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Hellboy Slot

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Hellboy Slot

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Hellboy slot introduction

If you’ve watched the movie, then you know that this will be one hell of a slot. The Hellboy Slots by Microgaming allowed casino lovers a taste of one of the most popular American superhero comics and movie series. It’s your typical 3x5 reels setup with up to 20 paylines. The theme is undeniably attractive. It’s easy to make something look good using a title that has already gained immense popularity. But is the Hellboy slot as hot as it seems to be? Let’s find out. In this Hellboy slot review, we will teach you how to play, tell you about the features, and come to a conclusion on whether this game is worth anyone’s time.

How to play

This game is easy as hell to play. However, we wanted to save you some time and show you how the Hellboy slot works. 

  1. You have to make a bet before you play. Whether you’re playing Hellboy video slots for free or betting real money - you will need to determine what your wagering amount is. Otherwise, the game will select a bet amount for you. Click the “-” and “+” buttons in the bottom left corner of the screen to change your wagering amount. 
  2. Once you have decided how much you want to bet, go ahead and click the red “SPIN” button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. Your winnings will be displayed in a gray slot right above the spin tab. 
  3. What we love about this slot, is that all the symbol’s worth are displayed in windows that pop up when you click on any of the images within the reels. So if you’re getting too lost in the sauce, go ahead and click any symbol you’re wondering about, and see what it offers you if you land it in a combo.

Hellboy slot features

Features can make a crappy slot good, and a nicely designed game awful. In this case, the features made the already awesome slot even better! The Hellboy slot pokies allow you to enjoy Bonus Rounds, Free Spins, Scatter Symbols, and Multipliers. The game is pretty loaded with bonuses, and we were pleased with the variety of winning opportunities it presents. 

You will get to enjoy a Supermode bonus game which grants you 10 free spins. The way it works is that 3 wilds get awarded to you randomly, and they become locked for the next ten spins.  The only sucky part is that the free spins cannot be acquired again.  

There is also a Gamble Game available in the Hellboy slot. This means that whenever you win, you can gamble with the amount by guessing and choosing the correct card. Basically, you get to play until you choose the wrong card. If you do, the gamble game will be over, and your initial amount will disappear into thin air. You can pull out of the game any time you wish and keep the amount you have acquired. 

Graphics and usability

If we’re judging the graphics, then we have to judge it based on the original Hellboy comic book. And looking at it, we can say that all the artwork and visuals represent the original design to the T. The slot’s graphics are simple, but they are meant to resemble an already existing theme, so we think that Microgaming did a wonderful job in this department. The usability is also pretty great, although the buttons in the top right corner could be a bit larger for better visibility. Other than that, the slot is easy to understand, simple to use, and has pretty smooth navigation. 


Microgaming slots have almost always impressed us. The Hellboy slot is no exception, and we most definitely recommend that you try it out, especially if you’re a fan of the original comics or the movie series! The high RTP of 96.49%, generous features, and the exciting theme make the slot worth a try. If you’re interested in more slots like this one, check out our list of the top Microgaming games. And if you decide to stick with the Hellboy slot, we suggest that you only play on the best Microgaming casinos to avoid any fraudulent sites, and stay safe in terms of making deposits if you so choose to play for real money.