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Roman Legion Slot

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Battle Ancient
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About Roman Legion slot

Get ready to join the Roman legion? This is the perfect online gambling slot provided by Amatic for those who love the ancient Roman war scene.This is your chance to help rebuild the mightiest of ancient civilizations.Sure, this game may not be the most original in its design, but it sure has some features and bonuses that you will love! The amount of free spins will keep you engaged until you reach victory!

Grab your swords and get ready to conquer- this is WAR!

How to play the Roman Legion slot?

This online gambling slot game doesn’t differ much from other slots you’ll find. Roman Legion does offer a free demo mode, so it is definitely worth checking out. It might not be the coolest game graphic wise, but it will surely entertain you for a while! Anyway, we have written a quick guide on how to play in case you need it.

Roman Legion offers 5 reels on 3 rows, with additional 5 paylines. 10 Free Spins are offered when you land 3 scatter symbols.

The card deck symbols are the lower valued symbols that range between 9 and Queen.  

These are all represented in various colours and are worth 5,000 coins when landing five of the same kind.

Ace, the King, the two golden coins, the golden eagle with spread wings, and the red roman flag are the higher valued symbols that are also rewarding. Their worth ranges between 7,500 and 50,000. The flag happens to be the top player in this case.

Let us tell you about some other special symbols you need to watch out for while spinning the reels. Special symbols happen to be the warrior on his horse and the furious Roman character– these represent the Scatter and the Wild.

Roman Legion extras

Told you this game is loaded with lots of awesome stuff! Here is a quick run-through on all the Roman Legion slot extra rewards.

  • Landing 3 Wilds awards you 5,000 coins
  • Landing 4 Wilds awards you 37,500 coins
  • Landing 5 Wilds awards you 125,000 coins

So as you can see, your army will have plenty of opportunities to march towards victory. Do not feel discouraged if you feel like you may be losing- triumph is near!

Roman Legion Bonus Game

There are enough Free Spins and wilds to eliminate the need for the Bonus Game.  

So if you love Bonus Games, this may serve as the downside for you. But we promise, the Roman Legion slot bonuses make up for the lack of the bonus games. It’s very well balanced.

Where you can play the Roman Legion slot

You will find a whole bunch of websites that will allow you to play the Roman Legion online slot for free. But before you start clicking on God knows what, let us tell you about our preferred online gambling site that also has a lot of other free online slots. You really don’t want to enter random sites that you know nothing about as they can pose a serious virus threat or even worse- take your money and disappear with no trace. Make damn sure that you’re only using trusted online casinos.

Casumo online casino happens to be our absolute favorite. It is safe, user and mobile friendly, has lots of different deposit methods and wonderful reviews. Definitely check it out before you decide to play the Roman Legion online casino game. You will find many other games on there that have fun themes, exciting gameplay and superb graphics.


Now that you know a little bit about the Roman Legion slot, you can try out the free demo on Casumo. Who knows, maybe this will become your favorite slot game ever!

The Romans are calling your name, they cannot conquer the enemy without your help! Bring victory to the majestic ancient empire and win some real money with the Roman Legion online gambling slot. Put on the full armor, grab your sword and charge into battle. The Roman Legion is waiting for their hero!

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