8 Life Hacks that Will Make You a Richer Casino Player

8 life hacks that will make you a richer casino player

The idea of winning a lot of money visit the players all the time. There is a thousand methods, simple and complex, designed and developed to make you richer. Anyway, there are 8 particular life hacks among them that will make you a richer casino player. Let's deal with them a bit in detail.

If you are interested in winning casinos, you can use the methods to increase your potential and gaining some advantage of the gambling house. Nothing has changed, the casino winning players with an enviable constancy keep beating casinos all over the world if prepared well.

By the way, Las Vegas is the fastest growing city in the United States. And the city has no other sources of income, except to lure millions of tourists arriving in the Gambling Mecca to have fun and leave their money.

Can you win at the casino?

Before we pass to the life hacks that each player should know to win, there are some controversial questions that remain: Can you win at the casino? The answer will be: no, we cannot win the casino, unless we know the winning life hacks, of course.

Casinos offer a wide variety of gambling games that look just great, moreover, can entertain as never before. Depending on the level of knowledge of the game, its rules, skills, interest in gambling, you can choose a game you like the most and where you think can succeed. And the amount that you bet, is also very different: from a few cents to tens of thousands of dollars.

Regardless of the game, your experience, and other nuances, remember one important fact: as long as you play by the rules of the casino, you cannot win. Casino is a kind of conveyor transporting money from the player to the host. In the US, even those casinos that are owned by the government (yes, there are some), take your money from you so quietly that you will not notice anything just like "one-armed bandits" take away all the money from the gamblers. However, that doesn't stop the players from all over the world who pursue the premium entertainment.

There ain't no such thing as a free lunch

Yes, many casinos offer free cocktails, tickets to various shows and may even offer a couple of free tokens, etc. However, do not think that the casino will do so in harm of their interests. On the contrary, luring you free trivia, the casino is making millions of dollars for "simpletons". Notable players of the casinos are offered free trips, free meals, free rooms in hotels (the best rooms). Do you want the same? Then we'll spend a couple of million dollars to live the same way as all those people who do not know where to put the next million. If you have extra money, the casino will gladly receive you in its open arms.

The Big Brother is watching you

Yes, of course, the casinos watches their players: quality tracking system lets them know that everyone is now doing, how much money has been spent by each, how much food is eaten, who and what feels, etc. However, that's not the point to refuse one of your most favorite activities, right?

Do you want to be a professional?

There is such a thing as a professional player. Knowledgeable people alter the term as follows: "professional spender." Remember if you can not beat the casino, you can win one, two, three, five times, though but should be ready to stop in the right moment. If not, you will regret that you started to play in the end. You can win the battle, but there will be more battles you will still lose if not the whole war. So, in order to become a professional player, and not a professional spender, but definitely the gainer in the gambling, here are the life hacks that you should know.

1. Practice online for free

That's no longer surprising that people who like gambling first practice online for free. The Internet offers to the modern gamblers a lot of interesting and truly exciting games both free and for real cash. If you are just a beginner who wants to be a professional though, you are welcome to play online the games you like as if you were playing in real casinos but with no risk of losing anything because of the mistakes.

When you develop a skill, it will be easier for you to win in real gambling or in online casinos for real cash. The truth is that online gambling practice increases the chances for winning.

2. Stalk slots that are about to pay

In recent years, there is many slot machines offering higher percentage of return of money. For example, in many casinos there are slot machines that pay 97% of the money raised by you. It seems how a man else can be happier?

However, if you take $1 and put it in the case of loss you get 97%, then 97% of the set you get back is already 94.1% and so on until the bitter end, although this is the only winning casino and you stay without a penny. Naturally, the machine with such a high kickback of money and the percentage probability of winning is sooooo low and all under the law. The point is to learn how to sit and play at the machine which is about to pay.

There are cases when people play for a long time on progressive slots and have no patience or money for the last hit to get that desired jackpot. They leave the slot machine, the next player sits, makes and hits from the first round. How could it possibly be? In fact, that happens quite often.

Even if you win 50 cents, it's more likely that you bet again and even more, this is typical for 99% of people. Our psychology takes over. Then, after losing everything, you will not be considered to lose possession, because you still have won a small sum, which, though will be lost later, etc.

