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11 Ways People Cheat Slots

11 Ways People Cheat Slots

Many people are curios on how to cheat at slot machines. It would seem that there is no way to cheat slots because this is a world's most famous game of chance. However, there are a lot of ways to do that that are basically illegal and very dangerous. This post is about the most fabulous and more or less real way working cheats of slot machines.

The following ways of cheating slot machines really work. However, always remember that the casino owners watch you out, so never try to repeat these tricks in real life and approach the information as educational material, nothing less nothing more.

#1 Banknote validators

We need to take an ordinary banknote, and a good transparent tape. One side of the banknote is necessary to tape over. We need to make the two stripes of approximately 0,5 inch on each side of the opposite side of the banknote.

Banknote validators

Next, we take a stripe of the adhesive tape of about 15 inches in length. One edge is attached to one side of the banknote. The other side is turned down, we put a pencil or any object with which you can then pull the clings in the middle, and stick it to the second edge on the back of the banknote, the remaining tail is folded twice and is now about 7, 5 inches in length.

Now everything is ready. You can go and play. The sot machine is deceived according to the following algorithm: after coming into the room, so no one can notice, prepare a banknote, charge it into the machine, after the credits are accrued, pull it back.

The procedure will be the easiest in those slot machines where there are two light bulbs on banknote receivers. It will be difficult to cheat slots with three bulbs. This method is the most dangerous, but at the same time the most effective.

#2 Slots discharge

To make this trick you need an unprotected slot machine. We need to take a lighter with a piezo element and pull it out. You can then go to play with it. There are three locks for the keys on the main side wall of the slot machine. It happens that they are signed, if not, then you need to find the right slot lock randomly and, if you are lucky and there will be a lack of protection, the credits will be scored. You can get up to 500 free credits with one discharge of the slot machine.

The same manipulations should be done with machines that are installed in arcades, but you need to apply discharge in the changer. However, this method can fail because the modern slots are more likely to be well protected and it's hard to get into the right lock even if they are not.

#3 The top-bottom joint and piano wire

To do this trick you need to apply a joint to bilk the slot machines of older models. The tool consists of two main parts: The "bottom," which is nothing more than a guitar string or some similar wire, and the "top," which is a metal rod with a bent of a curly-q on one of its ends.

The top-bottom joint and piano wire

The device will help you to complete the electrical current within the slot machine through the coin chute and activate the motor, which would then barf out all the free coins that can only handle.

Another method to cheat slots is to use the piano wire. The way is not less dangerous and demands special preparation while making it in the gambling hall. If you are a good "mechanic," you can open the front of the slots and insert 20-inch piano wires into the whirring guts of the machine. The point is that when you use those wires, you can jam the clock mechanism that times each slots wheel's rotation and be able to manipulate the spins of the wheels to the desired outcome due to this.

#4 Fooling slots acceptor

The meaning of the method is breaking the weakest point of the slot machine. In fact, this is a coin acceptor. We need to take an ordinary lighter and to disassemble the upper part. After that, you get something like a mini taser. Then you need to bring this little thing to the coin acceptor, click and let it spark.

Fooling slots acceptor

Each machine accepts the clicking sound as a coin thrown. It often happens that the display goes off, but the drum is still revolving and giving winnings at this time.

For ten minutes, the machine will give you two or three thousand dollars. However, such a system will work on some slot machines. Basically, it's old slots models. Modern slot models have solid protection. The biggest problem is that any slot machine is carefully attended and you need to work in a team consisting of two or three people in order to distract the casino attendants and succeed with the method.

#5 Shaved, fake coins and yo-yoing

While using yo-yo, the cheater tied a string around the coin and then placed it into the machine till it registered a payment. After that the cheater could yank the coin out and do the whole thing over and over again without sending a penny. So, you can do the "yo-yo'ing" with the same coin till you finally hit a jackpot (or get caught).

Shaved, fake coins and yo-yoing

As innovation propelled, the slots manufacturers swung to optic confirmation sensors to anticipate the tricks. These components utilized a light emission to enroll the payment as it's dropped in. Humorously, this innovation was successfully used against itself to perform a trick fundamentally the same to that of yo-yo trap.

The truth was that if the coin was slightly shaved on the sides around its edges, a slot machine's optic sensor still took it as normal and registered the game.

As far as fake coins is concerned, the greatest counterfeiter and the man who managed to beat the casino at slots was Louis "The Coin" Colavecchio. He learned to make the fake tokens that were like real and used them in slots gambling. To do the trick you will need a special tools for counterfeiting which is hard to home make.

# 6 Three light bulb slots

This method is specially designed for slot machines with three lights. However, it does not work at all slots and most often is effective at those where there is no money clips, and money does not add to the stack.

We need to take a banknote and attach a thread to it on one side, and then push the banknote into the machine (tighten the thread). After receiving the money, you need to stick money folded in four times, but do not lower it into the machine. Once the acceptor is buzzed, the folded money can be removed, and the banknote which was put the first, will come out by itself.

#7 Software glitches

You can use the software glitches. The next method is possible to use when you play on a particular machine like GAME MAKER (blackjack or video pokers) that have a touch screen, ie, when control of the game (change the bid to clamp the card or something, it is possible to double after the loss of any winnings) is performed by touching the screen of the gaming machine.

