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12 Gamblers Who Beat The Casino

12 Greatest Gamblers Who Beat The Casino

People say it's impossible to beat the casino and they are right. However, there are people in the history of gambling who dared to bet and beat the casinos and were a success. Though many scammers failed their attempts to deceive the casino, some of them were successful. Here are those gamblers who beat the casino and became famous all over the world.

Tommy Glenn Carmichael — Slots Cheater

This famous swindler is known for his incredible success in cheating slot machines and creating of his own team of slot machine cheaters throughout the world. The team was very successful and received a lot of money in casinos around the United States.

For almost two decades he fooled casinos with the same ease with which the hacked the one armed bandits. The criminal talent allowed Tommy to earn millions of dollars during his activity.

Tommy Glenn Carmichael

At that time the infringement of winnings was generally reduced to the manipulation of apparatus and the coin payout system or forced attempts to get the bonus combination. By means of the penetration into the slot apparatus using master keys inside the machine, Carmichael managed to open coin dispenser and thus 'milked' the money out of the one-armed bandits.

However, in July 1985, Tommy and his partner were arrested. During the search, police found the master key with which Carmichael worked on the slots. Since the fraudster had had a criminal record for drug possession several times before, a conviction for fraud was severe. He got 5 years in prison.

Louis Colavecchio - World’s Greatest Counterfeiter

Louis Colavecchio managed to design unique equipment for counterfeiting casino chips. For that, a well known counterfeiter was nicknamed "Coin"in the late nineties.

Louis Colavecchio

It is hard to say precisely when Louie chose to fake tokens for slot machines, however it is known that in the late nineties the overabundance of these fake chips was demonstrated in different clubhouses of Atlantic City and Connecticut. Generally talking, the speculators got additional tokens, and nobody could undertsand where they camefrom.

Even a very careful analysis of the chips did not reveal any forgery and could not explain the presence of fakes. Nevertheless, the managers and representatives of the casino security services knocked down and were forced to involve the FBI investigation.

The remarkable gear built up by Louis in his home, stamped tokens, stunningly precise duplicates of the genuine ones, a great many instant chips were likewise found. For the most part, a 150-ton press, laser, various structures and spaces, noteworthy stores of zinc, copper and nickel were found in his workshop. All that empowered Louis to duplicate any coins and tokens, in which it was difficult to perceive a fake.

At the point when FBI operators showed gambling club chips to the directors, they couldn't trust that they were fake. Understanding that their profitable chips are excessively unreliable, they changed over slot machines for the paper vouchers that are much harder to reproduce.
Louis was sentenced to seven years in prison. In 2006 he was released, but fell on some little things a few months later again. This time, he was released on bail in exchange for a detailed account of his criminal activities.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo: Who Said You Cannot Beat Roulette?

Garcia-Pelayo of Spain was at first a record maker, not exceptionally fruitful in that try. Thus, he chose to dedicate his time and energy to roulette and turned into the first individual to effectively exploit the wheel bias in the 90s.

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

In 2004 Spanish newspapers presented the news that the lawsuit against a mathematician and record producer Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo finally ended. The point was that the owners of the Casino de Madrid accused him of fraud and the use of prohibited methods of wining the roulette.

In reality, Gonzalo watched roulette in a casino "Madrid" and assumed that their design was far from perfect. Accordingly, they had to work with some deviations the gambler could use in his favor. That meant that some numbers dropped out more frequently than others. His principle was a thorough analysis of the roulette wheels, the record of numbers, the use of computing, and only then gambling himself.

By the way, this procedure was successfully tested by another gambler Joseph Jagger back in the nineteenth century who is also known as the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo.”

To prove his theory, he began to record all the winning numbers. His five children helped him to do that faster. Though he did not play for money first, after a thorough analysis he managed to hit a range of casinos and won millions before they raise alarm.

Ron Harris - the Man Who Knew How to Hit Jackpot

Ron Harris is one of the most ingenious scammers of the XXI century. Ron Harris, who was able to calculate the loss of the jackpot on the slot machines managed to win lots of jackpots and take much money from the casino owners due to the cheating device invented personally.

