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Golden Dragon Slot

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Golden Dragon Slot Game Review

Because of their extreme lust for gold, dragons confiscate and guard all the gold they find in their caves! The dragon in this amazing game is protecting ginormous amounts of glistering gold. The question is, can you take it?

Developed by Microgaming, Golden Dragon is an online slot game that you can play for free or with real money. By the way, Microgaming is a casino software supplier with almost three decades in the gaming landscape.

Golden Dragon game features

  • Reels

The Golden Dragon slot machine comes with 3 reels. If you're a regular casino player you will notice that these are fewer than the 5 reels you're used to.

The downside is, three reels will provide you a lesser number of winning combinations, making the game a little harder than the 5 reel slot machines.

  • Paylines

In simpler terms, a payline is a combination of symbols in the game. These have to line up in order for you to get a win.

Microgaming uses 5 paylines on this slot game. This means you have 5 ways of generating a winning combination. If you obtain a combination of 3 identical symbols on adjacent reels from left to right, that's a win.

How to play Golden Dragon slot?

To play the game, place a bet from one to five coins to spin the reels. The more you spin, the more chances of winning big prizes you have. A win is declared when you get matching symbols on the paylines.

Microgaming used the Golden Dragon as the wild symbol of the game. This makes the game much funnier and easier. The wild symbol can act for all symbols of the game.

When you place bets of 5 coins in a day, you can win over 5,000 coins. However, it's only possible if you match 3 Golden Dragon symbols on any payline.


Golden Dragon slot design

The design is attractive but simple. Microgaming used pictures of the dragon plus a shield that has two crossed swords to represent the game symbols. These are used along with other common slot machine bar symbols.

Golden Dragon slot effects

You can enjoy a few interesting effects from the animations of the game. When you win, the dragon that lies on the gold pile roars and breathes out smoke from its nostrils.

The game sounds are the same as those of real slot machines. While you listen to these sounds,  you can also hear droplets of water dripping in the cave plus the dragon's breath!

Golden Dragon Rules

You can play the Golden Dragon for free, without making a download or registration. All you have to do is to select a casino and start playing with real money or for free. To understand all the rules, you can check them on the help menu.

Golden Dragon controls

All the buttons you need to play are available at the bottom. You can find buttons like bet one, spin, and bet max. To adjust your bets, use the plus and minus signs available.

Playing Golden Dragon slot for real money

After utilizing the free trial and acquainting with the game, you can proceed to the real action. At this stage you will need to deposit money using payment services such as PayPal, Mastercard, Skrill, and Neteller. Depositing ten pounds to test the waters would be a great start.


The Golden Dragon slot game is very simple and interesting, but it's not so captivating in comparison with most online casino games available today. It comprises only 3 reels and 5 paylines plus it doesn't give any bonuses or scatters.

The other thing, you can only have a chance to win the highest price (5000x of your line stack) if you get a wild that's represented by the dragon. You will need to get the dragon on the fifth payline. The other paylines can only give you up to 2500x the amount of your bet.

On the good side, you can play this game for free without a need for a download or registration.

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