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Roulette History and Interesting Facts

Roulette History and Interesting Facts

At first glance, there is nothing special in this game of chance: light ball and a wheel with the colored cells. It is, however, difficult to accept the fact that the age of the roulette wheel is not even one hundred years. Roulette is so old and legendary that if you even try to print all of its famous stories, it would be necessary to allocate a huge library for storing thousands of books!

Playing roulette, a lot of rich people were ruined in hours, cheaters and adventurers came up with the new tricks, and the church leaders absented this entertainment to the diabolical machinations. Over a century of its existence, the roulette has accumulated a lot of interesting facts that every fan should know! Here are some of them.

Roulette Historical Background

Roulette is known to be rather a popular casino game, it is difficult to imagine any casino either online or land based without it.

  • The name of roulette originates from the French word «roulette» which means «a little wheel." Despite the French origins of the name, the historical background of roulette is rather contradictory and is full of legends.

There is a version that it was created in China. In any case, the vast majority adhere to the version according to which roulette was designed by the French researcher Blaise Pascal in 1655 amid endeavors to make an eternal engine. Thus, roulette appeared completely at random at one of the experiments by Blaise Pascal that came across a good idea during the experiments.

Be it truth or not, yet at the beginning of its history, it was played just in the religious male communities in order to get rid of the banal fatig.

  • Einstein once commented on the game of roulette: «You cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it.» The scientist was obviously very confident that the application of any systems and theories for winning this game were absolutely useless.

Over time, roulette became more popular among less religious people, and the first Parisian casinos represented a novelty in the form of a roulette game to the players with great pleasure. At that time the game was considered to be the game for the representatives of higher society echelon only.

  • In 1842 after the discovery of the casino in Monte Carlo by brothers Francois and Louis Blanc, the roulette history gained a shade of supernatural, irrational.
  • According to the legend (or a well thought-out pr move the Blanc brothers), they sold their souls to the devil, with the knowledge of all the roulette secrets. This was even aggravated by the fact that the use of numbers from 0 to 36 in their sum which is equal to the number of the beast 666. By the way, it was the Blanc brothers who added a zero to the wheel, the number "0".
  • In the early nineteenth century, the game hit the United States and gained immense popularity among the first gold diggers - people combining two qualities: belief in luck and the greatest patience.

Thus, roulette acquired the second zero, "00" or double-zero and became an American wheel roulette game. This increased the profits of the casinos and roulette history got a new direction.

Early versions of American roulette had only 28 numbers, but 2 zeros and a special slot called "Eagle". With this casino advantage over the player was as much as 12.3 per cent!

There is an interesting story about a casino in Las Vegas, which has set the roulette table with a double zero. After that the administration of the casino has undergone the reproach from the players which began to show discontent with unfair little chance of winning at American Roulette. Soon, a lot of casinos around the world followed the suit.

Roulette variations

The roulette gamblers from all over the world owe it their favorite game variations. In total, there are several types of roulette, among which French, American, and European professional roulette shine brighter than all. Currently there are the following types of the roulette game accepted all over the world:

• French Roulette with one zero
• American Roulette or double zero roulette
• Roulette La Boule without zero
• Roulette Jackpot

Sometimes the French roulette is referred to a special game variation. In fact, the French Roulette is a kind of a normal European roulette variation or the original roulette, which uses the rules En prison.

Roulette History

Top 27 Interesting Roulette Facts

Roulette is a favorite game for millions of people worldwide. It is played in Europe and America, Africa and Australia. Fans of roulette know its history and rules, scrutinize popular and little-known strategies, etc. But what do we actually know about the game? This question was asked by a group of American students from New Jersey. Their research was very interesting and showed 25 really amazing and even a little strange facts about roulette. Let's find them out.

