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40 Super Hot Slot

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40 Super Hot slot review

Our expert 40 Super Hot slot review serves to thoroughly inform you about this slot and all its peculiarities for you to know everything before taking off for an amazing gambling experience with 40 Super Hot online. You definitely should trust our professional and unbiased review since our respected experts have checked all the features of this slot in both demo and for real money versions that’s why we guarantee that all the info you’ll read here is absolutely objective and truthful. That’s why we insist on your reading our 40 Super Hot slot review before taking your chance to check how lucky you are!

40 super hot slot description

40 Super Hot is a classical online slot developed by Euro Games Technology (EGT), which is a software company launched in Bulgaria in 2002. Probably, that’s the main reason why this very slot is the most popular among Bulgarian gamblers.

Basically, 40 Super Hot casino game is an improved version of 20 Super Hot, so the main idea of playing 40 Super Hot slot machine is the same, yet it allows you to get more rewards since here are more high-paying symbols. What’s really cool about 40 Super Hot slot is that you need to match not only fruits and bars, but there’s also an offer to get a lot of coins, which is especially rewarding if you choose to play 40 Super Hot for real money.

40 Super Hot is a really cool video slots when it comes to winning a jackpot. As you can see it yourself in the table at the very beginning of this review, the RTP (return to player) is quite promising if you decide to play 40 Super Hot slot.

Theme of the Slot: 40 Super Hot is a typical fruit machine, yet it has an additional feature, which is extra symbols. If to compare with other video slot machines, here you can play on a five-by-four grid rather than the typical three or four reel fruit machines. There’s actually no story line, all you need is just to place a bet and spin the reels.

Quality Evaluation: 40 Super Hot has a visually appealing graphics. The design is quite pleasant as well since it features bright colorful fruits and other symbols on a dark background, so there’s a really nice contrast.

In terms of animations, they get extremely long-winded when it comes to counting up a multi-win line payout. Yet, if you feel annoyed with all these animations, you can just skip them and continue playing as you place the next bet.

Sound in 40 Super Hot perfectly echoes everything that happens during the game that’s why you never cease to hear clicky reels and electric bells for completed spins. Sounds perfectly match with the slot design. It’s also really great that there’s no distracting music playing in the background, which is very good for players since it lets them concentrate specifically on the game.

All in all, 40 Super Hot is truly well-crafted taking into account all the above mentioned criteria, such as graphics, design, animations, and sound.

Gameplay: It’s quite easy to play free 40 Super Hot and for real money since the gameplay is quite basic. As you approach the slot machine, you can see five reels of four different symbols.

To start spinning the reels, you need to place a bet. Minimum bet is 40, which is quite symbolic since 40 is part of the slot name. Besides, there are as many as 40 non-adjustable win lines to hit. Other betting options are the following: 80, 200, 400, 800. As soon as you place a bet, the reels automatically spin.

For you to win, you need that each symbol placed on reels match with other same symbols to make a row of three symbols. These three symbols must be of the same kind and they have to be located on an active winning line.  

Playing 40 Super Hot, you will enjoy a really cool diversity of different high paying symbols. As such, a match of fruit icons will let you win from 10 to 400 coins. In contrast, there are different wild and scatter icons that can let you win as many as 20.000 coins at best! That’s basically why this very video slot look really appealing not only to new gamblers, but also for real casino sharks!

There’s also such an interesting feature of 40 Super Hot as an autoplay feature. It allows you to play a certain number of times without any interruptions. In case you wanna repeat the bet that you placed the last time you played, you can use the green button located in the right corner.

Gamble Feature: It’s really cool that once you’ve won, you can play a gamble feature that allows you to experience more slot variances. In fact, the gamble feature won’t really impress you since it’s just a simple kinda roulette style game with two colors - red and black. In such a way, to play and potentially win playing with the gamble feature, you need to predict the right color of the next card. If your guess is correct, your winnings will be doubled, if it’s wrong - you will evidently get nothing.  

What’s Tasty? You might wonder what’s so special about this video slot and what particular perks you can get while playing it. First of all, it’s really cool that 40 Super Hot has a few special symbols, such as the Lucky 7s, Wild symbols, and the Scatter symbol.

The Scatter symbol let you get really huge payouts. For your info, the payouts are extremely high in this slot anyway. As you can see it in the table, the RTP is 95.81%, which is really high!

But let’s get back to the scatter symbol though! You must really want to know what it is, and what benefits it can grant you, right? If you see the Scatter symbol on the reels, you can earn more coins. For instance, if your bet is 40 and there are Scatter symbols on the reels, you’ll get 200 coins. Moreover, if there’s a line with 5 Scatter symbols on the reels, you can get up to 20,000 coins! Can you imagine that?

Besides, there’s a cool chance for you to win a progressive jackpot as you play 40 Super Hot. Isn’t that really cool?

In addition, it’s highly beneficial that there exists a demo version so that you can play a free game 40 Super Hot before you decide to gamble for real money.

Drawbacks: You must be really frustrated to hear that there are no free spins available for playing 40 Super Hot. Besides, there are absolutely no bonus games in this video slot, which is also quite disappointing.

Another significant disadvantage of 40 Super Hot is that it’s available only for PC and laptops. In such a way, you can either download for free 40 Super Hot or play it online. Thus, 40 Super Hot for android is not available, so you’d better look for other gambling options if you wanna play on your mobile device.

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Our verdict about 40 Super hot slot

Overall, 40 Super Hot is a good gambling option since it’s a high quality classical video slot with extremely high RTP. Here, you can experience tasty gambling features and winning opportunities, such as gamble feature, autoplay feature, Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, progressive jackpots etc. As for drawbacks, there are no free spins, bonus games, and it’s not available on mobile devices. In such a way, we do recommend 40 Super Hot, yet you need to balance your gambling expectations while considering whether you wanna play this slot.