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The World's Most Famous Slots

The World's Most Famous Slots

Slot machines is the most popular type of gambling all over the world. There are more than 200 varieties of slot games and the number is constantly growing. However, not all slot machines managed to win the love of the fans: while one climb to the peak of its popularity, the other remains in the shadows. What attracts the gambling admirers to the slots which are in high demand?

The truth is that for many players, the symbolic importance of the figure "7" is that it brings good luck. There is no way without luck in gambling, that is why 7 reel slots or everything that includes 7 positions allure people immensely. The most famous slot machines are found everywhere both in the halls of conventional gambling establishments, and in online casinos worldwide. It is not so important if you play slots online or at a real casino, because the rules of the game are the same everywhere. So, let's see whether you know the world's most famous online slot machines.

1. Aztec Gold

Slot Machines Aztec Gold are often called Aztec Gold Pyramid as the bonus is triggered by means of matching the pyramid figures. The developer of the slots is MegaJack company. These slot machines posess interesting graphics, complicated algorithm, the high percentage of payments. These are the main characteristics of this emulator. The game is played on 5 reels and 21 lines already. The winning combination is considered to be composed of at least 3 identical symbols on adjacent reels with each other.

Aztec Gold Slot

Extra feaure of the machine is the bonus games. They have a considerable impact on the growth in popularity of the slots. Another reason for its high rating is that a cumulative jackpot fund is directly dependent on the amount of rates (0.6% on each bet). You can hit the jackpot by placing a minimum of $ 10 per line.

2. Fruit Cocktail

The manufacturer of the software is Igrosoft company found in 90s in Russia. Fruit Cocktail is the most successful, according to the players, development of the company. In the world of gamblers slot machines Fruit Cocktail still are known as "Passion" as the appearance of berries in this particular slot on the screen allows you to get a bonus game.

Fruit Cocktail Slot

Automatic "Passion" is a classic gambling slot. The maximum number of lines is 9, the maximum bet on each line is 5 dollars. The machine does not offer free spins, but doubles the initial bet, which makes it really much sought after.

The high rating of the machine is justified by the high payoff and a solid age on the gambling market. This slot machine was made many years ago, and as the statistics shows, the beginners prefer to start the game with a well-known, proven slot machines and Fruit Cocktail is just like that.

3. Crazy monkey

Automatic Crazy monkey is another brainchild of Igrosoft. It had been long given the name "Monkey" by the gamblers. Automatic monkey is a slot machine with a fairly high percentage of payments - 97%, which of course is highly demanded among the players. The game can offer 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 lines. The winning lines are those in which at least 3 characters from each side coincided. The main feature of the game can be called the "mask" symbol, a roll by means of which it is possible to replace any other symbol with a low coefficient to more profitable one. Bet rate is from 0.01 to $ 5.

Crazy monkey Slot

The fans of Monkey slot machines gambling are attracted by the presence of bonus games, low initial rates and, above all, the opportunity to double the prize, playing in the risk game.

4. Sizzling Hot, or "777 slots"

Sizzling Hot slot machine is an informal name of "777. "Often, these slots also appear under the name"777 slot machines." The reason is that it is this combination of "lucky numbers" that gives the chance to win an amount greater than the initial bet repeatedly. The manufacturer of slots is Novomatic company. The maximum size of the bet is $ 10 per line, the return rate is 94. This slot has no bonus games and the free spins and doubles the game win.

777 Slot

The players of 777 slot machines are attracted by its simplicity above all. The game consists of 5 lines, the main characters are fruits. The most desirable is considered to be a symbol of watermelon, allowing increasing the initial bet several times.

5. Book of Ra

Another slot from Novomatic company, which is loved by millions of players. The most popular slot in Germany, Britain and Russia. Probably everyone heard of them and many even played this slot machine for free. Ancient Egyptian theme with a good and world-famous design is the key to success in the gaming industry. Five-reel, ten-payline slot that is included in the online casinos has the most popular stocks on free spins or bonus cash.

Book of Ra Slot

The game features fun music, colorful graphics and well thought-out algorithm. 9 paylines make it possible to increase the amount of winning several times. A risk-game allows you to take a chance and instantly double the gain or, failing that, in general, lose it all. The maximum ratio is 5000. The minimum bet is 1 cent per line. This machine attracts the fans of gambling with its rules and easy free spins that is not so difficult to earn. 10 free spins are caught in 3 books Ra.

6. Resident

Popular Resident Slots are also created by Igrosoft. This slot game is conducted for 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 lines for the player's choice. The cost of each of them is from 0.01 to 5 dollars. A winning player is allowed to double the money prize. You can do this by guessing the card (one of four), senior than the open one. Doubling the amount is allowed an unlimited number of times which makes slot machines so popular.