  1. Today, there are about 70 thousand tables for roulette for money in various casinos of the world. This is the largest number of them: more than 120 are found is the casino Venetian, near Macau.
  2. The largest number of tables is situated in the casino of Monaco, but only 22 of them work at the same time.
  3. No more than five roulette tables are produced every day in the world. Basically it is a standard model. However, sometimes they are made for custom individuals. Thus, a roulette table with some golden parts was made for one Russian gambling fan.
  4. Roulette is one of the simplest games in terms of rules. It is not necessary to study the strategies and the game mechanics. The player is free to select any of 11 ways of betting, which may lead to 161 possible combinations.
  5. The longest roulette table round was recorded at a casino in Atlantic City. Its duration was 2 minutes and 8 seconds.
  6. However, one of the longest games without a break was taken by an elderly lady from the United States. The old woman managed to hold for a roulette table for six days without a break for sleep and rest in one of Las Vegas gambling establishments.
  7. 9 out of 10 roulette players have a favorite number which they will by all means try to put and win. And the most popular numbers are 32, 17, 0 ( zero), 5 and 29. Incidentally, but the numbers of the middle column are chosen by people much more often than the numbers of the first or third.
  8. Currently, there are about 20 varieties of roulette including American, European, French, La Boule, mini roulette, and so on.
  9. Roulette is among the three most popular gambling in the virtual gaming establishments (along with poker and slots).
  10. It appears that to play roulette is possible not only on the Internet or in real casinos. Some people are lucky enough to play it in a very unexpected places, such as on a beach in the middle of the pool, on the train, inside the truck, and even in the jungle. Rumor has it that a few owners of large casinos plan to organize a game in space in the future.
  11. Roulette is mostly preferred by men. Only 20% of the players are women. In addition, according to research by British scientists, people with high potency are addicted to roulette more. There is even a theory that the game has a positive effect on male potency.
  12. The highest bet in the history of roulette was made in Las Vegas casino "Horseshoe Binion." One of the visitors put a million dollars on the "red" and won!
  13. Well, the Australian tycoon got the biggest win and became $ 150 million richer overnight.
  14. The Guinness Book has an unusual record in terms of roulette. The case when one number dropped out for six consecutive times was recorded. It was number 7. In addition, it happened that the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 dropped on the roulette one by one. It is the longest sequence in the history of the game.
  15. The largest number of players together to make a bet at one roulette table was 27 people. This big company played at a casino in the Italian resort of San Vincent.
  16. Roulette is ranked a third casino game variation among the most popular casino games. The first two places belong to craps and video slots.
  17. The advantage of a gambling establishment in euro ranges from 2.7% and is higher than in poker and let it ride, which is 2.3% and 3.5%. French Roulette is considered to be the most profitable for the players among all the varieties of roulette games.
  18. The advantage of the casino at roulette with two zeros is 5.26% for the game at the maximum rate. Although there are exceptions.
  19. The bets on 5 numbers (0, 00, 1, 2, 3) are the worst in roulette. Here the winning expectations fall to 7.89%.
  20. Roulette with one zero is called classical or French, and has a more positive expectation of 2.7%.
  21. In roulette you can bet on red-black, even-odd, a group of 1-18 or 19-36. When these rates are chosen the chances of winning increase significantly. Waiting is comparable to the game of blackjack or craps.
  22. The sum of all the numbers on a roulette is equal to 666.
  23. If you guess the winning number, your win will comprise all your bets multiplied in 35.
  24. The weight of the roulette wheel is 60 kg and during rotation the dealer sets the tempo of the rotation. After the dealer push, the damped rotation in the opposite direction is supported by a special mechanism.
  25. On the Philippines, when all bets are made and there are no more bets, the players are notified by the dealer ringing the bell.
  26. The most popular number of the roulette game is 17. It is also called a number of James Bond.
  27. Roulette wheels used in the Paris casinos in the 1790s were characterized by the fact that they had red zero section. Only in the 1800s zero turned into green.

Other Interesting Cases

Indeed, Albert Einstein once made the flat statement no one could possibly win at roulette “unless he steals money from the table while the croupier isn’t looking.”
However, amid the little Greek mathematician's visit to Las Vegas who ceased off quickly at a roulette table, purchased a modest bunch of chips, plunked them down on red — won — and let them ride for two more twists, on which red likewise appeared.
After that he cashed in, pocketed his winnings and grinned at the scientist. Ironically enough.

The case in Las Vegas

Another case happened to an Englishman who had a special sense of adventure. A gambler named Ashley Revell made a bid for the amount that was gained for the sale of all his property: the house, the car, smaller values, everything went on sale for the big bet on which the fate of the Englishman depended. Revell won $ 135,300 by betting on red after he had bet his whole life at roulette.

Devil's game

Sure thing a lot of people have already heard the nickname of roulette, which sounds like "a game of the devil." The cause of such a title is not only a great risk and high rates of hypnotic excitement that are palpable in the rotation of the wheel of fortune, but also due to the result of adding up all the numbers on the drum together. Famous diabolical three sixes are the sum of all the numbers of the drum.

Another theory of the origin of the second name of the game is based on the legend about the two brothers who sold their souls to the devil in a Monte Carlo casino for obtaining a secret power for prediction of rotation results.

Betting Secrets

In total, there are 5 bets that exist in the US version of the game, providing online gamblers with the lowest chance of winning. If the customer of the casino puts money on double zero, single zero, three, two or one, he is more likely to lose. With such casino client's bets the casino receives the highest chance of profit - 7.89%.

In the end

Roulette is the most popular game of chance in Europe. In some casinos you will find only 2 or three tables of blackjack, but there will be as many as 8 or 12 roulette tables for sure. Roulette has incredible history and legendary origins, has a lot of interesting facts to find out and use in gambling for the profit.

The historical name of this game was derived from the French word, literally translated into English as "a small wheel".

Due to its simplicity, the roulette has won the world and has become the "Queen of the casino." It is simply impossible to visit a casino without playing roulette!

The development of digital technologies and the Internet have opened up the new prospects for the roulette game and the history of roulette came to a new level.

First there were computer games, allowing to play without leaving your home, free of charge. Very soon they were replaced by the whole online casinos. It has become possible not only to play but to win real money online.

These online casino sites, taking only the best from their counterparts, provide their clients best roulette games to play. If you want to get the opportunity to play for free, without registration you can do it on our website. On this page, you will find the most popular roulette games which you can play in the demo version. For our readers from the UK, we recommend visit our article about best roulette bonuses without deposit and try this game for free but with a chance to win real money. This allows the players to test and polish their strategies before the plunge into the world of roulette gambling.

However, roulette is a game of chance, the same as slot machines, craps or keno, which can not be won from the purely mathematical point of view. Play them for fun, play for smaller money and win when you know the history, interesting facts and hoaxes. Good luck, you all!


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