80 Tips for Casino Travelers

80 tips for casino travelers

Whether you go to Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, Macao, or any other gambling destination, these are some pieces of advice you should take into consideration while getting prepared for the best casino trip in your life.

For people who wander and bet constantly, traveling at a club resort implies a long few days of extraordinary dinners, spa medications, and genuine time cozying up to one-armed bandits or green felt. The lights and sounds and odds and options, however, can be a little overwhelming for the new casino travelers.

Monte Carlo Casino Guide

Monte Carlo Casino

Casino of Monte Carlo is one of the symbols of Monaco. How is it possible to visit Monaco without going to the casino? If you travel to Monte Carlo, what are you going to do in the casino of the same name? How to dress, what to do and what to experience? It will be useful to get the answers, especially if you are going to visit the casino for the first time. Even if you are indifferent to gambling and look at the casinos as a profitable business for their owners, you should know the following:

  1. Please do not confuse Casino of Monte Carlo, Monaco with other places.
  2. If you follow simple rules it will be interesting to visit the famous casinos of Monte Carlo.
  3. Firstly, you must be at least 18 years, which will have to be confirmed by showing your ID.
  4. Do not forget your ID, without it you will not be allowed to play.
  5. Secondly, be prepared to pay 10 euros for entry.
  6. Entrance to the casino is paid, but you will pay for the amount of chips.
  7. It is advisable to only play with chips issued at the entrance.
  8. Evening dress is not necessary, especially during the daylight gambling.
  9. However, the T-shirt and sweat pants won't do. It can be just an ordinary dress or pants.
  10. Taking photographs is strictly prohibited.
  11. Mobile casino may not be working (for security reasons)
  12. Paying a ticket, you can admire the interiors of the legendary casinos which are beautiful!
  13. Please, admire the interiors (there are very nice of them).
  14. So, in general, it does not hurt.
  15. Look at the play (though the real players and the most interesting characters play in private offices and there is no entry to all comers).
  16. To play or not is your own business.
  17. The chips to play roulette and other games must be bought.
  18. No special skills are required for playing roulette or slots.
  19. If you know French, you can ask the dealer (and they're all handsome men, regardless of age), and they will politely explain you everything even if you speak English only.
  20. Well, if you want to play or have a dinner, you should pay some extra.
  21. Dinner system buffet (where you eat as much as you can), is worth about 40 euros per person, alcoholic beverages are not included.
  22. Given the overall high level of prices in the restaurants and cafes of Monaco, it's usually rather an expensive pleasure.
  23. At the cafes, with terraces, it is convenient to watch the bustle near the casinos and cool cars, parked nearby. They are close to the casinos mostly.
  24. For the public it is also interesting to observe, especially in the evening. It will be no big money.
  25. There is no spare room, but do not despair, just get up and wait, watching the tables. Within a maximum of 10-15 minutes (but usually faster) safely occupy the table if you see it's free There's such a rule.
  26. The waiter will necessarily serve you, quickly and politely. You can order a drink. And there is a great ice cream.
  27. VIP rooms are given to the players with the rates from 1000 euros.
  28. Play on slot machines with the change (€ 10) prepared in advance and you can win about 300 euros.
  29. In general, if you start to play, the main thing to do is to stop in time and walk away with a prize (if you are lucky with that).
  30. But in general the most positive impression is that it's worth to play here.
  31. And yes, be sure to go behind the casino, in its gardens, which often lead to the sea, going to see the facades of the same building, there are beautiful views of the sea and the coast and other open spaces there.

Las Vegas Casino Trip

Las Vegas Casino

If you have never dreamed of visiting this beautiful and attractive city, a half life is lost! There are no people on Earth who have never heard about Vegas. The city is famous for its huge casinos, where the coins are always rustling, and the big money won each round. There are about 36 million tourists who visit Vegas annually, and 1.2 million people residents who also play.

Though, the gambling was banned in Las Vegas back in the thirties of the last century, the city has become the top spot of a real casino entertainment since then. Nevada has always differed in its free-minded cities and Las Vegas in particular.

