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15 Winning Roulette Strategies

15 Winning Roulette Strategies

How to beat the roulette? This is a frequently asked question by many gamblers who dream to win at roulette. So, lets's deal with some wining roulette strategies to beat the roulette wheel and get a guaranteed win.

Once someone asked Albert Einstein if he knew a winning roulette strategy:

-"Yes, I know one!" - said the great scientist. - "It's to steal chips from the dealer on the table when he distracts!"

Certainly, the opinion of the great scientist is worth attention, but if you consider the fair win-win strategy for roulette in terms of mathematical probability, it looks more than possible.

There are lots of different strategies and tactics of the game of roulette. Not all of them are logical and do work, but we suggest you consider one of the most effective and least risky strategy games in online European roulette with one zero.

Strategy #1

Use the well-known roulette betting systems. For roulette, as well as for all the other casino games, you can use a great variety of betting systems. All of them are somewhat similar, and their essence is in a strict calculation of the current rates depending on the results of previous rounds. We advise you to pay attention to the following well known systems:

However, none of betting systems can guarantee you a 100% regular win at online roulette. However, they contribute to the systematization of your game and more frequent wins to a certain extent.

Strategy #2

We advise you to look for welcome bonuses at online casinos. All online casinos offer fabulous bonuses to the new players. Cash bonuses is something you will never be offered in a real casino. Bonuses are different, but one way or another, they are related to the promotion of active real money players. At a constant game of roulette, you certainly will receive attractive offers from online casinos that will benefit your account and increase the chances for winning.

Strategy #3

To start the game, and win according to the following strategy at roulette, you need an amount equal to 30 minimum bets. If you play with a minimum bet of $ 1, then you need to have at least $ 30 on your account. We recommend that you start with the lower betting limits, for example, with a minimum rate of $ 0.25. So, you can check the strategy in the action and understand whether to continue the earnings relying on it.

So, you have $ 30 and you sit down at the virtual table of European roulette. Thus, the rules of roulette offer you a bet on one of the numbers, red-black, even-odd, lines, crosses or on a dozen. In the case of a successful bet on a dozen, the casino pays you 1: 3, that is, if we put $ 10 on one of the dozens, you will get $ 30.

The essence of our strategy is to reach its maximum possible rate area of the roulette table, but to never lose the score.

We bet $ 10 on the first dozen, a similar rate of $ 10 is set on the second dozen. Then do 10 bets of $ 1 on 10 of 12 3d dozen numbers.

We have only 3 numbers left on the whole field. When the ball hits, we lose 2numbers of the third dozen and a zero. If you get the ball to any of the first or the second dozens, we win back the full amount bet ($ 30). When you hit the ball on the stakes of the third covered dozen we get $ 36 - that is, $ 6 of the pure profit.

Please note: you can bet on the numbers of any dozen, under the condition that the other two will also be covered by the amount of the sum of the bet multiplied on the number * 10 (1 * $ 10 = $ 10)

Playing with this strategy will guarantee you 92% winning cases, therefore, you will be able to increase your deposit rapidly.

Strategy # 4

So, the essence and the truth is that any gaming system for playing roulette is based on progression. Progression itself goes back to statistics and mathematics. First of all we are interested in how to get around the rules. In addition, the fact that there are people who receive the guaranteed prize every day using a progression makes people strive for success with extreme heat.

Strategy # 5

You can look at the progression from the mathematical point of view. If we look at strategy, it is simple: the probability of each outcome of the two is 50% averagely. That means that tossing a coin a hundred times will be fifty times positive, and fifty times a fail. It is a simple rule that corresponds to the question of how to beat the casinos.

Strategy # 6

To begin with, we consider the most popular and probably the oldest unbeaten roulette system - Martingale. So, it's pretty simple. We put a chip on the red (or black, does not matter), if the bet is not winning, we double the bet. We continue to double down until it will not win. In the case of the winning, we start a new series of spins by betting one chip.

Roulette Strategie #6

Strategy # 7

We place the bets on any of the two dozens at a time, the probability of winning at these rates will be equal to 65%. For example, we put one chip on the first and the second dozen. If the rate wins the balance will be +1, if not, put 3 chips on the same two dozens, then 9, then 27 and so on, until our bet drops. When the bet is played, we always have a positive balance, and begin a new series of spins with the rate of 1 and 1 on any from the two dozens.

Strategy # 8

We put 10 chips on the first and the second dozen, and we set 1 chip to nine numbers on the 3d remaining dozen, leaving only four numbers of 34, 35, 36 uncovered, and a zero. The probability of winning is very high - 89%, while the balance will be one or seven if we win. However, if not, we lose 29 chips and to win them back is not always easy. In general the system is quite risky.

Strategy # 9

Playing according to the system of a dozen or a column betting, we make the bet on one dozen (or column). Thus, the probability that the bet wins is equal to 32.4%. However, this system has a big advantage compared to Martingale because when losing, the bet increases in more than 2 times. If the bet has not won in the first four spins, we increase it each time by only one chip. We increase the bet by 2 chips after the 5th lost spin and so on. Anyway, the total balance of the account will always be positive in theory and we can not lose everything.

Roulette Strategie #9

Strategy # 10

Avoid betting on five numbers. If you do decide to play an American roulette, never bet on 5 numbers, the expectation (casino win) at this rate is 7.89%.