Casino Lifehack

3. Learn card counting and other strategies

Card counting in Blackjack is a system that breaks down the delivery of cards in the game, and predicts the remaining's estimation cards in the deck on the premise of their quality. Obviously, you will not be able to predict what cards will come, but, will know that most of the cards are in the deck, what cards are there in the deck or have gone out of the game for sure, etc. Low or high value cards will help you too. It will be enough to know the basics of arithmetic to master the card games.

There are also several systems and available methods of card counting, depending on what game you want to master. Some are simple, some are a little more complicated. Read books of professional card counters, study strategies, and systems to learn more about these options.

Remember: Blackjack card counting is mainly effective in a real casino, because you have a better idea of the table and the cards which are dealt. Using this strategy online is possible, but it's a little more complicated.

4. Use the Dealer's errors

Occupation of the dealer is quite complicated, but it requires just tremendous endurance and mental stability. Therefore, professionals in this field are not immediately detected. Beginning dealers standing on hand in poker or blackjack can easily make a mistake. In the casino in any case the dealers should remain calm and continue the game following the action and their players.

Let's consider the basic mistakes the dealer in the game of blackjack:

  • Most often they occur when a lot of players are sitting at the table and after the dealer's shuffling the cards it reveals that some cards lack. This happens when the dealer is either in a hurry, or is simply tired and wrong. The player may then decide whether to let him to make the players refuse the game, as though there was a slight, but still violation of the course.
  • The following error is a rough and rather common. The dealer hands over and opens one more card for the player who refused to set an additional card. Imagine that the player has made a big bet, and the dealer did not give him a card. This is not really noticable of the first time, but the client can be seriously angry at the dealer, even to throw some object in him. In this situation, the dealer can offer to fold after the shuffle and repeat the distribution to other players. If the client reacted to this rather calmly, he can wait until the end of the distribution.
  • It is a dangerous situation from the dealer, if he properly calculates the points of the player. The client immediately decides that he makes attempt to inflate and burst into a huge scandal. What to do in this case? We'll have to check the cards in rebound, to make sure that the dealer made a mistake. In such disputable moments a camera that captures the full course of the game usually helps.

Generally, in such situations, the casino should provide the customers back with their money if the mistakes of the dealer lead to the extra money loss to those not having second thoughts, as if they are trying to cheat. Of course the players can use the situations in their favor but without announcing that to the dealer, they may find themselves under the risk of fraud suspicion on a part of the casino.

More fairly common situation, typical for one deck blackjack this is when the dealer does not have enough cards for future games. In this case, it offers players who did not get a card, get out of hand if they wish to continue, he must shuffle the cards in rebound and re-distribute them. If the dealer takes himself extra card, it must be reset to rebound, and then count the points of the players.

That's actually the most basic list of the main mistakes the dealers at blackjack often do. As this game is very fast, it is relatively easy to notice them, in contrast to poker in which the dealer will be really tight. However, there are more of them in various games that you can use to increase your chances to win.

5. Mind the time and money spent no matter what

Have you ever seen that gambling clubs don't have clocks at anyplace? This slippery strategy is utilized to make the players forget about the time and make them gamble all around day and night over and over again. So, you should have your own watch to trace the time. Be careful with your money expenditure, set a budget before playing.

6. Learn to throw dice with an underhand motion at craps

To life hack at Craps you should get familiarized with the throw of the dice using a specific motion developed by Dominic “The Dominator” LoRiggio . Though he is considered to be a man who cheated casinos, there's much interesting you can find out from his practice. Another advantage is that craps is the only main game where the gambling club believes the player to handle the dice. This can be utilized further learning to bolster your good fortune.

«The layers should aim to avoid rolling a seven and that they can achieve this by holding the dice in such a manner that no two sides add up to a seven. The dice are then thrown using an underhand motion, which makes them land flat on the table and stops them from rolling about.»

Dominic “The Dominator” LoRiggio

7. Use any casino offers

You ought to likewise exploit comps and different freebies in land based casinos as well as make the full use of the welcome bonuses of the online casinos. In the case that they have a player's card, then make a point to sign up for one. Use the casinos that offered several weekly bonuses and other promotions. In this way you can play for more and enhance your possibilities of cashing real big.

8. Never play Keno

Remember that Keno offers the deal for players that are the worst of all the casino games. Unless you really enjoy the company of other Keno players and especially social atmosphere in the lounge, you’re better off spending your money in some casinos, where the house can enjoy up to a 35% edge and where it is virtually impossible to match all 20 numbers on a ticket with 20 spots.

If you know more useful life hacks, you are welcome to share and comment on them here! Let's become richer players together.

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