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How ideal are iDeal casinos? While every country that allows online gambling has to deal with its unique issues and limitations, overall, every European country within the European Union has its unique situation. This happens, firstly, because many globally known online payment systems like PayPal are not allowed for transactions to and from an online casino. On the other hand, every country has its own local payment methods that facilitate online payments. These companies can even be online casino friendly, but the conditions are different for each of them.

So, when it comes to a practical task to find an adequate online casino accepting gamblers from Europe, and accepting certain methods of web payments, the players face a problem that way too many stars have to align in order for an online casino to meet all requirements.

Sometimes, it even makes sense to search an online casino by payment method rather than by country, because some payment methods are available for all or several European countries, while the choice of platforms accepting residents from a certain country can be more limited. So, if you are searching for casinos by banking method, and iDeal is your preferred method, you may want to learn more about how iDeal works with web gaming platforms, and what top online casino Netherlands sites accept it.

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Online casinos that accept iDeal


Introduction to iDeal

iDeal was founded back in 2005 by a Dutch company called Currence. The service has been on the market for many years, but it is not straightforward prehistoric. Therefore, it was initially created as an online payment method that would collaborate with local banks.

The service immediately grew insanely popular in netherlands, and in 2013, it processed over 142.5 million transactions. iDeal-by-Currence became one of the top 10 Dutch brands, and started to slowly work in other countries.

Technically speaking, iDeal is not a payment system, neither it is an e-wallet, nor it is an online bank of any kind. iDeal-by-Currence is basically a protocol that is activated to mediate between a merchant and a bank. iDeal is similar to GiroPay and Sofort in Germany, or Euteller in Finland. It serves as a system that allows the payer to provide money directly from their bank account or an e-wallet to the merchant, but without revealing the bank account details to the merchant. This way, iDeal serves as an additional security wall between payer’s funds and potentially fraudulent events online.

  • To use iDeal-by-Currence, one has to have an account in one of the Dutch banks that support the protocol. Yet, not all banks support it. Here is the list of banks that do:  
  • ASN Bank
  • Bunq 
  • Handelsbanken
  • SNS Bank
  • RegioBank
  • Triodos Bank
  • Van Lanschot Bankers
  • Knab
  • Rabobank
  • ING Bank

While this is a Dutch service, those residents of other EU countries that have account in one of those banks can also use iDeal-by-Currence.

Online casino iDeal list

As we have already mentioned, in the situation where there are too many factors to consider in order to choose an online parlour, it makes sense to prioritize the factors, and make an informed choice basing on the most prioritized aspects.

Talking about online casinos in general, we always pay attention to the following factors:

  • countries allowed 
  • software developers and games available 
  • bonuses 
  • security and reliability 
  • banking methods available

Within European Union, it is hard to be an insecure, unreliable, and fraudulent online parlour, because the nature of EU legislature does not allow such frivolity to businesses operating on the EU territory. So, reliability is out of question.

Next, software developers and games available are usually more or less the same. Of course, when you have a site with 200 games and site with 1200 games, with all other aspects being equal, you will choose the latter one. So, this one is easy, too.

When it comes to bonuses, yes, big bonuses are good. Seemingly. However, you have to be aware that big bonuses offered by casino iDeal have to always be wagered, so the benefit of any bonus (unless it is deposit free) is very dubious. To be honest, experienced gamblers often play without taking any bonuses at all, making bets exclusively with their own cash, because it gives them more control, and prevents them from meeting all the wagering requirements put by the site. So, having a juicy bonus is good but tricky, and if the casino’s bonuses are not very impressive, maybe this is not a problem.

So, eventually, it all boils down to those two most important aspects - countries allowed and banking methods offered. Check those two aspects, and if the stars align, jump in.

Oh, you do not know what European web casinos accept iDeal? No worries! We have already researched this question, and have collected all the best casino online iDeal sites that accept iDeal deposits. Check the list of iDeal casinos below, and opt for the best one.

Why use iDeal

iDeal-by-Currence is simply convenient. It allows you to make a payment to the online iDeal casino directly from your bank account, make the transaction anonymous, and it wants very small fee. Moreover, you can use iDeal to fund your e-wallets, like Neteller, Skrill, or Paysafecard (or analogues), and then deposit to online casinos from those e-wallets.

While iDeal is not a payment system backed by funds of a bank or company, this protocol can be used to double or even triple the protection of your funds, both on the bank account or during the transaction you make to any merchant online.