Strategy # 11

Play roulette with "En Prison" and "Surrender" ("La Partage") rules, they reduce the house edge to 2.63% and 1.35% when betting on equal chances.

Strategy # 12

Your attentiveness will do. There are several ways that you can get an advantage in roulette. One of them is to learn the handwriting of the dealer. What does it mean? It is alleged that a tired or a lazy dealer can begin to carry out the actions too monotonous: the wheel runs almost at the same speed, throws the ball with the same force and the same trajectory, etc. In this case, the probability that the ball will fall approximately in one sector increases.

Strategy # 13

Another option is a visual tracking. The casino in London has been exposed a group of players that shot a ball rotation on a mobile phone, broadcast accomplices, and those on the computer analyzed the probability of hitting the ball in certain cells and make recommendations on rates. The band managed to win a few hundred thousand dollars. The same analysis was prior made by a man who beat the casino, Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo.

Roulette Strategie #13

Some players are trying to do something like that in mind, to figure out where the ball can fall on the basis of the estimates of the speed and trajectory of the ball. However, to try both of these options is possible only in a real money casino.

Strategy # 14

The third option might be useful for online roulette gambling. This method is called "search of bias wheels." The player captures all the results of the roulette table at long distance. After that, an analysis of the numbers dropped and entire sectors that win increasingly, violating the laws of chance is held. It's important that you should understand that this method is not working on each roulette.

Each roulette is now made with high-quality, plus they are checked and centered almost daily. Nevertheless, the cases of successful location of the wheels occur. Depending on that a casino player can write a small program bot which will collect statistics, and other programs to help to analyze them. At least, unlike real casinos, which require many days of human work, you can automate the process online more easily.

Strategy # 15

We also encourage you to leave the roulette table and take a break after a long series of wins. No matter what casino you play online or real, you have nothing to fear, but taking some rest will do you good.

The truth is that there is a risk of making incorrect or misleading bet or to count the chips wrongly playing for a long time. Be attentive and win more!

What Experienced Players Do?

In a struggle with the progress of the casino the experienced players always try to limit the maximum bet. Many wealthy casino players, however, play on such a fantastic amounts that these restrictions do not work and often profit the casinos themselves which is a wrong tactic.

  • However, the rules will not be full. Therefore, at all times, the most enterprising players come up with the most efficient use of the fifty percent chance in the game and get positive results. Thus, the systems are invented to trick the techniques, calculate probabilities, etc, but not 100% intact the result of the game. It is understandable, you can probably compare the search for a universal formula of success with the search of a philosopher's stone that does not exist by the alchemists.

The experienced players who know how to beat the casino, and regularly do, practice complex strategies on the roulette game, and earn money very well. They agree on one thing: luck, or the system of the game guarantee the victory in any casino, of course, all this affects the success, but not as much as the ability to react according to the situation and pick the right strategy or even predict the way out for the ongoing case.

  • The situation is that the random number generator does a very good job in online casinos, and you will not go anywhere if the rules make you -2.7%. Another thing is a real casino or an online version of it as a video casino. The players find the opportunity to observe the non-randomness, and sometimes it happens that this is no coincidence and may allow the players to gain an edge on the game over the house.

However, the main guarantee of the guaranteed payoff is you. The sobriety of mind, prudence, the absence of excitement, etc. are the keys of the professional gambling at roulette. The last one is the main requirement.

  • There is a casino secret. In reality, the casino owners have the aim to bring you into a state of excitement. They are aware of the fact that people lose control in a state of euphoria and gambling heat. Your secret weapon is not to give in. That particularly works with the professional players. Therefore, they know how to beat the roulette table. Only then you will be able to regularly make money from the casino even on roulette.

You should not think that you get the luck by the tail. Even if you won twenty consecutive bets, the twenty-first bet must be treated as a single game that has nothing to do with the previous one and the luck you previously got. It does not matter, if you lose or win before. It is impossible to think that now you have no luck, or vice versa, you keep your luck by the tail.

Only the one who can cope with all this receives one hundred percent successful outcome. And it's not as easy as it seems. However, as practice shows, if go to a casino, you are determined and you know how to behave, but during the game it all disappears and gives a way to emotion and passion.


Are you ready to win in roulette games? Okay, it will be a little bonus to you - follow our page with free roulette bonuses and test some strategies from this article. But first a short conclusion. How to win at roulette? First, select a system. Despite the diversity, all of them are similar in nature. Start with the most common approach - Martingale. Read about it on our website. If you do not want to wind up with systems, calculations with paper and a calculator, pay attention to other roulette analysis programs, etc.

Also, you should be aware that the guaranteed prize cannot be great all the time. By the large sums taken out of the casino, you can get into the so-called blacklist. We recommend betting in several places on the small. So, you are more likely to remain unnoticed and stay with the balance.

In general, the feasibility of beating roulette in the casino is still rather doubtful, unless you are an experienced gamer. Roulette is not exactly won by developing a certain program or a"super-duper-win system," but using the deep knowledge of the rules, specifics of each roulette type and progression, etc.

However, speaking about the 100% winning in gambling, there is a slight ability to win anyway. Let's simply start with the fact that to win you have to play with the system, whether Martingale, or some other. And the answer to the question posed at the beginning will be quite simple: it's impossible to beat a random roulette at a distance, but it is quite possible to win at European wheel roulette with a thorough observation and preparation.

If you have any ideas or know more winning roulette strategies, feel free to share and comment on it here!

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