Resident Slot

The slot provides a bonus game. To take a part in it can be possible by matching 3 or more safes on the screen. Furthermore, there is the super bonus game in the slots which players particularly like. The access to the super bonus game is opened after successful passage of the bonus game. The main advantage of the super bonus game is that even if losing it, the player does not lose the previously won money, that allows increasing your winnings up to 500 times.

7. Slot-o-pol

Slot-o-pol is the brainchild of the company MegaJack. While losing it, the player is allowed to change one of the characters with the symbol 'E' and thereby double the prize if successful. This game has it all: the bonus rounds and bonus games, and games to double the winnings. The singularity of the slot is that the game is played on 21th line, which greatly increases the chances of winning and, of course, attracts the players.


8. Beach Life

This slot is very popular in the American casinos, and though it can not boast outstanding graphics, but the multimillion jackpot works like a magnet when fans of slot machines make their choice. The developer of this slot is the biggest Playtech manufacturer. A slot machine has 5 reels 20 paylines. The biggest win in the slot Beach Life is up to $ 8.2 million!

Beach Life Slot

9. Jack or Better

The classic slot machine Jacks or Bette is nothing more than a representative of video poker. This slot is popular in both the online casinos and live casino. It has the deck of 52 cards and standard poker winning combination. Of course everyone wants to collect Royal Flush, but it's not so easy. Many developers have their version of Jack or Better, but the most widely sought after is from NetEnt.

Jack or Better Slot

10. Starburst

Starburst slot is one of the most colorful and bright slots that exist today. Slot machine with a five-reel and 10 pay line. This slot game is most popular among the owners of mobile devices with a touch screen, because the developer of the game NetEnt tried to make Starburst slot machine much steeper than those that can be found in major European offline casinos.

Starburst Slot

And we can confidently say that they got it. Not only is the game you get a lot of fun, but the slot has a good payment, both in frequency and magnitude.

11. Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings is not only as good as the movie, but also as a gaming machine. In the US, it is one of the most popular slots. This slot game is loved for free spins, as well as 243 pay line five-reel! Lord of the Rings was developed by Microgaming.

Lord of the Rings Slot

Casino World's Famous Slots

  • Cash Spin

As the primary spot champ at the 2010 Global Gaming Expo, Cash Spin is unquestionably a slot diversion worth playing, particularly on the off chance that you get the bonus round and get to spin the wheel. This game is not like the other games with wheels that turn at the push of a catch, Cash Spin players can really reach up to control its speed pace, like the big wheel on The Price is Right. It even has the clicking sound effect as the wheel rotates. How cool is that?

Cash Spin
  • Money Vault

Doubtlessly, Money Vault bonanzas can be immense. Money Vault is a dynamic game that permits various individuals at the same time to turn for the enormous big stake, raising the stakes and the big stake's measure with about each spin. Indeed, one fellow managed to really make $2.8 million playing it at the Bellagio. On the top of it, Money Vault components like historic 3D illustrations also solidify its place as one of the world's most prevalent games.

Money Vault
  • Vegas Hits

What's superior to turning one wheel? What about two? With two wheels to turn rather than one and the capacity to win free games and rewards, it's not astounding that Vegas Hits is a standout amongst the most famous slot diversions on the line and around the globe.

Vegas Hits
  • Playboy

Individuals who attempt to claim they play this slot machine for the lucrative big stakes speak the truth as clear as the individuals who claim they have a month to month membership to the renowned magazine for its rousing articles. Notwithstanding the purposes behind its prominence, this attractive slot macnine diversion is much amusing to play and a fantastic staple that is ensured to last.

  • Betty Boop

Betty Boop who is renowned for her shameless sex appal is presently one of the numerous well known characters being utilized by gambling clubs and programming organizations to convey happiness to players and make them relax their wallets. Notwithstanding its styling and evident engaging quality, this well known amusement includes an adoration meter and takes a player's affection temperature, making it one of the most interactive slots out there.

Betty Boop
  • Cleopatra

This has long been a standout amongst the most well known slot games around the globe. With an Egyptian-based Cleopatra topic, the fantastic five-reel slot utilizes images, symbolism, and music to attract the players like a snake charmer. In the meantime, the enormous $50,000 jackpot and the fantasy of winning 100,000 times their wagers keep the players attracted.



Thousands of people around the world play slots every day, or even every minute, so this industry is popular with gamblers. Slot machines not only allow you to relax during the bright game, which is accompanied by funky sound effects, but you can also try your luck and hit the ultimate prizes such as the million dollars jackpot. You will never know when you're lucky, till you don't play slot machines!

Stop beating about the bush about the games in casino, and especially about online slot machines, and let's move on to the ranking of the most popular slot machines as well as their online versions which now is possible with our world's most famous slots information. These are the best slot machines according to modern Internet gamblers, however, many men many minds. Maybe your ranking will be significantly different, and totally different slot machines will be there on the list. Who can be aware of the most popular online slot machines better than you?

We hope that this unique overview about the most popular online slot machines that you like will help you to make a choice among the developers of slot machines, as well as which slots to play and win.

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