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10 Famous Casino Cheats

10 Famous Casino Cheats

There have always existed the casino scams and the professional scammers as long as there was a casino in the history of gambling. There were a lot of brave people trying to beat the system in the history of the greatest casinos.

Some of them were using their skills and intelligence, another, applied frauds to win, however, not all of them were lucky enough to enter the history as the players who really beat the house. Here are the 10 famous clever casino cheats in recent history that caused stir, picked by casinority.com specially for the most curious readers and players.

1. Roulette Ring in New York

In 2012, gambling clubs in Ohio were attacked by a New York wrongdoing ring included in a roulette trick. 

Roulette Ring in New York

In this trick, the players entered the roulette game with low wagers (now and then as low as $1 per chip). They subtly took certain marked chips while another player was distracting the dealer.

They were found in the wake of pulling the plan in four distinctive Ohio urban areas. Four men were captured and pled guilty, however more people were supposedly included and had fled before authorities arrived. The chief of the case assessed that the group had the capacity to get $1,000-$2,000 per trick amid their Ohio rounds.

2. “The Roselli Brothers” Scam

From 1995 to 2000, two or three trick craftsmen who called themselves "the Roselli Brothers" had the capacity to acquire over $37 million from gambling clubs in Nevada, New Jersey, and Puerto Rico without spending a penny.

“The Roselli Brothers” Scam

The brothers enrolled a PC programmer to force information from credit frameworks and discover individuals with astounding credits. Accounts were opened in those names, the Roselli brothers simply put $50,000 of their own cash into them, and they got acknowledged with the credit lines for all the significant gambling clubs within six months. They proceeded with this trick for a long time because of balanced wagering techniques and perfectly timed gambling schedules.

These gentlemen stole millions from the gambling clubs and escaped with it. This trick was really one of the best ones in the history, especially in light of the fact that they were never detained and even their identities were never found.

3. Scam With the French Cigarette Pack

In 1973, one of the best roulette tricks took place at the Casino Deauville in France. It included a radio novice (who was likewise a casino roulette dealer), his brother-in-law, and his lovely sister.

Scam With the French Cigarette Pack

The radio transmitter perfectly fit into the pack and the weightless receiver was put into the ball used at the table of the dealer. The sister was pushing the ball holding that pack of cigarettes and the brother in law was making bets sitting at the table as if he was and strange player.

The conmen however were caught because of the beauty of the sister. Gamblers' failure came after the casino proprietor fall for the sister. In the end, the group was gotten and captured. In only one week, the trio figured out how to snatch 5 million franks, which at the time was generally $1 million USD!

4. MIT Blackjack Team Scams

This is a famous team of blackjack gamblers who have become legendary. These people came in to inception after the brilliant students with their maths professor decided to use the statistic-based systems and counting cards to beat the game of blackjack.

MIT Blackjack Team Scams

The beginning was the meetings of the students group on campus making maths and playing cards for fun. Later on the most skilled candidates who wanted to join the were given tests so just the most suitable ones were picked at last, then they were altogether prepared in the card counting systems. They made casino fake ups and situations and took a group based methodology.

Everywhere throughout the globe people knew about MIT, and the yearbooks photographs from the schools were downloaded to a common casino database. This adequately finished the group's rule. Their profit was estimated of about $5 million.

5. The Cutter Gang

In 2011 the Cutter Gang cheated casinos and won millions playing at baccarat. They found themselves able to beat the casino by taking the standard offer to cut the deck after the dealer rearranged the cards. A member of the gang then drag one specific card (the "cutting card") along the deck when separating the cards during the stuffling before putting it back to the deck.

The Cutter Gang

What's the punch of the trick is that the player had a tiny camera that was hidden in the cuff link to see the values of the card.

However, the team was detained in Cosmopolitan casino in Las Vegas after making over $1 million, though soon released, because no evidence of wrongdoing was found by the casino authorities to raise the lawful investigation.

6. Contact Lens Scam

In 2011 a Frenchman and three Italians managed to swindle nearly 64,000 Euros at the Princes Casino in Cannes, France, using the high tech and ingenious method. They applied marks with special ink that the Frenchman actually did, and the Italians using the contact eye lenses saw those marks while playing at a stud poker table.

Contact Lens Scam

Suspicion was raised when guys returned to the same casino after a solid winning, and the police managed to find the marks on the cards after which the lens scam was revealed. The team faced a long jail sentence.

7. Roulette Scam at Ritz

In 2004, a trio of card sharks from Siberia and Hungary figured out how to take £1.3 million from the Ritz Casino in London by supposedly using the laser innovations. The trio used a technique which was based on a “sector targeting,” theory which disposes figures to determine the “decaying orbit” and guesses a likely set of outcomes depending on where the ball will stop.

