VIP & High Roller Bonuses

VIP & High Roller Bonuses

If a player needs to deposit a big sum into a casino online and is likewise intrigued by playing out the high stakes with an extensive bankroll, it is critical that the online gambling house, where the player deposits, offers a hot shot rewards. It implies for the player an additional opportunity to play out his deposit and win much more money.

That is the reason the numerous players look for vip high roller rewards when they go to the casinos and play their most loved casino games.

VIP and High Roller Bonuses

Another important point is the bonuses for repeated customers: they can be regular bonuses and annual bonuses on deposit offered by online casinos. As an important and interesting player, you want to play in the casino, which rewards you in turn for your large deposits, but not just in the online casino that attracts you and allows making high first deposits, but keeps encouraging you for what you are doing repeatedly.

We have collected the best online casino bonuses for big players to make your search easier and find out what you'll receive at the casino in advance, so you can choose those that suit your needs of online casino gaming the best.

VIP Bonuses for High Roller Players Online

Any trusted online casino not only has a normally gambling audience, but also has certain VIP-players. Such casino customers are valued the most, since they differ in loyalty to certain gambling house, play with high stakes, regularly use the bonuses and other promotions.

They are the bulk of the casino prosperity and popularity. Various high roller bonuses are especially developed for those players to encourage and promote the continuation of the game in a larger way.


How to Get the Status of a VIP Player?

Online casinos are much more democratic in relations to the VIP-persons than some land based casinos. In offline casinos to get a special status, you need to buy chips for a total amount of at least a pair of tens of thousands dollars, if not more. Online, it's much easier: the status of the High Roller and special vip casino bonuses will be available after the deposit of one thousand dollars or higher (for the majority of online casinos).

As a rule, high roller bonuses are directly dependent on the level of your status (in many casinos operating on multi-stage system, which allows to move through the status ladder, you get more different privileges).

The procedure for obtaining the bonuses for High Rollers is quite easy. To get vip casino bonuses, you only need to fulfill the necessary conditions. For instance, you will be required to deposit a sure cash sum. Substantial sdeposits for VIP players are favored in light of the fact that they charged with hot shot rewards, and additionally given other online club advantages.

And yet, before requesting the bonus, you should attentively learn the rules of wagering at a certain casino, find a wager and at which games it's possible to play out and regain, etc. The size of the bonus should match the size of the deposit that you plan to use in your favorite game. Only if you thoroughly understand all the "pros"and "cons," you can make certain decisions in favor or against becoming a high roller.

VIP casino

What's High Roller Bonuse?

Loyalty programs, also referred to as a program or a VIP- players are the mechanism used in online casinos in order to reward the players who are customers of one institution over a long time period. As a rule, the loyalty scheme rewards the frequent players with real money, awards with various other free casino bonuses and comps. You will find a loyalty scheme in almost all solid casinos online, the participation in which can guarantee you winning more money.

Loyalty or high roller bonuses are different from sign up bonuses and are usually (though not always) less demanding. Frequently, you'll see that loyalty rewards can be offered on a month to month basis with the conditions as that of registration rewards. Any player who has been enrolled can get free online gambling club reward, regardless of how frequently he plays. The difference is only the amount of remuneration. Before you use such program or become a vip player, you should keep in mind certain condition:

  • Many casinos refrain from publishing the details of an open loyalty program mainly because these bonuses are only for active, large and well established players.
  • Sometimes loyalty bonuses can be very generous. Their size will depend largely on how often you play at an online casino.
  • Loyalty bonuses are included in the «VIP-programs." You can find the section "Players Club" or "Loyalty Program" at each casino website and get familiarized with the high roller bonus conditions.
  • In such section you can also get acquainted with the principles of the VIP-schemes and get access to free casino bonuses.
  • Of course, these programs can vary widely, but generally they are divided into three levels: "gold", "silver" and "platinum," depending on how many bets you did over a certain period. Your benefits will vary accordingly.
  • More than 100 sign-up bonuses are offered by the top online casinos.
  • Some casinos allow extra initial investments, the second and even the third deposits. The interest rate may vary and reach up to 1000-1500 dollars or euros.

The premium players are offered with excellent programs. Vip players do not have to fill in the online form, or enter the number of a promo codes to a personal betting account at the proposal to receive funds and enroll into the high roller bonus program.

After you turn into a noteworthy player, you don't have to apply to the club to be provided with extra data about the rewards accessible and advancements that you can get, and so on. You will routinely get certain advantages.

Some virtual gambling houses offer their clients a monthly bonus on the first deposit. Its value will depend on the casino, as well as other conditions, such as public holidays in that very month, etc. Thus, some online casinos provide the gifts for birthdays and Christmas. The clubs for the major players, on average, open their doors after an average monthly deposit of $ 10,000. Bonuses are generally charged immediately upon receipt of the deposit to your account.

Many casinos online offer the cash back as a part of a certain loyalty program. Cash back means that players get points for every bet. In the future, these points are exchanged for money either automatically or on the players request. The price of these points vary in different ways, but usually you get one point for every $ 10 bet, 1 point = 1 cent. Therefore, if you have 1000 points, you get $ 10. Points are earned very quickly, as they are awarded with each bet, and a free casino bonus may be at a distance in a pair of clicks from you.


