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Canada is one of the most gambling countries in the world – online and offline gambling is very popular there among all strata of population. On the other hand, the legislation still remains a bit tricky and unclear. The tricky and unclear situation also spreads upon banking systems – not every financial institution, and even not every online payment method will enable the user to deposit to, or withdraw winnings from an online casino.

However, there is a way out of this confusing situation. Deposits and withdrawals to online casinos can be processed with the help of Interac – a genuinely Canadian online payment method. This system has been on the market for decades, it has won trust of many Canadians, and it is also very convenient and popular for online gambling. Finding an Interac online casino is easy, while payment is fast and simple. If you would like to know more, check out this Interac casinos review.

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Introduction To Interac

Strictly speaking, this payment is not a financial institution. It is a system that unites Canadian banks together, and in turn links banks with other businesses, to facilitate payments online.

Initially, it was founded as a non-profit company back in 1984. The first mission of this company was to issue debit cards, but it evolved and eventually, became an innovative payment method that supports transactions online.

Canadians love Interac, partially because it was developed in Canada for Canada, partially because it is truly convenient, and partially because it is online gambling friendly. In contrast to some other online payment systems - PayPal, for example - that prohibit transactions to and from online casinos.

In 2018, around 7 billion transactions were handled by Interac system, which shows both its popularity and efficiency. Over 450,000 merchants accept this method all over the country.

Interac Casino List

Interac casinos are massively widespread in Canada, obviously, because this banking option is so simple and convenient. Also, those international gambling platforms that are operated b foreign providers also take efforts to include this banking option into their list, to make gambling easier for gamblers from Canada. In other words, finding a locally operated online casino that accepts Interac is not a problem.

However, there are not that many online casinos operated from Canada. Such business is hard to manage, and mostly, it is offshore companies that acquire Canadian online gambling license to provide their services to locals. But if the platform is offshore, it is harder to regulate and control, so some fraudulent practices may appear. Therefore, a Canadian customer has to choose carefully, and check if the site is really safe and reliable.

The easiest way to opt for the best paying and the most reliable gambling platform is to choose from our Interac casino list. Check out the best online casinos that accept Interac, and play safely for real money!

Why Use Interac

The first reason to use Interac is because there are not many other options for online gambling if you’re from Canada. It is reputable, user-friendly, casino-friendly, fast, and safe to use.

However, this can be said about almost any modern and trusted online payment system, so let’s dive into some details.

Interac is user-friendly, indeed, because it actually has two forms of payment. There is e-Transfer and Online.

e-Transfer is more convenient for sending funds to friends or family, simply by indicating the email address. Interac Online, on the other hand, is more practical for payments, including those to and from casinos. While the first option is transfer between accounts, the second option activates Interac as a payment gateway. Therefore, you can use the same account for different purposes by adopting tools specifically compatible with your needs.

In addition, cash out from Interac is super easy, 24/7, with the help of specialized teller machines.

Is Interac Safe?

To be sure that Interac is safe and secure, learn more about their security practices:

  • chip technology
  • personal information is not given to merchants
  • passcode verification is applied
  • biometrics is applied for mobile devices
  • numerous layers of encryption

Moreover, don’t forget that this system actually works with official Canadian banks that are backed with real money out there, so these guys really do care about safety and security. And this is basically one of the reasons why Interac is not available outside Canada - because locals banks are always reluctant to open accounts for foreigners.

Software Providers That Collaborate With Interac

Interac is an Internet payment system, of course, but since it acts more as a mediation between banks and merchants, it does not really serve as financial institution. As a result, we cannot expect casino games making studios to collaborate with this system directly.

The main point against such collaboration is that software developers sell their products only to online casinos (or sometimes to offline casinos), their niche is very narrow, and they do not need to sell their products directly to gamblers. In this sense, partnership with Interac is useless for them.

On the other hand, if even a software provider would want to partner with Interac for some reason, this is practically close to impossible, because this means collaboration with a net of local Canadian banks. Firstly, such collaboration would need tons of juristic hussle, and secondly, most big software providing companies are not even Canadian. Which, again, means local banks will see no use in collaboration with them.

Therefore, as for today, there are no casino software developers that would collab with Interac.


Of course, the main advantage is that the system is created for Canadians (while the main disadvantage is that foreigners cannot use it, of course). Yet, there are other perks:

  • CAD can be used for transactions (in contrast to many other online payment systems)
  • the fee is stable and does not change depending on the sum
  • the fee is small - from 1 to 1.5 CAD
  • the system can be used both for deposits and withdrawals from online casinos
  • for Canada, this is the fastest banking options for online casinos for sure
  • the limits are very flexible


As any other payment processing system, it’s not perfect. The real drawbacks include:

  • account and transactions are tied to mobile phone, or to email which is worse, since such connection compromises security
  • banks may use additional fee for using Interac, and this fee may vary
  • not all Canadian banks work with it

While some drawbacks can make or break the experience altogether, Interac is still one of the most convenient options available in the country, so even if you are not very happy with its disadvantages, perhaps you should still give it a try one day. Even the best casinos in Canada can be somewhat limited with banking choice.

How to create Interac account

First of all, you need to make sure the bank you use supports Interac; if not, maybe you would want to get an account with a bank that does. After that, you need to go to the official website and choose a product or products by this system that you would want to use. Every product page has detailed instructions on how to get the account. Let’s take Interac Online for mobile as example.

if you do not need a prepaid card, you can simply open an online account on mobile device. Just add Interac in your mobile software store and register. Then connect your bank account with Interac by indicating the bank details. You’re good to go! Next time when you want to pay for something with your mobile phone, or online via browser, just indicate Interac as banking method, and confirm the payment via phone or email.