Ron Harris

Harris almost managed to rob one of the largest casinos in Atlantic City. The whole story began in 1992 when a programmer of the Nevada Gaming Control Board who served slots, came up with the idea of rendering the frequency of loss in large winnings. From 1993 to 1995, together with a partner, Ron Harris endured hundreds of thousands of dollars from casinos in Las Vegas. The administration of casinos did not even know they were being deceived.

Being a tester of gaming machines, Ron could easily reprogram the desired slot machine for winning the jackpot, which he successfully did. In late 1994, Harris wanted to try his hand at rendering the results of the lottery, and he enthusiastically began to work on a new challenge. The result was stunning, but the experiment failed because of the partner's negligence. Police managed to detain Ron at the airport in Las Vegas. He was sentenced to 7 years, but was released after 2 years in prison under a ban on visiting casinos.

Richard Marcus — Law-Abiding Player

Richard Marcus is a worldwide known casino cheater, who was cheating the casino while playing poker, blackjack and roulette in the seventies of the XX century. He belongs to the category of fraudsters who quit their "careers," and took the side of the law. Marcus wrote several books that revealed the secrets of frauds in casinos like «The Great Casino Heist» and «The Dirty Poker». He repeatedly appeared in various TV shows, and today is recognized as an expert on gambling and swindling.

Richard Marcus

Marcus came up with a unique method of cards shuffling, capable of providing his accomplices with the six winning rounds. At the end of the working day Marcus, who was a card dealer, always prepared six decks for the scam, gave the sign by scratching his chin, after which the dealer of the following shift, unsuspectingly, gave the fraudsters deck with the guaranteed winnings.

Fraudsters have played six games in a row, making a bet of $ 2,000. In the end, they won $ 84 000. After this incident, Richard never repeated the fraud with shuffled cards in blackjack, because it was too easy to reveal.

Marcus is the author of a "Savannah" trick, which was used in the game of roulette. The name of a trick came from the name of a stripper popular in the early seventies. Marcus said that the idea of this fraud came to him when Savannah was dancing on his hips. The meaning of the fraud was in putting a small nominal value chip ($ 5) on a chip of great nomination ($ 5000).

Joe Classon — A Wide Gambling Specialist

The citizen of New York decided to easy get rich by cheating the casino, and he succeeded. Joe Classon was the head of one of the most famous teams of the past in game of craps and blackjack. Joe and his team have been incredibly successful and won a lot of money after all.

Classon together with his accomplice managed to develop roulette tricks and cheated casino in craps, blackjack and other casino games of both luck and skill.

Duke Wilson - Klasson Team's Genius

Duke Wilson was making some living by mans of growing plants of marijuana and had some morals and had nothing to do with the gambling at first.

In 1969, his wife Paula Wilson introduced Duke to the legendary Joe Classon, the founder and the leader of a successful team of casino gamblers. By the way, Paula also had nothing to do with the gambling in earlier years. She worked as a secretary in legal Klasson's brokerage company, which he had as a main occupation alongside.

Joe and Duke became friends and spent much time with his family at a barbecue joints. When Wilson was first proposed to abandon marijuana and try himself as a trickster, due to the constant shortage of money Duke agreed to join the team.

Ida Summers - the Vixen from Las Vegas

Ida Summers is one of the fewest females who have made their profession is such a dangerous realm as gambling. In the 60s - 70s of the XX century, this ingenious beauty hit Nevada casinos as deftly as a fox hits chicken coops. Actually, due to this very fact sdhe was nicknamed The Vegas Vixen.

Ida Summers

Ida was truly a master of hand mucking. There was also the universal female weapon — beauty in her arsenal which gave her even more chances for success. Employees of the casino had no idea that this sweet petite blonde was doing such tricks.
She specialized in blackjack scams mostly making tricks with the cards. She began her career with the substitution of the dealer's cards. Over time, she mastered a difficult trick, the alleged substitution of an entire deck. In the language of scams the deck stub was called "cold".

Ida simply slipped this deck to the dealer, the cards were stacked in a beneficial manner, after that she left the table leaving all the wining combinations of the cold deck to her accomplices.

Ida became a legendary female in the world of casinos. Her boundless courage and self-confidence allowed her to survive in the profession for a long time. And although she was subsequently disguised, she managed to avoid the jail due to the lack of evidences.

Dominic LoRiggio — The “Dominator”

The strong point of Dominic LoRIggio was craps and blackjack. HE managed to win out almost all the major casinos in the US and Europe with the method of controlled shooting of dice games.

