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China is generally not an advantageous country for gambling. All forms of gambling that involve money or any valuable prizes are banned on the territory of China.

Macau case, however, much like online casino Hong Kong case, has different rules in comparison to the rest of China. It is a separate administrative region that enjoys its own legislation on gambling, due to its comparatively recent history of being a Portuguese province.

In Macau, all forms of gambling – including making real money bets! – are legal, and can be enjoyed by both locals and tourists. Brick and mortar parlours are carefully regulated, but the general atmosphere is the one of Las Vegas. Tourists from around the world come here to enjoy gambling and get this unforgettable experience. However, what about online gambling?

To find out all the nuances of online punting, please read the post below, to make sure you know how to play safely and successfully. In a few words – there are no Macau based sites, but players are free to access offshore online casinos that accept customers from Macau. Which brings us to the choice of fun, safe, and well-paying online gambling sites real money!

And guess what, we here at Casinority have already explored the issue and made a list of the best online casinos that accept players from Macau. Check the list below, take juicy bonuses, make real money bets, and win cash online!

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List of Online Casinos for players from Macau


History of Gambling in Macau

Gambling is generally a part of Chinese culture, and it has always been like that. Chinese have played tons of traditional table games and enjoyed other forms of gambling. Fan-Tan is one of the popular entertainments, among table games, horse and hound racing, and various lotteries.

The most well-known documents on gambling are dated by 16th century, however, the European style of punting was introduced in the middle of the 19th century by the Portuguese government that owned Macau as its colony back then. Instead of leaving the gambling habits and culture as a vice, the government decided to make it a profitable industry. This market started to generate incomes, and continued to do so even after the location was returned to China in 1999.

Already by the end of the 19th century, a licensing system was introduced for the gambling houses in Macau. Then, the monopoly was granted to the Tai Heng Company, and later to Sociedade de Turismo e Diversões de Macau. Both monopolists invested into the market development. The Sociedade de Turismo e Diversões de Macau, in particular, modernized not only the punting facilities, but also improved the infrastructure around the city. Due to such investments into the economic development of the area, this company held gambling license until 2001.

In 1999, Macau was transferred to the People's Republic of China, but its punting rules did not change, and it acquired a special status in the Republic. During the transfer, the Portuguese government agreed with the Chinese authorities that no legislative change will be introduced to gambling in the nearest 50 years at least. So, we may expect punting to thrive in Macau until 2049 or so.

After the Sociedade de Turismo e Diversões de Macau lost its license, the responsible authorities started to grant licenses to other operators and ended the monopoly that existed before. As a result, the market expanded even more, introducing variety and competition, which is extremely beneficial for the players.

Current Situation on Gambling in Macau

Today, all types of real money punting are the main and the biggest source of income for Macau. 50% of the city’s economy relies on gambling. This is a busy tourist destination, and the best part is that visitors are not only tourists from far away. The majority of visitors are Chinese, Vietnamese, and other neighbors of China. Gambling in Malaysia overall is a complicated case, so people are looking for safe punting harbours - like in Macau, or like Singapore casino online.

There are around 50 brick and mortar facilities for punting and betting in Macau, accepting bets from all visitors. The only requirement is that of Macau gambling age - 21 years. The most widespread and popular entertainments are casino games, horse racing, greyhound racing, sports betting, and lotteries. Making bets is possible via a range of ways, including:

  • on course betting, in cash or by card
  • off course betting by using special terminals
  • betting online
  • via telephone services

However, this is all about land based venues. Even if you use web services, the punting takes place offline. And what about online parlours?

The point is that, despite the market is very up to date, online punting is not specifically regulated. In theory, it means there are no laws for online parlours, but in practice, it means there are no web parlour operators that are local to Macau. Macau regulatory body does not grant licenses to local Macau online casino operators.

Due to that situation, many international casino companies avoid accepting players from Macau, to avoid issues with Chinese government, that is known for its strict measures when it comes to violating the laws. However, the situation that is unfavourable for operators is favourable for the bettors.

Many online parlours operated from abroad still accept Macau players for real money, and residents, both locals or tourists, are not limited or banned from using offshore web gaming sites. Players have access to online parlours operated from abroad, can make bets and win real cash. Mind that this is impossible from the mainland China, though, and the government is extremely strict in these terms. But while you are in Macau, online punting is allowed.

Laws for Gambling in Macau

In Macau, you can take part in gaming entertainments offline if you are 21 years old or older, if you have your ID with you, and you are able to pay. This is basically all, as the majority of the laws are connected to operating activity, and it is the company who has to worry on whether they abide to the law. Until you follow the particular rules of the particular facility, you are okay. Moreover, making bets in licensed facilities is pretty safe.

