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Online Casino Strategies for Sticky Bonuses

Online Casino Strategies for Sticky Bonuses

You can call an experienced player a person who is keen on budget management and, thus, can make head or tail of the comps and use the most beneficial online casino bonus strategies to increase the winnings.

It's hard to name anyone who spends much time in the casino. After all, not all spend it meaningfully and usefully enough there, many just rely on the case and do not try to make the effort that really helps to get rich without much difficulty and investments.

The truth is that it is possible to win a large sum in a casino, even if the experience in the game is insignificant with the help of casino bonuses. Those who know a lot about the business, sure will win more. The start of any game is impossible without an answer to the question of how to develop the strategies for sticky bonuses. Only clearly seeing the whole system of winning in front of you, you can count on success in any game. That's what we are going to deal with this time.

What's the Use of a Bonus?

In any case, there are various bonuses that a player can take from the gambling establishment in any game he chooses. At various discussions, you'll habitually come across the individuals alluding to "sticky" and "cashable" bonuses. These two terms are utilized to depict the distinctive sorts of casino rewards.

You can either use the bonus that can be withdrawn as soon as you meet the wagering requirements or make use of the power-ups that can not be withdrawn anyway and develop the online casino strategy accordingly.

It is accepted that online casino bonuses that are possible to take off came first, but lately their popularity among the casinos have been slowly falling and they have become 'sticky', however, they still offer a lot, and there are very interesting among them.

Wager is the minimum number of bets that the user must supply to be able to withdraw the winnings from no deposit bonus. The greater the size of the bonus, the more wager conditions he takes. Here is a simple example of how the wager on bonus receipt works at the casino.


A player receives a bonus of $ 100 to wager 50b or $ 5,000. Only the games with risk free rates are prohibited. We take the game with the maximum expectations with respect to the payments (minimal advantage of the casino).

For example, it can be video poker or blackjack, where the advantage is up to 99.5%

Making bets of $ 5,000, on average, we get back $ 5,000 * 99.5% = $ 4975, that is, we will lose $ 5,000 * 0.5% = $ 25. So, by the time of wagering you spend $ 25, but you get $ 100. Total game + $ 75, while playing at rates of the flat bet or equal bet of $ 5 for four hours.

In general, it turns out to be good earnings on the average. It's true, that above there is one of the best options provided.

A few years ago, such bets and even better were more common and there were a lot of places where blackjack was allowed and did not set up huge and increasing rates, which was extremely rare.

So, in the context of rather increased wagering and bans on certain games, bonus hunters should mind the following strategies:

  • They must know the payout percentage of all the games offered at the casino they play at.
  • In addition, you must have the basic strategy games on hand.
  • The above 99.5% for blackjack and video poker can only be achieved by following the basic (optimal) strategy.
  • The optimal strategy simplifies the game and it should be taken into consideration, because it speaks of what actions need to be taken in each of the situations, etc.
  • You can find such strategies on the Internet, print them for the most popular games and remember.

You should also mind that not all casino games have the same conditions of wagering. For example, if you play Blackjack, the wager may be higher. Typically, video slots rate of $ 1 per spin will be considered as 100% rate. Details of the wagering are always available in the description of each casino bonus of the games you find at casino online.

General payment overview

Returning to the payments, the rating of the casino games in terms of percentage advantage of the casino looks like this (in fact, payments can considerably depend on the rules and the payout table, especially in such online games as blackjack and video poker):

  • Blackjack - 0.43% (Atlantic City rules, the basic strategy)
  • Video Poker - 0.46% (Jacks or Better with full pay, the basic strategy)
  • Games based on blackjack (Pontoon, Blackjack Switch, Super 21, Spanish 21, and others.) - 0.11% -0.75%
  • Baccarat - 1.06% (the Banker), 1.24% (the Player)
  • Craps - 1.36% / 1.41% (bets pass / come, do not pass / do not come)
  • Pai Gow Poker - 1.46% (basic strategy)
  • Roulette - 1.35% (the French en prison at the rate of chance)
  • Three Card Poker - 2.32% (rate paiplus)
  • Roulette - 2.70% (European)
  • Sic-Bo - 2.78% (rate Low, High)
  • Red Dog - 2.80% (increase from 7 cards and above)
  • Casino War - 2.88% (always fight)
  • Let it Ride - 3.51% (basic strategy)
  • Slot - 2% -15% (usually about 4%)
  • Caribbean Stud Poker - 5.22% (basic strategy)
  • Keno - 5% -35%

Knowing the payout percentage of the game, you can easily calculate at what bet the bonus becomes really profitable, and which games are the best to play. Let's look at an example:


  • Casino Ladbrokes offers a bonus of up to £ 100 at the deposit of £ 100. They have a standard wager which is less than their competitor's, only 10b (unfortunately, this information is already outdated, they now have their software updated and the wager is up to 40b which means that game bonuses ceased to be profitable). However, accordingly, if you accept 4% payment from slots, your average income will be £ 60.

For other games apart from slots and keno the bets will be 10%, which is actually a wager of 100b.

  • Microgaming casinos offer several versions of blackjack with 0,36-0,4% advantage of the casino. The average income of the players will be £ 60- £ 64 in this case
  • There is even higher payout percentage in video poker All Aces, but the condition requires to bet £ 10 for this casino game, and more likely that it will not lead to you to the winning in such disperse gambling.
  • Well, for three-card poker a factor of 50% is used, that is, your average income will be 100-2,32 * 10 / 0,5 = £ 54 with 2.32% payments.
Casino Bonus Strategy

As you see, you can get good returns due to bonuses in many online casino games. It's up to you to choose. Perhaps, the best variant will be three-card poker with a small wager not play for a long time with rather a low dispersion. Or you can play slots despite the high dispersion level, etc.

