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Amazing Amazonia Slot

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Amazing Amazonia Slot

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The Amazon forest is rich with beautiful, dangerous, and mesmerizing wildlife. And while it’s dangerous to explore in real life, it’s still alluring as ever and will want to make you gaze at its creations for hours. Now you have an opportunity to feel the vibrations and hear the sounds of the magical rain forest without the danger of being eaten alive by a leopard or an anaconda. 

The Amazing Amazonia slot by EGT has been providing virtual “safaris” along with opportunities to win real money since 2014. It’s no wonder thousands of players have fallen in love with this online slot- it has gorgeous graphics and generous features. This is one of those online slots that will keep you occupied for quite a while.  The premise of the game is to land as many wild animals as you can. We will explain all the rules and give you all the info you need in this Amazing Amazonia slot review. Good luck on your excursion! 

How to play Amazing Amazonia slot

Amazing Amazonia contains 10 paylines in which you will need to land matching symbols. The wild symbol pays out a 2x multiplier, while the scatter symbol triggers 20 free spins with a 3x multiplier. Let us tell you a little more about how to play Amazing Amazonia to better prepare you for this gorgeous safari. 

Ace, King, Queen, and Jack: Receive 5 coins anytime you match any three of those symbols on the reels. As follows, get 25 coins matching four, and 100 for matching five.

Frogs and Lizards: These symbols will award you 10, 50, or 125 coins when you match 3, 4, or 5 of them. 

Parrots and Hummingbirds: If you see these symbols line up in the reels, expect to receive 15 coins for three, 75 coins for four, and 250 coins for five.

Otter: Land three otter symbols and receive 20 coins, 100 coins for four or 400 coins for five.

Tigers and Orangutans: If you get 3 of these symbols, expect to receive 25 coins,125 coins for four and 700 coins for five.

Amazing Amazonia features

The features in Amazing Amazonia by EGT casino are rather unique. Not only are the free spins and progressive jackpots present,  but the process to get them is more exciting and detailed in comparison to other online slots. The game really does make you feel like you’re on a rain forest adventure all throughout. 

Butterflies: Three or more of the beautiful, blue rain forest butterflies will award you with 20 free spins.

Amazon River: Land five of these symbols and receive 10,000 coins.

Gamble feature: Amazing Amazonia slot machine has a pretty neat feature that gives you an opportunity to double your win if you get 7000 coins or less.

Jackpot: Jackpot Mystery bonus allows you an opportunity to win four different progressive jackpots if you manage to pick three matching cards (Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades) from a “stack” of 12.

Graphics and usability

Amazing Amazonia is one of the best casino games from EGT when it comes to graphics. The artwork is done beautifully- the palette of wonderful colors and the amount of exotic animals to look at are very pleasant to the eye. Not to mention, the sound effects truly make you feel like you’re in an actual rain forest. Not only that, but the slot design makes it easy to play and understand. Not to mention, you can play anywhere you go because Amazing Amazonia is compatible with mobile devices. 


Nature keeps you alive, and if you’re unable to explore the outside world as much as you’d like to, the Amazing Amazonia slot by EGT will teleport you straight into the humid, exotic, life-filled rain forest. You will have plenty of opportunities to win with the unique feature the slot provides. And if you just want to try it out, you can play Amazing Amazonia and other similar video slots for free on one of our trusted online casinos.