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Foxpot slot introduction

The most exciting thing about online gambling is finding a slot that has insanely intricate graphics, awesome winning opportunities, and unique gameplay all at once. If that excites you as well, we have just the game for you. The Foxpot slot machine by Foxium is packed with all sorts of goodies and gives you chances to feel like a true winner even if you’re playing for free which you can do right here on this page for free! In this Foxpot slot review, we will provide you with detailed information about the game, show you how to play, and help you decide whether it’s worth a shot. Once you have made your decision, you can check out our options for the best casino online sites to play the Foxpot video slot for real money!

How to play Foxpot

We suggest that you try out the Foxpot slot demo version before gambling for real money. And to get you even more familiarized with the game, we will show you how to play in just a few easy steps. Most internet casino games have a similar layout and gameplay, but this one is a bit more unique. So if you learn how to maneuver this one - the rest will be a piece of cake. 

The first step is to always decide what your bet amount will be for each spin. You can change it by clicking the “+” or “-” symbols at the bottom of the screen. We suggest you start low just to get a feel for it, especially if you’re playing for real money. 

Foxpot bet

The spin button is the yellow round arrow tab in the bottom/middle section of the screen. That’s what you click to trigger the reels. You can also use the auto spin feature to have the reels spin continuously by clicking the revolving arrow button right beside it.

Foxpot spin

This is one of the more Foxpot slot features. It revolves the entire time and changes the winning opportunities for each spin. Whatever the arrow is pointing at is what you will have in store for the next combination.

Foxpot combination

The paytable and the settings will be displayed in the menu tab on the left section of the screen. That is your go-to if you get lost on what’s going on.

Foxpot settings


The Foxpot slot does not disappoint when it comes to features. You will see a load of unique tabs, wheels, and bonuses in the game - all of which contribute to grander winning opportunities. This will be one of the more special online slot machines in this regard.  This is what you can expect to see:

  1. Nudge Feature- The unique Nudge feature allows the bonus symbol to land triggering the Fox Wheel that will give you a variety of opportunities to maximize your winnings. 
  2. Bonus round- The bonus round in the game will grant you respins and multiplying your winning amount. 
  3. Bonus Wheel- The bonus wheel will revolve, and whatever it lands on will determine what your combinations can turn into. 
  4. Multipliers- Maximize the winning amount when you land the 4th multiplier reel, which will grant you multipliers of 2x and 3x.

Graphics and usability

The graphics make the Foxpot slot as attractive as ever. Not only are the 3D visuals crisp and motion-activated, but the layout is loaded yet simple to understand. The usability may be a bit confusing if you’re not too familiar with online slots, but once you figure it out it becomes a piece of cake. So all in all, the graphics and usability are pretty darn great.


Now that you have this Foxpot slot overview, you will know exactly what to look forward to when playing the slot. We fully approve and suggest that you give it a try - at least in demo mode. You will definitely have a good chance of winning, and it’s one of the most visually pleasant slots we’ve seen in a while! 

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