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Mega Joker Slot

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Mega Joker Slot

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Mega Joker is a 5 reel, 4 row, and 40 payline gambling game from Novomatic interactive division (GreenTube) that came out back in 2013. This nostalgia-activating slot will bring you back to the old days of gambling on classic coin slot machines in dim, neon-lit gambling facilities. You will be teleported to the retro-style Vegas casino atmosphere with the authentic graphics and familiar sound effects while also encountering many opportunities to win progressive jackpots. 

There’s nothing better than having a little throw-back and enjoying games like Mega Joker that bring back warm, pleasant memories. And if this is your first time playing, you’re going to figure out exactly why people are so drawn to classic online slot machines.  This is your chance to find out how to play this classic style online slot, and find the best video slot casino to play. Learn about the features you can take advantage of today in our Mega Joker slot review.

How to play Mega Joker

As you know by now, the Mega Joker online slot consists of 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 paylines. And although the theme resembles a classic casino gambling machine, the gameplay is a bit more advanced and detailed. The premise of the game is quite simple- select your bet amount and spin until you win. Whether you’re gambling for real money, or just passing time by, this is still a great source of entertainment for anyone who wants to play free casino games for fun.

The slot symbols and what they represent:

Star- This is your scatter symbol that is worth 400x your bet if you land five on the reels.

Joker- This is the wild symbol that grants you 50x your bet for five on the payline.

77 - Gives you 10x your bet for 5 on any active payline.

Strawberry Symbol- This symbol pays you 6x your bet amount for 5 on any active  payline.

Pear Symbol- Receive 6x your bet amount for five on any active payline.

Grape symbol - Pays 4x your bet amount for five on any active payline.

Watermelon symbol - Pays you 4x for five on any active payline.

Fruit Mix- Pays you 2.5x for five on any active payline.

Mega Joker slot features

Don’t look for any free spins on the Mega Joker online game- there aren’t any. However, there is a pretty neat jackpot that allows you to win 2,000x times your bet. The double or nothing gamble feature will also grant you an opportunity to win as much as 8,000!

Graphics and usability

The graphics are as classic as they get. You have yourself a retro-style themed online slot that has visuals and sound effects that will make you feel like you’re in a real Vegas casino. The usability is also wonderful in this game, everything is displayed properly and you should have no struggle trying to navigate through the game. The free Mega Joker slot machine is perfect for anyone who wants to have laid-back gameplay whilst being submerged in a 90s style gambling atmosphere. We consider this to be one of the top free slot games for anyone who fancies a good throw-back.


This is a wonderful, classic slot that has won the hearts of many online gamblers since its release back in 2013. The nostalgic graphics and the fun gameplay are enough for us to suggest this online gambling game to anyone who wants to win decent money or just play for free. But if you do decide to play, make sure that you do it at one of our selected best Novomatic casinos. And if you found this review useful, check out our list of all online casinos where you can find many more casino games like Mega Joker.