Proven High Rollers Casinos

So, you are a high roller? And want to play risk games under VIP conditions? Then, you definitely want to look for high rollers casinos on the Web. But what casinos provide the best bonuses for high rollers?

If you make a serious deposit or bet like crazy, you may anticipate the casino will notice your efforts and reward you with a VIP status. Many casinos actually do, but not all of them are equal. Some require too high rolls to become a part of the VIP gambling club, others are nothing more than scam. To arrange VIP internet casinos by quality of high rollers rewards, we have compiled a list of the best high rollers casinos on the Web according to Casinority experts. We have filtered out everything that only pretends to be a decent casino for VIP, and rated high those gambling websites that do care of their most important clients.

High rollers online casino FAQ

Even experienced gamblers often stuck when it comes to VIP status or a high roller status in an online casino. Nevertheless, a typical online high roller casino is very similar to its brick and mortar cousin. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about VIP casino and the high roller status.

What is a high roller casino in the first hand?

It is a VIP casino with special rewards, bonuses and loyalty programs for players who spend decent sums on gambling. VIP players in a casino benefit from higher cashback rates, higher withdrawal limits, a number of special banking options for VIP players only. Moreover, for extra high rollers there are numerous special rewards from free tickets to various gambling events to personalized gifts and services.

Sounds cool. What should I do to become a VIP?

The only way to become a big player is to literally play big. Make big deposits, place high and frequent bets and the casino will quickly realize you are a high roller. Then, it works similar to brick and mortar casinos in Las Vegas – you’ll receive plenty of bonuses, are rewarded with special programs and are generally very well accepted by the VIP online casino.

For a high roller, how much exactly is “high”?

The limits in VIP online casinos are generally lower than those of brick and mortar gambling places and vary greatly across the industry. Some casinos go with $10,000, others ask for $20,000. You surely can also find a VIP casino with high roller limits as low as $5-7K. As soon as you deposited the amount, you are entitled to all high roller player options.

What’s the purpose of betting a lot?

The more you play, the more VIP points you get. This is called a loyalty program, and many high roller casinos on the Web offer specific rewards for high roller players who collected a lot of points. For example, on tier one you get your payout accelerated, on tier two you enjoy faster banking options and priority 24/7 support with a personal manager, on tier 3 you get invitation to VIP events and so on. Both bets and deposits earn you points. More points, more rewards.

Are there any cash bonuses for VIP players?

Aside from what’s stated above, high roller casinos also provide fixed cash bonuses for loyal players. Usually, the pattern is as follows: you obtain a certain VIP status and can spend your points to get some free cash. The higher your status is, the more cash you can claim at a time. Also, high rollers are eligible for better redemption rates meaning they collect VIP points faster. In practice this means a VIP playing slots in a casino easily gets much more chances to take the house.

Do bonus points accumulate?

Surely. You are not forced to spend your loyalty points as soon as you achieved them. However, the majority of high rollers casinos have the inactivity rule: if there are no actions – deposits or bets – on your account for a certain period of time, all your redeemed points are wasted. Not that it is a big deal, though. Because, if you are a high roller, you won’t spend your hard earned VIP status in vain anyway.

Are there any withdrawal limits in a VIP casino?

While testing high roller VIP casinos across the Internet, we have come to a conclusion that most of them do have certain limits on cashout. The good news is these limits are way beyond those offered for conventional players. Depositing is also faster for VIP gamblers and has higher limits too.

What else can I benefit as a high roller?

A lot of excellent opportunities! Tickets to a theater, individual birthday greetings, VIP-only promotions and gambling tournaments. Also, high roller casinos reward big players with 5-star hotel suits, present new iPhones, invite to closed parties and dinners and have many other cool ways to say “thank you for your big stakes”. Of course, becoming a high roller just for the sake of gifts is insane, but if you like gambling, are truly passionate about it and have spare funds to invest to this kind of entertainment, then you should really consider becoming a VIP player in the first hand.