  1. Only here, you are allowed to smoke and drink alcohol in streets and many public places.
  2. Half-naked girls are walking around the streets.
  3. Only here you can go to the night club as a bachelor and wake up with the wife next door in the morning.
  4. Only here no one has ever stand looking at the casino and playing casino games.
  5. For many people Las Vegas and the casino are the synonymous.
  6. Here you will see the velvet tables, flashing machines, deposits of chips, roulette wheels and so on which many films have ever depicted.
  7. Get ready for the eyes that are burning with passion of dozens, if not more people. They are happy to try their luck.
  8. Vegas has now about a hundred thousand casinos and gaming halls.
  9. The minimum rates are very small, so almost anyone can play them.
  10. The most important is to leave in time.
  11. If you do not know how to play, the casino attendants will be happy to tell you everything and show it in practice.
  12. Ready to spend a lot of money? So, the separate rooms with higher rates are separated for you.
  13. If you want to play with and enjoy the pretty ladies, this is also possible.
  14. For those who are not ready to play for high stakes, or simply do not want to understand the complex rules of the games, there are arcades of slot machines full of cash.
  15. The rates start at 1 cent, and the rules are mostly not complicated. In any case, pull the lever or press a button and strike.
  16. All the major casinos are located in Down town along Fremont Street and Las Vegas Boulevard, or rather the biggest part of it, which is called The Strip.
  17. By the way, they say that the minimum rates on Fremont is less because the place is now not so popular among the tourists, as the glittering lights and all sorts of entertainment are alluring the tourists from the Las Vegas Strip.
  18. Look at the casinos, they can be anywhere.
  19. The doors are open to all, and the face-control is not practiced there.
  20. Yeah, right, we do have to find out that money does not smell. This means that you can see the peasants, homeless people and dandies in expensive suits in the halls.
  21. You cannot leave Vegas without playing.
  22. You can win up to $ 20 after simple manipulations at slots this evening and lose a million another one.
  23. Naturally, no cunning strategies are needed to know and push the buttons at random, knowing only one thing that one should not skimp too much on the stakes.
  24. After each game in slots you are given a voucher, which can then be used as a "credit" for the other games. That is, it alone is valid for all the devices. It expirec in six months.
  25. The voucher can be cashed there in the hall, in a special machine that issues money.
  26. Everything is easy, simple and clear.

Macau Gambling Tourism

Macao Gambling

What if you give up on gambling in Las Vegas or Monaco and go to the East? To Macau, for example. Why Macau? At least due to the fact that it's worldwide Chinese Las Vegas. Macau is appealing because of its casual pace of life and simplicity, delightful constructions and quiet air of celebration of life: narrow cobbled avenues, extensive Baroque temples, pilgrim houses with galleries, open spaces and Mediterranean narrow cafes loaded with palmistry, feathered birds and pipe smokers, etc.

Today Macau benefits from trade and tourism like never before, and in its future plan is the development of all types of family business-oriented shopping centers, theme parks, towers and bridges, which are based on the appeal of the games as some kind of paradise thing.

  1. To visit Macau casinos and see their unique Sino-Portuguese flavor, go into the crowd from Guangdong.
  2. It was the oldest European colony in Eastern Asia. In 1999, China took the peninsula back.
  3. Macau tourism began to flourish largely due to its proximity to Hong Kong.
  4. Mind the tips before visiting a casino.
  5. Macau has 33 casinos and Venetian Macau is the biggest casino in the world.
  6. Tourists under 18 years and residents under 21 are not allowed to play in the casino.
  7. It is forbidden to use cameras and camcorders.
  8. Casino accepts only Hong Kong dollars and MOP$.
  9. Money can be exchanged at the casino or at the nearby bank offices.
  10. Despite the fact that some of the Macau casinos have been operating for over a hundred years, the Texas poker in the city appeared quite recently, namely in 2007.
  11. Today, only five casinos offer the tables for poker, including the largest online poker room PokerStars.
  12. Offline poker club of Casino Grand Lisboa which is opened in Macau carries out regular weekly tournaments in Texas Hold'em.
  13. Asian Poker Tour is probably the biggest poker event held in Macao, except for the cash games.
  14. You can play Texas Hold'em in Macau in the following clubs: Venetian Macau, Galaxy Starworld, Hard Rock Casino, Grand Lisboa and Wynn Macau.
  15. The game begins in the blinds 1 / 2.5 euros.
  16. The Wynn Macau casino runs special tables for beginners, were they are trained playing Hold'em.
  17. Wynn Macau is said to be the best, especially for poker players,
  18. The stakes are higher there than in the Grand Lisboa.
  19. There are good restaurants, bars and shopping inside the casino.
  20. Grand Lisboa is good for those who play on the slot machines, a decent choice.
  21. Venetian Resort is a grand building, but still quite "raw" in terms of gambling businesses.
  22. It has often wrong dealers, poker is more like a friendly game at the kitchen table, where it is not required to strictly observe the rules of the game, the jackpot slot machines are not the most interesting, and the roulette is always
  23. Macau is more suitable in terms of shopping and good restaurants too.

Now that you know 80 tips for casino travelers, you will get prepared for your trip to Monte Carlo, Macau or Las Vegas better and will definitely hit the jackpot. For more interesting tips, follow our blog and do not forget to comment. Good luck!


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