How To Deposit

Depositing with this system is super easy. You login to your casino account, go to Banakce and choose to fund the balance. You will most likely see the dropdown list with options available to you. Opt for Interac, indicate the sum you want to deposit, and confirm the transaction on your email (or phone).

If you use more than one product by Interac, be attentive and don’t mess it up. If you erroneously indicate Flash, for example, the transaction will be rejected.

How To Withdraw

In contrast to many similar Internet payment processing companies - like GiroPay which is basically the same bank networking system in Germany - Interac is withdrawal-friendly if you want to cash out your winnings from an online casino. To get the winnings, go to Balance, choose Withdraw, indicate the sum and the banking channel, and place a request.

Some casinos require that withdrawals were made automatically to the same funding source that was used previously for depositing. If you have used Interac, it will be chosen automatically for withdrawal, which is good for you. In case you have used another method to deposit, and you would like to get the funds onto Interac account, you should contact the Customer Support of the gambling site.

To make withdrawal from an online casino problem-free, make sure you have met all withdrawal requirements. if not, your request will be rejected by the platform.

Withdrawal Requirements

To avoid rejection of the withdrawal request, mind the following aspects:

  • the sum you have ordered has to be within the allowed minimum and maximum limits of the casino
  • if you have not claimed any bonuses, you should have wagered the deposit at least once
  • no active bonuses should be on your account
  • if you have taken a No deposit bonus, you should have wagered the bonus sum according to the Terms and Conditions applied
  • your requested sum does not exceed the sum allowed for withdrawal of No deposit bonus winnings
  • if you have claimed a deposit bonus, you have met the wagering requirements

Some wagering requirements may seem tricky, and we do understand your point here. However, if you do not meet the wagering requirements, and other requirements necessary for withdrawal are not met, your request will be rejected by the site.

Payout Time

By cashing out your winnings with Interac, you will have to wait for 30 minutes maximum. This online system is very fast, despite the fact it works with banks. Yet, please don’t forget that the Internet gaming platform will take additional time to double-check your request. They will see whether all the withdrawal requirements were met, whether there was no fraudulent activity patterns by you as a customer on the gambling platform, etc. They may also want to verify your identity again, or ask for additional documents to be uploaded, especially if you break the bank.

All this will be done before they pass your transaction to Interac. Normally, casinos do that in 24-72 hours, but sometimes, you may be forced to wait for 5 business days, and only after all the checks, if the request is confirmed, it is passed down to Interac to process.

Interac Casino Fees

Interac fees are from 1 CAD - 1.5 CAD for operation, regardless of your deposit or transaction sum. On the casino’s part, the operations should be free of charge. In case you find out an Internet gaming platform charges additional fee, you’d better drop it. decent casinos don’t do that kind of stuff.

Bonuses in Interac casinos

Sometimes, big payment processing companies (especially those NOT working directly with local banks) cooperate with online casinos, and these online casinos are interested to make customers pay via this or that particular banking method - because they have an agreement with the payment company you see.

How to stimulate a customer to send or receive funds via a certain channel? By offering a bonus! For example, you may encounter web gaming sites that offer additional bonuses and promotions to customers depositing via Neteller, or via Bitcoin. However, since Interac works with local banks, it is not very convenient for offshore online casinos. As a result, those casinos do not collaborate with it (as far as we know at the moment of writing). Therefore, no known bonuses are offered in regards to using Interac as a preferred banking channel.

Interac alternatives

Now, talking about alternatives to Interac in purely technical terms, we can say there are plenty of other systems for sending money online, including the following:

  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • American Express
  • Paysafecard
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • POLi
  • Ukash
  • Interac
  • Bitcoin
  • Ecopayz
  • Entropay
  • InstaDebit
  • Citadel
  • Trustly
  • Apple Pay
  • Skrill

Most of them are available for Canadians, and are actually very user-friendly. You may want to check casinos that accept prepaid VISA cards, as well. There is only one catch in most of the cases - these payment channels are not allowed for online gambling. This is why Interac enjoys such popularity among Canadian gamblers.

Mobile Interac Casinos

The majority of Internet gambling sites that are mobile-compatible and accept Canadian bettors automatically have Interac in their list of banking options - because, as we already know, there are not many alternatives for this payment system. Interac, in its own turn, is very mobile-friendly, and supports fast and convenient payments using a mobile phone number, and a mobile device. If you prefer playing for real money from your phone or tablet, you will face no issues making payments via Interac.

New Interac Casinos

Most recently opened new casino sites are looking forward to add Interac if they want to accept bettors from Canada. For such sites, this is a must. On the other hand, this system places its own requirements to potential partners, so for new platforms, it may take some time to be able to meet all the security standards and stuff. However, if you find a new casino and it already has Interac, perhaps you may give this site a try.

Top Interac Games

Since Interac does not collaborate with any software providers, it means we cannot expect any featured games or slots, or any advantages on featured games provided to those customers who uses Interac.

Restricted Regions For Interac In Gambling

The system is currently available only in Canada, which makes perfect sense since it unites local banks only. The good news is that similar systems already exist in many countries, so you should look for your local bank uniting networks.


Interac is close-to-perfection online payment system created by Canadians for Canadians. It is fast, safe, convenient, and the best thing about it is that the system is casino-friendly. So take advantage of being a local and get your casino winnings fast onto your Interac account.


Maximum sum per transfer is 3.000 CAD. General maximum per 30 days is 20.000 CAD.
Interac Flash is a debit card for no-contact payments and purchases. It can be used for checkouts and also for mobile device payments. However, due to technology peculiarities, it cannot be used for online casinos.
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