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The Dark Knight Rises Slot

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The Dark Knight Rises Slot

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The Dark Knight Rises Slot Review

For game slots fanatics, the dark knight rises slot should be thrilling. That is the second Batman-themed slot game released by Microgaming based on the movie under the same title. Both cases feature Batman aiming at stopping Bane and Selina Kyle from destroying Gotham City. The Dark Knight Rises slot game has five reels with 243 ways to win. The Dark Knight Rises slot machine has exhilarating sound effects and graphics, well-matched with the theme of the film's genre- action, as expected from Microgaming. Microgaming has maintained a high profile in creating slot machine games, with their games being hosted in most of the top online casinos.

How to play The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight slot machine has a wide array of low bets ranging from $0.01 to $3.75 per spin, which is ideal for gamblers. There is also a free play trial option.

The game has a five drum model; the character rows are three, and the bets should be in multiples of thirty. Also, the gambler has the capability of adjusting the value of the game credit. The Dark Knight Rises symbols are wild, and they can substitute other symbols except for the scattered bomb. If appearing on reel 3, the expanding wilds can be triggered, with the splitting wilds being incorporated during free spins. 

Bets are set up using a button in the middle of the control panel. When pressed, the gambler is allowed to change the coin.  The player places up to 5 coins on each line and chooses a different number of lines with a maximum of 150 lines. Of importance to note is that the number of lines does not affect the win-ways, which is at a constant of 243-ways.  The gambler can use either the automatic spin mode or the spin to spin the reel. When you get a winning spin, the winning icon explodes and disappears, and new symbols replace it.

The Dark Knight Rises Slot Features Explained

On the Dark Knight slot's field, the main characters are displayed; This includes Batman, cat-woman, commissioner  Gordon, bane, and many more. The unique characters are wild and scatter. Wild fills exclusively the third reel replacing another element for making a prize combination. Scatter appears randomly anywhere on the reels; if three appear simultaneously, the gambler is redirected to a bonus game.

The free spin accumulator feature appears above the reels with ten spins for any counter with 1x multipliers. That can be triggered randomly for any spin that did not get prizes. Before the free starts, the gambler is prompted to choose between Bane and Batman. Bane adds rolling reels while Batman adds wild blasts. Bane and Batman then appear on the screen and fight it off, after which the gambler is awarded additional multipliers and several free spins.

For more successful combinations, there is the symbol scramble feature. This feature is triggered for a spin that doesn't produce a prize. That allows the icons to break lose and switch positions, which increases the chances of getting a winning combination. However, not every losing combination earns this feature.

The Downside Of The Dark Knight Slot

The Dark Knight Rises online slot is undoubtedly a thriller game, with the thematic experience-enhancing this. However, some missed opportunities would have made the game even more exciting. 

Though well-matched, the theme is a bit too dark, making the field feel too dull and not ideal for long hours of play. Higher resolution graphics would also be of value, though, that would require a more significant CPU for efficient running on the gambler's end.

With 243 ways to win, it would be expected that winning would be easy for almost anybody. However, this is not the case as the gains are too small to compensate for the losses, especially if you play for a shorter period as most of the features will not be activated for short term losses. 

Unlike previous Batman games, The Dark Knight Rises slot game lacks a jackpot feature. Single line payouts are meager, and thus the addition of a jackpot would make it more interesting.


In general, The Dark Knight Rises slot is a captivating game primarily due to its theme and sound effects and favorable for most gamblers. Every Batman's fans should give it a trial.