Every month, the system processes around 20 million payments, which shows the level of popularity and trust from the users.

Is iDeal safe?

Besides being one of the most popular payment brands in one of the EU countries that follows all legal regulations in the field, and besides collaborating with country banks? Well, yes, it is pretty safe.

Firstly, the protocol is supported with state banks, which in their turn use powerful systems of security and protection. The protocol takes funds from very secure places (bank accounts) and transfers them anonymously to merchants, without exposing bank details of the payer to any third party.

Secondly, the iDeal protocol has its own security layers - SSL encryption and two factor authentication, among others - so it adds another protection wall between the bank account and also user’s sensitive data, and whatever potential fraud lurking outside in the web.

The best thing is that when a potentially fraudulent party gets payment from your iDeal, they cannot hack it and reach out directly to your funds - because there are no funds on iDeal itself. To get your money, they will have to find your bank account and deal with the protective systems of the bank, and this is a totally different level.

To cut the long story short, iDeal is rather safe, at least for making deposits to online parlours.

Software Providers That Collaborate With iDeal

No software providers collaborate directly with iDeal protocol, because they have no such need. This system was created to facilitate payments from banks and e-wallets to web merchants, mostly for Customer-to-Business transactions.

Online casino games developing studios, on the other hand, collaborate within the Business-to-Business scheme, because they sell their products to online and offline gambling houses rather than to the end consumers directly.

Another reason is that iDeal still works mostly for several EU countries, while the majority of well-known software providers are not Dutch.

iDeal advantages

The sum up the benefits of paying with iDeal-by-Currence, check out the pros this protocol provides to customers:

  • small service fees for transaction - the system is really money-efficient 
  • casino-friendly - allows deposits to web gaming sites 
  • mobile-friendly - has its own application for user convenience 
  • accepted around the European Union - not only in one country 
  • works with banks and e-wallets alike - you can fund your e-wallet via iDeal-by-Currence
  • instant deposits - transactions are real-time and immediate 
  • anonymous deposits - merchants do not see the banking details of the payer 
  • no need to make an account - no additional registration is needed to use iDeal-by-Currence

iDeal disadvantages

Of course there are also several drawbacks:

  • not available outside European Union - if you do not have a Dutch bank account, you can’t use it even if the merchant site outside EU accepts iDeal-by-Currence
  • withdrawals might not be available - you can’t withdraw casino winnings to iDeal-by-Currence
  • €0.30 per transaction - small fees are still applied 
  • Only EUR is accepted - no other currencies can be used 
  • system fails - sometimes, the system is unavailable for payments from certain banks

It is up to you to decide whether any of these drawbacks is make or break by nature. Yet, to be honest, this payment option is really convenient for Dutch.

How to create account with iDeal

You don’t have to make an account with iDeal to use the protocol. If you are not a merchant, you can simply choose iDeal as a payment method and connect via it to your bank account to pay. That simple.

If you are not sure how it works, check out with your bank about their support of the iDeal protocol. They will provide you more detailed information about services, fees applied, and transaction time.

How to deposit iDeal

Depositing to an iDeal online casino with iDeal is as easy as pie. You go to your casino Balance page and click deposit. There, you choose iDeal from the options available, and the site gives you a pop-up iDeal widget where you have to choose the bank where you’ve got the funds.

After that, you are redirected to the bank page and have to follow the procedure indicated. When you confirm the transaction, the money will be immediately processed by the bank to the casino account.

When you deposit, make sure you know what amount is needed. iDeal does not have a minimum amount allowed (while maximum is 50,000 Euros), but most online iDeal casinos accept deposits starting from around 10 EUR. In case you consider claiming any type of deposit bonus, the deposit eligible may be 15 or even 20 EUR, or more (depending on the terms and conditions applied).

iDeal Casino Fees

iDeal-by-Currence takes 0.30 Euro Cents for every transaction, and this is basically all. However, be careful, because some web gaming sites tend to take fees for your depositing and withdrawing, as well. This is a total rip-off, so you’d better stay away from such sites.

How To Withdraw

Unfortunately, withdrawal to iDeal-by-Currence is not possible. This makes sense, though, because the protocol works by taking money from bank account and sending it.

While reverse payment and refunds are possible if you paid with iDeal, these are managed by the bank directly in case the payment was rejected by the merchant, or another unusual situation took place. However, funding your bank account via iDeal is impossible due to the nature of the protocol.