Dominic LoRiggio

He was called the “Dominator” because of his skills. Dominique LoRidzhio had a masterful technique, which was often considered extrasensory: he knew how to control the roll of the dice. This fellow spent years of practicing and improving the skill. LoRidzhio himself says that all "trick" is to put the dice in a special way in a clenched fist, so that to carefully throw them on the table in a certain combination.

His did his first steps as a professional player in craps (dice) in Las Vegas. His team was called "Rosebud" and showed up in different casinos some years. Later LoRidzhio left that alone he would be able to earn much more. He found a new partner in the person of a genius gambler and a writer Frank Skoblete. Together they have earned tens of thousands of dollars, using a special technique of throwing dice. Although many experts believe that the drop-down of the dice result can not be controlled, LoRidzhio convinced it can several times, leaving the secrets of their unique abilities.

Edward Thorp — a Father of Card Counting

Edward Thorp is now considered to be a legend of the financial market. The owner of two doctorates in mathematics and physics, Thorpe came through a scientific approach from gambling into trading. In fact, Edward Thorp was the first scientist who applied statistics and probability theory to set a stable money earning on the stock exchange.

Edward Thorp

In fact, the American Professor of Mathematics was the first to prove in practice that a player can win at the casino systematically, using the techniques of card counting. Thorp described his method in his book «Beat the Dealer: A Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty-One», published in 1962.

According to his own words, Thorp became interested in blackjack by chance. Thorp with his wife went to Vegas for Christmas holidays at the eleventh hour. Thus, the young scientist was not planning to start a career of a gambler and was losing to everyone at first.

Thorpe decided to try his luck at blackjack solely for the sake of a scientific experiment. He did not want to sit at the table unprepared. Edward turned to scientific periodicals, where he found a mathematical description of the first strategy of blackjack game.

Canada Bill Jones —First Poker Cheater

Bill Jones is a famous conman of the 19th century. Card games, particularly poker, were his strong point, and he skillfully mastered various techniques of deception and thus could not be caught. In addition to his skillful hands, Bill Jones was famous for many of his witty quotes, which are still cited by many players around the world. Most conventional wisdom are the following phrases:

"It is morally wrong to allow suckers to keep their money."

"A Smith and Wesson beats four aces"

"Yeah, but it's the only game in town!"

Canada Bill Jones

His main trick was to pretend he's a weak gambler. He became the first gambler who began skillfully operate this way. No one could suspect a young smiling simpleton with kind eyes and a pleasant smile was actually a solid cheater. His image was perfectly complemented by cheap clothes and an awkward gait. It was impossible to even imagine that this young man was able to look like a clown while someone beat cards. Crowds of players willingly believed him, and so instantly were caught by all his tricks.

Canada Bill Jones died in 1880 in poverty and loneliness. He was buried at the expense of local gamblers. According to a legend, at his funeral, one of the gamblers bet that Billy was not in a coffin. But nobody supported this bet because many people knew that Jones managed to get out even from narrower hollows.

Charlie Wells: Rare Stroke of Luck or The Right Strategy?

Charlie Wells is another «man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo». The Mediterranean coast has always been famous for its casinos and attracted a lot of easy money seekers. Even back in 1891, the large romantic Casino of France and Monaco were often targeted by adventurers, some of them even managed to snatch a large sum. Charlie Wells, a well known swindler, arrived in Monaco with £ 4,000 in his pocket - the money he received from the hands of unsuspecting investors.

In Monte Carlo he first went to the casino, sat down at the table of the roulette game and could not win back up for 11 hours. He tried the bank in 12th time, winning a million of francs - 15 million dollars at the current exchange rate! Wells played and won without ceasing. According to various reports, he won 20-25 in the cases of 30 consecutive rounds of play.

All were convinced that Wells was cheating, but even private detectives hired by the casino owners could not find any signs of fraud when he came back and repeated his incredible marathon wins. Wells himself said that he was just very lucky, but many experts even nowadays believe that he played on a particular system, which could be an improved version of the Martingale system) or a special version of the strategy d'Alembert . Anyway, even using the most advanced mathematical strategy game you need to have an unreal luck to repeat the success of Charlie Wells!

You are welcome to share and comment on the greatest players who ever beat the casino here. Good luck!

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