Game Bonuses

Vip and high roller bonuses, just like other casino promotions may dramatically vary depending on the casino, the game or game variation. The winning price varies accordingly.

  • Some casinos may accrue certain points that can be converted into money and brought to the personal account of the games we've already mentioned. They are usually awarded for certain stakes in some games.
  • Casino games with mathematical expectation 50/50 (roulette or blackjack) usually bring 1 point for a bid of $ 10, while others may bring 2 or 3 points for the same amount.
  • Some online casinos increase this figure to 5 points for a bet of $ 10 on certain slots or games of chance (keno and scratch games).
  • Casinos depend on the conditions of their cash withdrawal, somewhere it can be done with any number of points, whereas a certain minimum amount is set in the other. Also, most online casinos offer bonuses for each invited friend in the game which is also a great bonus.
  • There are exclusive promotions and tournaments for high roller players.
  • Various casinos may offer promotions to make further moves in this or that game, for example, a bonus given as a few free spins in roulette or slots. However, to be able to cash out the money donated, you will have to comply with the wager conditions, which are desirable to get acquainted with in advance, because bonuses and winnings on these bonuses can burn with the non-compliance.
  • Many casinos are working on a multi-level system of loyalty programs which is based on the fact that the more you play, the more you approach to the top players. Unfortunately, as we've already mentioned, online casinos not always disclose what privileges and opportunities are offered to the regular players, and to find out that, you have to play at the same casino for a long time span.

At last, online casinos do a considerable amount of rewards and comps for online players day by day, week by week and month to month in a form of generous high roller bonuses. Such activities may be organized for conventional players, not just for VIP-customers. Anyway, you should look for the data about these unique offers, distributed on the site of the club.

Why big bonuses are so attractive?

Big bonuses are so attractive due to their ability to increase the playing time, simply because the bonuses are extra cash and another strategy to increase the players' bankroll and win big. In simple words, a person with little capital can easily prolong the pleasure from the favorite casino game.

As a result, some players are constantly hunting for bonuses that can be cashed out and are higher unlike ordinary bonuses that are quite small. Money withdraw seems not such a difficult task, however, it's complicated in terms of bonus types.

It is understood that the games became popular with the easier issuing bonuses, and some casinos are lowering the odds, for example, to 2% in a well known blackjack, which usually is 3% if use an optimal strategy, in order to attract the vip players.

Bonus hunters can invest a small amount and get what they want. Rejoicing even little things, they continue to play and eventually withdraw from 10 or 15 dollars from the account which is a small, but stable profit. At some casinos, there's a chance to register several times, therefore, to get bonuses several times and withdraw the bonus easily.

Certain gambling houses have tightened the conditions for granting bonuses, but the desire to get them, are still not lost by the players. The truth is that if the number of bonuses on one site becomes low, a person goes to another web site, so that the profit of the casino can dramatically fall down. Leading online casinos are aware of the fact and become more loyal and generous in terms of vip bonuses.

However, to fight fans of bonuses, the odds on a variety of games that vary depending on either the game or the game variation in different casinos were introduced. To get the extra money has become more difficult, some bonuses became sticky. Online casinos offer no deposit bonuses that don't require any investments, however once you win, you won't have the chance to pull back the cash at once. In spite of the fact, there are special cases, when some online casinos give you the chance to withdraw if conditions are met, for instance, to play various games on any level.

Some gambling sites have stopped handing out big bonuses on your first deposit. Winnings are paid in the form of extra bonuses, to cash out, you need to play. To get rid of bonus hunters "phantom" bonuses are also applied by the casinos online, etc.


Many casinos offer many bonuses for their players, of course, in order to attract more visitors. Casinos are interested in new players that come to their virtual playgrounds from the first registration and use the regular promotions at the expense of enrolling certain bonuses. The percentage of each deposit depends on the online casino offering a bonus. Basically, the additional amount is calculated as 100% bonus and the maximum possible "gift" each casino offers individually, sometimes having a limit up to 200-500 dollars or euros.

Whereas regular plaers of land based casinos are offered with trips, dinners at best restaurants in the city, extra game rounds, top hotel rooms and cash rewards, online casino players are awarded with vip loyalty programs and high roller bonuses. The player who makes a deposit of a few thousand dollars per month, is more likely to be offered with good benefits, while the player who regularly risks $ 10,000 and more, can enjoy even more opportunities for free gambling for a certain time period.

Loyalty programs at online casinos can play an important role in decision of the player to stick to one casino. If you spend $ 2,000 on a monthly basis on the favorite game, then you may well become a VIP-client in the online casino and receive additional free casino bonuses. Virtually everyone gets the ability to increase the score due to such bonuses, for this, you just have to follow the news, carefully read the casino conditions of supply to avoid a burn out of the amounts won by means of bonuses and so on.

Follow up the website updates and use the most useful information on bonus and loyalty programs at your favorite casinos online, play and win big!

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