Slot Bonuses

Slots payments are a special issue to discuss. The truth is that there is a real a problem with slots In most games, the payout percentage is possible to calculate, though not always easy, but still realistic. But in slots you cannot even imagine that.

It often happens that casinos do not publish payout percentage of slot games, and the players themselves, not knowing the layout of the drums, can not count the payment.

Some players, however, managed to calculate the payout s for certain slot machines.

Microgaming software:

  • Thunderstruck, Spring Break, Ladies Night, My Slot - 95,05%, HO-HO-HO, Munchkins — 95,88%.

Rival software:

  • 96% in video slots, i-slot As the Reels Turn - 97%, Cosmic Quest Episode 1 - 99%!

In general, the average advantage can be assumed to be of 95-97% payments in slots, but the dispersion is quite high, so decide for yourself whether to play slots to win some back bonuses or not.

Casino Bonus Strategy_2

Typically, there is an option how to make the bonuses with extra high wager for serious players, but this is the way high-risky and highly dispersed, for it will require a decent budget. These are described as "sticky bonuses" for those who are seriously interested in the details of winning more.

10 Sticky Bonus Strategies

It is widely accepted that the greatest advantage of the sticky bonus is that you can easily get extra money up front, which makes it more likely that you meet the wagering requirements before you go bust even despite that fact that you can never withdraw the bonus money itself. Here are some tips for the winning sticky bonus wagering:

#1. If you walk down the software, the bonuses at the casinos from PlayTech are more likely to always be sticky, so look for them to play out.

#2. There are good conditions for the bonuses at the casino from the Boss Media software.

For example:

Casino Club that is a leading casino of Boss Media offers a € 250 first deposit bonus, plus monthly bonus and free spins on the slots bet 30b. Only blackjack, baccarat and craps, as well as the risk-free bets on the roulette table are among the banned games.

That is, by playing the most types of video poker, you can expect an average of + € 90 at the end of the first bonus betting only.

#3. So, you can pick the games from these providers as the main winning sticky bonus strategy.

Since a lot of casinos owned by one of the world's biggest online bookmakers offer very pleasant bonus terms, they have something to offer almost every month apart from the initial deposit. They offer the bonuses that give a normal play back.

Since the creation of the sites, a lot of games were replaced with Microgaming and PlayTech soft and the bonuses have become sticky which increased their popularity.

In most Microgaming casinos conditions are 30b bets with wild coefficients (1500b on blackjack), so to play back is really hard.

By the way, there are "no deposit" bonuses from Microgaming casinos.

There are also a type of "free" bonuses for one hour. As the name suggests, it can be no deposit bonus which is actually the player's ability to receive a bonus without making any deposits prior. So, any player can receive from $ 10 to $ 25. Usually casinos that offer this kind of bonuses are created on the Microgaming platforms, encouraging them with about $ 10-15. Common wagering requirements is about $ 100.

#4. In order to get this type of bonus, you must send a letter, fill in a form on the site or enter the coupon number on the website.

Mind that no deposit bonuses are not exactly so 'no-deposit.' Simply, you'll need to download the software, then you get the money in a special account, then play for 1 hour, thereafter can transfer your winnings of up to $ 200 as a bonus to your real account, only after a minimum deposit of $ 20, (up to $ 50). That means that any player can earn a bonus of $ 200 after depositing $ 40. Sounds messy but still.

#5. So, you can really make use of the $ 500- $ 2000 charge on your account, but you can only play on them (usually within an hour), the winning will be transferred to the account, but only after a deposit and not more than $ 200.

#6. In the end, it turns out it's just a bonus on your first deposit: $ 200 to $ 40, a good percentage. This bonus as better "sticky" bonus provides the greater chances of success.

The casino with Cryptologic software used to offer the best bonuses with monthly low bets and the ability to withdraw the deposit, losing a bonus. Now conditions have changed. Nevertheless, InterCasino now has monthly bonuses, though, for slots to wager 30b.

#7. The first deposit bonus can work in any game, but the blackjack rate of 5% and 10% of video poker games make them completely unprofitable.
#8. Moreover, no deposit bonuses at the casino are effective if you want to get motivated and helps you to test the operation of slot machines and other games.

#9. In order not to spoil your mood because of the bonuses, read the terms and conditions of receiving bonuses carefully no matter what.

#10 Finally, do not forget to use the thematic bonuses (birthday, holiday, a new game release, etc.) to play and win more.


The main question here is how much you trust the casino and how many honest games there are. If you pick the casino software from Microgaming or Cryptologic, have no doubt these casinos are with the best software and known for particular bonuses.

Before playing in the casino with unknown software, be sure to check the reviews of the casino players. The best place for this are forums, site search, do not hesitate to ask reasonable questions, often it will help you save time and money and of course develop the strategy of winning.

In general, yet you can find a casino where you can win back the profit bonuses easily at your favorite games. Each bonus applies its own conditions for obtaining and playing out. There are bonuses that are easy to win back, but quite difficult to get, and there are bonuses, which are easy to obtain and easy to play out, etc. Some bonuses are allowed to use only in some casino games (slot machines, video poker, etc). However, in sections of our site you will be able to review only the best either sticky or cashable casino bonuses, so you do not have to spend time and effort to search for them on the Internet.

We wish you success in finding fruitful bonus offers and playing them out! If you have any questions and suggestions, feel free to ask them here and comment on the info below.

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