You have to be aware of this feature (or rather lack of it), because it means that you will have to provide another account or e-wallet for the parlour to be able to send your winnings there. Many online parlours support withdrawal automatically sent to the same channel previously used for deposit.

In this case, you will have to contact the Customer Support, explain the situation, and make them allow you another banking option for withdrawal. Just double-check that this banking option was saved with your account; otherwise, you will have to contact the Customer Support again and again for every withdrawal, explain them the case, and make them manually redirect your withdrawal to the banking method allowing withdrawals.

Therefore, solve this problem in advance and consider other payment systems that would accept withdrawals from online parlours.

Withdrawal Requirements

When you are able to order withdrawals to any other online payment system, e-wallet, or bank account, make sure you meet the platform’s withdrawal requirements. if you fail to do so, your withdrawal request will most likely be rejected, which may even influence the trustability of your casino account on the platform.

To make sure all withdrawal requirements were fulfilled, pay attention to the following:

  • you have wagered your deposited money 1-3 times even if you have not claimed any bonus
  • you have wagered the amount of the bonus, whether deposit or no deposit, the necessary number of times
  • if you claimed a no deposit bonus, the amount ordered does not exceed the withdrawal limit allowed
  • cash ordered for withdrawal does not exceed the general withdrawal limit set by the site (per day or per week)
  • you have no active bonuses on your account when requesting a withdrawal

Overall, you are highly recommended to read the casino Terms and Conditions, in order to be aware of all the rules applied to cash out process.

Bonuses in iDeal casinos

When it comes to online payment companies, one may frequently find out that some gaming web sites offer special casino bonuses to customers who uses this or that payment method to deposit to the parlour. This situation is usually beneficial for the customer if they do prefer this or that payment processing company. This situation is also beneficial for the parlour, because they obviously collaborate with the payment company directly, get their own benefits by sending them more customers, and therefore they want to stimulate the customers to pay via this or that channel by offering them special bonuses.

However, unfortunately there are no known bonuses associated directly with deposits by iDeal. Maybe some specifically Dutch parlours do that, but the trend is not generally popular.

iDeal alternatives

If you would like to find alternatives to iDeal with similar characteristics, consider GiroPay, Sofort, or Euteller to facilitate your payments from bank account to merchant around Europe.

if you want to find online payment alternatives in general, or maybe choose a system to get your withdrawals, consider the following options:

  • Paysafecard 
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • POLi 
  • Ukash 
  • Interac 
  • Bitcoin 
  • Ecopayz 
  • Entropay 
  • InstaDebit 
  • Citadel 
  • Trustly 
  • Apple Pay 
  • Skrill 

Please pay attention and double-check if the option you choose would allow transactions from online parlour in your country. There are many tricky nuances with these online casino payment rules.

Mobile iDeal casinos

iDeal-by-Currence protocol is perfectly compatible with mobile devices, and can be used freely from mobile phones and tablets. The company has their own legitimate mobile application for users convenience. If you’d like to pay via iDeal, you may even skip the usual process of redirection to the bank page, and simply scan the QR code.

New iDeal casinos

The majority of new casinos that want to accept players from the Netherlands in particular, and from Europe in general, consider adding iDeal service into the list of their payment options in the first place. Firstly, this system is very popular among locals, and secondly, paying from bank account is easier than go and open an additional e-wallet before you are able to make a deposit. So, you are very likely to find iDeal option at many recently opened gaming resources.

Top iDeal games

Since no software providers collaborate directly with iDeal payment protocol, you cannot expect finding any featured casino games and slots associated directly with iDeal. While this feature would have been very beneficial for the players, it is unlikely to be available in the nearest future, simply due to the nature of the iDeal operating scheme.

Restricted regions for iDeal in gambling

The iDeal is available in the Netherlands, Belgium casinos, casino Luxembourg. Those EU residents that have accounts in Dutch banks, even if they do not reside in any of those three states, can also use iDeal-by-Currence.

Talking about availability of the service on the merchants’ side, iDeal is accepted in 60 countries.


iDeal is a convenient, modern, and user-friendly system for online payment facilitation in the EU. It is online casino friendly and supports fast and secure deposits. While it does have several drawbacks, gamblers in some European countries will probably find it very handy.


This does happen sometimes with iDeal protocol when the system cannot link to the bank database in order to make a payment. You can contact your bank directly, or you can check availability via special service https://availability.ideal.nl/
No, iDeal does not provide its branded cards.
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