Roulette Scam at Ritz

The team obviously utilized the laser scanners as a part of their telephones that were somehow connected with a PC that anticipated the numbers prone to win big in roulette games. The scanner could judge the roulette ball's rate and propose which numbers it may arrive on. In this way, the scammers had the capacity to make estimations really quick to put down their bets before the ball made its last rotation.

The team was arrested but, as far as “sector targeting” is not considered to be cheating technically, guys were released with the lack of evidences.

8. Danny Ocean from Australia

In 2013, an unknown took $33 million AUD ($30 million USD) from the Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia, after hacking into the casino framework. Which is most interesting that the chase still proceeds for the man's identity.

Danny Ocean from Australia

Though, the authority of the casino didn't revel the details of the crime, they supposed that the accomplice was someone from the stuff. The main additional piece of info concerning the case mentions that a member of the VIP staff of the casino who was taking care of the player on the heist's night has been released. It is obscure, whether he was included in the trick or not.

The Australian authority from the Crown Casino is optimistic about taking the money back, but officials say that the chances are almost zero. What a brilliant job!

9. Gang of Phuong Quoc Truong

Pai Gow John or Phuong Quoc Truong created a team of illegal card counters who were traveling all over the USA casinos to cheat for their leader. To realize the scam they corrupted the dealer to give the illusion of card shuffling. In reality he simply put the corners of the deck so that the deck would make a shuffling noise but in fact the cards remained in the same order.

Gang of Phuong Quoc Truong

So, to do the trick, the dealer that was corrupted, provided the illusion of rearranging the cards. In reality, he simply put the corners together, so the deck made a rearranging motion while the cards stayed in the same order as before. In the mean time, the principle player was pretending to smoke a cigarette while whispering the information about the managed cards to an outside player by means of a microphone covered up in his sleeve.

The gang managed to make over $7 million in 25 different casinos from various corners of the country before they were caught.

10. ATM Scam in 60-Seconds

Not all casino scams take place at the casino tables. Sometimes, all that you need is a credit card. Thus, In 2012, 14 conspirators were caught at a theft using casino kiosks from California and Nevada stealing over $1 million from Citibank.

ATM Scam in 60-Seconds

The trick included abusing a security gap that permitted various unrecorded withdrawals inside of a 60-second open door window. The leader of the scam, Ara Keshishyan, hired people to open multiple accounts in Citibank and withdrew money up to ten times using the one-minute security gap. Nevertheless, Ara was arrested and charged with fourteen cases of bank fraud, and her compliances faced 5 years of imprisonment each.

The Greatest Online Casino Scam

And finally, here is one of the most scandalous online casino scams that has already entered the gambling history.

One of the most popular poker rooms you can find on the Internet Absolute Poker was convicted of fraud in 2007. There was one hundred percent proof that some people in the poker room, including administration, had a "super-law"and could see the cards of all the players at the table. These features were used for illegal purposes.

At one of the online poker tournaments, the player was winning fantastically and managed to beat the rivals with almost no missing of any card deal. He discarded a card only when an opponent had the best hand. If the opponent had nothing, this player was always successfully bluffing and won the bank.

The Greatest Online Casino Scam

Another player of the tournament who was at the table and took the second place in the tournament, became suspicious and required the history of all hands after the event in the poker room. The most surprising was that the intuition did not fail him because something unexpected happened. The poker room sent XLS files with not just the history of hands, but with the full transcript indicating the cards of each player, and even more information, such as IP-addresses of all the players and the ID numbers of registration, etc.

Analysis of the files gave no doubt that there had been fraud revealed occasionally. The player who was constantly winning obviously saw the cards of other players, otherwise some hands just lose all the meaning. The truth is that thy are generated in the video, so that you can immediately see it. Though the scam was uncovered, it's very strange that the Absolute Poker room hasn't yet officially confirmed the fact of the fraud, and still continues to investigate.

However, it's often suspicious that the poker rooms have a "super-users", whose rights are much higher than ordinary players. And if those players who lose in poker often complain of bad luck, dishonest random number generator or fraudulent poker rooms, nowadays the complains are taken for granted since the precedent. Prior, the players complaints were perceived as losers' whining, but now things in poker take a totally different turn. Without a doubt, the scandal has become the largest in the history of online poker, and has much undermined the credibility of all the online poker rooms.

Now that you are aware of the most famous casino frauds of recent times, feel free to comment and share the info and good luck!

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