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Imagine peacefully walking home in a small village after a long day of farming. Suddenly, you see a big flash of light, and as you barely open your squinted eyes, you see a cow slowly ascending into the sky towards a spinning saucer. Well, imagine no more, you can indulge in this strange abduction fantasy with the brand-new 2020 Visitors slot by ELK. The slot had just come out in October, and has been responsible for thousands of cow abductions since (kidding). 

This extraterrestrial game consists of 5 reel and 5 rows allowing 3,125 different ways to win. That considered, you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy random victories. This is a medium-high volatility slot, so it’s definitely worth a shot, especially since you can first try it out for free on this page, or one of our selected ELK casinos. Visitors video slot has amusing, modern 3D graphics and entertaining sound effects, so one thing for sure is that you will not get bored! But let’s get into this a bit deeper and tell you how to play, what features and bonuses to expect and discuss the overall quality of the game in our Visitors slot review. 

How to play Visitors slot

If you know anything about ELK Studios, you will know that they stick to being original. That is why this slot, as well as many others, are far from the classic slot machine design. As we mentioned, Visitors slot is a 5x5 reel game, and 3,125 paylines. It’s a bit different from your typical fruit & 7’s 3x5 slot. So, to make your life easier, we thought we would show you how to play before you go abducting innocent cows. You can play for real money, but this is also one of the free online video slots with no download required. That gives you room to try it out and practice without making a deposit.  Here is how to play:

1. Click on the stacks of coins button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Select your bet from 0.2-100. You can change your bet amount anytime you wish except for the bet round. Remember that the game has a maximum win of 1,000,000 coins. 

2. If you’d like, you can hold the spin button to activate auto-spin. Select 10, 25,50, or 100 spins, and proceed. 

3. Now it’s time to spin and hope for the best. You are looking to get a combination of various symbols and numbers. Here is a chart to help you better understand how much the symbols are worth.

4. The slot also allows you to switch up your betting strategies. You can do that in the same window where you change your bet amounts. You can select between the following strategies

Optimizer- Bet level changes automatically, adapting to the % of your balance.

Leveler- Raises a bet 2 levels after 5 consecutive losses.

Booster- Raises a bet 1 level after a loss, until you reach 4 levels above the base bet.

Jumper- Raises bet 1 level after each time you win.

Visitors slot features

The Visitors slot machine in-game features are unique and entertaining to say the least. There’s something new happening with each special combination. Visitors slot allows you to benefit from Respin Bonuses. You have to land certain combinations of symbols (on reel 1 & 5 at the same time) along with free spins, and you get special extraterrestrial treats. Here is how it works:

The Visitors respin features consist of the following:

  • Big o Beam (Saucer + respin)- This symbol expands to a 2x2 or 3×3 sticky symbol.
  • Abduction (5x cows +  respin)- Adding a win multiplier. 
  • Alien Attack (WILD fire symbol + respin)- Adding sticky WILD symbols.
  • Shoot’em down- Hitting a silver spaceship results in a win.

Graphics and usability

The graphics in the Visitors video slot are absolutely adorable. You have yourself little alien guys with different colored eyes, cows that look a little traumatized, and cute little village houses. The visuals are all created in 3D, and you can clearly tell that a lot of time went into the design aspect of the game. Even the numbers attract the eye. The sound effect adds to the whole alien/abduction vibe. The theme is great, you won’t see anything similar in most online slots. 

The usability is excellent as well, all the tabs and buttons are displayed in big, evident icons and images, making it extremely easy to navigate and play.  Also, the font is huge, so you won’t need to squint your eyes trying to read about the rules or bonuses. Visitors by ELK is beautifully crafted, and it is one of the best casino slots to play and win


We most definitely recommend the Visitors slot due to its unique design, entertaining game-play, recurring bonuses and features, and of course - the high RTP of 96.91%. And although there is no actual jackpot, you can win a good amount of coins, and the amount of bonuses will keep you engaged for hours!  Try out the free demo here, otherwise please make sure to play on one of our best online casino websites to ensure a safe and secure gambling experience. Out of all games in online casinos, we found this to be one of the most amusing and interactive. We hope you have a wonderful time abducting cows and making acquaintances with cute little aliens. 

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