Software glitches

To double the gain, you need to kill the very first card by its larger of the given four. With the active screen, you can select it with no pressing the button and the touch of the screen.

The method is simple: you press on the card that you need to kill with the left thumb, and the last card in a series of cards with your right one. Then the largest of four cards by value will be opened. The method is very simple and safe, but it works only in two or three cases out of five.

#8 Another slots errors

There are serious flaws in the bonus games and, if the machine is nicely warmed up, you can increase your winnings dramatically. The errors are common in such slot machines as the CRAZY FRUITS. These machines come in two variations:

1) green slots (enabling free bonus games)

2) blue slots (free extra games as a bonus)

When you play the bonus game, a field with fruit appears on the screen. A certain number of credits or free games hides under each fruit. Everything depends on the bets. There are worms hidden after some fruit, if you open them, the bonus burns. If you do not want that to happen, you should do the following.

There is a tomato that says something in a bonus game. You have to wait until it finishes its speech, and touch the screen with your finger of the right side to it and to label CREDITS with the left hand. You will then see the bonus winning combination according to the paytable.

However, it works only at the beginning of the bonus game. You can try then to hold the same tomatoes and MULTIPLAYER with your left hand. This method is completely valid only for green machines.

# 9 Reprogramming

They say the only way to fool the machine is to reprogram it. There are craftsmen who make the software with a special code, install it into the slot machine, activate it and make huge money. However, this method is only possible with the help of the casino slot personnel participation and a genius programmer which is more than risky for both, casino employees and the cheaters.

Slots Reprogramming

# 10 Loss control

Now we need to seek machines with drums. The meaning of the game here is to obtain a winning combination. Nothing can be done to speed up the winning combination or influence the outcome otherwise, you just need to wait. The winning amount can be raised only by means of the winning multiplication.

The scheme of multiplication is as follows: there are two lines in the machine: one of the zeros, and the second of the doubles. If you hit the zero line, the win is burned, and if the multiplication line - it is doubled. Now the most important thing comes. First, you need to stand next to the machine and watch the game of the others. The best option would be to not even watch, but hear the information.

The main thing is to be able to select the desired sound from the crowd and occupy the wormed up slots. And then everything will be easy. First you need is to change money into chips and put them in the left pocket. The won chips must be placed in the right pocket. You have to play as long as tokens in the left pocket allow you to. Then it is necessary to count how many tokens were purchased, plus half of the winnings, the rest you can play out. What is more essential is to be able to stop in time.

#11 Slot secrets

There are some more software glitches you can use to win out the slots which, however, sound more like superstitions. Though you may laugh, the most widely noticed are the following:

Slot secrets

1) SuperJump. It is not funny, but it is necessary to carry out the jump exactly when the horse raises its front hooves to win out.

2) Swamp Land slots. If you have frogs matched, you need to jump just at the moment when the Jump Land lights are on on the top left. However, this method is very doubtful and works on slot machines emulators mostly.

3) Fairy Land. You also need to jump on water lilies when the crocodile appears. This method is also quite dubious and make some gamer laugh.

Online roulette method

This method is for those who prefer the game of online roulette, and are curious about the layout of the field. If you use a progression of "red-black" and raise the rates after every loss, that is make doubling on the gaming machine, you will be lucky the first time, but then the roulette will stop issuing the full lines of the desired color.
However, there is a pattern: large numbers (19-36) occur more often than small numbers (1-18) on one roulette wheel, and vice versa, on the other. First, you just need to watch the game, and then start playing. The system is 95% winning.

If you hit zero there is no risk of losing. So, if you play by sectors (small-large numbers), then it is better to reassure and bet a certain amount on zero at high rates.

It often happens that one color drops regularly and a person bets on a different color each time he or she loses and increases the bet for every loss. There is one little secret not to get into such a situation and win regularly.

During the game you need to put on both colors in alternate: red-black and do no stuck with the same suit. The initial rate should be made on the color that fell last. If the bet wins, then you need to put the same bet, but on a different color, and if you lose, the rate is doubled, but still is placed on the opposite color, etc.

You should keep in mind that you need to withdraw the winnings in order not to make the credit too large. Also, you do not need to necessarily start with the huge bets.

To Sum Up

If there are slots, there should be the ways to cheat them! This is what is on everyone's mind. Many gamblers go with the idea into the gambling hall (either virtual or real), hoping to achieve fantastic results through small tricks.

Of course, these tips are relevant for those who play for real money, and want to know how to cheat slot machines without losing their initial bet amounts. The truth is that if you play for real money, you have unlimited time on training by means of free rounds or online bonus games, in which you can get to know the features of a particular slot machine and understand what algorithm is effectively followed in each case. Knowing this, especially enterprising people often invent the fabulous cheating tools, strategies or even special programs that are designed to provide its owners with regular and pretty solid pay outs.

However, does it make any sense to spend time, money on their development and put yourself under the risk of being caught each time you apply them or at least try to? Probably not because the slots are absolutely chance game and there are one hundred various ways to beat the slot machines legally depending on luck only. Anyway, no one ever forbid you to use some general algorithms and secrets of successful game and slots gambling that you can access freely.

If you have anything to add, go ahead to share it here and do not forget to comment! Good luck!

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