming and try his or her luck.


Play using special software from the third-party producers, by means of which the game interaction between the players (player) and the casino is possible. Use the casinos powered by the leading software manufacturers only.


With the portals, which provide their own software, it is better to be careful, because in the pursuit of profit they can easily reduce the number of wins.


However, to find out who developed the software is easy with the trustworthy casinos. The always mention the manufacturers on its pages. So it's much easier to focus on reviews of other players, which can be found on specialized sites or do some other research.


Just for a comfortable game sure to read at least the basic rules and strategies for the games if there are any.


Take responsibility for the choice of the casino. Read the specialized forums, talk to experienced players. The more you know about the site, which offers to play, the more secure will be your bankroll and funnier the gambling.


Typically, the range of online casino games does not differ from the proposal of the land based analogues. These are different types of roulette, poker, "Black Jack," and all sorts of slot machines, etc.


Serious Baby

Click if you want to play for free and practice your skills. Pick no deposit casinos if you do not wanna risk your cash for the first time.

To Sum Up

Casino online history is rich and interesting. Online gambling today is presented in the global network with more than 15,000 different types of gambling establishments. Users have the broadest range of products, which can not be compared with one real gambling institution. Many virtual clubs even offer their guests a real mode of entertainment in which participants see the dealers, as well as sit at the same table as their opponents, etc.
Nowadays nobody will be surprised with the web site where you can try the free gambling. Online casinos are quite common, there are many relevant sites, which are known as reliable playgrounds. And if now, many online casinos actively attract the new users with the possibility of free play and all kinds of bonuses, and many other features.

Thus, modern slot machines have the widest range of benefits and provide guests with the best services, multiplied by a surprisingly high percentage of payments to players, which varies in the range of 90-98%.

Despite the fact that online gambling is still prohibited on the territories of many countries, politicians actively debate about its legalization. In some countries, legislators agree to legalize the segment for large cash payments to the budget, others are interested in attracting manufacturing companies, but all the arguments and debates agree that the segment of the online gaming is extraordinarily profitable, though bring some harm to a small portion of the population in a form of gambling addiction.

From the very beginning of its way, online casino has passed a lot. However, tit still has to overcome a lot in order to become a full counterweight to the real casinos. However, online casinos have managed to draw millions of players who would rather play at home than go to a real casino.

It's safe to say that in the next few years, the country's once closed largest opportunities will be open again allowing its citizens to welcome pleasures. Industry, of course, will be the most monitored by the authorities and authorized bodies, but ordinary people will finally return to their favorite entertainment, which in recent years has stepped far forward and keeps growing.

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