In terms of online gambling, there are no specific laws on it, so companies are not allowed to provide punting entertainments or betting services to customers in the web. However, the access to websites accepting players from Macau is not blocked, and the players are not known to be persecuted for punting at such platforms.

Of course, no regulation means no guarantee that the venue is legal and decent, and no player’s protection is enforced by the government. Therefore, Macau gamblers have to be super sure their preferred platform is not only fun and well-paying, but also safe and reliable. In this case, Casinority comes to the rescue, listing only the most reputable sites out there. Take advantage of online punting by playing on safe grounds!

Regulatory Authorities in Macau

The main regulatory authority that controls all punting activities in Macau is the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau. It takes care of the legal situation, licenses, and general order of things in the market segment. However, as we remember, the Chinese government has no right to change the main rules applied to punting in the next 50 years, so, despite being the main regulatory body, the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau has a bunch of limitations in their operation.

On the one hand, this means that many years will pass until we see any clear and comprehensive rules connected to online gambling. On the other hand, limiting the power of Chinese regulatory authority is good, because Chinese government as such tends to be very restrictive and limiting. Otherwise, we as gamblers will be able to enjoy the phenomenon of Macau for years to come.

Taxation Laws on Gambling in Macau

There are three aspects of taxation when it comes to gambling Macau.

Firstly, operators pay from 35 to 40% of their total income regardless of the type of activity or service they offer. There may be some additional fixed payments on top of that, but again, only operators have to worry about those.

Secondly, players do not pay any taxes whatsoever regardless of their entertainment. All tax suggested by the government is already included in bets and the cost of accompanying services (like drinks and snacks in the parlours). However, if you are a professional poker player, or take part in any tournament in any game of skill - these are mostly card games - you have to pay 25-30% on your winnings. This is applicable to both locals and tourists, but only to professional players.

And thirdly, no tax is expected to be paid if you play at offshore online parlours. How cool is that, huh?

Land-Based Casinos in Macau

Before we start reviewing several land based facilities specifically in Macau, you have to be aware that Macau actually includes to more regions where punting is allowed under the same conditions. This means even more fun travelling and entertainment, and also variety. While there are around 30 gambling houses in Macau itself, two other regions are Taipa and Cotai.

Taipa is an island nearby Macau, included into the Macao administrative region. Cotai is a newly reclaimed territory that also belongs to Macau. Both areas allow games of chance and games of skill in offline facilities, and you are free to reach out to offshore web parlours as well.

Now, in case you are interested in Macau land based venues for betting, check out the following ones.

Sands Macao Casino
Phone number:
853 2888 3330
203 Largo de Monte Carlo

This is one of the biggest and most well-known venues. There are 720 table games, over 1300 slots machines, and numerous events held on a regular basis, to keep the guests busy and entertained.

MGM Grand Casino
Phone number:
853 8802 8888
Av. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen

This venue was opened back in 2007, and since then, enjoys popularity with both locals and tourists. There are 400 table games, and over 1100 slots machines. In addition, there are hotels, restaurants, and spa-centers.

Wynn Resort Casino Macau
Phone number:
853 2888 9966
Rua Cidade de Sintra, NAPE

Banking Options for Gambling in Macau

Since gaming is legal, you can use your plastic to deposit and get the winnings. Plus, you can use local e-wallets and online payment systems:

  • Visa 
  • Mastercard 
  • Maestro 
  • American Express 
  • Alipay 
  • Tenpay 
  • Union Pay

In case you are a tourist travelling over Macau, in addition to your plastic, you may find an opportunity to deposit with your international e-wallets like:

  • EcoPayz 
  • Skrill 
  • Neteller 
  • Paysafecard

In any case, you are recommended to choose the safest deposit and withdrawal method, especially when punting online.

Facts About Macau

To give you a fuller impression about this unique Chinese region, we have gathered some fun facts:

  • Macau is called Las Vegas of the East 
  • 50% of the population are Buddhists 
  • Portuguese is still spoken widely here 
  • it was under the rule of Portugal for over 400 years 
  • 20% of the population are employed in the Macau gambling industry 
  • the area is fully urbanized 
  • the average lifespan among the locals is 85 years old


There is local currency called pataca, but in the majority of cases, you will be required to deposit with Hong Kong dollars. Many online parlours are also likely to accept USD, AUD, and NZD.
Yes, you can go for Hong Kong gambling from Macau, just remember that access to online casinos is banned from Hong Kong.
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